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Todd Orndorf On The Toddcast

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Rats on a stick taste good! Johnny is on the hunt for Todd's mullet photo!
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Johnny vs Earwig. Cops will test your narcotics. Free weed for vaccine!
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Does Biden want you drunk? Imitation Crab now a credential? Much more!
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Todd hits someone in the junk with a baseball and you'll never guess who!
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CANCEL CULTURE CAN KISS MY ASS! Giveaway winners announced!
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DO NOT get pulled over if you stutter!
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You can't tell me you are losing sleep over this....
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TikTok Live! Fan Questions!
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Rachel Levine, you can kiss my ass! - Todd
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NUMBER 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Someone buys Todd a horrific Cameo. Live unfiltered fan questions. Prayers for Paw Paw.
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TikTok Live Questions
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Well, this is uncomfortable...
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Toddcast vs Toddcast
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Special Guest: Lexi Quinn talks hunting, fishing, wellness and participates in fan questions!
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I understand Heath Ledger.
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TikTok live fan questions and absolute nonsense!
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ELECTION SUPERSHOW! Residents of PA, CA and AZ call in to give their thoughts on the madness and mayhem!
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Special Guest: Matt Truesdale talks hunting, fishing and what its like to push a hook through your finger!
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Biden vs Trump. Controversy Creates Cash.
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BLM has become a terrorist organization. Fan Questions and much more!
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Tiddy and Shiner join the show. Todd lived in a tepee. Johnny almost got fudge from Uranus.
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Fan Questions and Hilarity
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You fans ask some tough questions!
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"I was in a porno with Joe Biden screaming no"
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SPECIAL GUEST: Podcast Laney
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Todd tries White Claw, Hunting stories and Special Guest "Coach Curt"
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BS Sesh and laughs!
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Happy One Year Johnny! Protests, property damage, catching raccoons and much, much more!
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Todd starts a Johnny TikTok challenge for Johnny and he needs YOUR help!
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The murder of George Floyd. Todd’s body hair and his hatred for Amazon!
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Todd rides solo in this old school edition of #TOONTHETC
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Covid19 survivor Kenny Smith talks being diagnosed, separation from his family, and recovery.
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Young girl out hunts Johnny. Update on next episode! Covid19 survivor interview!
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Shiner from “Tiddy and Shiner Show” joins the show. Shiner discusses Todd’s hatred for Donnie
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We were once professional
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Well this was a shit show! Special Guest Sir, Justin Tyme
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Arab Canadian Mexicans are real. Todd destroys Donnie Part 3. Johnny starts a snort count. Special guest Jamil strips in a youth hostel.
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CORONAVIRUS shenanigans!
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Johnnys week from hell. Pete Rose. Turkey Hunting and more.
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Todd is back and rips Donnie, part 2. Fan Questions.
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Justin Tyme and Johnny Simonetti TAKEOVER EDITION!
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Fan Questions and Weird but True Facts, Whale Vomit, Cow Piss....nuff said
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Bonus Eposide!
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Todd destroys Donnie of the Tiddy and Shiner Show. Nancy Pelosi and Fan Questions!
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#SmokinHot joins. What does Don Juan, hookers and Jeffrey Dahmer have in common? My vacation!
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Special Guest, Sir Justin Tyme of the Atomic Drop Show.
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Todd drops a BOMBSHELL on Johnny! GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCED! Fan questions and more!
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Testicles in milkeshakes and Johnny fights for your rights! Fan Questions and more!
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Executed Squirrel Taints. Johnny No Brows and Fan Questions
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Todd has to many drinks and talks mounting animals. Top 5 vocalists with JohnnySimo!
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Todd almost gets attacked by a bear!
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The gun ban proposal. Living in a sissified PC society and fan questions!
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Shots fired!
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Craziest fan questions to date and Atomic Drop Show BEEF!
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We talk why Todd disappeared and ended up on a milk carton. Who stole his show material!
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Public Execution and Fan questions
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Leopard Undies, Oatmeal Cream Pies and Blow Pops!
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Giveaway Drawing. Pumpkin Spice Err'thang season! Fan questions and Why kids are LAZY!
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Pee Drip and Buttholes. Johnny has RABIES!
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WNY Podcon is over! Where is Johnny?
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WNY PODCON! Hookers. Blackfoot Indians. Democrats and Little People
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And....the new Cohost is.....?
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The Legend, "Jumpin" Jeff Brown
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Our names have been signed on the dotted line. We are OFFICIALLY a part of history! Interview with Sir, Justin Tyme of the Atomic Drop Show!
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Joel and Stacy of Reload Rub & Seasoning
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Interview with a High School Freshman who discusses a deep connection with Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why"
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Thoughts on the actions and hypocrisy of PETA and the Humane Society
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Leo's All Season Vehicles and Patriot Plaques from York Penn Sportsman's Show in Salamanca, NY at Seneca Allegany Casino
Show Details46min 31s
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Top Flight Fishing from York Penn Sportsman's Show
Show Details35min 29s
Interview from the Great American Outdoor Show with Ryan McKinney and Bear Lane Guide Service
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We made it to Ep. 2!
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Welcome to the Toddcast! Our First Episode!
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