Take a Second for Matthew 5 and Luke 6 // Come Follow Me New Testament

38m | Feb 9, 2023

What is your favorite beatitude? If you could pick one to perfect, which one would it be and why? Leave a comment below and see if you choose the same one as others.

Is it the Sermon on the Mount? or the Sermon on the Plain? Was it the same sermon or different sermons or the same sermon given at two different times? Do you ever wonder if we are asking the wrong questions? Maybe, just maybe, it would be more worth while if we started asking how we are doing at living the sermon rather than debating the location of the sermon.

Well, in this episode of Take a Second for Come Follow Me, Brother Black and I will delve into both sets of questions. This week, we get to study the introduction to the Savior's great sermon (all geography aside).

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Take a Second for Come Follow Me