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The New Evangelicals Podcast

The New Evangelicals Podcast is here to push the Evangelical Church forward and to re-think how it approaches key cultural issues.


108. I Guess We Just Never Really Believed.... // with Tim and Noah
Show Details55min 54s
107. Being Queer Is My Super Power // with Coach Yeamah Logan
Show Details59min 12s
106. Truth Over Tribe // with Patrick Miller
Show Details1hr 14min
105. Death, Grief, and Experiencing God // with J.S. Park
Show Details1hr 12min
104. Jesus (and Jerry) are watching // with Billy Corben
Show Details56min 42s
103. A Jew Speaks to Christians // with Rabbi Michael Harvey
Show Details1hr 11min
102. Twitter, Pelosi, and the Dehumanization of Both // with Riley, Tim, and Noah
Show Details1hr 3min
101. The Wreckage Christian Nationalism Leaves Behind // with Dr. Angela Denker
Show Details1hr 6min
100. Learn To Live Like A Loser// with Stephen Backhouse
Show Details1hr 14min
99. Homeschoolers Survive Beer Camp // with Mason Mennenga
Show Details35min 26s
BONUS EPISODE: Homeschoolers Go To Beercamp (Part 2)
Show Details14min 31s
BONUS EPISODE: Homeschoolers Go To Beercamp (Part 1)
Show Details20min 59s
98. The Indoctrination Station // with Julie Ingersoll
Show Details1hr 1min
97. We Disagree, Let's Talk // With Pastor David Griffin
Show Details58min 3s
96. Predestined For Deconstruction // with Derek Webb
Show Details1hr 15min
95. Theology Is An Art Form // with Tim and Noah
Show Details56min 35s
94. I Speak For The Trees // with Denzel D. Burnside III
Show Details1hr 3min
93. Tim, You’re a Mouthpiece of Satan // with Pete Enns
Show Details1hr 8min
92. I State My Regret // with Tim and Noah
Show Details40min 45s
91. Giving You Permission To Process // with Dan Koch
Show Details1hr 37min
90. Is Black Liberation Theology a False Gospel? // with Tripp Fuller and Adam Clark
Show Details1hr 30min
89. Tim's TNE Podcast Update
Show Details19min 36s
88. The Empire Strikes Back // with Tim and Noah
Show Details41min 59s
87. What the H, Matt Chandler?! // With The Bodies Behind the Bus
Show Details1hr 9min
86. The God Who Riots // with Damon Garcia
Show Details59min 35s
85. What the Deuth?! // with Tim and Riley
Show Details51min 9s
84. Living Under Oath // with Aaron Gillespie
Show Details1hr 39min
83. Charlie Kirk: It's Worse Than You Think // with Tim, Matthew, Riley, and Dan
Show Details1hr 10min
82. Reclaiming Community // with Rohadi Nagassar
Show Details1hr 8min
81. Homeschoolers Try to Explain Quantum Physics /// with Tim and Noah
Show Details55min 10s
80. Slaughtering Sacred Cows // with Dr. Dan McClellan
Show Details1hr 4min
79. Is Christian Nationalism "Fringe"? // with Samuel Perry
Show Details55min 17s
78. Lost Faith and Wandering Souls // with Dr. David Morris
Show Details55min 26s
77. Allie Stuckey Goes from Disingenuous to Dangerous Pt 2
Show Details1hr 34min
76. Larry Boy and the Conspiracy Weed// with Jared Stacy
Show Details1hr 20min
75. The Unpatriotic Evangelicals //with Tim and Noah
Show Details43min 28s
74. I Am Kelvin Gemstone // with Pastor Dan Minor
Show Details1hr 11min
73. Losing My Religion // with Trey Pearson
Show Details59min 22s
72. When Your Ex Calls...// with Tim and Noah
Show Details49min 19s
71. The Power of Christian Nationalism at the Supreme Court // With Rachel Laser
Show Details1hr 4min
70. Mind the 47% Orgasm Gap // With Sheila and Keith Gregorie
Show Details1hr
69. Allie Stuckey goes from Disingenuous to Dangerous Pt. 1`
Show Details1hr 46min
Drag Queen Story Hour // With Flamy Grant
Show Details57min 41s
68. Being Black in White Evangelical Spaces // With Malynda Hale
Show Details1hr 6min
BONUS 2.0: What the Jan 6th Committee DIDN'T Talk About
Show Details20min 56s
BONUS EPISODE: Drag Queens, John MacArthur, and are we only picking on one side? // with Tim and Noah
Show Details1hr 2min
67. Welcome to the Process Party // With Tripp Fuller
Show Details1hr 9min
66. What the Hell? // with Preston Sprinkle
Show Details1hr 16min
65. Is America a Christian Nation? // With Andrew Seidel
Show Details1hr 10min
64. Womanist Theology // with Dr. Angela Parker
Show Details1hr
63. From Conservative to Progressive Christianity // With Brandan Robertson
Show Details1hr 3min
62. Evangelical...ish // with April Ajoy
Show Details51min 22s
BONUS EPISODE: Is the White Evangelical Church Worth Reforming? // with Tim and Noah
Show Details54min 32s
61. Fortune and Our Connected Ancestry// with Lisa Sharon Harper
Show Details1hr 2min
60. Holy Balls // With Kristin Du Mez
Show Details1hr 9min
59. TNE Coffee Talk // with Tim and Noah
Show Details1hr
58. Shoutin' in the Fire // with Dante Stewart
Show Details48min 56s
57. James Cone and The Importance of Black Theology // with Dr. Adam Clark
Show Details59min 3s
56. Kierkegaard and the New Nationalism // with Thomas Millay
Show Details1hr 7min
55. Healing Atonement and Restorative Justice // with Mako Nagasawa
Show Details1hr 8min
BONUS EPISODE: Inerrancy - Do We Take It or Leave It?
Show Details59min 5s
54. Sex Positivity and Porn with Justin Oberste
Show Details1hr 9min
53. What Can We Learn From Queer Theology Pt 3
Show Details1hr 3min
52. Queer Theology Pt 2 // Shay's Story
Show Details46min 7s
51. Queer Theology Pt 1 // Brian's Story
Show Details50min 18s
50. Activist Theology // With Dr. Robyn Espinoza
Show Details54min 34s
49. Walking by the Spirit in Racial Harmony // With Dr. Nathan Cartagena
Show Details1hr 15min
48. COVID, Vaccines Efficient Government? // With Jessica Malaty Rivera
Show Details1hr 8min
47. Christian Ethics for a Modern World // With David Gushee
Show Details1hr 1min
46. Conservative or Progressive Christians: Who's More Political? // With Dr. George Yancy
Show Details47min 46s
BONUS: The Insurrection // One Year Later with Dr. Samuel Perry
Show Details1hr 17min
45. The Moore You Know: With Dr. Russell Moore
Show Details1hr 1min
A Christmas Greeting from Tim
Show Details7min 41s
44. Did the Virgin Birth REALLY Happen? // With Tripp Fuller
Show Details1hr 25min
43. Who the F**K is Kierkegaard // With Aaron Simmons
Show Details1hr 21min
42. 1946 The Movie Interview with Sharon "Rocky" Roggio
Show Details43min 31s
41. Smashing the Glass Ceiling with Dr. Kia Moore
Show Details54min 52s
40. Unsettling Truths of the Doctrine of Discovery: With Mark Charles
Show Details1hr 19min
39. An Insider's Take on Carl Lentz: With Janice (Godhasnotgiven)
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode: Deconstruction for...Street Cred? With Joshua Butler
Show Details1hr 15min
38. What is Critical Race Theory?: With Bradley Mason
Show Details1hr 8min
37. Queer Eye for the Straight Pastor: With Bridget Eileen Rivera
Show Details56min 54s
36. A History of Christian Nationalism: With Dr. Stephen Backhouse and Rabbi Avi Finegold
Show Details1hr 8min
35. Mark Driscoll and Biblical Porn with Dr. Jessica Johnson
Show Details56min 32s
34. Black Coffee with White Friends: With Marcie Alvis-Walker
Show Details1hr 21min
33. What I Learned Living as a Man and a Woman with Paula Stone Williams
Show Details49min 13s
32. Saving Us from Climate Change and from Ourselves with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Show Details1hr 9min
31. The Limited Space for Black Evangelicals In White Spaces: With Dr. Jemar Tisby
Show Details1hr 17min
30. Good Monsters, Bad Monsters and...Doug Wilson?: With Cody Lawrence
Show Details1hr 50min
29. Naked and Afraid (In Deconstruction): With The Naked Pastor
Show Details1hr 6min
28. The Radical Evangelical History You Were Never Taught: With Ben Cremer
Show Details1hr 8min
27. A Response to Joshua Harris and The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast
Show Details1hr 3min
26. Thanks for the Meme-ories with the Honest Youth Pastor
Show Details1hr 40min
25. Centering the Gospel of Jesus on the Oppressed with Rev. Megan Madsen
Show Details1hr 13min
24. The Psychology of Abusive Leadership with Dr. Katie Blake
Show Details1hr 21min
23. Capitalism Sucks, Change My Mind with Jamin Hubner
Show Details1hr 2min
22. The Six Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism with Mike Graham
Show Details1hr 5min
21. Rescuing Women from Bad Sex with Sheila Gregoire
Show Details1hr 3min
20. Charlie Kirk and the Resurgence of Christian Nationalism with Professor Matthew Boedy
Show Details54min 2s
Emergency Broadcast: I AGREE With Allie Stuckey?!
Show Details1hr 24min
19. Leaving Evangelicalism and Christian Music Behind with Jon Steingard
Show Details1hr 14min
18. Why Christians Should Care About Pride Month With Bridget Rivera
Show Details56min 39s
17. I'd Rather Be an Atheist than a Calvinist with Tripp Fuller
Show Details1hr 57min
16. A Dialogue with Anti-Mask Pastor Samuel Deuth of Awaken Church
Show Details1hr 8min
15. Hijacked by Fundamentalism, Christian Humanism and a Better Path Forward with David Gushee.
Show Details1hr 2min
14. Did God Really Create the World in Six Literal Days?Were Adam and Eve the First Two Humans on Earth? And How Do We Interpret the Bible on its Terms with Dr. John Walton
Show Details52min 54s
BONUS EPISODE: I Just Want Real Friends. Featuring Every Podcast Host You Know
Show Details42min 49s
13. My Child Just Came Out. Now What? How Love Makes Room with Staci Frenes
Show Details58min 15s
12. Women Rising and Taking Down the Patriarchy with Meghan Tschanz
Show Details1hr 6min
11. I Just Left My Church, Now What? With Tim Whitaker
Show Details1hr 1min
10. A New Kind of Christian Music and Queer Christianity with Grace Baldridge (Semler Music)
Show Details56min 17s
9. Multiple Gods in the Bible, A Divine Council and Why is the Bible So Weird with Dr. Michael Heiser
Show Details1hr 27min
8. Decolonizing Oversea's Missions, The Church Persecution Complex and Surviving a Pandemic with Peter Lublink
Show Details1hr 3min
7. Purity Culture and Bad Sex with Dr. Camden Morgante
Show Details49min 46s
6. Emergency Broadcast: Satanic Panic, Sneakers and Evangelical Outrage Culture with Bridget Rivera
Show Details28min 32s
5. Deconstructing into Atheism with Will from Heretical Theology
Show Details58min 37s
4. Exposing Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church with Eric Skwarczynski Host of the Preacher Boys Podcast
Show Details47min 41s
3. The Deconstruction Rabbit Hole with Phil Drysdale
Show Details1hr 7min
2. Toxic Theology, Church Hurt and the Divinity of Christ with Jo Luehmann
Show Details50min 29s
1. Funny Videos, Evangelical Culture and Raising a Toddler during a Pandemic with Shama4Realz
Show Details53min 19s
Intro - Hello! Who Am I and What is This all About?
Show Details11min 13s