Take a Second for John 2-4 // Come Follow Me 2023

41m | Jan 31, 2023

John most significant purpose was to show that Jesus Christ was God made flesh. After illustrating that Jesus was both with God and was God in the premortal life, John begins his record with a number of signs (or miracles) that demonstrate the Savior's power over the elements and his ability to know the individuals He teaches as only a God can know them.

Today we will cover the account of Jesus turning water into wine at the marriage in Cana and highlight the faith of the servants. These unnamed stalwarts provide a great example of acting in faith even in the absence of evidence.

Then, Brother Black and I briefly touch on some insights we found about Christ from His interaction with Nicodemus. There are some incredible insights about the Holy Ghost and what we can look for in our own lives when trying to identify the Spirit's influence.

Finally, we get to dive into the Savior's conversation with the woman at the well. It is no coincidence that the woman is a Samaritan and that the Savior found a quiet opportunity to approach her privately, without the intrusive and possibly judgmental looks and questions of others.

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