Matthew 2 & Luke 2 / Take a Second for Come Follow Me 2023

53m | Jan 7, 2023

There are so many different ideas surrounding the nativity of Jesus Christ, and many of them cannot be found in the scriptures. In addition to the things that we add to the story that are not there, it seems surprising how many people we overlook or misread when examining the birth-story of our Savior.

One of the most powerful teaching tools when approaching the scriptures is to place yourself in the story. Find circumstances that are similar to where you find yourself in this moment. Do you feel like you have been waiting for a certain blessing for a very long time -- maybe so long that you are not sure it is ever going to come? Well, then pay special attention to Anna in Luke 2 this week. Or, on the other hand, maybe you feel like you have been trying so hard to find the Savior, but it just seems like it is just too hard or too far away. Then your story lines up with the wise men. Whatever story you resonate with this week, spend some time considering what those individuals did to find the Christ-child. And remember the fact that everyone searching for Jesus Christ with pure intentions finds Him.

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Take a Second for Come Follow Me