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Deepened Roots Podcast

This podcast gives listeners an inside look into uncovering your personal power by uprooting what's keeping you hidden.


How Do You Self-Soothe?
Show Details14min 23s
The Burden of Feeling Like a Burden
Show Details13min 36s
Deepening Your Roots
Show Details12min 52s
Rocket Fuel
Show Details11min 22s
The Buzzword of 2021
Show Details16min 7s
Finding the Humor When Life Just Doesn't Feel Funny, with Jason Freeman
Show Details50min 18s
The Dark Side of Intuition
Show Details16min 14s
Nutrition: What's it to You?
Show Details25min 47s
The Power of Influence
Show Details16min 38s
Igniting that Inner Fire While Letting Others Shine Just as Bright
Show Details16min 23s
Imperfectly Perfect, Loving Me First! with Ashley Marie
Show Details42min 42s
Navigating Between Safety and Security
Show Details24min 4s
Vulnerability, with Carl Shawn Watkins
Show Details1hr 11min
Back to the Basics
Show Details16min 11s
The Episode About Nothing
Show Details8min 48s
Getting Curious, with Marc Lee
Show Details49min 31s
Gluten: Friend or Foe?
Show Details28min 34s
The Gut-Healthy Mindset
Show Details17min 40s
Show Details22min 42s
Goal-Setting for 2021
Show Details18min 8s
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Show Details17min 45s
Grief During the Holidays, & the Path to Gut Healing
Show Details29min 27s
Staying Firm in Your Enoughness During the Holidays with Joseph Pessano
Show Details1hr 17min
Why You're Not Digesting Your Food
Show Details17min 6s
How to Enjoy Holiday Dinners And Not Feel Like $hit Afterwards
Show Details17min 44s
Everything Keto
Show Details28min 14s
Livin' the Life on the Mediterranean Diet
Show Details15min 34s
The AIP & Paleo Diets
Show Details24min 58s
The Function Behind Functional Medicine
Show Details20min 18s
Gut Microbiota Gone Wild
Show Details32min 2s
Sorting out the Facts around Fats and the Omegas
Show Details17min 26s
The Do's and Don'ts of Fiber
Show Details15min 7s
The Importance of Micronutrients
Show Details15min 25s
Balancing Macronutrients
Show Details15min 37s
The Dangers of Addressing Symptoms Rather than the Source
Show Details17min 30s
Redefining the Meaning of Diet
Show Details15min 3s
Dare to Be Great
Show Details15min 36s
Taking Empowered Action
Show Details12min 56s
What I've learned from Brooke Castillo
Show Details14min 24s
Assessment Versus Judgement
Show Details16min 41s
Standing in Your Truth
Show Details11min 54s
Finding Your Purpose
Show Details17min 14s
Show Details17min 36s
Hunger and Fullness, and Your Gut
Show Details15min
Energy and Gut Health
Show Details19min 15s
Setting Goals That Set You Up For Success and Keep You There
Show Details12min 21s
Clearing the Clutter
Show Details14min 5s
Are you Motivated by Fear or Calm?
Show Details13min 5s