Ep. 3: Caroline Fogarty: Saving the World- One Ginger at a Time

Episode 3
47m | Oct 24, 2023

Caroline Fogarty is a hilarious actress known for her roles in films like Clockstoppers, Con Man, Out of Time with Mario Lopez, and Waitress with Kerri Rusell. She's also had numerous roles in TV shows such as Parks & Recreation, The Young & The Restless, and Desperate Housewives. Not to mention- commercials ranging from Skittles to Hot Pockets to Jersey Mikes.

She's also a Stylist, Shopping Cart Cop, and Ginger Saver. 

"Caroline! It's Caroline!" is how we have always addressed each other for yeeears, being that we're both- you know, "Caroline". We reconnect today after a couple of decades and couldn't stop talking. In fact, I had to make this a two-parter. I apologize ahead of time if we (and when I say we, I mean I) talk over each other. I'm starting to get my sea legs with this whole podcasting thing and promise to stick a post-it note on my computer screen to slow down when I'm excited. And I was super excited to connect with Fogarty! 

Our conversation ran the gambit. We discussed her obsession with multiple hashtags, her love of vintage emails, and the affectionately given nickname Crazy Caroline.

We pondered the meaning of introverted-extroverts and extroverted-introverts, our families, the rawness of being a new mother, struggling with prenatal anxiety, and the pre-grieving of declining parents.

We also talk about her organizing her March of the Gingers to benefit not only the redheads of the world but also the Sag-Aftra strike.

Enjoy! See why she is a redhead to be reckoned with. And feel the energy that is... Fogarty.

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