Japanese with Shun

This is a Japanese podcast for the beginner-intermediate Japanese learners.

I will mainly use grammar from Genki 1-textbook and some from Genki 2.

Therefore, this podcast is perfect for those who have started learning Japanese maybe just a couple of months or years ago.

By listening to native Japanese, you can enhance your listening and speaking level rapidly.

I also teach Japanese on Italki. You can find me and book lessons with me!


Ep114 Plants
Show Details6min 6s
Ep113 Night routine
Show Details5min 52s
Ep112 Games
Show Details5min 45s
Ep111 When you have free time
Show Details5min 54s
Ep110 New Year’s resolution
Show Details6min 40s
Ep109 New Years
Show Details6min 4s
Ep108 Japanese Christmas
Show Details5min 43s
Ep107 Christmas
Show Details6min 7s
Ep106 Digital detox
Show Details6min 47s
Ep105 Next city I want to live
Show Details6min 21s
Ep104 Marriage
Show Details5min 41s
Ep103 A day trip
Show Details6min 16s
Ep102 Okonomiyaki
Show Details6min 26s
Ep101 Soccer
Show Details6min 29s
Ep100 Podcast
Show Details6min 46s
Ep99 Halloween
Show Details5min 2s
Ep98 100 yen shop
Show Details7min 11s
Ep97 Pokemon
Show Details7min 7s
Ep96 Squid game
Show Details5min 42s
Ep95 When you are lonely
Show Details5min 27s
L23 When I was in high school
Show Details6min 1s
Ep94 Work in Japan and New Zealand
Show Details7min 14s
L22 Parents
Show Details5min 19s
Ep93 Tea
Show Details5min 26s
L21 Robbery
Show Details6min 7s
Ep92 Cooking
Show Details6min 33s
L20 Things I bought recently
Show Details6min 58s
Ep91 Chilean independence day
Show Details6min 18s
L19 Things I am glad I did on my 20’s
Show Details6min 6s
Ep90 Cold
Show Details5min 28s
Eo89 Ice skating
Show Details5min 34s
L18 School and work
Show Details7min 8s
Ep88 Shoes
Show Details6min 3s
Ep87 Perfumes
Show Details5min 20s
L17 My friend's job
Show Details6min 19s
Ep86 Happiness
Show Details6min 28s
Ep85 10 years ago
Show Details7min 26s
L16 Trip to Germany
Show Details7min 14s
Ep84 Japanese people who are in foreign countries
Show Details5min 35s
Ep83 Lockdown Life
Show Details7min 5s
L15-2 What I want to do someday
Show Details5min 39s
Ep82 Good stuff, Cheap stuff
Show Details6min 15s
Ep81 Lockdown again!
Show Details7min 22s
L15 Future plan
Show Details6min 9s
Ep80 Music festival
Show Details6min 52s
Ep79 Test of my courage with ghost
Show Details6min 30s
L14 Birthday present
Show Details8min 3s
Ep78 Japanese summer
Show Details6min 38s
Ep77 Tokyo Olympics and Covid19
Show Details6min 52s
L13 Adults and Kids
Show Details8min 7s
Ep76 Japanese rainy season
Show Details7min 35s
Ep75 Tokyo olympics
Show Details8min 1s
L12 Hostel life
Show Details7min 33s
Ep73 Japanese religion
Show Details6min 24s
L11-2 The cafe I often go
Show Details7min 7s
Ep74 School uniform
Show Details7min 25s
Ep72 Work life balance
Show Details7min 41s
Ep71 Video games
Show Details7min 5s
L11 Dream in the future
Show Details8min 8s
Ep70 Stress
Show Details8min 3s
Ep69 20’s
Show Details7min 8s
L10 My plan
Show Details8min 52s
Ep68 Tongue twister
Show Details6min 3s
Ep67 Current friends
Show Details8min 11s
L9 Me as a child
Show Details8min 1s
Ep66 After retirement life
Show Details7min 11s
Ep65 Money
Show Details9min 2s
L8-2 Japanese food in New Zealand
Show Details10min 24s
Ep64 Work and life
Show Details9min 5s
Ep63 Minimalist
Show Details9min 1s
L8 Japan
Show Details9min 16s
Ep62 English teaching Job in Japan
Show Details8min 57s
Ep61 Shooting YouTube
Show Details6min 16s
L7-3 Sports I like
Show Details8min 19s
Ep60 The reason I made this podcast
Show Details8min 52s
Ep59 Tiny house
Show Details6min 42s
Genki 1 L7-2 My apartment
Show Details8min 55s
Ep58 Awesome day off
Show Details9min 17s
Ep57 Jobs in Iriomote island
Show Details9min 46s
Genki 1 L7 Friends in New Zealand
Show Details9min 6s
Ep56 My girlfriend’s birthday party
Show Details10min 6s
Ep55 My wallet was stolen in Iriomote island!!
Show Details8min 17s
Genki 1 L6-1 Gym
Show Details6min 17s
Ep54 Okinawa Iriomote island’s life
Show Details9min 51s
Ep53 Moving to Okinawa Iriomote island
Show Details8min 7s
Genki 1 L6 Lockdown
Show Details8min 5s
Ep52 Birthday
Show Details7min 35s
Ep51 Public transportation
Show Details10min 49s
Genki 1 L5 My days off
Show Details8min 19s
Ep50 Water in the world
Show Details8min 48s
Ep49 Coffee
Show Details9min 10s
Genki 1 L4 What I did yesterday
Show Details5min 49s
Ep48 Japanese hot spring
Show Details9min 20s
Ep47 Cars in New Zealand
Show Details9min 44s
L3 Daily routine
Show Details4min 36s
Ep46 Volunteer
Show Details9min 7s
Ep45 Earthqake
Show Details9min 19s
L2 Smartphone
Show Details5min 37s
Ep44 Life in Queenstown
Show Details10min 3s
Genki L1 Self-introduction
Show Details4min 52s
Ep43 Corona and conspiracy
Show Details8min 5s
Ep42 Timing to return to Japan
Show Details8min 51s
Ep41 Moving out
Show Details10min 9s
Ep40 Fermented beans
Show Details9min 25s
Ep39 Japanese spring
Show Details8min 5s
Ep38 One piece
Show Details9min 34s
Ep37 First homestay experience as a host
Show Details10min 10s
Ep36 Heli ski
Show Details9min 3s
Ep35 Vancouver trip
Show Details9min 7s
Ep34 First international flight experience
Show Details8min 23s
Ep33 Fun time
Show Details8min 36s
Ep32 Japanese people and smoking
Show Details9min 50s
Ep31 10 years from now
Show Details10min 21s
Ep30 Valentine's day and White day
Show Details7min 38s
Ep29 Is Japan expensive?
Show Details9min 30s
Ep28 Convenience store
Show Details8min 56s
Ep27 Ideal house
Show Details8min 36s
Ep26 The city I want to live
Show Details8min 34s
Ep25 Couchsurfing in Japan
Show Details8min 35s
Ep24 Hitchhiking in Japan
Show Details8min 43s
Ep23 Days off
Show Details8min 55s
Ep22 Morning routine
Show Details8min 25s
Ep21 Weight training
Show Details8min 46s
Ep 20 Teaching
Show Details8min 25s
Ep19 Smartphone
Show Details8min 5s
Ep18 I cannot sleep!
Show Details8min 11s
Ep17 Toilet in Japan
Show Details8min 10s
Ep16 Karaoke
Show Details9min 15s
Ep15 Common sense
Show Details7min 45s
Ep14 First solo backpacking trip 5
Show Details8min 28s
Ep13 First solo backpacking trip 4
Show Details8min 25s
Ep12 First solo backpacking trip 3
Show Details9min 25s
Ep11 First solo backpacking trip 2
Show Details8min 34s
Ep10 First solo backpacking trip 1
Show Details9min 31s
Ep9 Dream as a child
Show Details10min 17s
Ep8 Life with corona Virus
Show Details8min 40s
Ep7 Work
Show Details9min 17s
Ep6 My family
Show Details8min 47s
Ep5 My friends
Show Details10min 3s
Ep4 Homesick
Show Details10min 6s
Ep3 Daily routine
Show Details6min 31s
Ep2 When it's hot and when it's cold
Show Details7min 32s
Ep1 Self-introduction
Show Details5min 8s