How is the dating scene?!|Dating in 20’s vs Dating in 30’s

Episode 78
23m | Mar 24, 2023

Heyyy yalll thanks for watching as always!

I had been wanting to discuss this for a while so here goes hontyyy!

Dating in your 30’s is much different than the stuff in late teen years and early 20’s because all that bullcrap is for the birds you know what I’m saying lol! Shout out to Breezy…

Dating is so intentional in this season for me because I’m intentional with me so I’ll need good intentions and more purposeful approaches to set aside time for an outing, it just can’t be a bite to eat when it’s salad and peppers going bad if o don’t eat what’s in the fridge lol!

Anyhow what are your thoughts and if you’d like to share your experiences definitely comment below!










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