Come Follow Me // Matthew 19-20; Mark 10; Luke 18

50m | May 10, 2023

What became of the rich young ruler that went sad after the Savior invited him to give away all that he had? A great teaching idea for this week's Come Follow Me discussion would be to give the class (or your family) the opportunity to write out three different endings to the story: (1) he goes home and does it right away (just because he was sad doesn't mean he didn't do what the Savior asked him to do); (2) he goes home and refuses at first, but eventually does it; (3) he never gives it away. Talk about what outcomes might come from each possible outcome and why?

Have you ever wished that you could have joined the Church later in life so that you might have had the chance to experienced a little bit of sin before making your covenants with the Lord? Well, if you have, you certainly are not alone. However, you might change your mind after today's discussion about the parable of the Laborers.

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