• SPAC WARS — Which SPAC is the BEST?

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    On the LAST SPACs Attack as we say farewell.

    Chris Katje & Money Mitch go into battle once more to find the best SPAC stock out there?

    Come join in on the fun and engagement

    & Stay tuned for updates on how you can stay with the SPACs Attack trend.

    Battles today

    FSR vs LCID

    NKLA vs RIDE

    PLBY vs HIMS

    SPCE vs BKSY

    DKNG vs RSI

    DM vs VELD


    Mitch Hoch

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    1h 3m - Nov 12, 2021
  • LAZR Monster Deal

    Episode Summary:

    On Today SPACs Attack Chris & Money Mitch talk about all the latest SPAC industry top movers.

    Interview with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III, Inc. merger partner, Dave CEO, Jason Wilk (NYSE: VPCC)


    Dave CEO, Jason Wilk



    Mitch Hoch

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/STORYInvestors

    Chris Katje

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/chriskatje

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    Disclaimer: All of the information, material, and/or content contained in this program is for informational purposes only. Investing in stocks, options, and futures is risky and not suitable for all investors. Please consult your own independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

    Unedited Transcript:

    How we doing traders? Welcome to the one, the only the spacs attack. And yes, we missed yesterday. There was monster moves out there. So we'll talk all about them right here on the specs attack. You guys give us a thumbs up and let's get the show started.

    Welcome back traders. Let's go ahead. Let's bring on the brains to the show. Chris catchy. What's going on? Happy Wednesday to you. Yeah, no show yesterday. Benzinga FinTech awards. I know I enjoyed those. A lot of great insight from FinTech companies on what's ahead for retail traders. So definitely enjoyed that.

    We got a jam packed show today, though. We got feel announcements today. Yesterday, we got earnings yesterday. Today we got earnings later tonight to talk about, we got a monster move yesterday and we of course have an interview to get into as well. Of course, like always, we're going to get into an interview with Dave banking for humans.

    If you want to find out all about Dave, stick around, we'll get into that interview after our headlines. Let's go ahead and knock out some of these headlines. I know there's a lot to talk about Chris. So Chris is going to be going through it. Step-by-step this is where you guys get the information for the day right here on spec tech.

    So Chris, take us back to those headlines

    All right guys. Yeah, a lot to get to today. We'll try to break it all down for. Starting with rating, uh, upgrades and initiations. We have Fisker FSR credit Suisse, initiating coverage yesterday with an outperform rating and a price target of $32. A nice call out here from credit Suisse. Uh, I am long Fisker again, they have the auto show later this month, so definitely a catalyst to watch.

    And then we have skin S K I N the beauty health company, da Davidson maintaining, uh, by raising the price target to $32 company did have earnings last night. I'll get to that in a little bit. D M Y Q, which is merging with play at Northland capital initiating with a price target of $16. This is I think the third analyst now to issue a, a rating on planet pre deal close.

    So a definitely an interesting one, again, a Niccolo DiMasi spec that we know well here on the show, but a nice $16 call-out today. And then a couple Eve players, lucid motors, El CID, bank of America, raising the price. From $30 to $60. So $60, the new price target from bank of America in a new, a call-out of EBV names to watch.

    And then also a raising the price target of Fisker bank of America. That is from $18 to $24. So two notes on Fisker over the last two days and lucid the $60 price target. Uh, so some nice, uh, analysts notes out there and then turning to our big news yesterday, uh, L a Z R. So this is Lou Minnaar a LIDAR company.

    It was announced that they were selected for the Novidium drive Hyperion autonomous vehicle reference platform. So their long range LIDAR solution is part of the best in class sensor suite to help deliver safe, highly assisted and full self-driving capabilities. Um, so again, the video, a leader in the chip space, artificial intelligence software is partnering with Luminar with their LIDAR technology level three highway driving configuration.

    This could be a big deal, right? If a lot of companies partner with either Luminar or in a video in the autonomous vehicle space, that's an area that we have talked about a lot here on the show. Um, so L a Z R the big leader yesterday, we'll take a look at that, uh, chart later on today, and then turning to earning so many companies D specs reporting earnings over the last couple of days.

    Uh, today we have wheels up ticker UPP, third quarter sales, 302 million up from 194.8 million in the prior year. Then we have V go one of the high flyers earlier this week, uh, Eve go third quarter sales, $6.2 million, speeding a street estimate of 5.4 million, and they see full year revenue hitting a range of 20 to $22 million versus a street estimate of $20.3 million.

    One of our big gainers today, stem, uh, energy storage company reporting third quarter sales of $39.8 million. Beating a street estimate of $35.9 million company achieved a record revenue record gross margin record backlog record pipeline, and record assets under management. Their 12 month pipeline. Now $2.4 billion up 41% from the prior quarter.

    Um, so that backlog and pipeline looking very strong for stem. Uh, keep an eye out on stem if it's not on your watch list here. And as I said, the beauty health reported earnings, tickers skin S K I N. Uh, they had sales of 68.1 million compared to 34.6 million in the prior year period. They raised their guidance from a previous range of 230 to 240 million for the full year new range.

    Now 245 to $255 million company did announce that their C E O uh, Clint Carnell will be stepping down. Um, so that was, uh, reacted to negatively by investors. Last night, we have shares down 9% today. Now still trading at $26. Um, one to keep an eye on and remember that analyst note, raising the price target on the stock money lion, ticker, M.

    Reported third quarter sales of 44.2 million beating an estimate of $40.6 million Moneyline and a FinTech play has been trading under $10 since that merger was complete. Um, so maybe earnings can provide a new lift there. Uh, G M I, I Gore's metropolis two, which is merging with sander holdings. Third quarter sales, 67.5 million up 155% year over year.

    Also raising full year guidance from a range of 180 to 190 million new estimate, 200 million to 205 million. This is a hospitality reopening play G M I I, the ticker trading at 9 98. Right now offering a nice risk reward here with those strong earnings in that raise guidance. So keep an eye out. G M I, the ATI P one of our big leaders today.

    Um, they reported revenue $159 million in the second quarter compared to 164 million, uh, in the previous year. But up from 148.7 million, uh, so something to keep an eye on there. Um, you know, this has been one of the decliners, right? Uh, trading under $4. We are getting a lift now today, though they did see visits per day increase on a year, over year and quarter over quarter basis.

    So, uh, one to keep an eye out, uh, but again has been a layered out there. A former spec Metro mile, M I L E is getting bought out by lemonade. So lemonade will acquire a Metro mile in an all stock transaction, $500 million valuation. Uh, so this one's going to get bought out under $5. Um, and remember this was $10 when it went public via SPAC.

    Uh, so something to keep an eye out on the air, um, again, a laggard in the industry and for SPACs, um, but could start a trend of companies getting bought out after the DCE back. If they do not trade over that $10 mark, then we also got some mergers terminated. So BBQ guy is terminating their merger with Velo V E L O due to supply chain factors that are affecting the business.

    And the timing of the closing of the transaction HCIC merging with plus also terminating their business combination. So two deals terminated this week. We did get a vote date set for SVO K with boxed, uh, December 7th. So we do have a handful of companies already announcing those December dates and then turning into deals yesterday.

    We got a deal for hugs, H U G. They are going to help bring Panera public restaurant company, Panera. This is going to be a interesting combination that could see some scrutiny from the sec. Um, so hugs who counts Danny Meyer as their chairman. He's the founder of shake shack. Uh, this pack is going to help bring Panera public via traditional IPO.

    So hugs shareholders will be issued Panera common stock at a ratio of $10 divided by the public offering price. Uh, again, we could see some interest from the sec on how this deal is structured, but if it goes through, this is going to be an opportunity for investors to get early access to the Panera IPO via the spec.

    So Panera brands has over 4,000 locations worldwide, uh, 2,120 Panera bread locations in 48 states and Canada. They also own caribou coffee, 713 locations in 10 countries and Einstein bros bagels, a thousand units in the U S Panera was publicly traded for 25 years before being bought out by J a B Panera has expanded their omni-channel growth.

    They get 45% of their sales from e-commerce. So a high growth area there, then a deal announced today. CPT K announcing a deal with Bravo, which is a global leader in cloud-based access control and smart building tech. This is a SAS play connected devices. I'm not familiar with this one as much, but the company serves, uh, over 44,500 enterprise.

    Commercial real estate and multi-family accounts and has over 23 million active users. They expect, uh, $417 million in revenue in 2025, a compounded annual growth of 55%. They are the single, single largest access control system in the world. Um, so again, they, they work with whole foods, DocuSign and other companies.

    So one to keep an eye out on here and then our other big deal announced this morning, a announcing that they are bringing Presto public. So Presto, um, is a restaurant, a technology company think tablets, right where your server takes your order or tablets on the table. A pipe of $70 million did include investments from a franchise groups for young brands, Applebee's Outback and McDonnell.

    Company was founded by Ray Rojat Surrey, who is the co-founder of lift. So something to keep an eye out there. If you know the restaurant industry right now, you know, there is a labor crisis and this is a company that said they can help with margins and help with labor, um, using technology. Uh, so this is one to definitely keep an eye on.

    We saw toast go public earlier this year, Lightspeed and Olo have gone public. Those restaurant technology stocks have gone up significantly, uh, Presto add 2020 revenue of 26.1 million. They see revenue hitting 30 million in 2021 and growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 94%. The merger between embark and N G a B was approved.

    Uh, that's going to trade us ticker, E M B K, beginning to market. And then just a note out here, um, from our friend Daniel Johnson on Twitter, Metro, we've been saying for months, right. We needed to see more spec deals get announced in September. There was 12 SPAC mergers in October 11 announcements. And in November, in 10 days, we have already gotten 10 announced mergers.

    So, uh, definitely, uh, seeing that trend increase though. What do you think of that, Mitch? Are we going to see a lot more deals now, uh, with some of these stocks trading favorably on the definitive agreement? Of course, you know, that always helps it. Um, you know, one thing that we've been looking for is for definitive agreements to come back and being a factor, right?

    I mean, for a while there, it just, wasn't a factor. Even when you got the agreement or you got rumors of deals, it wasn't moving the stock. Um, so now it's very important. We're paying attention to those, uh, definitive agreements. And when you continue to look to see if we get the agreements to continue going up and showing you that what the specs took a second there, they took a time out.

    I said, hold on a second. Okay, now let's go ahead. Let's go back at it. Let's get back into the fire into the fire. And so we'll see if, if we continue seeing this, um, I think you're going to continue seeing that there'll be some winners, there'll be some loses. And now it's the time. Now's the time to really start looking at these and then figuring out which ones make sense to you at the price point that they're at.

    All right. Definitely. Uh, uh, it looks like we're waiting on our interview here, Mitch. Should we get into the watch list or anything else from the, the news there? I know the mile buyout is something we talked about off air, right? Uh, Metro miles traded under $10 for a long time. They have great technology that pay per mile insurance, and it looks like lemonade and insurance company decided, Hey, if this thing's going to keep trading under $5, we're, uh, we're going to snap up and buy it.

    Um, because the due diligence is already out there. Right? The financial projections are there public. Like, that's one of the advantages. Now, if you're a company looking to acquire, if you buy a company that already went public via SPAC, there's a lot of information out there. What do you think, Mitch? I think you had a chance, you know, uh, we were looking at this, I was even looking at this yesterday to make a buy.

    When I heard the news, the news hit the tape and it was still trading at 3 26. You'd already be up towards three forties. So I think it was, you had a chance there, you know, uh, not, not many times. Do we get a chance to get a stock that comes out with a catalyst or something? I still would've played this to the upside.

    Um, it still has a chance to keep going on up, but we'll see what happens. And then what you're going to see is that I think in Chris and I have talked about it, a lot of these, these facts that are down towards the say under five are going to be really. Uh, acquisition targets for bigger companies because they can get them on the cheap now that their valuation has come down there and they're able to go ahead and come after them looking for the upside.

    Uh, that's what happened here in mile, all the way down towards $3, looking like, okay, there you go. Now we can get it out of the discount lemonade, stepping in at the right time and taking it right under our feet. Uh, the last one I want to talk about, um, we can go ahead and we'll get into our interview next.

    Um, but I do want to talk a little bit about L a Z E R and then the video deal. And if you feel that we're going to get other deals out of this, uh, do you think that others might react after seeing a deal with uh, Navidea I know I still haven't heard maybe at deal with a M. Uh, and some other on some other one, you know what I mean?

    Like, I think you're really starting to step into that where you could start seeing partnerships come into play. Of course, Laz are also had a deal with it was Volvo, a big deal with Volvo that they would be using their technology and their vehicles. So what are you thinking, Chris for LIDAR and for other autonomous plays?

    Yeah. Yeah. Great point, Mitch. Um, you know, I think that's something we're going to continue to see. Uh, I remember when Velodyne went public, uh, now ELD are, they had an investment from Ford, um, prior to the SPAC, merger Ford actually sold out of its position in Velodyne. So here you had, you know, a potential partner and investor who kind of, you know, said, Hey.

    Thanks for the investment. We're going to sell and take our profit and probably partner with a different LIDAR company. Um, and that's what you're starting to see now. So Lumina partnering with Novidium and I think that's huge, right? Because the video is well-known for their chips, right. And as you see connected cars, you're now going to partner with a, in a video or an AMD, as you said, Mitch.

    So I think you're right. You know, who's AMD going to partner with now, who's going to be their preferred LIDAR company. That's definitely a trend to watch, um, an area to keep an eye out. Uh, ouster another one, right? Oh, you S T you got AI up there on the screen. Um, there, there are several LIDAR companies and I think this area is going to grow, but there's also a lot of them to where maybe there needs to be some consolidation or you will see some, you know, maybe get left behind.

    Right. And it's going to be a matter of who has the best technology who has the best price and who has the partnerships? Well Luminari is going to check the boxes now with that partnership within the video. So I'm liking that deal. I think we're still a couple of years away from that big Tam that they talked about.

    Um, but I mean, that's a monster deal that a master partnership with a market leader. We'll have to watch a up next. We're going to be getting into Dave. So stick around guys. We'll be having Jason on in a second. It looks like we have someone in the back, which we shouldn't get them on. And just about thinking about two or three minutes here.

    Uh, but ALST Aus Chris. I actually ended up making a slight, slight gain on this one would want to close the pre-market pre-market it was up there towards $8. It was up like 15%. Uh, overnight when the earnings came out, but then it turned back around, uh, with L a Z R and we've been watching LA Z are also still pulling back.

    I'm still in this one, full disclosure. I'm still long. L a Z R a. I talked about it on Monday. I even talked about it on here that I went long and I mean, I'm looking for the nineteens to hold and they get back up there towards, let's say at least 22, but I think long-term, I mean, I I'd still want to be in this play now with the video connected to it.

    I think you're going to see a lot of people end up. Up in the videos technology into their vehicles. And you could hear OEMs maybe take that route. Uh, so we'll see what happens exactly with these, but keep your eyes on all these infrastructure plays, uh, battery plays. Um, there's so much in play right now, and this is why I talked about it.

    That these plays are not necessarily only just for right now. Uh, this is kind of like the new decade for us and where are we going to go to in the next future and investments? And that's why we do specs attack because we look at these. Yeah, we can trade them and then it can be trading stocks, but.

    Majority of these are more investment stocks looking for that long-term gain high growth and revenues that are really far out, but also far out in what in time. And so that's why I I'm keeping an eye on these. There's a lot that you could have taken some investments when they were in the lows, in the S in the bear market.

    I'm going to call it the SPAC bear market of March through, uh, we'll say what three September Chris? Yep. I would say yeah, early September we started, I think turning around the end of September if I remember, right. Yeah. I that's the way I see it too, you know? Um, and, and we went through that bear market and now we're kind of in that area where we could get another bull run and that's what we're looking for.

    That's what we're going to keep an eye out for. That's why you see so many of these monthly charts have changed and you'll see a big green camp. Let's see if we get another monthly candle on top of that to be green also. Um, that's what we're going to do. And we'll keep an eye out. A lot of stocks trading up today.

    Uh, some that have earnings today. I mean, The list goes on and on today, right? Yeah. There's so many companies today in several of them. I actually, um, own position then over the next couple of days, uh, tonight we've got, uh, evolve hippo 23 and me I'll let, uh, pro Terra, which I own shares of right. Uh, electric vehicle company, uh, that one, you know, had a big pop earlier this week.

    Um, that's an interesting one. We've got app harvest, which if you remember. And the app harvest rival was going to go public via SPAC and they called off their deal. So app harvest could have some favorable comments talking about competition tonight. Um, I'll let, I mean, there's going to be a lot of eyes on that one, Metro, right?

    Because they got the, the, um, the call-out from the FDA on their SOC not being approved. Um, we should get an update. We should get an update from the company on the timeline. Right. And what they're doing to address how long maybe that product will be off the market. Um, HIMS and hers. I mean, come on, they added Miley Cyrus, Rob ground Koski as, uh, you know, uh, uh, spot or speakers for advertisements.

    Um, what is that doing? Is that actually helping the brand, right? Is it increasing, you know, orders? Could they be a Christmas play? I think you mentioned that earlier, Mitch, um, you know, that maybe this could be a holiday play and maybe we'll hear from them. If they have promotions tied to the holiday season and open.

    Uh, you know, Zillow, uh, exiting the home, buying business. That's open doors, uh, bread and butter though. I think we're going to hear from them that Zillow getting out is not bad. It's going to actually be favorable for the company. So, uh, I'm looking forward to that call and then we've got BarkBox we've got so fi we got tattooed shaft.

    Um, just so far is a big one match, right? Uh, SOF I am long we've. We've had a nice run over the last couple months since I got in. And you know, the big question is going to be the bank charter. Right. And I don't know where necessarily going to get that announcement. But I think someone will at least talk about it in the Q and a, and maybe we get some color on to when they're expecting that to be announced.

    Um, so that's interesting and BarkBox, I mean, Rover had good earnings the other night. So, you know, we, we talked about that earlier this week, right? Is BarkBox a sympathy, played a Rover or because, you know, they're subscription based, you know, could it be completely different, um, you know, where they could actually have a bad quarter versus Rover having a great quarter.

    So, uh, some interesting names. What are you watching out of these names match? I mean, so many companies reporting tonight, uh, including all these dispatch. All right. So I'll go back to the first list here. So to me, what stands out on this? One, of course you guys know of long outlet and why am I long outlet as I'm expecting eventually to hear that?

    Yes, we are in the process of working with the FDA to get our SOC to approve, and we should look forward to that going through. Course there's no guarantee, but that's the statement that I want to hear in the earnings by here, that statement, I could see the stock moving up 20%, just off of that. It doesn't guarantee that it's going to come back into play, but the amount of discount this stock got because of what happened with the FDA.

    And, and this is why I went after it is that the fundamentals don't make sense now. And they don't make sense because they're making decent money, but not getting. That PR that premium because of that money. Right. And so w we're going to see their earnings, their earnings sort of gone down, but maybe they release a good catalyst with a forward-looking statement.

    Like, Hey, we're working with the FDA to see if we can get this stock approved. And for now we're going to do this. And this that's what I'm paying attention to. We'll see what happens without let Proterra, of course mentioned, look for government mentions. Uh, government help is what I think needs to be done to really get these off, off the feet.

    Um, let's say like, if you hear credits or something like that being mentioned additional help being put towards them. That's what you're looking for. App harvest is another one that I'd look for potentially eventually looking for a buyout. I could see APH being a buyout, uh, because it's getting towards those levels where.

    It wouldn't make sense for even a company. Like, let's say a big company step in here, Chris and Walmart be like, you know what? We see this going into this area. We see us going into this in the long run though. They have more data than probably even APH on this and they could make a move. So I'm not saying that that's going to happen complete rumor, that I'm just fabricating right here, but more along, just letting you know, like, Hey, keep these on watch.

    This is the reason why they're attractive. And especially when they get to a certain price, especially with high growth outlook. They're going to be attractive for stocks to come in here and just buy them out. So we'll see what happens with this one. Uh, with APH of course, take a look at the tattooed chef earnings.

    And of course, beyond meat beyond meat could hit earlier the tape and cause TTC F to move. So that's what you got to keep that on. Watch today beyond meat also has earnings and we don't know which one's going to come out first. Um, I'd have to look at a tape to see when TTT, uh, CF has come out, but it says as a conference call at four 30, um, I, I'm not so not so sold on these.

    I know Chris and I are not the biggest alternative meat fans, but, uh, I don't know. I don't know what happens to T TCF here. I think you will hear some inflation talk, some supply issues, um, that kind of talk, but we'll see what happens. Okay. Uh, I met, uh, it looks like we're still waiting on our interview.

    Um, what about, uh, hugs that. Spec merger, right? Bringing a Panera public Pinera, caribou coffee and Einstein rose. Um, I, I'm not as familiar with, uh, you know, Einstein bros, caribou coffee. Obviously I know the names, uh, you know, but I, I don't eat or eat or, you know, partake in those products. I also, haven't gone to Panera in quite a while.

    Uh, this is an interesting, um, you know, SPAC merger though, as it's going to, um, you know, help bring Panera public via traditional IP. But I I'm wondering your thoughts. You know, I just don't know if this gets approved by the sec, it's similar to bill Ackman's Pershing square, um, you know, to, to bring universal music, uh, public.

    What do you think Mitch? Uh, you know, are we going to see this deal get approved or, you know, is the sec going to be like, wait a second, you're a SPAC. You bring a company public via SPAC. You don't get to bring a company public via IPO. Uh, you know, this was a complicated deal and I don't think complicated deals are favored right now.

    No, definitely. Why, because who gets usually left out of complicated deals, right? It's the one that is pressing on the sec right now to make sure that they make these investments as let's say fair playing level as possible. And so to us that would mean the retail trader is the one that gets left out of this information.

    And so for here, I would say. I mean institutions, they got like hundreds of people that could be like, you'll figure this out, you know? But when you're a retail trader, what do you have? You only have one brain. Right? And so for here, I say, you probably see a change. I don't think you'll see, go through personally.

    I just don't think you'll see it go through. If they do want to make it go through, they're going to have to change around the structure. Like Chris mentioned and adjust some things for it to actually go through. We saw P S T H. It looked like it was going to go through even did a couple of days and all of a sudden, what did they do?

    Pull that plug. Yeah, the timing's weird to me too. Right? Panera hasn't even filed for an IPO. So like, I could see it if Panera had filed for the IPO and let's say, you know, they were going to go public next quarter. Right. But Panera hasn't even announced this yet. Like this spec deal pretty much. Let the cat out of the bag that, Hey, Panera's going public.

    And I just don't think the timing's going to work out on this. So, I mean, I'm not in hugs. Uh, I think the opportunity to get into the Panera IPO early could be, you know, advantageous, but I just don't know if this is going to get approved. Um, you know, it's just one of those complicated deals out there also then the warrants become complicated, right?

    Because the hugs warrants transitioned to Panera warrants and that just causes confusion. And I mean, look at P S T H it not only got, you know, scrutinized by the sec, but shareholders said, Hey, we're out a window. We don't want to be involved in a complicated deal. So, uh, I, I just don't know about this hug deal.

    All right. The last one I want to talk about, uh, let's, let's take a step back to the earnings. So earnings we got out by, uh, so there's going to be earnings. Of course, bark bark is going to have the earnings tonight, but Rover came out with earnings and we were talking about it. Is there a relationship there?

    Is there not a relationship there? Let's take a look, right? I mean, at the end of the day, we wanted to talk about it. We wanted to take a look at it and see what we were going to get. I'll go ahead and I'll pull up both charts to see if actually, you know what I can do. I can overlay it. I'm going to overlay it here.

    Uh, compare to I'll show you guys what you guys can do. You guys can do this on Benzinga pro when you pull up a ticker, let's say you want to look at the relationship. So you've put the ticker, right? I put Rover. Now I want to add a symbol here. Um, so I'm going to add a symbol and I'm going to look for what we're going to look for bark to see how it, it trades with it.

    Right? So I'm going to overlay it on the main. Now you see that orange line that's bark, right? And so we want to see how it reacted with the Rover news. Did it pop up on the Rover news or did it kind of stay trading in its own little thing? And if you can see they kind of trade similar, you see when it goes up and it comes down, levels are getting near the same area and now it's starting to return to the upside.

    So what you could see is Rover might be the leader in the industry because it started to push first. And now you want to see. Earnings be good and follow it. So you want to see a spike above this 10 50. Um, and we'll see what happens in bark. Uh, I can take a look here at specifically bark and see if we get that lift that we're looking for.

    Uh, so here you guys have bark. It's been trading right now at 7 37 fifties. I'd be looking for an earnings report to take us above seven sixties. Risks would be on his downside six seventies. Uh, well, he we'll see what happens with bark after their earnings report today. Yeah. And I mean, barks a subscription business.

    Remember they are getting more products into stores like Costco and others. So that would be the item I would look for on the earnings report. Right. Is what does their retail revenue look like? Their non-subscription based revenue also with bark. You know, what's their acquisition costs, right? That's something we talk about on the show, sometimes sports betting companies, right?

    They pay a lot of money to acquire new customers. This is something Netflix did for a long time, right. In order to get new customers, they sent out, you know, mailers, right. Traditional mail offering, you know, a free month of Netflix and then, you know, a to get you to sign up. That's something BarkBox spends a lot of money on.

    Right. They spend a lot of money on customer acquisition and that's something that could be digested, uh, you know, from the, the news tonight. So, uh, that's another area to watch, uh, with BarkBox. All right. So, uh, let's go ahead. Let's take a look here at our watch list. Looks like we're having a little bit of issues with our guests.

    Uh, looks like they came in and they turned the camera on, but we're not seeing the camera on right now, so we're not going to bring him on, uh, let's. Let's keep going through. It looks like there you go. It looks like we got Jason in here. There you go. Looks like we have them. Give me a thumbs up, Jason, if you're ready.

    Hey, there you go. I see the thumbs up. We're all good to go. Let's go ahead, Chris. Let's get into our interview here with Dave. I'll let you take over. Awesome. Well, uh, joining us on SPACs tech. Another exclusive interview here we have Jason Welk. The CEO of Dave company is merging with VPC impact acquisition holdings, three current ticker VPC.

    See upon merger completion that new ticker will be Dave D a V E. Jason. Welcome to specs attack. Hey Chris. Great to be here. Thanks for having me. Of course. All right, well, let's dive into questions. One of the first things we always like to know here on specs tech is, you know, why the decision to go public via spec merger and was a traditional IPO also considered by your.

    So the decision for us was quite easy. We had the most primitive FinTech investor on the planet tiger global that offered us $150 million pipe paper to go down the public, uh, route. This is pre us even having a sponsor. And so when you have somebody of that magnitude gave you that kind of competence going into, you know, what was at the time of very weak pipe market that gave us all the competence we need to, to want to go for the public markets.

    We knew we had the money. We knew we had a, uh, a valuation that was validated by, by one of the best in the business. And we went out to find our, our preferred spec sponsor, which was also an easy choice with victory park, who was a long time debt investor in the company and equity investor. They've known the business since, before I even started it.

    And they've also, you know, are now a, a repeat spec successful sponsor with back, which is, uh, I think up 300%. Definitely. All right. So, uh, you know, some people out there may not know what Dave is all about. So let's dive in and hear more about this company. So Dave has a mission of creating financial opportunity.

    That advances America's collective potential. Break that down for us. Jason, what does that mean? And why is that mission so important to the company? No more simply said we're just out here to level the financial playing field for the everyday American customers are getting hit with $30 overdraft fees at their bank still, which is, which is crazy.

    $30 billion a year spent on overdraft fees for everyday customers, mostly affecting, uh, people who are middle income. And we just think that that's, that's just not fair. Yeah. Everyone knows that feeling of going to get a cup of coffee and then seeing that $34 charts in your bank. And Dave's, Dave's the first company ever to just eliminate.

    And we decided that instead of hitting people with these crazy fees, we're just going to be the bank that spots you, that a hundred bucks for free to go buy those everyday essentials without, without dinging you and putting you into debt. And so that innovation alone, which we've seen other sort of challenger banks try to emulate, we really change an industry.

    And we're going to continue doing that with other products in the space, the amount of interest and fees that Americans are paying right now, it's about $300 billion a year in short-term credit fees and interest payments, uh, which is about 30% of the average income of a they a middle-class American.

    Perfect. So, uh, Dave launched Dave banking in December, 2020 has over 1.3 million members already, uh, you know, talk to us about this number. Is this ahead of where you guys thought you would be Jason or is this, you know, kind of right on path. Yeah, we, we had a wait list for a couple of years. We banking was our number one most requested features.

    So just to give a little history of the business, when we started in 2017, the product was just a way for people to connect their existing bank account, we would immerse you about upcoming bills and they would spot you a hundred bucks. If your account's at risk of going negative. Our customers loved that product so much.

    They wanted us to launch our own banking product, and that's what rolled out last year. So Dave banking, which is now the flagship feature of the company, this is the future of, of, of the business. And it's going incredibly well. And it's, uh, it's satisfying all the demands of our customers. And we're doubling down on all of our features next year.

    So traditional banking's been around for, you know, a long time. Um, and you're trying to disrupt that market a little bit in this David versus Goliath battle. And of course, you know, the company named Dave. So talk to us a little bit about, you know, how David can beat Goliath in bed. Yeah. So when it comes to the major banks, we think that there's, there's a few major advantages to our strategy.

    One is sort of speed of innovation. These big banks are moving incredibly slow. Dave is able to build products quickly with, with either ourselves or through these partner products. We don't have the huge compliance departments and the hundreds, hundreds of thousands of employees at these major banks.

    The second one is around is around cost. I mean, we think that because of the huge bloated infrastructure of the banks, that's the main reason why they're charging these $34 overdraft fees and $15 minimum balance fees. They can't profitably serve the average American customer without those, but with Dave being a data and software driven company, we have over 11 million registered customers with just over 200 employees.

    And that, that cost structure and advantage there leads to better prices for consumer. With we think is just deliver this incredible book that the banks are not going to be able to, to come after. So along with some of these, uh, banking features, uh, another product offered by Dave is a side hustle. So we hear a lot about the gig economy, right?

    People getting a second job, um, you know, to do some, uh, gig economy things or, you know, just as another source of income, uh, talk to us about side hustle and how Dave is helping, you know, empower people in the gig economy. Yeah. So we saw two major gaps for the customers that we're serving one, they typically have a lower credit score.

    And so we include a free credit building membership with day banking that helps you build credit by just paying your bills on time. So if you pay your telephone bill on time, that can finally help you build your credit, which is pretty amazing. The second one was side hustle, which we found that our customers are they're living paycheck to paycheck for the most.

    The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. So there's nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to help members put more money in their pocket. And we saw an opportunity in our data that quite a few members were discovering these gig economy, jobs like Uber and Lyft, but with the explosion of gig economy, with all these different grocery deliveries and at-home surveys and at-home work, we decided to launch our own job board, exclusively dedicated to helping people make more money on the side.

    And that's been a huge hit with over 3 million applications submitted and we can see in our data how much money our customers are making off these gigs. And it's in the hundreds of millions of dollars we've put back in our members pocket. So all that combined, you know, really goes back to that, leveling the financial playing field for everyone to get this great experience and not pay the crazy cost that you and I are not paying it.

    Awesome. So as you know, Dave adds new customers and also adds out some of these new platforms, uh, and segments, you're seeing the average revenue per user go up. Talk to us a little bit, you know, why it's important to keep adding additional services and increase the average revenue per user along the way.

    Yeah, we're, we're so early in our life from an ARPU perspective. And really we today have a very basic banking feature where you can, you have a debit card, you can send a check, you can, you can pay a bill. And then we obviously have our, our innovative extra cash product, which really eliminates overdraft by putting our money back in your pocket.

    But the opportunity set in front of us to deliver more value for consumers with more choice across the board, from investing to protecting the landscape is wide open to, to continue to grow ARPU. And especially with that status shared at the beginning of the. $300 billion a year. The average Americans are paying in short-term credit fees and we haven't even cracked into short term credit yet.

    So we think that the, the opportunity set is massive here to get this ARPU, uh, up significantly.

    So talk to us, you know, just about the overall a Tam, right? The total addressable market size, um, you know, for some of the segments that the company operates in and also maybe headed in the future. Yeah. So we look at our audience at about 150 million Americans who are unable to set aside $400 for an emergency.

    And that's the customer who is having a clearly, a difficult experience with their bank because they're not able to safely save, they're paying a significant portion of their income to interest and fees. And we think by helping to eradicate that. So, you know, sort of speed of innovation, cost of products that putting more money back in people's pockets will create more opportunity for these folks and getting them access to more financial products.

    Yeah, the average customer who's banking at a community bank. They don't have access to great investing tools, advice. Uh, they're they're most likely paying too high of insurance costs and they're paying too high of interest on their credit card and, and, and feeds. So that's really where we see a lot of the upcoming value being delivered to our members.

    And that's all stuff that's not even the product today. And we still had, you know, a hell of a 2020 with 122 million in revenue alone also will be incredibly helpful to our members. So we think we're, we're really well positioned to, to be in a great space and could not be more excited to be a public company we've grown this fast and have this much revenue with only raising 60 million of equity.

    Which is pretty astounding. And so, you know, when we have the chance now to have several hundred million dollars of capital plus the public markets behind us, we think there's just great opportunity for the business. So along those lines of, you know, what's to come what's ahead, which is something, you know, investors will want to know once you're a public company, we have a slide, uh, talking about some of the future opportunities.

    So we've got savings, social investing, and protecting. Uh, can you just talk a little bit about, you know, some of these new areas that Dave plans on entering and why investors should be so excited for these particular segments? Yeah, well, as I said, we, we really today have a very basic banking product. And so the fact that we don't have to have a savings account yet that's our most requested feature.

    And so when we talk about savings and social, we want to really deliver a savings experience that can really help our. Uh, say, you know, the average customer, as we said, can not save for a dollars. And so we really want to, uh, tap into the sort of community to help members hit, hit the goals of the otherwise may not be able to hit on their own.

    And that innovation we think will be very unique to banking is what we have coming up next from there. Uh, you know, we, we can't talk about the exact roadmap, but you know, we are seriously looking at things like investing and protecting, but having aligned on exactly which one. Yes. Awesome. And then, you know, uh, above that slide there mentioned M and a right.

    So going public, you're going to have more access to capital. Um, talk to us a little bit, you know, MNA, is that going to be something to expand in existing areas, into new verticals or a combination of both going forward? I think it would be a combination of both. You know, you look at great opportunities out there.

    You know, we're good friends with Dan over at Metro Miami, they built a heck of a business, but you know, consolidation in the market is, is inevitable for great companies that want to add more feature sets. So that's certainly one area. Yeah. They have their own insurance brokerage, and there's a lot of value there and tons of data.

    So I can totally see why that, that acquisition, um, transpired. So I think it's a combination of, uh, one just getting access to more talent instead of super hot talent market right now for FinTech. So consolidation around feature sets and just getting more people into the business, uh, I think are sort of top of mind for us.

    One of the things mentioned in the press release in the presentation was a Dave's commitment to community. Um, so having pledged over 13 million meals to feeding America since launch, uh, you know, talk to us about this mission and why it's important to give back to the community, uh, for. Yeah, community is a big part of our strategy at the company.

    We think that getting customers to one, interact with their community through Dave, so that they're sharing their daily experience with others, 30% of our customer acquisition is actually from word of mouth. And so making sure we are getting that great, uh, community network effect is, is pretty significant for us.

    And so in addition to that, we wanted to help our members who are potentially in a tough financial spot to be able to give back to their community and give them the opportunity to do so. And so specifically with our extra cash product, we don't charge any mandatory fees. We ask customers when we give them that a hundred dollars or $200 to go buy gas or groceries without charging those crazy $34 overdraft costs, we let customers pay what they think is fair for that.

    So, and that comes in the form of a tip between zero and 15%. It's often not a great big tip, but for every percent somebody does give us, we, we pledge a meals at feeding America and that helps our business, but it also helps our customers feel good about, uh, giving back to others when, when they were also in a time of deep.

    Awesome. And then you mentioned 20, 20 revenue of 122 million up 60%. And the financial projections from 2018 to 2023 compounded annual growth of 98%. Can you talk to us a little bit, you know, uh, how is this broken down in terms of organic growth from existing business lines and then from growth of some of those new areas that Dave plans to enter in the coming years, this is primarily driven by our core businesses.

    So banking and, and extra cash. And we're not factoring in a lot of additional products here in the financial sector. Again, it just goes back to, we think that the growth potential here is significant with our ability to go and build the brand and build a household name with the capital that we're going to be bringing in the amount of customers we've acquired so far with such a little amount of money.

    We have almost every dollar we've ever raised in the bank still and have achieved this level of success and scale. So that was a good cost. The comfort that the outer years are going to continuously, uh, bear a lot of fruit. As more people start to trust that digital banking is something they can really trust with their, their primary financial paycheck.

    And we're still very in the very early days of that for all players in the industry. But we are going to cross a threshold soon because the, the premium experience we can deliver to customers at the affordable cost compared to these major banks is going to be continue to be unprecedented compared to these legacy.

    Um, I'm very excited to disrupt the space. All right. I'm going to go ahead and jump in here with some of my own questions. Uh, so one of the things to answer, I mean, I just got to state it as easy as possible. So how do you guys generate revenue? So one of the main ways to generate revenue, which we love is through interchange fees.

    So every time our customer takes their Dave debit card and goes and buys DAS, we aren't getting paid from that, from that merchant one to one and a half percent of every card swipe. So we're making money at the same time that user that's swiping that card right now, we're offering Dave customers, uh, cash back.

    Every time they swipe their card. So our customer is getting a discount and Dave is actually getting paid for that transaction. So it's sort of a business model that aligns itself very well with our members. The second one is around extra cash. We make money in two ways. Similar to Venmo and cash app. If you want the money instantly put on your debit card, we have an instant transaction fee for that.

    And then additionally, we have the, the tip model, which both those, these are completely optional. So again, it speaks to this business model that is very on the side of the, of the customer, but at the same time, we're generating meaningful, meaningful, uh, revenue, just because of the sheer scale that we've gotten in the.

    All right. So the next question I want to get into is about, of course, extra cash. You know, one thing is I was at one point like a college student and, uh, you know, we always are just counting our pennies and when we're in college. And so one of the things that you run into a lot is that sometimes you need just some extra cash, right?

    Um, it may not be a massive amount. It could be something small, it could be $50, $20, uh, but just to get us through to the next paycheck. Um, so one of the products that you guys have extra cash does something very similar to this. I mean, it gives you up to $200 for those extra cash, uh, without the fees. So explain me a little bit more of this product and how someone let's say a college student or how you guys put in there.

    I like the, the reference to hipster. Uh, so explain me this, how this works, Jason. Yeah. I mean, this product was really born out of my own personal gripes with, with banking. I mean, I was at a guy in college who, you know, forgot about my water and power bill or forgot about some upcoming expense. And then all of a sudden my account is negative five bucks and my bank just screw me with a $34 charge.

    So that's, that was, uh, incredibly frustrating. And so when I looked around the industry in 2016, where we're going to build Dave, obviously the big banks are, are hurting people with these huge fees, but our competition, these neobanks that were out there in market, their approach to overdraft was to just decline your transaction and to say, you know, you can't afford this transaction.

    We're not going to charge you a fee, but you also can't buy it. And I, I also thought that was incredibly unfair for people who are trying to get into a better financial system. So what, what we did and what the innovation that they realized was that overdrafts actually an amazing thing. It's just that people hate the feats.

    I mean, who wouldn't want to have extra cash to go get gas or groceries when you run out. And so that's really where the innovation came from the product to say, Hey, we're going to give you this money for free. We know you're good for it because our data engine tells us that you have some money coming in to your account in the future.

    And so we think the risk is pretty low and we're going to just extend the money and then we're going to let you figure out what you think is fair to pay. So when we help you get home and out from, from work or helped you get to that job interview, is that worth zero to you? Is that worth 50 cents? Is that worth a couple bucks?

    And it turns out that that works really well. Um, and that's the innovation that Dave really spearheaded in this. Yeah, definitely. I think, you know, it's something that a lot of us, especially when we're just trying to get off of our feet, uh, could definitely use and it's great to have access to. Um, so the next question I have comes a little bit of mixed something that I wanted to ask also from the chat we'd love pulling from the chat here.

    So, and cow in the chat also, mark, em, talking about it. What about cryptocurrency? How could this be implemented into the future growth of the platform and what's next, Jason? Uh, it's hard to ignore. I mean, we've had, uh, mark Cuban's has been on our board of directors for the last five years and he's been pounding the table for years for us to engage with, with crypto and for us, we just, it's just about the right timing.

    And so certainly something that we look at on a daily basis and there's many fastest to crypto. You know, just overall investing to, to defy interest, to, you know, cross border remittance. And we've got to figure out what's the right thing for us and our customers, what they're really looking for. Um, but it's certainly on, uh, you know, on our radar and, uh, we're, we're taking it seriously.

    All right. The last question I have is of course, you mentioned a part of this, the credit building features that are now being added to it. Uh, can we continue to see growth here for, uh, kind of credit building features? Yeah, I think we, we might the idea to help people build, build their credit, but ultimately with extra cash, we, we already are helping people just get more money in their pockets in an unsecure unsecure.

    And so again, while we see a lot of the challenger bank competition, all moving towards secure credit cards, I've never loved secured credit just because it, it ties people's money up, you've got deposits and it doesn't move the needle nearly as much as if you're actually using unsecured. And so, um, you know, we'd love to leverage the data that we've got.

    We've actually issued 35 million extra cash advances to people since we started the company. So that wealth of information we think gives us a huge data advantage to, uh, actually use for, for, you know, doing greater, greater amounts of credit. That definitely I know in an environment where let's say, especially a user probably that is using Dave going through it, you know, looking at their paycheck, trying to get a little earlier, need some extra cash.

    Excellent way to help them. I mean, credit building is definitely going to help them and teach them to get to that next level. I'm bringing Chris back. We got some questions also from the chat. Uh, Chris, do you want to know? Yeah. We had a lot of questions about crypto. So Jason, thanks for answering that. Uh, we got a question here from the chat, um, from mark and, you know, we talk about a lot of companies that go public via SBACK and Mark's comment, you know, is about several fintechs that have gone public via back that have, you know, fallen since the merger completion.

    So the question is how is Dave differentiated from Payoneer money lion, catapult Paysafe um, so you know, what, what gives you, you know, strong validation that Dave is going to be, you know, a good company going forward for investors. If you care to comment on that, Yeah. So what from, from Vintech, I mean, there's been some sector is choose obviously surrounding, uh, InsureTech, which I think is drag drag.

    Some of those companies down has been, it there's been some challenges around scale and just economics in general. I think what really sets Dave apart from the companies that were mentioned is that we are on heavily in that financial playing field for, for our members. And we've built a consumer brand that primarily is, is growing, uh, largely organically to our customers.

    And with that deep product focus, I think having that, be that to be that go-to bank for customers in this country that really has their back and really helps them deliver that premium, affordable experience that they're not getting from their traditional bank is, is why people shouldn't invest in, in this, uh, this company, you know, there are still 150 million bank customers who are living paycheck to paycheck.

    They're overpaying on fees. And as I said, I think we're very early days in the people really willing to switch over to their primary financial relationship over to, to this company. I think that Dave is at, we're also in the early days of helping customers sort of get back on their feet. And now it's about creating that financial opportunity.

    And the competition that was just mentioned seems to be really anchoring themselves only to just keeping people on, you know, early on their feet. And that's very different from. Thank you for the honesty. Uh, you know, that was a great question there and a, you know, a great response, Jason. So, uh, we thank you for your time today.

    So joining us on SPACs attack again, guys, Jason wealth, the CEO of Dave company, merging with VPC impact acquisition holdings, three current ticker VP CC, and upon merger closed. The new ticker will of course be D a V E as in Dave. Jason, thanks so much for your time.

    All right there. Sorry about cutting you off a little bit there. Jason just wanted to bring you back off a boat. Chris. Interesting fact, I mean, at the end of the day, I've been hit with those overdraft fees. Right? I can tell you guys about a story really quickly. I'll I'll try to be quick about it. There was a one point when I was a young kid, I was about 15 years old and I had just gotten a bank account in bank of America.

    And I just started using this account. I was using it for like the year and then I took some time off of it because I was going to school. You know, I was a young kid. Eventually what ended up happening is I started working when I was 16 and I started using that account, like back and forth. I ended up going to school and then I would only work in summer.

    I'd have a summer job, right? Like everybody, what ended up happening is I ended up getting hit with. Uh, purchased it. I made, but a fee, a monthly fee that pulled me under the, the overdraft. Then they hit me with $35 overdraft fee. And not only did they hit me with one, they hit me with 10 of these every day, every single day until I noticed.

    And you know, what ended up happening, Chris? It's a really sad story, but I worked the whole week as a, as a kid, 16 years old, worked a week, put a check that was like $171 into the ATM to end up owning the bank money still because of the overdraft fees. And did they want to, you know, help me out, you know, like take it away.

    You know, I didn't young kid didn't notice it and it, Nope. It took my paycheck and more. And that's why I don't bank with bank of America no more. So PAC you lost my business. That just shows you why companies like this are needed. Right? I mean, at the end of the day, you, you don't want to be having that kind of worry as a young child worrying about if you're going to get overdraft to death, literally.

    Uh, so it, it hurt me one time, Chris. Yeah. I mean, traditional banking I think is ripe for disruption. And you heard Jason say that, right? The David versus Goliath battle, uh, this is a company, you know, trying to, uh, empower the individual customer. And also, I love hearing the crypto talk, shout out to our chat for the questions.

    And I know you wanted to ask about. Mark Cuban on the board. Uh, obviously Cubans, a big bullish, uh, you know, investor in crypto. Um, so interesting to hear those comments from Jason, but we will follow the progress of this merger, um, as it goes forward, we're out of time for today, but we got, um, the power hour coming up next.

    So stay tuned. Everyone don't go anywhere. All right, you guys, where the hype meets the stock coming up next Benzinga live is going to be getting into some earnings report. You got an interview and stay tuned. Later on this week, I heard there might be a big, big spec interview on there. Total tunnel buddy, maybe expensive.

    Maybe he'll give you the news. Go ACSM. Find out. See you guys next time on the specs on baby.

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    What's going on team. Guess what? Darth Vader, Mitch and Chris catchy. What's going on. Hey, what's up everyone.

    Yeah. We got a great show today. Um, Mitch, whether or not your voice sounds like Darth Vader. I mean, the news is the same, right? We're here to provide the news, the headlines and the trade ideas for the spec world out there. Uh, yeah, let's go ahead and let's smash that, like, let's get started. We got a lot of people here, uh, ready to go.

    Um, what do you think, Mitch? Should we start with some headlines? We'll definitely get into those headlines. Like first things first, we've got to start up the specs. What's going on, traders out there. Yes. Is Darth Vader Mitch here, but guess what? I got the crystal pedia. That's all we need, man. What's going on, Chris?

    Yeah. I mean, uh, it's an exciting day out there. We got a lot of movers, again, something we've been seeing, you know, all week with a lot of SPACs trading up, you know, 3%, 5%. We've got a couple double digit leaders today, too. And of course we did have that deal yesterday. Right. Um, for, uh, black rifle, coffee and shares were up quite a bit in the early morning session.

    They did pull back, but they ended the day up 15%. So that was a nice, you know, one day deal announcement, move something we're starting to see. Um, what's. Yeah. You know, one thing that we're keeping an eye out for is what's going to happen. Is this the next wave? Is this, is this just certain ones moving? I mean, there's a lot going on.

    I mean, I, I, myself, even in two of them that have been moving up today, uh, up one. 16% up another charge starting to see it a curve at the bottom there. We'll see what happens. I mean, it's definitely an environment where we're getting back to the spec game and you need to know which ones are, which so that you guys can get onto these before.

    Not after they run. Uh, Chris, I know that you have some headlines for us. Let's go ahead and take us back to those headlines and then we'll get into the watch list and see what's out there and what's moving.

    All right guys. Yeah. Not a ton of, of headlines today. Um, but let's get through them and then, you know, we'll look at that watch list and then we're going to get into some trade ideas as well. So the big news this morning, we had two former SPACs announcing a part. So embark is partnering with Luminar to accelerate the commercial SAS, autonomous truck deployment.

    So that ticker, N G a B and L a Z R right there on the screen. So the state-of-the-art LIDAR sensors will power Embark's autonomous trucking solution. Enabling more advanced, safer self-driving for its commercial trucking platform. Um, this partnership gives embark and its carriers partners access to Luminari cutting edge long range.

    LIDAR sensor embark is working on delivery of 14,200 non-binding truck reservations for 2024. So definitely something to keep an eye out on. Then we have a, the news from Zillow, right. And we're going to get into this later in the trade ideas. So Zillow announced that they are winding down their Zillow offers.

    So. And that they will be selling 7,000 houses, accenting that business line. Um, two former SPACs open door, ope N an offer pad are in that business. So those are two potential, um, companies to watch that could benefit from Zillow exiting, or they could also face some, you know, headwinds with that industry.

    Maybe not being as positive as thoughts. So, uh, we'll, we'll talk about that later. And we do have a company that everyone should be, uh, watching, uh, right now. And by watching, I mean, uh, you know, keeping an eye on, but not watching their presentation because our show's on of course, but Ivan, I V a N the CEO will be making an announcement.

    Um, anytime. They started a presentation today at 11:00 AM. Eastern time battery world for S E S switches, the merger partner with this SPAC. Um, they said that they will be, uh, announcing new electric vehicle lie metal cells. This is a battery play. I called this out earlier in the week, um, with BCRC and Q S moving.

    We do have shares up 2% right now to 10 50. Um, but we will see what Ivan, uh, SCS has to say, and if you missed it, we actually interviewed SES on the show. That was definitely one to watch if you, uh, you know, miss that, um, we'll, we'll drop that link in the chat later on, but keep an eye out on IVA. Then we have Berkshire grey BGR.

    Why I saw someone mentioned this one in the chat. They did have news today. They expanded the availability of their robotic e-commerce fulfillment solution. Um, so this is going to help retailers develop solutions that integrate the online and physical. Of retail, um, which helps them fulfill online orders with their in store inventory.

    So this is definitely a company to watch in the e-commerce space, using artificial intelligence. They do have some big partners, um, and deals. So a BGR Y on watch with that news. And then, uh, in the sports betting world, we got a New York sports betting update. So remember, a couple months ago, I gave everyone the short list of the finalist for the New York licenses.

    And according to Ryan Butler, uh, formerly of the action network, he said that New York could announce as early as this week, two groups for the online sports betting licenses and those groups would include Bally bat, bat, MGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel in. And then the second one consisting of Caesar's win-back resorts world and rush street interactive.

    So your specs to watch there, of course, our RSI for rush street, DK on G for DraftKings and Aus, which is bringing when. And then speaking of DraftKings draft Kings announced a strategic deal with iHeart media today, um, so that they become the official ad supplier for iHeart media solutions and over 160 markets nation wide, um, they will be able to co-create and distribute long form content with iHeart media.

    Um, not a huge surprise here. Draft Kings is dipping its toes first. Into the media markets. That's something I called out as a catalyst. They're not just going to be a sports betting play. They're also getting into media and content. Um, so keep an eye out on that deal. They do have earnings, uh, later this week on Friday and it will be one of the companies we talk about later on.

    And then high-side motors, H Y Z N uh, their partner hearing a car. Construction of nationwide green hydrogen refueling network in New Zealand. So a refilling deal in New Zealand for highs on motors. That is a hydrogen trucking play. Um, one to possibly watch them. No, we haven't talked about, uh, new specs lately.

    You know, that could be IPO, but I saw one that definitely caught my eye and I think it's going to catch a lot of people's eyes. And that is because Kevin Duran, NBA, superstar and champion is attaching his. To infinite acquisition Corp, a new spec that will seek to raise $200 million selling 20 million units.

    Each unit will include one common share and one half of a warrant. Nice to see the half warrant size there. And this back, um, is a 50 50 partnership between 35 ventures and lion. So thirty-five ventures was co-founded by JIRA and rich Kleiman LionTree is a leading investment and merchant bank. So 35 ventures.

    If you're not familiar with it. They launched in 2016 and they have a good track record of investments. We talk about celebrities and athletes in the SPAC world. Um, you know, this is one who has a great track record of investment. So 35 ventures invested in Postmates, which was acquired by Uber, uh, acorns.

    Overtime caffeine, Robinhood, and Coinbase. They also invested in the MLS team, Philadelphia union, and they have boardroom, which is a sports business media platform. If you don't know, rich Kleiman prior to launching 35 ventures, he launched rock nation sports with Jay Z and he also was with rock nation as a music manager.

    Thirty-five ventures with also an investor on the pipe of respect merger between red ball acquisition, R B a C N C meek. And. Has advised over $600 billion worth of deals since being launched in 2012. Um, in the spec industry, they've been an advisor on several mergers, including 23 and me and HIMS and hers.

    So the spec is going to target. Sports health and wellness, food tech and supply e-commerce and crypto and digital assets. Those are the areas they're specifically focusing on. And, you know, obviously Duran getting involved with a sports company would be a big deal, but I really liked the highlight of crypto in the prospect is so it highlights the rise of platforms like Coinbase, crackin, and Blackbox.

    I'd also mentioned super rare dapper labs, AXI, infinity to central land. So rare and, and F teas. Um, again to ramp was an early investor in Coinbase in 2017. Um, I think maybe they go after the crypto market. So this will be a speck to watch again, not publicly traded yet. Um, but we'll, uh, be talking about this one.

    And then turning to a, some calendar information. We have DC RC, the battery play merging with solid power. They announced that their merger vote will be on December 7th. That's the first December date that. And then a couple of merger votes from this week, we had SWB care BK approving their deal with Byrd 67% of shares redeemed, which makes this around a $10 million or a 10 million share float.

    So SWB K on watch a RTP Y approved with Aurora. They had 77% of shares reduced. Um, OT and 60% of shares redeemed on the goat deal. Um, and KV SB, next door deal approved and they had 7.4% of shares read the game. So those are all wants to watch with the redemption trade. And then we do have earnings tomorrow from Nicola MP materials.

    Avello dine P a E N blue owl cap. And then as I mentioned, yesterday's leader SBE a on the black rifle coffee deal shares were up 15% yesterday. They're down around 8% today. And have to note that based on 99.2 million shares of volume yesterday, um, that's a big volume leader, right? For SPEA. Your next highest yesterday was 17 million for DW.

    AC of course the Donald. Um, that's what I've got MEChA, you know, I said it wasn't a ton of headlines, but now reading through it, it actually seems like a decent amount. But what do you think Kevin DeRay at, uh, getting into the spec game? I mean, those are some pretty big companies he's invested in before.

    Uh, it also was mentioned in the prospectus that he did spend some time with the golden state warriors, which is, uh, coincidentally right next to Silicon valley, where a lot of these tech startups, uh, Uh, our headquartered. So what do you think does Duran land a good deal here in the, I mean, it, it's not something to kind of judge celebrities and athletes and these specs, but one thing that I've talked to.

    Is that at the end of the day, when you're an athlete, you get, you get like insight. And a lot of times your friends are some higher up people, right? Like you're talking to investment bankers, you're talking to lawyers, doctors. Those are the, usually the people that. These athletes are going to talk to, and they're going to go ahead and get, use those insights to lean them into their investments.

    I think that that's what happened here. I'm sure someone talked to the rent in the last six months or a year about. I told them how this could be something that you could use to take a company public and be part, and not only take part, but be, you know, high on a board that you could start getting into this investment type of game.

    I think Duran is seeing how certain athletes have done. Like, let's say the key member shack, you know, how we've been seeing shack really take it to the next level in investing. And that's his focus now. I think that's what the rain is looking forward to in retirement. He's already starting to look forward towards that.

    So he's starting to dip his toes and making investments, and this is something to pay attention to because I think the rent is going to talk to the right people to at least get them into a position that could potentially go up. Yeah. I mean, you know, you mentioned shack, right? We've talked about celebrities, athletes getting into specs, also making investments, right?

    You know, we even saw that, uh, this week, right with, uh, Coca-Cola acquiring the rest of body armor, that was an early investment from the lake Kobe Bryant. Right. And his family got a nice payout this week, you know, as part of that deal. So these athletes, a lot of times they're investing in companies, you know, that they use their products or that they know, and they see the growth there.

    So I really liked to ramp here getting into the spec. And again, I really liked the highlight of crypto, right? Not just an athlete going after, you know, a sports team, a sports company, or a, you know, a health and wellness. The fact that crypto is mentioned right there in the prospectus, you know, gets me excited as we look for more crypto names in the industry.

    Um, but yeah, so a lot of headlines again, match. Um, but, uh, should we, uh, should we jump to the watch list today? I know we've got, uh, quite a few movers out there. All right. Before we jump into the watch list, I did see you bring up a headline that did interest me, um, was the update from. D K and G about going into media.

    Um, and so one thing that I've talked about is there's a name that I've talked about that I think did this very well, and that was Bally sports. Um, why I liked valley is because what they did was they went after the media side first. Nailed that down. Chris gave themselves an ability to be what present on your TV, right?

    When you turn anything that used to be a Fox sports network type of, of sports. Now, what is it? It's a Bally's for. Stream. And what does that do? That gives the brand recognition to the next level. Then they started dipping their toes into sports, betting, DK, and G going about this now reversed, right? They did the sports betting and now they're dipping their toes into the media.

    Why are they doing that? Because they realize what is important is being front and center. To the consumer, that's watching the sports because that's how you go ahead and you get your name out there to the people that are going to be doing the sports betting. And so it's very important to see that on the TV match the branding, and then you'll go and look for that brand.

    When you go for the sports betting play, I think that's what D K a G is starting to step in here. That's what valleys start about first. They said. Well, w we don't have the brand name to step up and compete with DraftKings, FanDuel, and pen and Barstool sports. But what we can do is take the media underneath diversify and give ourselves an ability to battle in this industry.

    Yeah. And I mean, you mentioned Barstool right there as well, you know, Barstool built up their media brand and then. Sports betting through the partnership with Penn national. Also we're seeing FUBU right. Work into that as well, starting as the media company, the streaming platform, and going to launch sports betting later this year, and then also ESPN right match.

    There's the rumor that ESPN wants in the sports betting game. And obviously. They have a big brand, right. A well-known brand. And you know, with that, they're going to be able to bring customers to whatever sports betting platform they launch. Right. Whether it's their own or whether they partner with someone.

    Um, so definitely a yeah, an interesting topic. And with that being said, there's some of these, uh, sports betting companies might fall behind. Right. If you don't have the, the media deals and. It's something to talk about because it gives us diversification, right? I mean, at the end of the day, that's what we want to hear from these is we don't want them to be in only one kind of area.

    And then that causes them not to have that outlook. Um, and now one thing that been mentioned in the chat that Cathy was, has been buying the Kanji. I like it here too. I mean, but like always, you got to determine your own risk and return. Now, one thing that I will state is that for me, when you think about these sports, one of the ones that I'm looking to continue seeing is the one that was mentioned in a rumor with RSI, but never coming out is fanatics.

    Fanatics is going to start dipping their toes into this. So look for a potential buyout, whether it be RSS. Or another stock that I'm looking at to potentially get bought out to Chris is actually GaN. I actually could see GaN being a target for acquisition because of their tech stack. That's what we're looking for here.

    Look for companies that have that tech stack, those are gonna be the ones that are going to be acquired because they just don't maybe have the brand recognition and market, uh, market. Right now, but they do have the technology and that's why they're targets. All right. Let's move forward. Let's get into the watch list.

    I just wanted to take a second there. I think it's so important. You know, this one thing that I focused on at the beginning was the media side of sports betting and how that really comes into play. If you look at it work, we're a media driven society, right? Chris, we're driven by the shows we watch in how we, that literally drives the consumer, the content you watch now.

    A lot of that is how you go and make purchases. And so I think this is going to be a lot of what you're going to see. The sports spreading world is maybe even someone competing with ESPN. Could it really be? I think they're getting to see it. You're going to definitely see it. That's why ESPN is concerned.

    That's why they want to get into sports betting. So we've got to stay up with the times, if not the times runners you'll fall behind. Right. That's that's exactly what. All right, let's go to the watch list. See what's out there. If you guys got a spec that has been moving this week or today, please mention it in the chat.

    We'll go ahead and touch some of these. Then we got the November calendar. This is, I think the best thing that Chris does for us is give us all these dates that we need to keep on watch. So stay tuned for that. Hit the thumbs up and let's get the Watson

    All right, traders, uh, starting to see that skills is up 9%. We also got Z E V moving lightning E motors. Chris, what are you thinking about Z E V. Is there a news on this or is this kind of bore the EBV play catching up? So we had news yesterday that partnership with Siemens for the level two charging stations, but match that's surprising.

    Cause yesterday. We didn't actually see that big of a move on that headline. And now today we're, we're getting the big move. So a, this could just be an EBV sector play. Right. But I did like that partnership with Siemens yesterday, the level two chargers, um, Z E V has had some big runs over the past couple of months.

    It's a high flyer. So, uh, we'll definitely be watching that one, but yeah, I'm not seeing headlines today. Um, but that was the big one yesterday and surprise, surprise me. They do have earnings this month, right? So many of these facts earnings. So I'm seeing a date of November 15th, uh, for earnings. So Zeeb on watch all month.

    All right, let's get back to it. I'm having some, a little bit issues with my pro charts. I don't want them to struggle on us. So I pulled up my other charting service here. Uh, TC, as you guys can see Z E V really getting off of that $8 is seven 50 area. Now we're getting strong through eight fifties. I do like that.

    Look, you can hold off that eight 50 and let's see a Z V can make it back up to 10 and then go sideways there. We know how we liked that last drive brought us to 12. Let's see what happens now. All right. Going to go into the next one. Of course, skills is up at the top. We could take a look at that. I mean, I know I saw some analysts being mentioned and I know they changed on over.

    Um, Chris, do you think this is the reversal with time and skills? Or do you think they're going to run into some trouble here? Uh, I mean, I, I heard Dennis talk about it today. Right on pre-market prep, the Activision earnings yesterday, the earnings were good, but their guidance disappointed. They pulled some games.

    Um, the timing. But the fact that Activision beat, um, you know, could be a positive for the gaming sector, but for me skills still wears the NFL game. Right. That's the big question we've had. They do report tonight after the bell. Um, looks like someone mentioning that in the chat as well. Mitch, what do you think it would take for them on this earnings?

    Is it going to be about those past earnings or even if they give us an update on the NFL game and also highlight the new executive that they hired from Amazon, could guidance be enough to really, you know, propel this thing higher. And I don't feel like earnings are really going to matter. I think it's going to be all about the forward looking comments from them.

    Yeah, this is one that I feel like everyone just completely loved it right out the gates. They were like skills, skills, skills. That's all I heard about when it came out, but I still yet to see the story match the hype. That's what I would say until that moment. I'm not touching the skills. I wanted it at 10.

    Maybe should have taken that at two. Would a risk down to $8. I don't know. Probably would've got stopped out of be honest. Um, so to me at this point, I'm just going to stay off until I feel that the hype matches the story and the technicals also match. Yeah. I mean, I passed it in their plant farm match. I did some of the games and.

    I'm not playing them anymore. Right? Th they didn't do enough to keep me engaged. They weren't strong enough games. And I think that's the big thing here. Right? Give me an NFL game. Right, Mitch. We could both download that NFL game. We could wage your money against each other, play against each other. Like that would keep me entertained.

    Right. That would keep me coming back. But doing some of these other games, I'm not as excited. Let's be honest. Football games are hard. Yeah. Right. Bad, even mad. And didn't do as well on mobile. Right? It was really, I mean, I tried that too. And that, that was kind of out there that should show you right. If Madden, that title can do good on a mobile game, it just might seem that at least for right now, Volvo.

    Maybe the sports schemes are a little bit difficult, especially something that's complex, complex, like football, multiple routes. You have to be able to see and spacing and stuff like that really in-depth view. I think this is where skills is struggling. Maybe that NFL game that was. Wasn't as good as they thought it was going to be.

    So they had to pull the plug. That's why they haven't mentioned it. That's why they don't talk about it. That's what I keep quiet about it because they had the pull that plug and they're looking for the next driver. So look for the next driver. I. Kick that NFL game to the side. I'm looking for the next one.

    What can they do to get me interested in, maybe talk about some better or something like that. We'll talk, we'll, we'll pay attention to it on the earnings call. Let's keep going. Next one up the two that I am really happy to see moving up. Desktop metals. Of course oblongs desktop metals, but also QS. QS is one that I've been looking at for awhile.

    So let's take a look at both of them really quickly before. Beautiful day. Guess what? Chris look at my, where my buyer's zone was and it went right on top of it. That's just how it goes. Sometimes guys, I was looking for a pullback to seven sixties. Uh, did get down towards seven nineties. It didn't even go down towards the seven eighties.

    So I wasn't able to get my add back as I took some profit into this bar. But now that we're above nine. What do I do? I don't add here. I just let the position go. I'm all the way down here. So now at this point I could just let the stock try to build and gain on the momentum. Yeah. I mean, desktop metal, right?

    I couldn't believe how low this thing got and it's starting to come back to life. We could see the 3d printing industry come back and Mitch, the one I would mention here, the LD Velo 3d. Is up 14% today. I want you to take a look at the one month chart on VLD because this thing has been, you know, just a steady riser over the last month.

    I mean, we saw sideways action, $8, and then once it started moving, this thing got higher and I will note of course, Right. Cathy wood has been buying up a ton of shares of this company, right. And this is a, a space X supplier. Right? And what do we know about space X, Mitch? You can't invest in space X. So the next best thing you can do is to find the companies partnered or working with space X.

    If you want exposure to. To space acts. So also, so they have space exposure. They have 3d printing exposure. I mean, I like VLD and I mean, the charts look nice. What do you think? A little annoyed that I sold this, this, I ended up, I held this one for like four or five months and it didn't do anything so much on the name.

    You guys remember me? I. Proportion for this stock. I mean, and it's all about what Chris has talked about. That space X relationship to me, anything, anything to do with space sex is going to do great. When, when companies like NASA give you the backing that they're giving space X, if you hear the comments that come out of NASA, Th that rocket they're just like, yo, where have you been all my life space X.

    That's how they're acting like. So to me, you have to look for some of these types of plays. And these to me are more generational plays than they are traits. Yes. You could be trading it right now, making a move from 10 to 12 and you could be that type of trader, but I, I love these for a long-term investment.

    And that's the one thing that we've talked about with fellow was that it wasn't going to take a little while. But that we could see the upside, especially with relationships, like in space, like space X, All right. So catching up with the chat, uh, Cole. Uh, yes, I am long just to confirm you on that. You asked if I'm long DM.

    Yes, I am long DM. I'm not long QS, but I did. I did push on my man, Carl and the check to buy it. Well, that's my friend right there. I don't, I don't know if he's still logging it, but QS looking great. Chris, what are you thinking about this now? Yeah, I mean, Q asks, I, I, I feel like at some point we're going to get a pullback, right?

    I mean, The under $20 right around that mark was the time to get in this one. Um, you know, they're still years away from really launching this. So, you know, I think it's going to move on news, but ultimately, you know, there's no revenue, there's no earnings. Um, but it is getting a lot of, um, mentioned, you know, across, uh, social media.

    And fin twit, you know, I'm actually trying to catch up with the Ivan news, right? So the, the headline I said was Ivan IVA and, um, their merger partner SES had a presentation today and they announced a new lice, a bad. And again, I think maybe the rotation could come, right? He has already had the run Ivan's trading at like 10 60, I think today.

    So I feel like that one could see a move. So to me, I would be going after the one that hasn't had the move versus the one that already had the, the. Yeah. The, the way that I think about QS is that it falls in line with lucid. To me, it falls in line with Lucy because it had that type of, let's say retail attention when it was up there towards one 20 and then it dropped down and did what a super long sideways trend that it's trying to break out of.

    Of course it needs to get into kind of the 30 fives and forties to really. That, Hey, it's really starting to do that. Move back up to the gap up, but there's an actual, huge gap. That's up here by the eighties and nineties, if it ever gets into that area, I mean, this is a huge risk and return from here. And so that's why I've been looking at QS and thinking that it would come back as we see it's been doing great.

    One of the things that I'd point out is the volume that popped it up, and then it came back down to this. Back down, back down, break out. Now the big thing for me now is just for the whole 27 on pullbacks. If it can hold this 27 on pullbacks, I think you're still looking at a bullous, uh, QS, and you could still play this.

    This is more a momentum. I think then like Chris is talking about then actual, let's say revenue or expectations being met, but more or less. Just momentum in the name and I could see it continuing, but like Chris said, you could get a pullback in this one. So of course, do your research guys, a framer is saying something well, he'll probably flip on that tomorrow, guys.

    Don't worry about it. Yeah. I mean, I'll call it out right now, Mitch. Cause we talk about so far, right? So far that they're probably going to get a bank charter at some point they're also offering early access to, um, the reveal on. So so far, uh, uh, CEO, Anthony Noto used to work at Goldman Sachs, which is where Jim Cramer used to work there they're buddies.

    So he's been on the show before, so Kramer hates on SPACs, but I would guess in a week or two, he'll be all over. So Phi again, forgetting that Sophie went public by us back. So, I mean, you can either do what we say right where you say there's going to be winners and losers in the spec, mark. You can't say that all specs are losers and then talk about a SPAC and say it's a winner.

    You can't, it doesn't make sense. Right? It's a contradiction. Yeah. Uh, let's just say, one thing that I don't like doing is flipping on my story and at least one of the things that you will hear from me is when I do. A lot of the times, what do I do? I admit it, I flipped my position and I'm no longer seeing the story.

    The way I did. This is the one thing that I would knock on Kramer that he doesn't do well on. He doesn't go back and said that, Hey, I was long and now I've changed my opinion. What he does is just to change the opinion and that doesn't give you the outlook that you need, because I mean, if you're just going to change your opinion all the time, Why would anybody just listen?

    Right? I mean, at the end of the day, that's what it's about. That's why here on SPACs you'll hear Chris and I make opinions right on, on how we feel in certain stocks, but we also will point to the opposite look and how that could be against like Chris right now, talking about how yet QS looks great. It looks awesome.

    But at the same time, where's the revenue. Where's the catalyst. Where's the movement. That's what we're about here. That's what we want to be different than CNBC. And not just try to get you guys. Oh yeah. Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. I mean, I could say that a million times, but that doesn't help anybody.

    We want you guys to learn from the way that we go about it. And that's what it's all about. So smash that thumbs up. Let's keep it going in the watch lists here. I want to go to two more and then we're going to go into our Nova. Oh, November calendar here. Anyone that stands out to you, Chris? Um, I'm wondering if you can pull up the Ivan chart again, I'm seeing nice volume coding in, um, we're up 3% right now, again, that battery event is happening right now while we're live on this show.

    So I haven't had a time to see exactly what, but they unveiled a new battery. And if you remember. When we had them on, this is a company that has partnerships and investments from general motors and Hyundai. Um, they could be a big player in the battery space and they are actually saying that their batteries are better than their competition.

    Um, and I mean, based on the volume and the, the shares moving, I'm guessing that this event went over well today. And I saw a 52 week high of 11, uh, And we're at 10 60 right now. There's a chance that we could see a new 52 week high today. I mean, this is one that didn't really pop on the deal announcement, right.

    Getting as high as 11. Um, I could see it breaking out and hitting new all-time highs today. So I haven't definitely on my watch. I kind of wish I would have gotten into this one before the event. Um, we did have a headline on Benzinga pro if you had Benzinga pro. You saw that headline that I helped, uh, you know, get out there to people that this battery that was happening.

    Um, and you were able to catch this move, but, uh, definitely on, on my watch, what do you think Mitch, that, that move we're seeing right now in, in Ivan. So to me, it's all about the 10 fifties holding. If you see every time that we went above 10 50 on these spikes that were prior, we quickly. Right here also, you can see it here.

    Uh, July 9th, we spike. And then we quickly go below a 10 60. So now 10 fifties on pullbacks is what's important. As long as it can hold that 10 50 on pullbacks. I'd be looking for this to continue in the bullish state. And as long as it can hold that, then, I mean, it could continue making a move up. Uh, one thing I do like is that it did go sideways for so long.

    We're talking about. Uh, 8.1 months. So from February 26th, all the way until October 29th, it pretty much didn't do anything pretty much went sideways. And now that you're getting that momentum now is when you want to go ahead and either have been in the stock or looking for pullbacks. I in an attack, these, so to me, five, 10 fifties on pullbacks, I take a shot on it and probably risk down towards this low, which is the 10 thirties.

    And then give myself a what 20 cent stop out and looking for a move back up towards 12. That's what I'd be looking for. That that'd be what we're talking about. A 15% gain, less than 5% risk and not a bad trade set up there. All right. Chris is probably going to do it for our watch list. Of course, I know that you guys are keep watching.

    Lucid lucid did have a great day today. I talked about this on money, Mitch, often that it needs to trade in this one. Box the one hour trade is really holding well. So if it's as long as, as long as this one hour charts continues into bullish sense, I'm going to be still bullish on lucid for right now, that number really on the downside is 33.

    We don't want to see 33 breakdown. We want it to continue in this sideways trend, then get right back on. It will give us the momentum to get on through the forties and fifties and maybe make a move towards 60. We'll see what happens in lucid. And the last one to also mentioned, cause I wanted to get to it just to make sure it's BK.

    K T we've been seeing this monster is pulling back right now towards what a prior resistance. Becoming a support. When I have these hour long sideways trend, I actually look for the upside move, not the downside move, so I don't see anything wrong. If you've risked awful, let's say 30 fives or 34 nineties here and trying to get this BKK T, which was a rocket, but of course always know you're out and be careful out there.

    This is the rock.

    All right, let's go ahead. Let's get into what everyone needs to know. Is the calendar dates, merger votes. One are the earnings coming. This is what we go to Chris the most, because guess what? That's the crystal PDF. He has it all up here. I don't know how, because I can't get it like that. But. Let us know what's going on in the merging calendars out there and to spec industry in November.

    All right guys. Yeah. So November we we've got a calendar set, right. And we have a ton of earnings from former SPACs. We also have a decent amount of merger votes, and several of them took place already this week. So I, November 2nd, we got merger votes for M O T N with AMU lint now known as dot go. Uh, SWB K their merger vote with.

    Uh, KV, SB merger vote with next door and RTP, why their merger vote with a Rora. And then next week we get M G a B merger vote with embark on November 9th. That's the autonomous trucking company. And then also a vote next week, D F P H their vote with the oncology Institute on November 12th. And then the following week we'll have V O S.

    Merging with we Jo, uh, on the 16th KV S a voting on their merger with Valo health on the 16th and on the 16th. L I, I merger vote with local bounty on November 18th. We D F O R E voting on their merger with P three health partners. And DBM acts voting on their merger with there and then rounding out the calendar on November 23rd, T H M a voting on their merger with pear therapeutics.

    So that's what we've got for merger votes in November. I may have missed some I'm sure the chat will let me know. Those were the ones that I had on my campus. And then turning to earnings. I mean, this is a huge huge month for earnings from spam. I can't stress that enough. Right. And especially with specs, being hot people getting back into former specs, this is the time that could really shine on this industry and these great companies that went public via spec.

    So starting off tomorrow, we have a Nicola MP material. Velodyne P a E and blue owl capital. And the big one for me is MP materials. You know, they got that short report out and they said that they will, they will issue their earnings on the. And they will issue a response to that short report. So MP materials is definitely the one.

    Um, you know, that I have my eyes on tomorrow. Um, I expect strong earnings from them. I also expect a strong response to that short report. Um, but we will see again if they disappoint with earnings or if they can't, you know, rebuttal against all the short. We could see a bit of a downtrend. Um, you know, this one has actually fared pretty strongly since that short report and came back to life.

    So, uh, M P the big one I'm watching tomorrow. And then on Friday, of course, giraffe, kinks, um, D K N G uh, match. I mean, DraftKings, we we'd talk about sports betting. And the thing that I saw yesterday, um, fan duel, parent company, flutter entertaining. They said that every Sunday right now during the NFL season is like super bowl, 2021 for them in terms of batting handle, that is a strong statement.

    And it makes me think that these sports betting companies. Uh, I mean, have a strong couple months during the NFL season ahead of them. I mean, did you, did you see that from, from flutter? What a comment? I mean, the super bowl is like the ultimate event and now that's happening every Sunday, literally. Um, but definitely guys, I want to hear here, let's take a little poll here.

    You guys press one in the chat. If you've taken a sports bet in the last year. So from, let's say, uh, November of 2020 until right now, November. Have you taken any sports bet? I would love to hear the chat. I'm definitely a lot of wine. I put a one in the chat. I can only hit one one time, I guess, but, uh, but definitely I wanted to see that because that tells us right Chris, the consumers we can learn from our chat.

    How is it for our chat? Is there anybody that did it take. I would love to hear that. You know what I mean? Put the two, if you didn't take a bet or put a three, if you're not the betting type, that could be also a thing. So, Hey, I'll tell you one thing you guys know I'm a degenerate gambler. I can't help myself on the weekends, Chris.

    I can't. I know. And yeah, you got, you got Kendra duke in the chat saying love them, teasers. I mean, yeah, there there's promo money. There's teasers. There's all kinds of ways, you know? Uh, all we do have some twos and we've got a three. Um, I'm curious if the people putting twos and threes. You know, or do you just not like sports betting, which again, nothing wrong with that.

    Or are some of you in states that haven't legalized yet? Um, so if anyone out there is in a state like New York that hasn't fully legalized, uh, let us know in what state is it? Um, I'm surprised to see so many twos, you know, tell the truth though. I thought I was going to see less. Now, one thing I will say, and for you guys that are too.

    Look into the, all the free money out there. Just gone give you a little. You could maybe be using that for different reasons. Pull like me, try to get as much free money as you can where they're handed out. I'll take it. Let's just say that. Let's keep going guys. Let's get into some other ones. I know that we got stuck there on K and G put that the chat loved it.

    You could tell, uh, don't have time. One guy said I'm a bookie. Yeah, I guess that's why rock star will stay away from you. Oh man. But yeah, you got candida here. Kelly being mentioned, Washington, Ohio, Ohio is close. I think Ohio is getting closer, so, yep. Yeah. An options to prosper in the chat, how to get free money.

    So if you're in a state that has legalized sports betting, uh, look up sports betting promotions, and you will find. Articles and promotions on, you know, the, the sports betting companies, you know, offering free money, right. And some of them give you free money. Some of them it's a sign up bonus, right? If you deposit 25, You get, you get, you know, 25 for free, um, Caesar's right.

    Gave away NFL jerseys to people that bet a hundred dollars and $50 Jersey I'll take it. Yeah. Right. Chris, we weren't going to miss out on that deal. Yeah. I mean your Jersey yet. Not yet. I haven't gotten it yet, so I bet with Caesars, so got to get it. Yeah. I mean, Hey, free money is free money. If you guys want to know a little bit more about that type of thing, hit us up in the comments after we actually have some money articles that could probably help you find these promos.

    So we want to help you guys just hit it up in the comments after, and I'll make sure to reply with specifically those articles that can find. Those free bedding provosts. Let's go ahead. Let's keep moving forward. What's up next? Yeah. And then, I mean, match next week is shaping up to be a huge one too. We have Clover health on November 8th, CLO V and Clover.

    Of course that's a popular retail trader stock. Our CEO, Jason Rasnick actually recently interviewed the CEO of clove. Um, and you know, that is one where again, they've had several, uh, partnerships, Medicare deal signed and will that be reflected? In their earnings, definitely one to watch also car lots.

    Next week on the eighth, we saw the run that car got right car with Avis. Right. And car lots was a sympathy play off of that yesterday. But the last time they reported earnings, their earnings were not very strong. Right. They said that one of their key suppliers. Well, that was hurting their business. So I would look to see what lats has to say, um, because that could be a runner based on the car move, or it could be a huge decliner if they're still seeing the supply issues.

    I, November 10th, we have a huge day, right? We have, um, earnings from, I mean, some of the biggest ones out there we've got 23 and me, we've got Proterra, we've got HIMS and hers app harvest, uh, highly. Mark box. So five tattooed chef. And then the two, I would mention Mets. We talked about them in headlines, open door, ope, N an open OPA D they both report earnings on November 10th.

    And you heard me say the headline, right? Was that Zillow, Zillow is getting out of the home buying and selling. So this could mean two things, right? It could either mean that that industry is so tough and open and open, you know, it may hurt them. Right. As that industry sees some, some headwinds or it could mean that they see a positive because Zillow a competitive.

    It's getting out of the market. We did see open shares up significantly last night on the Zillow news. They did pull back this morning now up though on the day, um, I think open we'll be pretty vocal and honest about what this means for them. And I think we could see a lift in open based on comments about Zillow, Mitch.

    What do you think? The, the open and OPEC off of the Zillow news, I mean, is this. Positive a negative or a TBD to be determined.

    You know, one thing that I'm going to be watching is just, you know, op-ed really, to me has. Like brought that marketing, brought that drive, brought that name recognition. I know they're trying to get their business off the ground and that's probably why, um, you know, they're just not trying to spend really heavily on marketing.

    I myself has gone after Rascoff I can't get them on guys. I've tried. So if you guys want to hit up Rascoff and be like, yo, come on, specs attack, man. They, they want you to. Uh, I myself have been going after this company for a while. Remember Chris, this was one that I've talked about. Yeah. A long, long time.

    Um, you know, and with that being said, yeah, I mean, Rascoff, he's a well-known name and he's got good, uh, history in the industry, but yeah, offer pat, I just don't think has that brand awareness, uh, I think the big thing was Zillow thought that they had that brand awareness, right? Because people use their service right.

    For, you know, estimates on how much a house is worth. Well, then they decided they were going to buy and sell homes. But there also are some articles out there. And again, I don't know if they're true or not. And if you've seen these Mitch that they were, you know, kind of gaming their system and they were buying up a bunch of houses in neighborhoods at a time, and it was boosting the price that then they were able to, you know, flip them for a higher profit.

    And again, That's all speculation, but that could have hurt Zillow's brand in terms of selling. Um, but yeah, I'm really curious to see if open door, you know, they're going to get asked about it in Q and a, right. What does Zillow's exit mean for you? And I'm curious to hear if they address it in their prepared remarks, or if they wait until Q.

    That will definitely pay attention to it. Uh, Chris, I don't know if we miss some, I think we might've skipped 11 dine. Did we skip 11 nine? Might've skipped 11 nine. Uh, I just want to catch everybody out. 11 nine. There is a bunch on 11, nine as well. Let me touch those days. There you go. I put them up right here so we could touch those dates starting with N G.

    Oh, no, that's the vote here. Let me, let me get it up here. So I'm seeing a reservoir media latch, Canno health stem Taboola catapults K PLT could be one to watch, right? Buy now pay later. Affirm had, you know, strong earnings and then also Velo 3d match. They report on the ninth VLD. And this could be a run into the report.

    Also remember that that could be something that ever seen. One that I liked that I think is going to come back DMS. But the early offs down towards the bottom has a nice bottoming here to $6. This is a chart that actually was doing really well, but it has retraced massively over the last couple of months.

    I think this one could pop back up over seven. We'll see what happens with the yearnings that's DMS, digital media solutions, and that's also on the ninth. All right, let's skip down now. Now we can go a little bit further. We can go into the 11th here. Let's touch some of those five and 11 another, a decent sized day.

    Right. We have Berkshire grey lion, electric Astro space. Weedmaps Luminar um, so you know, some big hitters there. Right. And I, I, I like a lot of these lion electrics, the one that I own shares of, and I really want to hear an update right. On their buses. How many did they make? How many did they deliver? And, and weed maps.

    Right. We talked about Weedmaps at the cannabis conference, you know, uh, how is their business fairing? Um, so I'll be really curious on this day to, to see what some of these companies have to say. And then also up on screen there on the 12th factory reports, I mean, that's been a huge flyer, right? BKK T are they going to give us enough information and earnings to justify the, the big move on that, uh, partnership with.

    Yeah, it's something definitely to watch it. I see it keep holding. It still looks interesting to me there, uh, maps, that chart looks interesting to me for swing traders. Uh, reason why you're seeing bottoming action multiple times, and then you're seeing right now. These levels or coexisting with 12, 12 being a support there.

    That's what you could go off of. If it doesn't hold there. Of course it could come back down to 10, but we'll see how the earnings come out and maps. And I think you could see some lift in this stock going into next year, but we'll definitely keep on watch for maps as it is a technology. And the cannabis industry.

    All right. Let's keep going. What are the ones we got on the list, Chris? Thanks. We're down towards the 15th of November. Yeah. And 11, 15, another big hitter day. Right. This one's been circled on my calendar and I don't even think I have all the companies listed here, but the big ones. Rocket lab beach, body, desktop metal, butterfly networks, and lucid crew.

    I mean, huge, huge day for former specs. Uh, I own lucid shares. Of course, rocket lab is when I called out at the start of this month. I really like it in November. They have earnings and they have to launch windows opening this month, as we know, base stocks, right? Space stocks move based on launch windows and launches.

    To me, rocket lab is set up for success in November. The question is, will they be successful with those launches or could they see a setback? They did have a failed launch before, um, which we saw shares fall on, but, uh, I'm liking that one. So, uh, November 15th, the big day, DM almost to nine today. Nine would put me up about 20% on the name.

    Uh, so those people that keeps talking about how you can't make returns in specs. Let me just say that, uh, it's all about the right timing. If you don't time it right then. Yeah. You probably going to get caught holding a bag, but if you're. You'll cut that bag and wait for the stock to come back and you'll be able to make your gain on it.

    And this is why I talk about how you always gotta know when to cut it and then know when the stock's coming back, give yourself an opportunity. What did I do in DM? I gave myself like three weeks at 7 65 and we're ready to add the position because it wasn't a full position. I only took a third of my full position and was looking to add if it went down to six 16, If it went down to 5 65, and this is the approach that I took that I think helped me get through that time when it did click down to 6 75, but then right back up through that level.

    And so this is how I like to attack these, especially if you're trying to catch the bottom. Uh, we'll see if these can continue to move another one that I tried to catch the bottom is. Um, in this one at like 5 28 skies, I've been building up the position I've actually added to the position once. Why?

    Because I keep seeing bottoming action near the same level five, fifteens five 20 fives. So that's why I'm adding down there. I'm trying to keep my average somewhere in this area, but at the same time, I don't mind adding because it looking strong, especially if we can get back towards six and then the earnings come out or the mile of, uh, the mile bike releases, some kind of steady.

    They can instantly have this one right back up there. So I'm taking my shot and body. We'll see what happens with this one. And last one that I'd leave off with is be fly. Be fly is an interesting one because it's come out of the headlines. And I think this is the times when you could get an opportunity to get into a stock that has a huge potential upside.

    Not only. For the stock itself, but also for a kind of humanity within itself. I mean, bee fly is an interesting product could be used in space, was used on space X. So I mean, if it can be used in space, at least I think the functionality of there exists. Right, Chris. So I'm going to be watching this one, like the bottoming action, multiple bottoms.

    What do we always talk about three or four bottoms? This is one I actually might swing trade into and that's before. All right, Chris is going to do it for our calendar. We're at 1202. And up next, you guys got an interview from fun. Yes. I said it. You might have some fun if you don't know the meme of the.

    Go ahead and check it out on the power hour coming up next. Chris, anything else you want to leave off with before we get on out of here? Oh, I think that's it. Uh, you know, uh, thanks everyone. A nice lively chat today with some great call-outs on tickers and you know, the November calendar pay attention, um, you know, some big catalysts coming for, for these.

    All right. Like always guys. I saw a lot of people join our stream. As the stream continued on, we started with about a hundred now have about almost 300 viewers. So if you guys could do us a favor, please smash that like, and support specks attack because at the end of the day, if you don't, we won't be around forever.

    If you guys got to go ahead and support the industries that you guys want to see, continued being covered right here on. Which is the spec game. So give us a thumbs up and we'll see you next time on the specs attack. And up next, you guys will get an interview from fun. And of course, when the hype meets the stock in the power hour, let's go ahead and get you guys over.

    We'll see you next time.

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    Hey traders, who wants to paint some candles with me? I'm ready to get into the fact game, bro. One thing I'll tell you what color is here, green baby. We're going green in the stack land. Let's go ahead and start. Don't miss your free chance to tune into bending his very own bootcamp series on November 20th.

    If you're looking to dive into new concepts and grow your account, this one's for you. How's my little trees doing. Let me bring in the best tree. I have grown my man. Chris hope PTO. What's going on, Bob? Uh, yeah, uh, we, we been gone the last two days. Um, so it's always exciting right? To come back. Cause there's so much to talk about so much news.

    We've got an interesting company today for our interview that I really want to hear more about. Um, it's Friday. Which as you guys know, if you've watched the show Fridays are more casual day, right? So we'll hopefully get to some ticker time later on in the show. Um, so setback and, you know, relax. It's uh, it's SPACs attack time.

    All right. Now I have been having some mic issues today, so I will ask the chat. Do you guys hear me? Like, okay. I did see someone mentioned, I might have to come back. I've had to restart my computer multiple times today. I don't know what's going on. So you guys hear me with the deep voice? Let me know.

    Cause I will have to restart and leave Chris here. Um, but let's go ahead. Let's get started. Let's pull the Bob Ross off our a, I want to keep the, the Afro going here. I like the fro, but the beard has got to go. All right. I'll keep the frog on though. How's that looking? Good. Looking good. What can I say, guys, let's get this party started.

    Let's go ahead. Let's get into some headlines, a lot of specs moving out there. I have some of my own that I've been watching and Hey, if you don't believe the specs are back we'll, uh, I mean, you probably haven't been watching these moves lately, so let's go ahead. Let's get into those headlines, Chris, please inform us because all this hair is getting to my head and I just don't know what's going on out there.

    So that's why I come to my man to let us know, take us back to the headlines.

    All right guys. Yeah, a lot to get to on headlines today. Uh, up first we have M O T N. So this is motion acquisition. So the company is merging with doc go. They reported that they secured new contracts today. No terms were disclosed, but again, this company continues to expand, uh, earlier this week, uh, they reported third quarter revenue of $81 million, which was up 200% year over year.

    They also said that they're rolling out a series of major initiatives and joint partnerships. And they see revenue hitting $260 million for fiscal 2021. So if you didn't know, dot go is like an, a used to be called ambulance with a Z. It is a, you know, on demand, uh, medical service company, they operate in 26, us markets and the United Kingdom.

    They have license application pending and an additional 14 states have 26 plus 14 would bring them up to 40 states covering, you know, the majority of the U S states. So M O T N definitely one to watch here and then turning to a more earnings. We have better where to Mexico, uh, B w M X company reported third quarter earnings today.

    So, uh, revenue was up 4% year over year. They did say that they had several headwinds in the quarter. Um, but that they're progressing, uh, you know, forward and they actually have some exciting. I don't want to talk too much about this company today. Cause actually better where to Mexico we'll be joining power hour today.

    Coming up after this show for an interview, if you remember, they were on our show a couple months ago, they will be talking all about that third quarter earnings report. And then also about, you know, some new company initiatives moving forward. Remember that this is one of the better performing specs of the last year prior to today's dip.

    They also pay out a dividend. So EWM acts definitely one to watch. Then we have wall box WB X to wall box, which was one of the high flyers. Earlier this week. They announced that they will provide a business update on Thursday, November 4th. I'm going to talk a little bit about the calendar later, some specs to watch next week, but keep that on your radar wall box, an update next week, electric vehicle charging company that has been hot all week.

    And then speaking of electric vehicle stocks that have been hot, we have lucid El CID, which will of course, take a look at when we cover our watch list. This is the number one trending stock on StockTwits today. It has started getting mentioned heavily on wall street bats. So the company will have their first deliveries tomorrow of the lucid air, October 30th.

    There was also news that Saudi Arabia is considering a manufacturing facility. Shouldn't come as a big surprise since that country's investment fund is a big investor in lucid. And then also they announced that they will report third quarter earnings on Monday, November 15th. So less than two weeks after that first delivery, we will get earnings from lucid.

    So I expect to hear lots of updates on how reservations and deliveries are going. So definitely something to why. Yesterday, we had the presentation from Facebook, Facebook connect, talking about augmented reality, virtual reality. And of course, if you did not hear yet, the company changed its name, uh, to, um, Metta, right?

    New ticker will be M V R S. Metta is the new company. So yesterday, uh, we saw lots of AR and VR names. Get a jump on the news from Facebook. And one of those companies that got a little bit of a lift yesterday, but it's starting to take off today is Matterport. So Matterport was on our show a couple months ago.

    Um, we actually got some exclusive headlines for our Benzing of pro users. Again, if you're not using Benzinga pro you are missing out pro.benzinga.com for a free trial. Those headlines, we had out the smart. The company said, I like to think that by digitizing the built world, Matterport is creating the metaverse.

    So there you have the metaverse connection. They also said that their models are optimized for Facebook's Oculus quest using virtual reality mode in the Matterport platform. Um, and then they also highlighted that they announced a collaboration with Facebook earlier this year. So the company saying our collaboration with Facebook is with their AI research in or organization.

    Um, so again, Matterport MTTR could be applied here on AR VR and the Facebook name change. I'm seeing shares up 10% today now. Um, so definitely keep this one on, watch the other, uh, related spec to Facebook's news yesterday. Was M P a C um, shares had over $11 and a short lift warrants were up triple digits.

    Shares were actually halted. So NPAC is bringing multi metaverse public. Um, this is a small company and I will note that there is not a lot known about multi metaverse. No presentation came out with this spec deal. Um, but this was the only metaverse name that popped up in a search of specs. So keep that in mind.

    And we have MP materials. MP. I talked about this earlier this week, right. Company was targeted with a short report and MPS response. They said that they report third quarter earnings after close on November 4th, and look forward to updating all of their shareholders on the state of their business and industry.

    So again, I'll hit on next week's events later on, but MP definitely on watch. They have that earnings next week, they're going to have their rebuttal to the short report. Um, and I also want to know, uh, that with that short report, I actually saw on Twitter, several, uh, Twitter users shared the short report with the hashtag ad as in grizzly research, actually paid, um, to promote that short report on Twitter with some, uh, uh, fin Twitter users.

    So that's an interesting tactic. Um, so something to keep in mind with MP and then turning it over. Um, C M J, which is merging with Leafly. Uh, they voted this morning to approve the extension. So MC M J shares were also trading higher today on that news. Um, we're up about 4%. This one's gotten a lot of attention this week, uh, going from 10 to close to or over 11, I believe.

    Um, you know, to keep this one in mind, uh, we talked about this one at the cannabis conference, right? This is a cannabis play, a thing behind the thing for the cannabis industry. Then MCA D approved their merger with better therapeutics will trade us BTT X today. Uh, T M T S approved their merger with next NAB, new ticker and end today, this would be the, a high redemption, low float one to watch as 17.4 million shares were redeemed 87% of the shares.

    Um, so keep an eye on and, and new ticker today, and TDAC was approved their merger with the new ticker LTR. Why next week, this is one I've called out a lot, right? It's a low floater already. And also have to know 20,900 shares were redeemed despite shares trading over $14. So someone missed out on some big profits in this, by not understanding the redemption process of a SPAC.

    Then we got a couple of votes for. On, uh, November 8th with P three health partners, uh, DDI max on November 18th with code air and T H M a on November 23rd with pear therapeutics and then turning to our one deal. This one was announced last night, after market closed TWN T uh, satellite company to ran orbital is going public valued at $1.58 billion.

    Pipe includes an investment from Lockheed Martin. That's always a key here on the space and satellite place. So Taran is a leader in small satellites. They're a key supplier for the military intelligence community, the community and civil and commercial customers. They said that they're the largest independently owned manufacturer of small satellites in the U S they plan to launch one of the most advanced earth observation, constellation of small steps.

    They announced a 300 million, 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility on the space coast of Florida. Um, that announcement came last month. It will make them the largest vertically integrated satellite manufacturing facility in the world capable of producing over 1000 satellites and space vehicles annually.

    So they plan to enter the SAS business model and not software as a service, but satellites as a service. So TWN T is the ticker shares up 1% right now to 10 0 1. That was the spec deal announced this morning. That's what I've got for headlines. I know that was a, a lot to get to there again with the last two days off from the show.

    Uh, uh, what do you think Mitch? I should be back in a sounding good sounding. Uh, at least, at least it seems like everything's back. I did the restart. We're good. We're ready to go. I'm super excited. I've been seeing a lot of these specs moving. It's not only lucid. A lot of these have been moving and there's, there's a lot they're going towards that 11 and $12.

    And when you think about it from underneath 10, that's a pretty good return, right? I mean, 20, 30% on just about any investment, it's not going to be a bad investment. Um, what are you seeing out there? Spencer's joining us. I'm just joined. Just to say that, Mitch, yet you sound a little bit weird, but I'm here for it.

    I still sound weird. Good on my end, but really? Yeah, it sounds like Darth Vader. So maybe it's, I don't know. I don't know what's going on with Mitch's mind. I just wanted to come in and tell you that man. It's like he said, like I'm here for it. It doesn't sound. Yeah, but I guess a $300 setup doesn't want to work.

    Maybe it just a little bit deeper than normal. I I'm I'm okay with it. I'm here for, I said roll with it. I like it. I mean, it seems like everything doesn't want to work for me right now because I just got signed out of Google is getting hacked or something. Good job. Good show that Chris yeah. Was a lot of, of headlines.

    You jammed it in there. Uh, cause you got to get to, are your guests obviously? So, so nice job, man. Thank you. I will, it looks like I'm going to leave Chris here. Uh, Chris, if you want, you can kind of hold it down for a second here. I gotta restart again, trying to fix this audio. I don't know what's going on with my audio here.

    Uh, sounded like a little Darth Vader, but Hey, I guess that's the Halloween thing there, but, uh, it goes with the hair they say out there, uh, Bob, the Bob Ross hair today, but yeah, Mitch, I mean, I let's get started on the interview. Um, you know, and then we can have you, you know, join back up. So, uh, it might seem smart there at least, at least I think my audio for my computer will sound good.

    Uh, so let's first do this. I wanted to put on a video for us here, so let's, let's do that. I'm gonna share system audio here. Let's check out a little bit about Aurora first so we can learn a little bit more about it. Then we'll take a deeper look and Chris we'll nail down this interview.

    Speaking from my own experience, Aurora has the best team of engineers. I've had the pleasure to work with. Many of us have prior experience in self-driving and I've shipped some of the most advanced automotive systems on the road today. We've also architected high performance, consumer electronics and develop cutting edge robotic systems.

    All of that experience really shows with how we work and how we develop our technology. We've collectively created a holistic and integrated approach to building the Aurora driver. And that approach has allowed us to build faster and smarter. This ability to build faster and smarter is what will propel us toward meeting our goal of having autonomous trucks on the road.

    By the end of 2023, with autonomous passenger vehicles following closely behind by the end of 2020. At Aurora, our hardware is purpose built to meet the complexities of self-driving high precision self-driving software requires carefully crafted hardware to power synchronize and ingest the data from dozens of high bandwidth sensors.

    This requires a deep understanding of the software architecture and its dependencies, and a close collaboration between experienced hardware designers and software engineers. We've built a deeply integrated hardware team that produces high-performing custom built products that are designed and tested.

    In-house Aurora's hardware includes a custom computer and sensor suite. That's common across all of our vehicle platforms. It's includes trucks, light duty vans, and passenger cars with our hardware and software teams working closely together. We recently released an upgrade to our computer, which is powerful and elegant and has five times more processing power and additional redundancy for added safety.

    Using our first principles approach with our deep industry expertise. The team leverages best in industry components that satisfy the Aurora driver needs so that we can focus on those developments and add value to the Rover driver. A great example of this is within our computer with our proprietary time sensitive network switch or TSN for short, the TSN is the backbone of our computer and stitches together.

    All the sensors and peripheral devices into one common hub. The TSN uses an advanced networking chip and the unique combination of high bandwidth automotive physical layers that efficiently move data between our sensors, computer and vehicle TSM provides duplicate data packets, redundant pathways, and synchronizes our sensors down to the microsecond roars hardware team is uniquely skilled at product development.

    And our business model allows us to be.

    All right guys. Yeah. You just saw in that video, a very exciting company. We've got a Rora. So joining us on SPACs Ditech today we have Chris Urmson the CEO and co-founder of Aurora, that company going public via spec merger with reinvent technology partner, Y ticker, R T P Y. Chris welcome to SPACs attack.

    How are you doing today? Doing great. How about you doing great. Uh, you know, it's always nice to meet a fellow Chris out there, so this will be a fun interview. Right? Chris interviewing Chris, uh, works for me. Awesome. Well, we've got so much to talk about, you know, this is a very exciting company. I think a lot of our viewers are familiar.

    With this company out here, but before we dive into our Aurora, just wondering if you can give viewers a little bit of history about yourself and your experience in the self-driving space, I believe that you once worked for Google. So we'd love to hear more about your history. Yeah, sure. Thanks for asking.

    So, um, I've been working in this space since about 2003 back then I was at Carnegie Mellon. I was part of the team, whereas the technic direct for the team that compete in the DARPA, urban and grand challenges. These were these robot races, the defense department put together. So we've the first two years we had a giant Humvees, a race and across the desert, the third year we had a Chevy Tahoe, uh, driving around an air base.

    Uh, and so we ended up winning the, the urban challenge, which was the last of those events. Uh, then in 2009, Google asked me to come out and kickoff. What was then a super secret project with the self-driving car program? Um, I helped build that with, with an amazing group of people from, you know, the six of us who started it too.

    And when I left, we had 600 something people and, you know, it's now Waymo and off doing whatever way most out they're doing. Um, then in 2016 I ended up leaving, um, spend some time figuring out what to do next and realized there was an opportunity to, uh, to build something special in this space. And that's what we've been doing with a roar for the last almost five years now.

    Awesome. Yes. So turning to Aurora, you know, one of the first questions we always like to ask here on specs attack, since we ask all things, you know, specs D SPECT is why the decision to bring Aurora public bias back and was a traditional IPO also considered by your. Yeah, for us, it was a 51 kind of 49 decision to go spec versus IPO.

    Um, and you know, for us, uh, we wanted to make sure that the, the, when we entered the public markets, we did that with something that looked like a high quality IPO. And so our first conversations were with the long-term growth investors. So, uh, that would come into the pipe. Uh, and we used that as a process to figure out what's the right market price, right?

    And so we engaged with the T Rowe and Bailey and MSM and, uh, you know, the capitals and came to a price that we felt was, was fair for the market. And then we went and looked at, you know, the, the numerous inbound. Specs. We had to talk to us and looked at the list of what was available and, and cut that down to, you know, a handful that we went and went and met with.

    And then we ended up going with RTP why? And we did that because we believed that we could align the long-term incentives that, um, you know, the there's, there's some of these facts that are out there where it feels like it's kind of a flip it and get rich quick kind of model. And what we wanted was a, a company.

    They understood. This was a long-term build. This was something that's going to create a, you know, if we, if we execute well, it's going to create an immense amount of shareholder value. And so let's set up for that. And so that's what we found with the, the model of going to venture capitalist scale that the re-invent team has.

    Perfect. Yeah. I mean, you hit on two key points there that I wanted to dive into. So up for some of the investors, right. That's something we always talk about here on the show. Um, you know, so you mentioned, you know, Baillie Gifford, um, we've got, uh, T Rowe price, the delegatee and then reinvent of course, with mark Pincus and Reed Hoffman.

    And then we also have investments from Amazon, Uber, Volvo, and others. Can you just talk a little bit about, you know, what this means in terms of validation for your company to have these big names involved with the longterm. Well, that, that was it. Right. We wanted to help, like we were building a company to be here for the next century.

    Right. And, uh, and so we wanted to make sure we had the right capital partners along the journey with us. So as I think about like, you know, who do you, who, who are really good, high quality long-term, uh, tech growth investors and, you know, uh, Baillie Gifford, uh, if you look at their track record, it's awesome.

    Right. Um, uh, M SIM, uh, is awesome. Uh, Uh, fidelity, right? These are folks who want, you know, they do the deep work. They're able to commit the capital and hold it there for extended periods of time. And so those are the kind of anchor tenants we want, but then you, you're probably aware at the beginning of this year, we acquired Uber self-driving car business.

    And so that's now part of Aurora and Uber could have, you know, could have, uh, partnered, uh, could have continue to invest in. It, could have, uh, sold that business to anyone. And the fact that this is a team that had, you know, a tremendous technical understanding of the problem space as a real long-term business need for this technology.

    And they bet on us, right. That that was an incredibly fantastic validation for us. And then similarly, um, if you look at our automotive partners, uh, Toyota, uh, Volvo trucks, And pack our, which is the Peterbilt DAF and Kenworth brands of trucks, right? These are, these are incredible companies, right? That again, could have partnered with anyone could have invested in anyone and they've chose to invest with us.

    Think about pack, or this is a company that's been profitable for our 82 years at the management team. There is incredibly capable, incredibly thoughtful, uh, and they're making a bet that that Aurora is, is the company they want to work with in the space. So we're proud of that for sure. Awesome. Yeah. And then the other big point, you know, in the investment side of things, Uh, a key point from the presentation talking about a four year lack of, for some of the investors you mentioned, you know, the long-term plan.

    Uh, that's not something we see too often in spec deals, right. We usually see a six month lock up or maybe a 12 month lockup. Talk to us about the four year. Right? Why is that so important for the long-term success of a company like Aurora? Yeah, well, we, we think of it as about aligning incentives. And so the way that the, this deal was structured was for our, our partners at reinvent.

    Um, there's both, uh, there's a lock and investing. And so for them, uh, the vesting is, uh, basically is price-based. So if the stock performs well, then they vest into their promote. Uh, and so they get a quarter of it on, I think, on the deal closing. Uh, and this is in the S four. So please, you know, go refer to that document.

    Uh, but then, uh, another quarter of it at when we, uh, achieve $50 a share. Another quarter it's 1750 and then another quarter at, uh, $20. Right? And so that means that if the stock performs, they're going to get paid, which they should. Right. If they're doing, you don't have to creating value in the world. And if it doesn't, then they won't.

    Uh, and then the, the, um, investment is further locked up. So even if we, you know, we shoot to $20 and stay there, you know, tomorrow, uh, then, you know, they're, they're locked up for four years where it rolls off it at 25% per year. And again, this is trying to signal to the market like, look, this is not a short-term flip it, bet this is a we're going to grow and create value here.

    We did the similar thing for, uh, you know, the majority of our significant investors, including existing investors in core Aurora, including myself or other founders. And many of the, the big folks in here, we're, we're gonna, we're locked up for the next four years as well. And we're gonna, uh, you know, uh, that'll roll off, uh, basically 25% per year.

    And again, we want to make sure that, you know, there's the, there's a. A number of really high quality specs. And then there's a number that, you know, maybe are less high quality and we wanted to help signal, like, look, we're we're in this to go win and to, to play for the long term. Definitely love that approach here.

    Um, so let's dive into the business, right? So Aurora, we've got, you know, self-driving autonomous driving those terms that we hear a lot about. So we have a $9.4 trillion global trucking market. So tell us about Aurora and how you will be addressing the trucking market moving forward. Yeah. So for us, uh, freight is going to be the first market we enter.

    Uh, and we look at the U S market where that's about a $700 billion market today. Um, they, uh, The big challenges that market one is a massive driver shortage, and we're all hearing about the logistics challenges we're facing in the U S as a variety of elements that contribute to that. Uh, but, but a big one is we just don't have enough drivers.

    Uh, we're 60,000 short today, and we're going to be 160,000 short. By the end of the decade, what we can do with the Aurora driver is we can deliver a safe driving capability that work shoulder to shoulder with the people that are driving trucks, um, can do so, uh, w in a way where it's not limited by the hours of service that a human driver is, so can operate this, you know, this expensive.

    Much more, uh, and you can get places quicker because instead of being limited to driving 10 hours, you can drive 20 hours. Uh, and so you can cover twice as much, uh, ground. And then on top of that, uh, because you don't have to kind of trade off between the cost of human time versus fuel. We actually operate the trucks at 65 miles an hour relative, you know, versus 75.

    And that changed from 65 to 75 results in about a 25% savings in the amount of fuel you use. And that's great for the environment, of course, and it's good for the bottom line. So that creates a lot of value for our partners. Our model is to deliver the Aurora driver, uh, as a service. So think of it like a software as a service type business.

    So we don't want to own trucks. We don't want to go in and compete with our customers. We want to actually go and focus on the thing we can do best, which is delivering the driver and enabling our partners to grow and scale their business. Yeah, perfect. That was one of the things I mentioned in the headlines.

    Right. We hear about software as a service a lot. Right. The SAS business model, uh, Aurora will be using a driver as a service model. Can you just expand a little bit on that? What does that mean? You know, in terms of the financial outlook for Aurora using this business model. Yeah. So, so as we think about the model, if you're a customer that is buying trucks, what you'll do is you'll go to.

    Uh, you go to Peterbilt and you say, I'd like to buy a 5, 7, 9 with the Aurora driver, uh, in, uh, on it. Uh, you'll buy the truck from, from Peterbilt and then you'll pay a roar, an ongoing, uh, you know, revenue stream and we'll have out of that will effectively cover, um, you know, some of the insurance will cover the, um, off-board data services, the depreciation of the hardware, obviously ongoing development of the driver.

    They'll get a driver, a driver, or a driver enabled truck that goes out and builds their business. As we think about this, this model, um, you know, as we kind of get into the. Rough justice. We think that, you know, a truck will drive something like 270,000 miles a year and we'll generate something like 50 cents a mile of revenue in that range.

    Uh, and so that means we're going to generate something like a $135,000 per truck is our, our estimate today. Uh, and there's a lot of trucks out there and because we were not owning that asset, we're, we're leaning into our partners who know how to operate those businesses effectively with it turns to really nice, um, high margin revenue, stream business for us.

    We, we expect. Perfect. And then, you know, you mentioned a fleet being up first, um, or freight, excuse me, freight being up first. Um, but going forward, you know, there's also talks of, you know, the ride hail market, right? You have the Uber partnership and the investment. Um, what does it look like going forward?

    Uh, additional markets for Aurora in terms of self-driving beyond. For sure. So, so we start with freight and then, uh, we anticipate entering the, the ride hailing market, uh, from there. And we're going to be doing that a little bit differently. So instead of trying to build a replacement to Uber or replacement to Lyft, we're going to layer our vehicles in or feather our vehicles into a Vuber network.

    And this has a couple of really powerful properties. So first, um, we'll be able to deliver a product that's very similar to the truck driving product one, that'll start just off the freeway. Imagine an airport drives onto the freeway, takes you down the freeway, drops you off at your hotel or drops you off at the business district you're traveling to, and then return to you.

    And it turns out that, you know, that looks a lot like, uh, you know, a truck leaving a terminal, getting onto the freeway, getting off the freeway, dropping off. We'll be able to do that because we don't have to serve all of the trips in a market. If you're trying to replace Uber and you want someone to actually use your app, you need to service all of the trips.

    Otherwise people are like, oh, this is confusing. It's too complicated. I need to, you know, add, to think about which trip I want, uh, on which app. The other really interesting thing about this is most of the competitors in the space are really focused on the low speed driving capability. And it turns out if you look across whoever markets, a significant chunk of the trips actually require high-speed driving.

    And so we'll be kind of coming into that market from, uh, from the high end. And then because of the special relationship we have with Uber, we have access to. Yeah, they're their data about the, kind of the, how people move in a city on a city block by city block kind of time of day, uh, you know, hour by hour kind of model.

    And this is really interesting because what it means is as we've got our first product in the market, we can have a near perfect crystal ball that says, if I add this capability ongoing on lock, this many points of the, of, of the available market. And so we can calculate and understand what the ROI will be on each feature in a way that, you know, companies would we kind of kill for.

    Uh, and so that allows us to build out that side of the business, uh, really efficiently. And as we add those features to the car, because it's the same software and hardware, that's in the car, that's in the truck. As the car gets better, that'll transfer back to the truck and then the truck will be able to go more places, uh, and kind of get to more granular destinations.

    It's going, not just from terminal terminal, but perhaps, uh, Depot to local store over time. Awesome. Uh, you know, you, you hit a little bit on the timeline there for freight. Um, I know there's a slide in the presentation that shows a map of the U S right. And it kind of talks about, you know, which areas will get added first.

    Can you just share with us a little bit, you know, the, the timeline for Aurora here, what key events should investors be looking forward to hearing more from Aurora on? Sure. So we're looking to, to we're working to launch our product and freight in late 23. That'll be in Texas is our expectation, uh, ly, Texas, because one it's the largest network or the largest kind of state for freight in the U S uh, second is the weather.

    It's good. Um, and, and third, uh, that the regulatory regime there is quite favorable and frankly in 45 of the 50 United States, uh, if we had a truck, we had confidence in the safety of, we could bring it to market today, but the, you know, particularly in Texas, they've been very pro automated vehicle technology.

    So we're excited for that. We'll then expect that to expand across the Southern freight network, the Southern freight routes, and then ultimately build up and, uh, into the, into the broader, uh, United States. Perfect. You know, when we talk, self-driving a term that gets thrown out a lot is LIDAR, right? So Aurora has in-house LIDAR technology.

    Um, can you talk a little bit about LIDAR and why it's important for Aurora to be doing this in house rather than using a, you know, a competitor. Yeah. So when we, so first we're not really in competition with the LIDAR companies, right. Uh, our, our businesses to, uh, bring self-driving technology to market, uh, do that safely, quickly and broadly.

    And so if somebody has a LIDAR that is more capable, that that kind of meets our needs. We're going to be using that in a heartbeat, right? Like we're, we're not a LIDAR company. We're a self-driving technology company that said, um, we just fruit for the application that we're trying to solve. We think we have a very differentiated strategic advantage here.

    So our LIDAR, uh, most LIDAR works by sending the super-bright pulse of light out into the world comes back. And you kind of measure when you see something brighter, uh, bright enough that you call that a measurement. The challenge with that is one. You can only get so bright before you start damaging people's eyes.

    And so there's a limit to how much power you can put out. Uh, and then the second is there's a lot of other bright stuff out there. So the sun, uh, you know, halogen, headlights, other LIDAR. And so you get some, some noise from that for a roars LIDAR first light. What's neat about it is it uses a different measurement mode is called frequency, modulator, continuous wave.

    And the way you can think about this is we send this wave out into the world, the wave comes back and then we interfere the outbound and inbound wave. Uh, and that allows us then. Basically look for the phase difference between the two. And that means that we can estimate the distance from that. What's neat about this is that mixing of the outbound and inbound wave, uh, means that we get a 10 to 20 fold, uh, amplification.

    So that means we get more signal with the same amount of power that means we can see further. Uh, and then we, uh, 'cause we can, uh, because we're looking for a very particular wave or a frequency or a way for them, we can basically discard all the stuff that doesn't do that. So the sun isn't oscillating in this particular way.

    And so we don't get blinded by that. We don't get blinded by, uh, halogen has lights. And then finally with this measurement technique, we can actually measure the Doppler shift. So this is the way that, you know, if a siren for an ambulance goes by and you kind of hear that change in pitch, you can tell which way it's going.

    Well, we can see that in the light that we're using to measure the world. And so that means we don't just get where things are, but we get how fast they're moving. And this means that we can react more quickly, more safely and drive better because of that. Love that. I mean, definitely safety, a big key here with self-driving.

    So always love those comments. I want to turn a little bit to partnerships. We've already hit on some of these, um, but you know, so, uh, Pacar, Volvo and Toyota. So those truck OEM partners collectively represent over 50% of the U S market. And that's two of the top three truck OEMs. So can you talk a little bit about what these partnerships mean?

    Is there any, you know, definitive agreements in terms of units or potential revenue, um, Yeah. So, so as we've built a roar again, given our focus on building the self-driving technology and working in partnership, it's been, um, let's make sure we go partner with the best. And if you look at the set of partners, we have, uh, you know, Toyota world's number one, car manufacturer, Uber world's, number one, ride hailing platform, FedEx, uh, largest carrier in the U S by tractors and trailers, and then pack are involved, which again, like you said to the top three, something like 48% of the U S truck market.

    So amazing partners, um, with each of them, they're investing, you know, tens of millions of dollars. Well, with the OEM partners, they're investing tens of millions of dollars to build vehicles that are compatible with the Aurora driver that will then be able to bring to market. So, um, you know, and with each of them, it's, it's a relationship where we're helping to find the requirements for these vehicles they're generate or building the vehicles, and then working on the engineering work.

    What's important to understand is that the Aurora driver is basically platform agnostic so that it can work on things from light passenger vehicles, all the way through big tractor trailers. Um, and it has an interface that we define that allows them to talk to those vehicles. So we can, we can work in, we have, I think we've integrated an eight different types of vehicles.

    Um, but that doesn't mean we get away without working with, you know, we right. The manufacturer because they understand the vehicle, they have to make changes to the vehicles so that it can be compatible so that it can operate safely in the world. And so that's really, um, you know, it's just exciting to see.

    And like I said, these are companies that are invested tens of millions of dollars to make vehicles that work with us. Yeah, definitely. I mean, bringing in some big names, uh, you know, on the table here, um, I want to turn a little bit to, to competition, right? We've heard a lot about autonomous and self-driving.

    And Aurora, you know, certainly isn't the only company entering or that's been active in that space. Right. So what are some of the key competitive advantages you already hit on some, but just highlight some of the key competitive advantages for Aurora over some of the rivals out there. Yeah. And, and, you know, w there's just awesome companies out there.

    We're excited. This is an important space. And, and frankly, it's gigantic a gigantic space. And just to put it in for, you know, kind of scale, uh, in 95, uh, when of Google had started advertising, advertising was what, $185 billion space. And, you know, Google and Facebook are like, what $3 trillion of market cap between them today, 25 years later, uh, the existing market, which is, and I'm thinking of just ride hailing, local goods delivery, and freight is five times bigger, right?

    It's an 800 and something billion dollar market. And so, you know, the opportunity here is profound and we expect there to be, um, you know, uh, a number of winners, uh, you know, a small number of winners, uh, What do we, what do we see as advantages for Aurora? We see one, um, the experience our team has. So, you know, I've been doing this quite a while, help found and build Waymo for many years, uh, Sterling Anderson and our other co-founder, uh, launched model X and autopilot for Tesla, uh, drew Bagnall our third co-founder one of the top handful of people in machine learning and robotics on the planet, help found Uber self-driving car business.

    So really deeply experienced co-founders that understand the space. Put around us, this incredible built attractive is incredible group of people. Um, you know, nap use who lead safety for us, uh, for seven years was the department of transportation, uh, held their HIV portfolio at NITSA. Right? So understands how the regulators think about this.

    How do we engage with them? How do we help make sure that we're, you know, behaving in a responsible way so we can deliver our product? Um, our, uh, CSO was Google CSO, uh, so excited to have Gerhard with us. Um, you know, Dave who leads business development for us, uh, you know, lead corporate development for Mary Barra at general motors.

    So really amazing cast of characters. And then we've got about, um, you know, uh, around 1600 people at the company today with that deep experience. So that experience means we're focusing on the technologies that will actually scale as opposed to the technologies that kind of end up in demo where, and so that I think is an advantage.

    The partnerships we talked about, I just objective. I can't see a better set of partners to have if you're working in this space. And I don't think our competitors can, can match up there. Um, when I think about the, um, go to market path, the way we've architected the system intentionally they've passed the enter with trucking and then follow with ride hailing and not cede.

    Either of those markets allows us to tap into, you know, kind of the $2 trillion space, which is a mobility and transportation in the U S and then ultimately more larger space globally. So I think that that go to market strategy is one that's difficult for some of our competitors to play in, um, either because of technological limitations or because of business models.

    So if you're a cruise, you know, doing cool things, um, but general motors doesn't make big tractor trailers. And so you're just not going to play there. And so there's just a whole chunk of the market. So that, that the fact that we're an independent. Means that we can go and kind of steer our destiny in a way that's, you know, that, that delivers on our mission and will create value for our shareholders.

    Perfect. Chris, I want to ask about, uh, M and a opportunities, right? So you made the acquisition, um, you know, with Uber earlier, you talked about, you know, a lot of players in self-driving space, right? So is there room for consolidation within autonomous driving or is there some vertical, um, you know, that maybe Aurora would look at down the road for M and a opportunity.

    Yeah. So we we've been really, uh, pretty fortunate with the MNA we've, we've executed so far. And, you know, I think there's a lot of intention behind it. So I think we've now made five acquisitions. So we, uh, our first one was a small company called 70 labs where we brought in a, you know, a great person. Uh, who's been at the heart of what we've been doing in simulation, which is one of the really interesting differentiated technologies we're building here.

    Um, we acquired Blackmore, which is the heart of, uh, analytics, which is the heart of our FMCW LIDAR. Firstlight LIDAR, which again, I think is a huge differentiator for us. Uh, we of course acquired Uber's business and in this space and amazing people, great technology. Amazing partnership that came along with that with Uber.

    Uh, we acquired a company called hour's technologies, which was an integrated photonics company. So these are folks that basically take discreet optical components and put them in a chip much, like you'd take discrete electronic components and put them in a chip. So that's, uh, you know, the path to scalability and reliability for what we're doing with first light.

    And then actually just yesterday, uh, we announced the acquisition of color space, uh, which is a group of X Pixar folks, um, again, to, to, to accelerate that. So yes, we, we think that that's. We don't have a monopoly on awesome people. So finding great people out there, bringing them in aligning to our mission is something, you know, we'll continue to do.

    We do expect and solidation to continue to happen in the space. It's something that, you know, we knew was going to happen when we founded the company, right? Like any industry, you have a thousand flowers, blooming. There's a lot of great people making progress, but most of them don't get there. And so we want to be that place that people want to come and continue the mission.

    Uh, and it's one of the advantages of becoming a public company is we'll have a better currency to go and make those acquisitions and continue to, to build in the way we, we expect will be meaningful for us. Perfect. Well, Chris, before we let you go, um, got some questions from the chat here at something we always like to do on SPACs attack, right?

    Our loyal viewers, your potential investors out there. Um, we just got a good one from a time. Viewer, Carl. Asking. How about other machines like farm equipment? Is there any, uh, you know, interest in farm equipment, maybe construction and mining equipment down the road for self-driving from Aurora? It's certainly an interesting space, um, in general, the much smaller markets, uh, then, um, uh, then the car space and the trucking space, uh, or the light vehicle space and trucking space.

    It's one of the things. So, um, we have folks that used to work with John Deere on their automation. We have folks that used to work with caterpillar and, you know, today caterpillar has haul trucks that drive themselves in minds. And, you know, I help kick that progress program off with caterpillar back when I was at Carnegie Mellon and then a bunch of the folks that are now at Aurora, kind of carried that through to, uh, to productization.

    So it's an interesting space. It's certainly a place where we could see longterm some applications of what we're doing, but we're going to be focused on getting our, our core products to market. And then, you know, as we. As we have success in this, have the permission to go and expand and the places we'll definitely go and do that.

    W we got a comment earlier, um, and this is what I've heard about self-driving before, right? A comment here from her, scramblers saying self-driving is great until the roads are bad in winter. You, you mentioned starting in Texas, you know, a fair weather state there. What do you say to some of the naysayers out there?

    Right. Who maybe don't see self-driving ever working in states that have, you know, winter storms and other, you know, big weather patterns like that. Yeah. So, so I take responsibility for this meme. So I dunno, 10 years ago, maybe eight years ago I was, you know, doing an interview and somebody said, Something about weather.

    And I said, you know, look, this is a really hard problem. We're going to focus on making it work in good weather first. Cause there's a lot of the U S where it is, and then we'll get to bad weather and, and, you know, and the answer is just like any other product. You, you have a set of features and capabilities you're going to deliver first because that unlocks value.

    And then you expand them. As we design the Aurora driver, we're designing the sensor suite to be able to operate through different environmental conditions. This is why we don't just use cameras or just use radars or just use LIDAR. We use the combination of them so that we have complimentary data and complimentary failure modes, um, whether it's work, but it's not that big a deal in particular.

    When you think about, you know, The, the opportunities for safety here. So I talk about, say driving through fog, right? And a lot of people do what I call faith-based driving. So they look out the windshield, they don't see a car. And so they're comfortable driving 70 miles an hour. And that's how you end up with, you know, a hundred car pile up on the freeway in Texas and the way the road driver will handle that is it will understand.

    I can only see so far, uh, thus I'm going to operate at a lower speed so that I actually can operate within my safety, safety parameters. And so I think it ultimately ends up with, uh, a better, safer, uh, driver on.

    Perfect. Uh, I think that's going to do it for questions here. Um, Chris, before I let you go, uh, we have a merger vote coming up soon. Remind everyone the merger vote date and what that new ticker will be for. Yeah. So I think our vote is, uh, announced on Tuesday. Um, assuming that goes positively, we would have, uh, closed the deal on a Wednesday and listing on Thursday, uh, and the new ticker will be a U R.

    So we're really excited about that and, uh, you know, excited to be out in the public markets and, uh, you know, being able to create value for shareholders. So thank you. Awesome. Well, joining us on SPACs attack guys, Chris, Urmson the CEO and co-founder of a rural. Company going public via spec merger, reinvent technology partner, Y current ticker RTP, Y but as you heard Chris, just say next week, hopefully a you are the new ticker, Chris.

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule and joining us. We look forward to following the company's progress. Thanks for having me, Chris. Awesome. Uh, well, thanks again, and guys out there, you know, another exciting interview, right? Autonomous driving. Self-driving it's, it's a topic we talk about a lot, um, you know, within the vehicle space and Mitch, I mean, this is an exciting company and talk about some big investors, some big partners that they've brought along the way you heard Chris say about competition.

    Right? I would agree with them. Right. I don't think there's another self-driving company out there that can say that they have, you know, these bigger names for, for partners out there. So, uh, this, this is a big one. What do you think, Mitch? Oh, we got Bob Ross back in the house. Can I have to paint my way down the street?

    Because it looks like Chris is getting after it. I, one thing that definitely interested me and I don't know if I'm sounding a little deep still, but, uh, one thing that definitely interested me was that the approach of let's not be a manufacturer. We don't need to make the vehicle. We just need to get the technology.

    Right. And then if there's one thing that you have heard from me, Chris has been what atonomous before the real Evie adopt exactly. It needs to happen. The consumer needs a vehicle that can push them over the edge. Right. Because a lot of us are going to be battling this decision next year. Do I go Evie?

    Or do I stick with my combustible engine? Right. And one thing that can get you over that hurdle is the convenience factor of an autonomous vehicle. Let's just be honest. Once we get that, I sign me up. I'll sit in the back. I'll sit down and just kind of watch. I just took a 13 hour drive to. What would I have done?

    I would have put it in the slap slap match on the way to formula. And I could have been, I could have been watching the race if I want someday, someday down the road, we'll, we'll be able to do that. Right. And Aurora is one of those companies that, that is going to help do this. Right. I mean, we all want to get there, I think, right when we're talking about commutes, I mean, the driver shortage for semis, right?

    I mean, and safety, right? You heard Chris talk about safety, being a key priority. I'd love that. Also loved Krista's honesty about whether, right. You know, that was a fair comment in the chat, right? It's something people always bring up. And when you hear self-driving, you know, you see them start in other states first, and then, you know, the goal is to expand to those states, like, like Michigan here.

    Right? We have snow, but Mitch, I got to say, I've seen human drivers drive in the snow. And, uh, some of them aren't very good. So that's something to think about too. So, uh, but uh, hopefully everyone out there enjoyed this interview, guys, remember to smash the like and subscribe, if you already are not a member of Benzing his YouTube subscribers, Mitch, what do you think?

    Should we, uh, should we turn to the watch list here and take a look on this, uh, fine Friday at what's moving. You know, one thing that we can do is always check out our watch list. We'll go ahead and check it out. And what is. Uh, stock I gave yesterday on, at the close and have been talking about it, looking for the reversal, Chris QS.

    Yeah. I put QS on my list. Right? Cause I wanted you to talk about it because Mitch, this has been one that you've been all over over the past couple of weeks. And this was the one that fell out of favor. I mean, remember this was a hundred dollars stock last year, right? It was one of the hottest specs out there, but the technology is a couple of years away.

    Well, what happened? They reported earnings this week and by earnings, I mean really their financial report. Right. Cause there isn't earnings yet, but they said enough to get investors excited again, I think. Right. And then you see that turn into the chart where now we see some volume, we see some momentum and we see people believing in the long-term story.

    Hey, well, one thing that I definitely have been looking for is what's going to be the next move, right? What can be the next jump up? And one of the things that I was looking for was the underlining assets behind Evy battery, autonomous charging stations. Those are the ones that I think move first QS, starting to get moving here.

    I even talked about it on live trading today, before the open I told Carl out there, Carl and I were talking last night about QS. I don't know if he was able to get it this morning. I'm sure he'll be mentioning it right now. Like, Hey, while, uh, looks like I missed out on that one, but that's just how it is.

    Right. And one of the things with these, Chris, you gotta, you gotta invest. It's not more of a trade. It's an investment. And taking a shot in QS looks like it's not a bad move right now has a huge gap up to fill. If it gets in this area, uh, lucid is trying to do the same thing. And we'll see if these can kind of continue moving the other big winner I'm seeing out there.

    We got a highlight is a matter port, right? MTT are, I'm seeing now up 15% looks like we have a headline on Benzinger pro looks like we got a positive. Um, was it an analyst note here? Uh, let me pull up a Wedbush Wedbush setting a $26 price target. Um, so again guys, if you don't have Benzinga pro you're missing out, we add headlines out.

    We got exclusive comments from the company themselves. We had Matterport on specs attack a couple months ago, and again, I got to highlight it here. Mitch Matterport said. I like to think that by digitizing the built world, Matterport is creating the metaverse. So if you add a metaverse play, Matterport could be one.

    And again, Matterport has an existing partnership with Facebook who is now going all in on the metaverse. I, I think those stories right there, this is definitely wanting to keep on watch. I mean, it might be a little bit too much of a flyer today, but maybe on a pullback, a Matterport looking good match.

    Yeah. You know, one thing that I did see, and I actually, we, we talked about this one, Chris on live trading and it was clear as day, this little BYU bounce right here. Nice little vivo bounce after you got that extension pulled down right. To it bounced off right off of that. And what did it do? It gave you another shot at V , right?

    Boom. And then it rocketed off from there. So definitely, uh, these, these stocks when they seem strong and they get that lift, look for the indicator to hold, to show you that bull is sense. And this one's been doing really good on actually on the daily look at the daily chart. Nice sideways action. This is what you want to see that sideways action, right after a big move up.

    You don't want to see it come straight back down. You want to see some sideways action before you get that next boost on up, which actually helps it when it gets that next lift because the consolidation. And we get the next movement. I know I'm still sounding a little bit off. I did like the comment about, uh, SPACs attack with, uh, Chris and Barry white was one of the comments we got in the chat.

    Um, whoever put that in there, a couple more here. Uh TDAC right. It's changing the lottery.com next week. LTR R Y I did see shares dip today. Um, this is one that I would be looking at right heading into next week. And I do have a long position in these shares. Um, this is low float, so please be careful with this, but I just think once they get that name change to lottery.com and then also when they highlight what they're going to do with sports.com.

    I just think this is one that's going to get a lot of attention. Um, so if this is not on your watch list, this is one I definitely want to draw more attention to. Well, uh, you see me draw in here. We've talked about these trendlines before, how long this was holding here in this spot. One of the things that I can point out is with this breakout, you've gotten what the volume to come back in so important.

    And Chris looking like it's looking good. Really? TDAC ah, VW E vintage wine as another one. I would draw attention to 'em yesterday. There was a mention of an OTC Weinstock by someone on CNBC. I don't remember the ticker, but those shares shot up. Right? Because it was called essentially like the Netflix of the wine industry.

    I mean, wine is one of those industries where I think once people pay attention to it, there's not a ton of peer plays and VW E I think could get some attention. Um, you know, so this is one to keep on watch as well. Love it, love it. It's looking like it's setting up looking like you had what one 10th to break down to attempt to break down three attempt to break down then right after it the next day, what did it do?

    It WIC showed you a reversal candle right here, that candles so important. Now that you have that reversal, I would hold to that. And you can give yourself a shot for it to come back up towards the resistance. Major resistance is up here towards 1128, 1130s. That's where I could see it filling on up. We'll see if this one can keep moving.

    R K L B rocket lab is another one I would draw attention to. Um, so going forward, they have a flight window opening on November 11th. They also have a flight, uh, later, November 27th, and then they also have earnings on November 15th. Um, there'll be launching some black sky imagery satellites to keep an eye on B K S Y two, but rocket lab, two launches and earnings in the month of November Mitch.

    I mean, we've seen these space stocks before, right? Virgin galactic and others. Slight windows is a big catalyst. So pay attention to our KLB in November. Hey, like you said back to back launches. Why not keep it on a lots? Right. And we'll definitely keep that on. Watch. Um, coming up next, guys, we're going to be getting into the power hour.

    What is going to be on power hour? Yeah. So BWM acts better where to Mexico, they reported third quarter earnings today. And this is a company I've talked to before here on specs attack. They're joining on power hour and they're going to talk about those earnings. And as I said, you know, revenue was up 4% year over year, but they've got an exciting plan ahead.

    How they're going to grow their market share in Mexico from 20%. To 40% over the next five years. Um, so I will be tuning into that. So BWM ax, Mitch, before we go, I just want to say that next week that some of the stocks I'm watching, uh, RTP, Y who we of course interviewed today are Rora. They have their merger vote on the second and also SWB K their merger with the bird.

    And then we also get earnings next week, Metro from two big names, right? Nicola, N K L a will be reporting earnings on November 4th. Um, that's always one that, that moves on catalyst, right? So good or bad. And then also MP materials on November 4th, uh, Mitch, I'm very excited for MP to hear their rebuttal, right.

    To that short report. And then also to hear their earnings. Right. I mean, that's one of the big things we've been saying about this company, real revenue growth. Um, what, what do you think a MP next week in some of these other cases. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot to look out for. Um, one that I'm also looking out for the should be having earnings in early November.

    I believe it's November 7th, but I'll have Chris confirmed that his body. Um, so there's a lot of them on the list that are coming up. And one of the things that we've been waiting for Chris is right. Is we always talk about it. Our expectations being met, it looks like November, November, 15 body, but that's a, that's a good color.

    That mixed fitness bike. We get to hear how successful it really was. That's a big catalyst. I'll definitely be watching it a full disclosure. I did take some body. So I have been taken a little bit reason why I have heard that those sales could be potentially good. So we'll see what happens out of that body earnings and out of all of these earnings, because it's important.

    Do they, are they meeting expectations is the biggest thing that investors are going to pay attention to? Definitely because with forward looking statements, what do we want to find out is that it wasn't really so much forward looking. It was more, yes, this is what we were going to do. Yeah, really. It was real all along.

    It was real, not a paper dream there. So a nice call-out Mitch body. Um, so we'll be back on Monday and we'll try to lay out November, right? Um, Monday is November 1st. So we'll be going over our November calendar. And talk about those votes and some of those earnings states to watch. So an exciting show coming up, but guys, as I said, power hour coming up next, better where to Mexico PWM acts.

    You don't want to miss that one. Um, so as always stay tuned and smash that like, and we will see everyone next week. Guys, as I wrapped up here, you guys are probably wondering why do you look like you look, Mitch, what are you doing? I mean, don't they say that all the time match. Oh, that's true. Right. But we won't get into that.

    Chris. It's all about the Bob Ross today. And why is it about the Bob Ross? Because it's about you guys out there. We are doing a special giveaway just for you guys out there. So I want to get you guys a part of this giveaway. It's only for Benzinga pro users. So I will let you know if you're not a bending a pro user, sorry.

    You're Sol, if you don't know what that is, ask for your friend to let you know what Sol means, but definitely, definitely guys, go ahead and click that link. Sign up to be a Benzinga pro user, if you haven't done so before we'll get you that two week free trial, that will give you a chance to win $1,000 in cash.

    Guys you have a chance to win $1,000 this weekend, only if you're a, Benzing a pro user. So definitely sign on up guys, check it out. And Bob rock. Ross Boston, Rob Ross, Boston. I like it. You can't go wrong guys. Check out this video and we'll see you out on the power. Paysinger nation. Happy Halloween. We thought we'd celebrate with a $1,000 giveaway.

    Yes. I said it $1,000 in cash giveaway. All you gotta do is be a Benzinga pro user to enter. If you're not, I have a loophole for you. Sign up for free trial, no credit card needed. Of course, follow Benzinga hit the retweet comment below for a bonus entry. You can put your favorite costume or gift idea. Of course include the pets.

    If you got them. And we'll see you at the zinger nation, Halloween special.

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    What are traders? How are we doing out there? Hope you guys are ready for another specks attack. We have a great one. We're going to get into our headlines, our watch lists. We're going to get into some winners and losers. Then we'll talk about the calendar. What dates are coming up that you guys need to be informed on?

    And of course, we'll get to some ticker time. Welcome to it. Specks attack hit the like let's get it started.

    What's going on, everybody out there. Yes. I'm catching up with the chat. What's going on. Jason's blog. We are here. We are. We will see everything you put in that as comments. So if you're new to the show, definitely say hello, born to be free. Knows how we get it. Started smash the, like what? Spring on my man, Chris pedia.

    What's up, man. What's going on brother? Yeah. How we doing? It's Wednesday. But for those of you out there who have not followed along with Benzinga TV this week, we will not have a show tomorrow or Friday because we have the wonderful Benzinga cannabis conference. Two days hybrid in-person New York and also live here on Benzinga.

    So that means today will be our Friday show. I think Mitch, where we kind of do a little bit more casual, no interviews today. We're going to look at, we're going to take it back. We're going to do some headlines. We're going to talk about that deal. Announced. We're going to look at movers on our watch list.

    We're going to take a peak at next week's calendar. As Mitch said, we're going to offer some trading ideas, some sectors to watch, and then we'll be taking your tickers from the chat like we normally do on a Friday. So again, a casual show here for those of you who are new to the show, um, I think you'll enjoy this one.

    And for those of you who are normally here, you know, how we like to do on. All right, so I'm going to do something. I normally don't go out of the limb do in here, but I'm going to go ahead and say that we have over 170 people watching right now. If we get to a hundred likes today, I'll go ahead and take a trade live right here on the specs tech.

    Of course, it's going to be more of a swing trade. I don't day trade specs. I don't think I've ever day traded a spec, but I can tell you right now, I don't mind taking a swing if you guys hit that, like I just might as well go ahead and do it. Let's go ahead. Let's get into our headlines first. I know that a lot of stocks are moving out there.

    Some people are watching a stock that even, I didn't think would be up, but we'll talk about that. When we get to our watch list, first thing we do is get to our headlines and Chris do what do you do best and inform us, take us back.

    All right guys. Yeah. Uh, let's talk headlines first here. So analysts notes out there. We have Jeffrey's initiating coverage on Sarcos technology. That's S T R C with a buy rating and a price target of $16. Our other big analysts note, this one was out yesterday. Um, I believe after the show aired was when I saw it.

    Jasper therapeutics initiated, uh, by Oppenheimer with an outperform rating and a $21 price target. We're going to dive into Jasper later on, on the show. Today's big winner up over a hundred percent and then turning to news. We have, um, Lilium, L I L M, which recently. Uh, announced a partnership with ABB. So this is through Abbs E mobility division.

    They will provide the charging infrastructure for Lilian's arms high-speed regional air network, which is scheduled for a commercial launch in 2024. Uh, so Lilium has announced plans to launch in Florida, Germany and Brazil with its seven Cedar Lilium jet again, Lilium, uh, 2024, the target date. So we are a little ways away.

    Shares at 9 42 down 4%. Um, but a nice charging partnership here with a B, B, and we have genie genius sports. So we talk about this one, a lot on the show. Um, have to know, you know, we highlighted this a couple of weeks ago when arc funds, Kathy woods started adding Jeannie to the ETFs, right? So, uh, yesterday 338,243 shares of genie added to arc, w which represented point 178% of the ETF.

    Now that doesn't sound like a huge percent right. Point one, 1 7, 8. This is a actively managed ETF though that shows its trades every night. This was the second largest purchase yesterday. Bye percent of an ETF by Ark. The only thing that beat at what's Teladoc, um, which was, you know, a higher percent, but now genie is slowly moving up the leaderboard with arc w so it is the 28th biggest asset in the ETF, $52.2 million.

    And 1.04% of that ETF. So we've heard arc funds be bullish on sports betting and despite their bullishness up until adding genie, they only held draft Kings as their play on sports betting. Now they are going heavy into genie, which mentioned I both have called out. We'd love this one as the thing behind the thing arc looking to add an increase, the size of genie.

    So definitely a watch this story, um, going forward, Kathy, Kathy, if you going to watch our show and take the trade, at least give us credit. I hope she watched that interview with a Niccolo. You know, maybe she should just add all the Niccolo DiMasi SPACs right, because that seems to be something that has worked out well for everyone.

    Um, and G. I, to me, Mitch, you know, I covered this, I heard her and some of the analysts throw out these, you know, huge numbers for sports betting, right? Talking about the total addressable market. And it surprised me for them to be that bullish, throw out these huge numbers and only own draft Kings. I mean, draft Kings is a leader, but we talk about, you know, baskets, right?

    You love basket approach. And it surprised me that that was just the only bat. Well then all of a sudden, a couple of weeks ago that Jeannie addition got added, right. And to me, I'd love that right. Draft Kings and Jeannie, I think are two of the best. In the sports betting market. What do you think match?

    Well, a, I hope it's not like how Carl says in the chat. Uh, the woods kiss a death. I hope that that's not what happens there. I am still along genie guys that have this one. It's the only spec I've been on record to say that I try to hold for the tax advantage over the year. Um, and I'm still in that time, that same mentality.

    I'm looking at this as an investment. I'm looking out for, honestly, this is one of those stocks that I could see myself holding forever. And it's crazy to say that because that would mean that I wouldn't be taking the gains. Right. But that's just how I feel about this. And I'm that convicted. If it does come down below my level, I'll probably go ahead and add to it.

    And I'm just going to keep kind of building up my investment in genie and I'm in it for the long run. I definitely see the competitive advantage and that's what it's about, but no poison Ivy. Carl, I think a woods made a big pick here. Uh, we'll see what happens and how it pays off in the next couple of weeks.

    Yeah. I mean, not everything that Kathy buys is going down. Um, so yeah, we'll, we'll follow the genie story here though, but I understand some people's, you know, cautiousness chasing some of her plays recently, we did get, uh, some exclusive news to Benzinga this morning. So, uh, boxed SVO K is the SPAC. Um, we had the CEO on our show not too long ago.

    So box announced that they are expanding their e-commerce in the middle east, north Africa and Southeast Asia. So they partnered with 786 holdings who will use the proprietary technology of box for e-commerce software and services technology. Um, so 7 86 is going to use it in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt.

    Oh man. Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and Kuwait. Um, so this partnership will launch in the first half of 2022, starting with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And this is a country with a grocery market expected to grow to $173 billion by 2025 and only 1.3% online sales penetration. So the two companies betting here that, you know, that country is ripe for disruption.

    And I think this is strong for box, right? We know them as a bulk retailer, but they also have that proprietary technologies. That other retailers are using, and this is the perfect example of how box can expand. They also said that their partnership with AEI on, um, is progressing well, right? And that it will expand into Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets.

    It began with a partnership in Malaysia. So box anticipates that their spec merger will be closed in the fourth quarter. Um, and then we'll trade with the ticker B O X D. Um, if that merger is approved again, SVO K the current ticker, um, nice expansion for its e-commerce technology. We got DraftKings. I've just talked about a little bit with arc funds.

    So DK N G draft Kings announcing a deal with the NHL. Um, so this is hot off the start of the season. We had two games last night. DraftKings will now be the, uh, a new official sports betting daily fantasy sports and I gaming partner. Um, but more importantly, this partnership also includes draft being the exclusive integration partner of NHL content on Turner sports platforms.

    So Turner sports owned by at and T Turner has a multimedia partnership with the NHL announced in April, including, uh, games on TNT and other assets. So draft Kings now gets access to. NHL assets, including official marks and logos. They'll also launch theme sweepstakes and promotional efforts during the NHL season and special events like the winter classic and the playoffs.

    And then again, DraftKings, we'll be able to do a variety of content for digital and linear media with that partnership through draft or through Turner sports and the NHL Turner sports also owns Bleacher report. Um, so DraftKings a nice move here, I think in their media segment. And then we did get a couple vote date sets.

    So we have MCA D on October 27th with better therapeutics. And we have our TP Y with Aurora on November 2nd. And then talking about current votes. We have V I H M, which is merging with back. This is a possible, uh, cryptocurrency play. 40% of shares were redeemed. Uh, the ticker is expected to be BK K T on Monday, October 18th, with that deal approved.

    And then also L O K B, um, merging with Navitas semiconductor. They received shareholder approval, L O K B. So keep an eye on that one. And then our one deal announced today. This one was rumored a couple days ago. Um, we actually saw a sheriffs halt due to the rumor, um, seat geek is going public with RBAC red, red ball, um, acquisition.

    This is one we've talked about since our very first episode, Billy Bean of the Oakland A's behind the SPAC. So week valued at an enterprise value of $1.35 billion. The SPAC includes executives, uh, with experience across all four major us sports, MLB NBA, NFL, and NHL, and also several European football. A hundred million dollar pipe includes investors, a cell Ryan Smith, the founder of Qualtrics and the owner of the Utah jazz, and also Kevin Duran and rich layman's 35 ventures.

    Public RBAC shareholders will own 28.5% of the company after the merger. So SeatGeek was founded in 2009 as a ticket aggregator. They've shifted their business model over the years. So they added a consumer marketplace in 2014 and an enterprise solution in 2016. They now count themselves as a vertically integrated mobile centric ticketing clap.

    Their market share was 7.2% in 2019 for the secondary ticket market that grew to 10.9% in 2020 and is 11.5% through the first half of 2021. So I growing market share, they also count 36 of their customers as gen Z members, which is a growing focus of companies. Um, they do compete with vivid seats, which is going public with H Z a C.

    So seat list and addressable global live entertainment segment worth $126 billion, 58 billion of that in the U S market. I said the enterprise business segment was added in 2016 and it has landed some big names. So listen to this, right? These are exclusive ticketing deals. So no other ticket companies have the rights to these.

    We have the Brooklyn nets and the Barclays center, the Cleveland Cavaliers with rocket mortgage field house, Dallas Cowboys, 80 and T stadium and half of the English premier league teams. They said that they're continuing to add enterprise customers, including stadiums, our Rina's theaters, casinos, horse tracks, and golf of events.

    They also talked about the pent up demand. From the COVID pandemic and they are already seeing that in the first half of 2021. Um, they, they showed that off in their charts and revenue. Uh, from 2016 to 2019 was growing at an annual rate of 70%. They did see the dip due to the pandemic $33 million in fiscal 2020, but they see fiscal 20, 21 ramping back up to 132 million.

    And then fiscal 20, 20 to $345 million fiscal 2024, the target date for positive EBITDA with a projected $53 million. Again that ticker RBAC seat meek. Our big deal announced today. Mitch RBAC is one that we talked about our very first show, right? This was one that was focused on sports from the get-go.

    It was rumored with Fenway sports group for awhile, right? The Boston red Sox, Liverpool football club and other assets. It could not work out a deal with them. So instead we have seat geek announced today. Do you have any experience using seat geek? I don't think I've ever used their ticketing platform, but it sounds like this is a big one.

    Well, I I'll clearly say I don't want to talk about the red Sox even though. Probably should have been the red Sox, but let's, let's talk a little bit more about SeatGeek. SeatGeek is like you said, it's a reseller just the same way as you would see vivid seats, or you would also see stub hub. Uh that's the other one, right?

    Stub hub is owned by, I think Ticketmaster, right? I was owned by eBay. They sold it. Um, and now I was thinking it was private equity. Now that might be private equity, but I mean, just to compare, those are the three competitors. Let's just be, let's just be just as transparent as we can be. Those are the three, the one that I've used is vivid seats.

    Vivid seats is the one that I've found the cheaper pricing and I've found more ticket options. Why? I think that. Get to more of the season, uh, sellers, like the season ticket sellers. And they have probably a way that they're re advertising to those sellers. Like, Hey, do you want to keep putting your tickets out there?

    And I think that's probably what it is. I personally, haven't sold a ticket on any of these platforms. So I can't tell you exactly that. That's what it is. I'm going to be looking more into that. So if you guys have sold some tickets on these platforms or ever been a kind of a season ticket holder and sold to these platforms, let us know, because we'd love to find out a little bit more about this.

    Um, and like you said, if they do have exclusivity for certain tickets, that's going to definitely help. I mean, like you said, it ex the, the, my favorite word right now. And the market is exclusivity. Yeah. I, I mean, Metro, we're talking some big names, right? Dallas Cowboys at and T stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the U S um, they're the exclusive partner with them?

    Uh, the Cavaliers right in the NBA, uh, half of the English premier league teams. I mean, for us in the U S I think we always forget about how large those soccer stadiums are when you're talking about reselling tickets to these large soccer stadiums. I think that's huge. Um, I remember, uh, you know, years ago when I owned, um, I hate to say it here, uh, Season tickets.

    Right. Um, if I wanted to resell my tickets, uh, there was an exclusive resell platform. I think it was through ticket master. So I couldn't just sell my tickets, you know, on certain exchanges. If I wanted to, you know, link it to my actual tickets and do the best ease of use, I had to use the exclusive partner.

    So that's what, you know, SeatGeek seems to really be focused on here is landing these enterprise deals. So they essentially like pay the Cowboys to be the partner. Right. And they're paying that upfront fee, but in their presentation, they said that by year two, they're breaking even on these deals. And then in year three, year four year five, there's huge upside.

    Right. So I think they probably had to pay out a decent amount with some of these big teams, right. Cowboys, Cavaliers. But now they're going after, you know, our Rina's concert venues, um, golf venues, right. Again, as you said, that E word exclusive. It's all about exclusivity to try to beat your competition here.

    So I liked that approach by them also gen Z. I mean, you, you know, I think the fact that they're so highly regarded by gen Z, that's 36% of their customers. I like that. I mean, mobile first, right? I mean, gen Z is not exactly, you know, selling paper tickets. Right. It's all done online. It's all mobile. Um, so they, they cater to that market and I like that approach.

    So again, I've never used seat geek. I've never used vivid seats. Guys let us know in the chat. If you have. I did see Carl saying he liked vivid better. Um, I've used Ticketmaster. I've used StubHub. I've used others, but I don't know these two, but based on what I've read, I like CEX approach here, you know, laid out today.

    All right. So, uh, I'm doing a little research as you're speaking. You're not buying tickets to anything. Are you, you know me? I like to do a little research, bro. So. Uh, I'd like to bring something extra to this chat and see if we can find something. So you were talking about this, literally I'd looked it up for us here.

    It says not. I'll try to zoom in a little bit more so we can see it a little bit better. So it says season ticket holders can also sell tickets on multiple sites due to the contract. The NFL has with the ticket master, all NFL tickets need to be listed onto the NFL ticket exchange before. Any other platform.

    So that's how they're doing it. They first listed on that one and then you can log into your seat geek account manager, go through the process of listening your tickets as you normally would. And you'll see that they are sent over to the NFL ticket exchange first. So that's the way to get around that, Chris.

    So Hey, some value. That's interesting. Yeah. You know, now that you say that, I think, yeah. I had to list my lions tickets on ticket master. Um, and again, it's not that I couldn't list them other places, but it just seemed like a pain in the butt right. To, to list them other places. So maybe seat geek with the Cowboys.

    Maybe that's not as big of an exclusive deal, you know, as I thought, um, you know, if Ticketmaster's still getting first dibs here, so, uh, maybe skip vivids skip seat geek can just go to LYB live nation, you know, instead, and, and by the winter here with ticket master, but again, I like these reopening plays, right.

    We need. With the spec deals being announced. I think this is a good time for some of these reopening place to go public. Right. We were seeing that with vivid. We're seeing that with seat geek. Um, yes. Solar saying posting season tickets for sale has destroyed any and all chances of waitlist members to ever get season tickets.

    Mitch, I don't know if you saw the Packers thing the other day, Darren rebel tweeted that he's like, I don't know, number 5,000 on the Packers season ticket list. Now, like that list is just insane. Like you put your name on it, you have to wait like hundreds of years, it can get passed down through your family after you pass away.

    And then maybe your grandkid can someday have Packers season tickets because of the way they do it. Um, you know, so I mean props to the Packers, they've built a loyal fan base. They have a great system in place, but to me, you know, I don't think I'd want to be a fan if I had to wait a hundred years for your first season tickets for that.

    And we're not even talking about like a, you know, top of the line stadium, right. We're talking about the freezer bowl. Yeah. Limbo is a little outdated too. So yeah, it's a Bleacher seat. Yeah. So, uh, but yeah, shout out to them. They've been doing it for a long time and people enjoy it. So, but Mitch, that's the headlines.

    That's our deal. Uh, should we get into the watch list and talk about what's moving out there. Of course we can. Let's go ahead. Let's get into our watch list. I hope you guys had fun. Got some value out of that live research done for you guys. Let's go ahead and get into our watch list.

    all right, team. Let's take a look. See what stocks we have moving on the day right now looking like red. Why you're, why would red wire be moving today, Chris? Yeah, so red wires, one I highlighted a week ago. It had a room. Um, a video that circulated around of an executive with red wire, um, saying that a Amazon partnership could be announced.

    So put that on the back burner for a minute. Right? Cause that has not been announced, but red wire landed a deal with NASA. I mean, we all know how important NASA deals are for sweats, right? So I mean, if you're not getting NASA deals and you're a space stock, you're, you're probably missing out on some potential revenue.

    Right. Um, but they landed a deal with NASA. And this is for critical navigation components for NASA is Lucy mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids. So again, as we try to land, you know, and go to all these different planets, Jupiter, you know, being a new target, um, this is going to be launched no earlier than Saturday, October 16th, from space launch complex at Cape Canaveral space force station in Florida.

    So, so, you know, October 16th is what I just said. So today's the 13th. So we have the run-up and shares today. If this flight launches this weekend, we're probably going to get another run-up next week, right? This is what happens. Same thing with like a Virgin galactic, right? You announce the launch window.

    Then you announce the launch date that you actually launch. That's the three times that shares can move just based off of one event. So that's why like, with these space stacks, I always like to look and play that trend, but also. I mean, Mitch, we, we, we watched, uh, off, off air here that, that slip of the tongue, possibly by red wire saying an Amazon partnership could be coming again.

    I don't think that's baked into the price at all, but I also think, you know, that's just a rumor at that point, but this NASA deal, I mean, I remember following red wire when it was Genesis GNP, K and I called it, you know, a mini space ETF, a space infrastructure play. I like red wire. And I can say that I am long RDW shares.

    Um, I liked this one going forward as a space. What, what you guys heard it there and we'll be watching for, it looks like Carl's trying to watch that thing live, baby. Yeah. We might have to get Carl a set up with a camera down there in Cape Canaveral with all the space of

    our spacer reporter live in Florida. Carl. So yeah, let let's do that. Yeah. But yeah, so I I'm seeing a couple of people mentioned in the chat, right? Shatner. We got to talk about blue origin, right? Mitch. So blue origin. Yes. Did he go to space? He did. He's 90 years old. He became the old. Person in space officially today.

    So again, that was on blue origin. This is a short flight, right? The same thing that Jeff Bezos recently did similar to Virgin galactic. So Mitch, how are space stacks doing today? You know, red wire, obviously up big 7% on that deal with NASA, but how is like Virgin galactic and Astra and rocket lab? Are we going to get that, you know, space run now with today's flight from blue origin?

    What do you think I'm seeing space up to. I mean, it's not giving you a monster move, but definitely giving you the lift. Right. That's what I was looking for. I even mentioned it yesterday. I'd look for SPC to get a lift. What did you do today? Gets a left. Who knows where we might see this one end up the day could end up trading about like four or 5%.

    I think right now we're up about 2%, 2.4%. Uh, we'll see if this one can continue trading on up S P C E not a bad luck. Yeah, I mean, and you called this one out. I talked about this one, right? You've got William Shatner, a big celebrity going to space. That's a big news item, right? Blue origin got a ton of publicity, a ton of positive comments on this.

    Virgin galactic has booked some celebrities. I don't know where they fall in line. Right. But we have a Leonardo DiCaprio. Justin Bieber, I think is on that list match. Can you imagine when Bieber goes to space, I mean, maybe he'll release a new song before he goes up. Maybe he'll sing in space. I don't know.

    And then also Elon Musk is on that Virgin galactic list. So you've got some big names. They haven't announced their next flight yet. You know, as I just said with red wire, follow the story, follow the trend. As soon as they announced their next flight, you're probably going to see another leg up in the shares.

    But I think the blue origin thing today, tiny patch saying, leave him up there. Um, I I'm, I'm guessing that was in reference to beaver, but yeah, maybe he'll just become a new, a new space man, and just sing and release albums from space. So, uh, yeah. Hey, we'll, uh, we'll be looking forward towards that live concert in space.

    Uh, we'll see if we get it, man. I really don't want Bieber to come back just to be for please believe. We're we're, we're the believers that man, come on, we've got to have a believer to the moon guys. Let's keep going. Uh, a S T R is another one that I was going to see what was going to happen to it today.

    It's actually trending down on this news, which is interesting. Uh ASTs is another one that I was going to look at kind of turning sideways. Not really doing much there. Uh, we'll see what happens on ASTs yeah. Rocket lab RKL B I think was flat Mitch. So, um, it looks, oh, now we're down. Oh, just barely. Um, yeah, so it's a flat on the day rocket lab.

    Um, so again, it looks like Virgin galactic was really the big way to play this blue origin flight. And that shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone who's watched the show before. And Mitch called that out earlier this week. I think that was really the, the big way you could play the blue origin flight.

    Cause again, blue origin is not publicly traded. It was founded by Jeff Bezos, but it's not owned by Amazon. Um, so really, if you want to exposure to the space tourism market, uh, Virgin, Galactic's the way. So that's, that's the pair trade there. All right. Let's keep going in the watch list. See what we're seeing moving.

    We got skills on the move skills bouncing on up there today. I think it got some coverage. Was that was it was that, yeah, it looks like a, maybe an investor letter or a investor. I'm talking about this one positively. So we have, uh, Banyan Banyan hill Peck. Um, so you know, that we're up what, almost 6% we hit over $9 earlier today, 9 0 8.

    And I mean, that was the highest sheriffs have been in, in about a week. Um, we got a nice dip last week and I did say that I was looking at this one right around that $8 mark. Um, cause again, I don't think I'd play this one. Long-term Mitch, but I think the story for me is that NFL game. I just still believe that they have to release that NFL game at some point.

    And not to say that that game is going to be a huge winner. It's going to get, you know, millions of people that download it or play it. But I just think when that news is announced, we're going to see people come back to skills. Right? Because that was one of the big catalyst earlier this year was when they said they had an NFL game coming.

    So to me, that's the story. Um, but I really wanted to get at eight. So I'm probably just sitting on the sidelines here for now. I'm getting to the point, I'm just gone from this stock. I mean, that chart looks like it's gone. So I, I tried to say that it would come back to 10 and that's where take the turn.

    And I remember calling that out back when it was like a $30, but now it's gone to these levels. I'm just staying away completely like to me, you can't tell me to grab skills. I just can't see, because to me it was always about, um, kind of this tech stack and the idea of dumb, like producing, uh, for these games and then going towards maybe even like a gambling solution, uh, for these games.

    And I just don't see it. I just, uh, literally, I, I don't see them pushing the gas pedal, if anything, I see them pressing the brake and looking left. Right. Trying to find a way out. That's just what I see. Um, I'm going to stay away from this one, but then again, if you look at a comparable game, uh, I would compare it to maybe Zynga.

    And if you see Zynga has been struggling also, and this was a major pick of the year by a lot of people. And so to me right now, mobile gaming just isn't there, Chris. And so I'm staying away some hit games. Right? And that's one of the things I recently wrote about Zynga. They have a decent fourth quarter coming.

    Um, they have Farmville three, which doesn't sound like a huge game. Right. Cause some of Farmville has died out, but Farmville was really a game. You could only play through Facebook. I mean, I remember that years ago, Mitch, cause I I'm old enough to remember when mobile games started through the Facebook platform.

    Right. So you could play Farmville and then in the back here or your firemen in the back, I mean, I think we're going to see some people, you know, that played Farmville earlier in their. Reminisce and go back and play Farmville three, and also think that has a star wars game coming next year. Um, you know, we, we all know how star wars games can perform, right.

    They can be big hits or, you know, fans can just hate, hate the storyline and how it doesn't follow the movies. Um, so we'll see how that one does too, but I think you're right. Mobile gaming there just there hasn't been, you know, as big a hit recently. Right. Um, you know, we used to see Farmville candy crush, some of these big names, you know, people were playing them nonstop.

    You'd go somewhere in a public place. I mean, Pokemon. You'd see people, you know, all playing them. And I think, you know, we just don't see that as much because the console games and the PC games is really where everyone has shifted or the, the metaverse right. Your roadblocks, um, you know, your kids are playing roadblocks, Minecraft, you know, these other games that not playing, you know, mobile games as much.

    So I think you're right there. Um, with that one Mitch, the other big, uh, winner today, uh, Jasper, right? J S P R w. We gotta talk about this one quick, but I always caution people, right? Because we're up 110% on this. This thing was halted a couple times to. So for those who don't remember, Jasper therapeutics was, uh, did go public via SPAC.

    So this was a M H C, and this was a small biotechs back. Right. Which is something we've talked about on the show. It then saw heavy redemption. So we had around 90% of shares redeemed, which made a flow of under a million shares. So you guys all know what can happen on low float names. Right? So we already saw a run-up right.

    This thing already took off. I used to own AMHC shares. I played this for the DCE back redemption. I made my money and I got out. Right. And then what happened? Sheriffs came all the way down to what like $7, $6 or something. Um, but then what happened, Oppenheimer comes out with a $21 price target and all of a sudden people are like, Hmm, I, I like that.

    Right. It's $6 stock that someone's saying it's worth $21 share, started to move up and then ass shares started to move up and get volume because it's a low flow. This thing just took off. Right. And that's what happens. But what happens on the flip side, right? Is that we could see shares come crashing back down.

    So please be careful if you're in JSP, R I'm not in this time. I already did my trade on this one. But this is a low float. So, you know, just be cautious chasing this one here. It's definitely so much. I'm not even going to give you levels cause I don't want anyone trying to make trades based off no levels on JSP are.

    I'm not going to try that one. Let's keep going. Let's get into the next one. Uh, let's go to two. Uh, well we, we talked a little bit about, uh, S T RC a little bit already. Uh, we can take a look. Latch is trading up higher than, uh, $10. They're starting to get towards 10 0 9. Maybe keep your eyes on that. Uh, petty and near up towards 8 41, really kind of going sideways.

    Not much there. At least I can see a Proterra, one of the stocks that I'm watching to see, when are we going to get back above $10? Or this is a stock that's tried to make. Lowe's multiple times tried to spike multiple times. What I always look for is, is after that third one, can we get through that trend for me?

    You could easily call this trend line. You could see this spike right here. You just kind of draw it down to the, the connections and you want to get it back above those levels to see it really start getting struggle again, as you can see, there was some big volume here. So we are starting to take an approach here.

    We've seen this kind of downward action and you guys know how I like to see kind of three attempts. So, all right, now I only have one and two to go off of. I would maybe look for another pullback towards that level and then a breakout through 10, because I don't have those three attempts to break down.

    Two attempts to break down. That's what I'm seeing at least for right now. Definitely there there's a lot of movers out there today. Match-ups in alive cars. What do we got? What have we got another pig? Yeah. And Hey, I own Proterra shares too. Um, again, this is one of the ways I'm playing electric buses. I still think we're going to get some deals with the U S government with these cities.

    Um, so to me, this is a longer term approach, right? For pro Terra, because I think, I mean, you heard it when we talked to EO yesterday talking about, you know, year up, how far ahead they are. They've got electric buses all through their big cities. Right. And then they, they have to charge them. We don't have as many electric buses here in the U S which I think is something that needs to be fixed.

    So I like it. I like pro Terra, you know, for that reason. So, uh, I I'm with you, Carl. Um, and we'll see how we do in a couple of years, but that's how I'm approaching. All right, let's go ahead. Let's catch up in the chat here. It looks like someone, people are mentioning FSR. We can go ahead and get into FSR. I don't mind touching that one.

    Um, it's still kind of a long output type of thing. Of course, we've talked about it. Uh, we're looking for Fisker to come out with some news going into November, as they're going to show up on that LA, uh, conference. I'm still looking to maybe go and head out there. We'll see if I'm able to sneak out out there and catch the ocean, uh, but we'll keep it on watch.

    How has efforts are doing right now? Uh, finding a little bit support here multiple times is to try to find support at 14. So to me, that's the line in the sand to be cracks 14. We can go all the way down, I think towards 10, but if it holds 14 here, you could be starting to push back up towards that 20. Um, I at least could draw kind of that downward trend here, all T from my pro.

    Uh, you can guys can see that we've tried to come up through this level multiple times before we've had a pullback. Now it just needs to kind of hold that 14 and get on up there through eighteens. The next level from there would be 20. It looks like November 19th is the date. I'm seeing Mitch for the start of the LA auto show.

    So we are, we're getting close to being a month away. Um, so I think, uh, it's still a little early on the run for Fisker, um, for that November auto show catalyst, but I just, I think that's going to be a big deal. Cause I think they're not only going to unveil the ocean and show off all those features. I think they're going to update us on the payer, right?

    Th this smaller, lower priced car, um, that was part of that, uh, Lordstown motors deal, right. That was signed with Foxconn for that plant in Ohio. Fisker is going to be able to have some of their vehicles produced there. And they actually said that that could, uh, that could, uh, speed up the timeline of the pair vehicle.

    So something to keep in mind, we could get some news from Fisker to Chris. It could speed it up. Did you rewind that? Go back to when the news first came out and ride? What did I say about fiscal? Yeah. I mean, that's the thing, like we, we talked about that, that you got to pay attention to the, to these stories guys.

    Cause we want these cars created where, so you don't get all these shipping and taxes that I think you're going to start seeing, coming into car industry. If a car comes from outside of the United States, it is going to get taxed heavily in the future. So I think that's another thing that they're looking at is how can we bring that into the states?

    Get around that and then. There you go, you start seeing a higher lift and where the margins, where we need to focus on, especially when we're talking to the Evie industry, because high margins can help you get around, let's say, low sales. So we'll keep a watch and see what happens with Fisker. One of the things that I'd point out in Fisker is what did we get in September?

    We actually got a kind of harmony candle, but let's call it a green candle. It was a green candle here. And so what that haven't been talking about is, is it okay to tax stocks in specs, especially if we're seeing a monthly green candle behind it. Now let's take a look here. Just that, just to kind of point, like let's say skills, what do you see on there?

    You see nothing but red, nothing but red. And so until that kind of changes, that's why I say like, there's certain stocks you guys can find that are making a little bit of a turnaround. And there's certain ones that. Mitch one more real quick. And then I want to turn to our calendar and then we want to get to tickers.

    I already see some questions in the chat. Keep those questions coming, drop your tickers in there. Mitch, how about AGC? So this is AGC merging with grab. This is a, uh, Asian play on micro mobility. Um, e-commerce, uh, you know, some different areas. They've got their hands in a couple areas. This was the largest spec deal announced, right?

    This is a huge, huge deal with that. We do have a little bit higher of a float. Um, I'm seeing a flow of around 50 million shares, but the one thing that's creeping up with AGC is that it's getting a heavy, short interest, right? So according to Benzinga pro I'm seeing 35% of the float traded. Um, I, again, we've seen this happen, especially in D specs, right?

    That when there's heavy, heavy, short interest, plus you're going to have heavy redemptions possibly, you know, we could see this be a high volatile stock. Um, so AGC is on the calendar for later this year, tentatively. So this is one that I'm watching much anything you're seeing with AJC there, uh, just a bottoming action kind of type, but nothing really that you can go off of.

    You just got to go off a 10, right? Uh, but is this, uh, an attempt, one thing that I would look for is for this doc to kind of do that redemption, maybe make a breakdown towards like seven, eight heavy redemption, next thing you know, it comes back roaring. And so that's what we're going to be looking for. I wouldn't take a shot now because I have no bottom approach.

    I have no nothing to go off of. If I go off to 10, I'm very much going get stopped out and then just do the same move that I'm looking for. So I'm gonna wait for that kind of heavy redemption signal to show me that, Hey, all right. The short is, we're not only looking to knock this down, but they're also the people on the long side are looking for the out.

    And so you have the logs looking for the out the shorts pressing down, and that's how you really get a nice short squeeze, right? You have logs getting out shorts pressing down and all of a sudden the shorts start covering. And that actually helps the squeeze. And then boom. Someone goes long on it, and then they just break out those other shorts that were setting sitting on the top of that.

    We'll see what happens on this. Mitch. You wanna check out, uh, Evie go I'll D I'll take a look at that for our watch lists. Let's get into some of our calendar dates. What's out there, Chris, what should we be paying attention to in the next coming weeks? Yeah. So tomorrow we've got a couple big ones. We've got a VIH merging with back, right?

    So this is a crypto currency play. Um, so we all know how people try to find, you know, crypto stocks, right. And how they move in reaction to the price of Bitcoin VIH. Once it completes this merger, it's going to be a cryptocurrency exchange. I think we're going to see this one, um, you know, have some nice moves over the next month.

    The big question is, you know, how. How, you know, low, is it going to go, how high is it going to go? We did have 40% of shares redeemed that wasn't an incredibly high number. So the floats still going to be over 10 million shares. This one has popped up on some short interest lists though, too. So, uh, something to follow with VIH, we also have vivid seats, right.

    Which we just talked about, uh, tickets, right. Merging, uh, their vote tomorrow, H Z a C Hort horizon acquisition. Um, so that's another one to watch, right? Because people are looking for, you know, a reopening place we're already at 10 20. We're already starting to see that spike above 10. I don't know if we'll be able to sustain that looks like we're already coming back down.

    Um, but keep this one on, watch the other big vote tomorrow, Mitch, uh, Lego like Gatto merging with Algoma steel. We're at 1123, uh, full disclosure. I own shares of Lego. I've been in this one since it was units before a deal was even announced. I like steel. I also own steel dynamics. Uh STLD steel stocks have been on fire this year.

    Right. Um, Mitch, what do you think, uh, is this one that could see some analysts notes and the call-out on, you know, being a peer play in the steel industry. I know you look at sectors a lot. Um, how has industrials and steel, how have those traded this year and you know, how have the trends. Yeah. So what I would say about steel is that we're talking about inflationary environments, right?

    We're in an inflationary environment. And whenever you're in an inflationary environment, what gets some higher value is actual hard assets like the actual item. And so that's why you've seen kind of these commodity trades really get hot this year is for that exact reason, whenever you're an inflation, you're expecting to see that rise in price in what, in the materials, behind the things that you're building.

    So clear, examples, steel here. Yeah. Steel prices are going to go up in an inflation environment. So in my eyes, this is not a bad playdate. Definitely keep in mind. And a lot of people have been taking steel trades. Like let's say CLF, uh, cliff, uh, cliff is one that I could show you guys, Cleveland cliffs.

    Let's take a look on the daily chart and I'll show you guys exactly what this one kind of did. Look at this. Look at all throughout. Like, look, look at, look at this sideways from 2017, all the way to 2021, it didn't do anything like just literally went sideways. But then look at this year, look at this that's different.

    That's an inflationary environment and it playing into steel here. All right, one more, Chris. I think we got, uh, we got actually two more this week. We got, uh, I think, uh, GSA H one that I used to keep an eye on. Right. Yeah. GSA H is an interesting one, right? This is myriad on technologies. They do radiation hardware, software and alignment.

    So they're big and nuclear power plants, which doesn't exactly sound like a growth industry. Right. But they're also a leader in radiation for hospitals, urgent care clinics, dental offices, that offices, um, we all know how big the healthcare industry is. Um, this is one I think could also get some analyst attention, right.

    As a peer play in the health segment. Um, so this is one to keep on, watch a merger vote next week. We've got a couple more next week. We'll be back on Monday and we'll take a look at next week's calendar. Um, that, uh, Mitch, how about the chat? What do we got for, uh, comments here? I know what's EBV go. The one that someone might.

    Yeah, I saw Eby go in the chat. And if you guys want to throw up some tickers, go ahead and do so we'll definitely take a look at them. Like always guys, let's go ahead and do some ticket time ticket time.

    All right. Let's take a look at UV goes mentioned in the chat. I want to go ahead and take a look at it. E V go, you know, it's easy when they put the actual company name as a check, the ticker. I love the ticker. Yeah. I always love that. I'm like, you can't forget that one. All right. Let's take a look here.

    What are we starting to see? I started to see a bottoming action start forming, but what do I need to see when you see reversal from here? Um, that you could go off of this low, right? I could try to attack the seven sixties. I could see why you would want to do that. But what I would look for is actually another break of that seven 60 and then eventually every covering of eight 50, these are the types of stocks that what I want to do is I want to wait for the trend to completely the change.

    The monthly candle is going to be a lot of that is going to show you that you're starting to see slowing patterns, right? So if you see a bigger bar, little or bar, a little or a bar, lower bar, what does that show you? The momentum is slowing down on the downside, but it still hasn't flipped up. And so that's what I'm looking for.

    Right? I'm seeing that momentum come down, trying to see the bottom, but I don't want to overreact. If the next thing you know, you get another extension down. And so we'll see when these really start coming back roaring, I think this all has to do, and I keep on saying it it's all about that infrastructure bill.

    And once that's going through and what exactly that's going to do for these companies, that's what you need to be paying attention to. And it sucks because I mean, at the end of the day, it's out of our hands, right. It's in the government's hands. We'll see what happens and we'll see how these stocks. All right, catching up with the chat.

    What do you see out there? What else we got in the chat? I saw so many tickers flying. Um, I saw so Phi, we just talked about so far earlier this week. Um, so far it looks like it could be headed to 20. Um, again, you know, this is one where it's gotten some analyst upgrades, it's gotten some nice call-outs and they still have that looming bank charter decision, which could be a, a big positive, or a potential, you know, negative catalyst, depending on what is said.

    So, uh, I am long, so far, um, you know, full disclosure there, but again, I got in earlier than this, so I don't know if I would chase right at the moment, maybe look for a pullback. Um, but I think we do hit 20 here, um, fairly soon, but. When we were going down, when we started seeing that tick down, or what do we say?

    Close green. You got to close green bottom to go off of. And that's all we're looking for guys, especially with these specs. I can't stress it enough if you're not seeing those, the change in trend on the weeklies. And monthly's, it might not be the stock to come after. All right. Catching up with the chat.

    What other ones being mentioned looks like? What is the status of that? N D uh, any AA bill? Uh, honestly, I think it's still just being talked about still being pushed back and forth and nothing conclusive just yet. Uh, the next one up, do you want to maybe grab one? Let's say, uh, it looks like TMC being mentioned in.

    Yeah, the TMC guys. Um, I, I don't want to be too negative on this one. Um, Antonio, it looks like you're new to the chat too. So shout out to you. I saw your comment that you finally are joining us live. Um, so thanks for joining us TMC. It has a lot of hype. I saw this one get picked up by some of the trader groups out there for me, you know, maybe a good concept, right.

    You know, mining minerals off the sea floor. I just think they're, they're so far away from actually producing revenue and, you know, materials. So for me, I'm staying away from TMC. I'd rather be in like an MP and P materials cause they're actually mining stuff right now. Um, but that's me personally on TMC.

    I just, I think it's too far out here. Definitely one that I would avoid, like the plague. I think there's one that could go to. I hadn't said that. Yeah. And I thought, uh, it mentioned in the chat Zack talking about Tesla. So yeah. Tesla has been buying some minerals stakes and some companies. Um, I think we're early on the sea mining though.

    I don't know if Tesla is going to get involved in that. So, you know, that's just all speculation. Those same rumors have been out there since like February, so nothing new, um, you know, for Tesla and TMC that I'm aware of. So I just stay away from this one. Definitely a it's just one that I just, sometimes I ask myself, do I see it coming to fruition?

    I could see this one being one of those, that two, three years down the line we find out, oh, we can't do it guys. We can't do what we expected to do. Not to say anything bad about them, but just that's what I feel. And so if I feel that way, I'm definitely going to stay away. It's a red flag for me. And until I see the trend coming.

    Let's still be in the red flag for me. Let's go ahead. Let's keep going. Uh, maybe we got to smash that like to we're at 66 likes match. I thought we were going to hit a hundred today. Guys. You see me take a trade? I said, I'd take a trade. If you guys got to a hundred, what's going on out there, guys. You guys don't want to see me.

    I take a swing. I got no problem. Let's go ahead. Let's catch up with the chat. One of the ones being mentioned here, um, looks like we have some people talking about let's. Let's see what we got. W E vintage wine estates. This is one I've talked about several times. Yeah, we're we're under 10. Again, if you look at the past couple of weeks, we saw some, you know, some trends, some moves higher.

    Um, you know, I still like this one because compared to its competitors, it trades at a lower price. Multiple. We have Telsey coming out with a $14 price target. Um, they also acquired, uh, a, I think a e-commerce wine company, Mitch, if I'm not wrong here, but NASA back in September, a direct to consumer wine club, um, was 60,000 members.

    So I remember having the guys on and, you know, they've got wine at different price points. I like that direct to consumer e-commerce approach too. So I liked the story here with VWE. I think we probably dip back down though. What do you think on the chart here? The chart says is a little bit of a dip there, but you've had a couple spikes to this trend line.

    I would look for the next one to be the one to really get it going. Um, reason. Why is that? I always look for kind of bottoming action and I want to see on the weeklies. Let's go ahead and go back. You can see here, you, what do you see? You see up one down one up two down to. Up three down three, let's create a support down here towards nine fifties.

    And then from that point, come back up through this trend line. That's when I would look for the breakout, if it breaks down from here, you can get avoided by looking for that move back to trend line, versus trying to catch the bottom of the dip or try to call the bottom. All right. So that's going to be it for VIN, uh, vintage wine estates.

    I'll tell you one thing, Chris. I, we do need to go ahead and reach back out. Not for an update, but for some wine ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. I tried to get that wine taste testing for a Friday, unwind. Uh, I'm going to have to follow up and see if we can nail that down. Cause I think that'd be pretty exciting for, uh, for, for Benzinga employees, but also maybe we could do it, you know, live on Benzinga TV too.

    What do you think? Uh, I think there would be great. You know, one thing we could do is we can get a whole bunch of people in the. Get a shipment sent there. Then we can do a little tasting, right? Why not? Exactly. Let's go ahead and do it. We'll go ahead and try to get it for you guys hit that, like everyone pinkies up likes or climb and they're getting their match.

    We almost had it. I don't think today is going to be that live trade though. But maybe next week we can, uh, we can do well. It looks like the trade. Uh, the show is being so engrossing. Look at this, that I forgot to smash the like Robert using the vocab word for me. Let's keep going. 11 more likes guys. We got about one minute left.

    Can we do it? I'm seeing a 93. I'm seeing 93 minutes. Last one. I'm going to take a look at is one that, uh, Carl's talking in the chat. He's saying maybe a potential bottom on the body, the beach. I don't know about you guys, but I've been working on the beach body, but haven't been working on the stock here.

    I did make some profits on the last move up. Um, when we, when we actually kinda got a profit move, now we're starting to see this bottoming action. I actually had an alert to alert me today, Chris, if it broke five 15 and it did alert me, it let me know that the, the bid went towards five 14, and then it held there.

    So now we're starting to get sideways action. Really close. Those is five. Yes. It could be the bottom there I've talked about. I want to dip below five so that I could start taking my shot and body. But if you guys get there, it just might be right now to a hundred. I think we hit it. I think we hit it right before noon, but uh, it's going to be your call here.

    Did we hit it in time? A hundred. All right. All right. Let's what are we doing? Let's have some fun. So right now, Uh, as far as specs and what I own, I own S E a H I own D M and I own genie. Those are the three specs that I own right now. Let's go ahead and make it one more. All right, let's do this. Let's do this.

    Let's see what we got. I was going to way I was going to be like, uh, be a little picky here, but you know what? Uh, I'll start it and I'll have some fun here. Let's let's do it. I said, I'd take a trade. Right? What's it going to be? A lot of people are wondering how not going to meet TMC, guys. I know that you could definitely sure.

    You can bet on that one. I don't think it was going to be TMC at all. Uh, but we'll see what happens with this one. I'm going to take a starter here. Okay. So it's not the full position that I expect, but I'm definitely taking the starter order out. Let's see if I get a.

    It's just sitting there. Come on, come on baby. Feel me.

    All right. So should, she'd got a bill. Someone said you should be like Kathy and buy more genie. That's Jay in the chat. Do a Kathy buy more genie. I liked that move by, by Cathy. Still with Jeannie. I like it. I think. Yeah. I think it's going to keep going higher. All right. Let's see if I got my fill here.

    Not getting a field. Come on guys. Come on. Market maker, take my offer. Come on.

    All right. So I still haven't gotten a feel. I'll just tell you at least what I got an order out for. I got the order out for the body here. I'm taking my shot. Here we go, body, body. I'll get in that body ready mix fitness bike. We need to get one of those Mitch to tax to test that and see how good that I'm giving Carl the call.

    Uh, I'm going to have to hit the other car all up and ask him to get that work out on. Who knows? Maybe we'll bring it to the specs attack. I'm trying to do it. It isn't filling because you're not buying DK. Yes. Someone really wants, they really want you to get DraftKings and genie in the chat. Uh, well, Hey guys, I'll tell you one thing.

    I'm already long genie longing for life. Think about it that way, but all right, I'm going to go ahead and wrap up here. We'll get you guys over to the spa, to the power hour, not the spec tech. We are the specs tech. We'll get you over to the power hour where the hype meets the stocks. You guys can have some fun Carl saying nice choice.

    I'm sure you are saying he's loving it. All right. We'll see what happens with this beach body position. I'll let you guys know how this one keeps going. Like always guys check out the cannabis conference is going to be tomorrow or later today. We even have a virtual event. That's opening that conference.

    So check that out. That's going to be at five 30 tonight. Like always guys hit the thumbs up and we'll see you next time on the specs attack. And like always keep it going guys, because guess what? We're going to be. Looking at these specs and continuing, I know Chris and I are going to be looking at these for longterm and there will be some winners out here.

    There'll be some losers also. So definitely do your research and what better place than to do it right here on the specks attack. See you next time guys. So then we out.

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    Unedited Transcript

    What's going on my spec traders out there. Yes, it's a tough day in the market, but we're here. We got Chris. What in the house hit that life. Let's get the specs. Tech started access to actionable news and market research. With all the information you need to invest smarter and profit faster. Start your free trial today@prodotbenzinga.com.

    What's going on out there. I know that you guys must be checking your pulse right now with this type of market. We're going to talk about checking your pulse in a company that got an FDA. Guys stay tuned. We've got a great show for you. We'll talk about some top specs and of course we'll bring on the brains.

    The show. His name is Chris catchy. Some know him as Chris pedia. Some might know him as the guy from the roadmap, the NFT king over here. What's going on? Hey, match. What's going on? Yeah. Hope you had a great weekend. Back, right. We haven't had a show since Monday it smacks attack is back. It looks like some people in the chat missed us, so we're happy to be back.

    Uh, but yeah, uh, market's not looking, not too hot, but, uh, we definitely, we got some news to cover and we can get into some stocks to watch maybe on a red day, like. Hey, like always is going to be ups and downs in the specs. We're going to be talking about it. And Chris, I think we need to do another one of these man, another nother specs underneath 10.

    Think we might need to do another of those shows. If you guys don't remember, this was one of our most popular shows and look back at that. It's always fun to look back at our old shows, see how we were looking at specs and definitely we'll take a look at that. Four then let's go ahead and get into some headlines.

    Chris, before we get into headlines today, I do want to talk about an event coming up. Now, one thing that we do want to know is that, Hey guys, we always want to talk about these asset classes that are probably untouched and at least unmastered. And I think one of those unmastered areas really is cannabis.

    Why. 'cause there's still just so many questions. Whether it be one of the regulations is going to come down. How did the taxes come into play the banking system? So many questions yet unanswered, and you guys can find out so many of these answers at the one. Okay. Yeah. Love that promo, that cannabis conference is going to be great.

    I know I saw clever leaves among the companies presenting. They of course went public bias back. So if you want more information on cannabis companies, make sure you check out the Benzinga cannabis conference. Let's dive into some headlines, and then we're going to spend some time looking at our watch list in detail, and also looking at some stocks to watch for the by October.

    Yes. Tober fall is here. And then if we have time, of course, we'd love to get to some ticker time. So if you guys have checkers, please hold them right now. But we'll be calling on those in a little bit. Let's start the day with some analyst ratings. We of course had lots of analysts ratings last week, too, that we didn't get to, but I want to start out with the fresh ones from today.

    So up first we have beauty health skin, S K I N one of the better performing spam. Oh, and company initiating coverage with an outperform rating and a price target of $32. This again has been a high flyer. $26. Um, but you know, it looks like more room to run. 52 week high of 28, 62. You've got Cowen and company saying that they still don't have huge name brand awareness.

    And there is room for more opportunities to keep an eye out. S K I N. Then one of our, uh, followers from a time ago in a gainer late last week on their news was ride Lordstown motors are ID. So RBC capital is maintaining an underperform, but raising the price target to $5. So ride of course had news last week that selling their Lordstown plant in Ohio to Foxconn, they are going to rent it from Foxconn.

    And also we're going to see Fisker rent part of that space too. So to us backs to watch on this Foxconn factory new. Um, but yeah, R I D E keep an eye out the analysts note here. I'm just wondering at this point is, you know, what, where does the price target before this? Because if the raise was till five, I mean, was the prior price target?

    Do we know what the prior price target was? Chris? I don't, you know, that was my question too. It's kind of like, Hey, I think shares are going to underperform, but maybe they're not going to underperformed by as much as I, you know, and again, I, I think that factory news, right, it's slightly bullish for the company.

    Right. They're going to get that cash infusion right. By selling that fact. But now they're going to turn around and have an added expense right before they own the factory. Now they're going to lease the factory. So they're going to lease and pay rent and Foxconn is going to be able to use that building, you know, for other vehicles, they're partnering with Fisker, which Fisker, of course, isn't doing a pickup truck right now.

    You know, they're focused on cars and SUV's. But Mitch, what happens, uh, when Fisker wants to do a pickup truck and Foxconn has, you know, two companies making pickup trucks in the same facility, competing against each other. I mean, that could be a story to watch in a couple of years, I still just don't know about Lordstown motors, you know, on a long-term basis.

    If they can get this truck to market and compete, they may still need more money. And I don't know, what's left to sell it. Yeah. You know, one of the things I would say is when we talk about rod, we've got to keep in mind, we have another company that is going to be going public. Right. Chris coming out soon, Vivian coming soon with a, with a truck, huge, that huge on the market.

    Right. And so that's my biggest thing, Chris, that I've been watching. And I think there's going to be definitely some of these that get to. Forefront and start competing with some of these major truck producers. Right. And so ride is going to have to compete with what is it going to have to compete with a, the Tesla truck B the Riviera truck and see the Ford lightning?

    Yeah, I can tell you right now, those are not the three that I want to compete. No. I mean that pickup truck market is huge, right. And Ford has dominated the F-150 the top selling, not just truck, the top selling vehicle in the U S right. And now they're going to make an electric version of it. I don't think I'd want to compete with any of those three, either Mitch.

    Um, but Lordstown, you know, it seems like they still want to keep on that plan. So we, we wish them the best and we will follow along with the story here, but. $5 price, target and underperform rating, not the greatest thing for them to hear this morning. Our other analysts note, we have Astro space, a S T R bank of America, beginning coverage with an underperformed rating.

    They're calling out limited upside and development risk. So they said, well, Astra plans to target the growing small satellite launch market. We believe the lack of proven performance will weigh on the share price. And they said that there several paces behind rocket lab and Virgin orbit to competitors.

    So they're giving a price target of $9 here on Astro space. I do like Astro space. There's several, uh, you know, space stocks out there. This among them, we're trading at 7 84 down 7% today, you know, on the analyst. One stock out there that is trading higher today. We have Jasper therapeutics, J S P R. So the shares are trading higher after it was announced that Amgen a leading pharmaceutical company owns 2.7 million shares of the company.

    So remember, Jasper was the one that had high redemption and shares took off right on that low float trades. So we tried. All the way over $15 last week before crashing down under $10, then we saw another big move up. And now today up 15% on that news from Amgen. Remember this is a low float. So there is the possibility that this one could run today, but as always be careful out there with these low flow high redemption place, then we have tattooed chef TTC AF so.

    I talked earlier this year, right? They were getting added to target stores. They have good relationships with us. Sam's club, Costco and other retailers, the news out today that they now have their products in public supermarkets. I of course don't know the Publix brand as well here in Michigan, but I'm guessing Mitch, since you used to live in Florida, I'm guessing, you know, Publix.

    Cause when I went to Disney world, I know we went and got our groceries at Publix and it's a big deal down there. What do you know about Publix? How big of a deal. This is, this is how you know that I know about Publix. All I got to say is those public tenders subs. Oh man, those are good. If there's anything I miss about Publix, Chris is going to Publix and getting me a tenders up.

    They just, you know, just chicken tenders stuff, but man, The classic at Publix, can't go wrong then. And I mean, if you guys know Publix, I would compare it to Kroger's because it's very, at that level. Now, one thing that I would. Stand out and Publix is that you're going to get the higher quality item. We're not talking kind of that, that budget grocery store, we're talking to high end grocery store with the high end products.

    But Hey, one thing about Publix that they do well is customer service. A lot of people talk about Publix and their customer service. We'll see if it continues tattoo. Jeff, we'll see if it comes back. I mean, let's take a look really quickly daily. Uh, has it just hanging out today? We'll see if we can get back above.

    Mitch. I love that call out that they sell, you know, not as cheap of products, right? They're not a discount grocery. They're more of a, a not higher end, but a little bit higher price point. Uh, you know, I liked that because that's where I want tattooed chef's products to be at, right. Is a place where people are willing to spend that extra money.

    I mean, if you're tattooed chef you're plant-based food. You are a little bit higher price than some of the food options out there. So, uh, I think that's a great deal for them. So we'll keep an eye out on tattooed chef and another high flyer of recent, uh, a R Q Q a. So our key quantity. Shares are up 6% today, the company announced that their founders voluntarily extended the lockup.

    So what that means is that the founder shares will not be able to be sold as quick as normal. This is a kind of a bullish sign from the company that the founder. Staying put, not selling those shares. You see that chart. I mean, this was a high flyer, right? Formerly a D F N S I believe, um, you know, it took off and then it cooled off.

    But as people see the story, I think we're going to see more interest in it. It does have quantum in the name. This is a cloud play. SAS play. Um, so it's in several of those high growth areas. So keep an eye out on a R Q Q, then offer pad O P a D. Those shares are trading down. The company announced an offering last week.

    So shares are down 14%. We're down to seven 30 right now. Um, this is something that mentioned I have actually talked about. What happens when these companies get high redemption at spec merger vote date, they probably are going to raise more money as we go forward. Right? If you announced a SPAC merger deal and you were counting on $500 million of cash and you only get $250 million in cash, you probably want to raise that other money.

    So you can complete. Your projections, your plan, right? Without that money, you may not be able to hit on everything that you've said. So I do like OPA D um, it's in the same space as open doors, Zillow, these online real estate plan. But down today on that mixed shelf offering, it does like, look like we will get earnings from OfferPad later this month.

    So that could be a catalyst. We could see those housing numbers come into place to keep an eye out OPA. And then we got news on a big one, right? Uh Pollstar which recently, uh, announced a SPAC merger with GGP I or spec. So they announced the opening of their New York city retail space. This is their 20th sales market.

    So they plan to have 35 locations in the U S by the end of 2022. Right now, 20 locations. Pollstar Manhattan. They say it is in a great location in New York. They also have locations in LA, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, and many other top cities in the U S uh, you know, we talk all the time about these Eby companies and going.

    Direct to consumer route, they need brand awareness and they need to get their vehicles out in front of people for test drives and to see the car up close. So I think this helps with that. So definitely, uh, liking GGP, I, and Pollstar here. And then as much sad at the top of the show, we did get news out from a former spec, getting a letter from the FDA.

    So this is our. Well w LT, this is the company that makes the smart sock monitors for babies. We've talked about them several times. We had them on the show earlier this year. So on October 1st, the company received a warning letter from the FDA in that warning letter, it says that the outlet smart sock product, um, is a medical device that requires pre-market clearance.

    Um, the FDA and I'll let, has not received FDA approval. So the warning letter required company ceased commercial distribution of the smart sock. So again, it doesn't require, it says it recommends that they stopped selling the sock. Um, so the stock is used for measuring blood oxygen levels. Post. And other items.

    So this warning letter again, saying, Hey, please stop selling the SOC Benzinga has reached out to Al let to get more comments from the company to find out if they play a nonstop selling the smart sock, if they're able to sell it without certain designation. And what their plan is going forward. If they do plan on getting FDA clearance shares are down 22% today.

    I mean, this is big news. This is a speck now trading under $5. And this FDA clearance letter is a really big deal and could be a, a big negative for them, uh, depending on what they decide to do going forward. And we do have one deal announced this morning. This was a small one in the biotech space. So Moonlight immune, no therapeutic.

    Going public with helix acquisition that ticker H L X a. So they are a clinical stage biotech company focused on creating next level therapy, inflammatory skin and joint disorders company valued at $620 million, $115 million pipe on the deal. And then we do have three merger votes this week. As we look at our October calendar.

    And I will have the complete October spec merger calendar out on the Benzinga site later today on benzinga.com or you can look at my Twitter and I will share it when that is published. Today's merger vote is L S H Q life site acquisition to work with science 37. That's a life sciences company valued at over a billion dollars.

    Shares are at 9 78 already passed the redemption phase. This one could see heavy redemption, and then we have tomorrow for it, a C with Arbor robotics. That's the 4d imaging radar company. And then also S T w O with E S S tech, which is a long range battery company. Um, their batteries used to support renewables and stable.

    The electric grid. Um, this is an interesting one that I have actually looked at more recently. There's at nine 50 today. Um, again, all three of these could see heavy redemption. They are past that redemption deadline, but keep an eye out. Um, we'll see, uh, what kind of movements we get later this week?

    That's what I've got for headlines MEChA. Any thoughts on the outlet news? So O w L T you know, we, we. Company. So we are still waiting to hear back. They got that warning letter, which right now is just, you know, asking them to stop selling the sock. So it doesn't, you know, definitively say, Hey. You can't sell the sock, although I pretty much think that's what they mean.

    Um, what do you think though, do you think they could be able to maybe just sell the SAC, you know, without the blood oxygen levels and maybe just the heart rate or the sleep monitor and still attract parents to this product without those extra designate? Well, this is what I'll do a, a, let's take a look at what they advertise here on their site.

    Right? Um, I'm on I'll let care.com straight from their website, and this is what they have, right? Where I'm on the, the outlet smart sock goes for 300. Uh, it looks like you can buy three smart socks and, and, uh, get a cam for $25. So it looks like they're trying to sell that now. Here's where it starts talking about a little bit more of what's approved.

    They look like they have an H S a N F S a approval, but you can clearly see they're not an FDA approval. Right. And I think that's important there. Um, I don't think they were ever stating that they were. FDA approved. Um, and now I think this is the question is, is, do they need that to sell this product?

    Right. I think that's who Chris is bringing up the question. I think that's going to be also important here. Uh, looks like it does. I mean, it has won some awards before. Uh, so I'm pretty sure for those awards to be given, they had to do a little bit of research. Um, definitely, but I mean, I think this is just going to be a battle of.

    Really the acceptable in these products. And I think this is the first one, really to come more into question, what are you thinking, Chris? Yeah, I mean, this one surprises me, you know, Mitch look at that site. They, they advertise it in all the things that does. They also have won all those awards that you showed.

    Right? This is a top parent choice. Like I've seen this on, you know, parent blogs in parent magazines. Um, it's a top seller, I think on like Amazon babies are. Um, you know, all these different baby stores, right? So all those places are selling it, knowing exactly what the company does to me. I, I wonder why it took so long for the FDA to send this.

    Right. What prompted this? Why did the FDA not send the letter before? Um, again, they don't advertise that this is FDA approved. I don't know if I'll let thought or knew that they needed clearance for some of these designations. So to me, I think the big question here is, does outlet, you know, take it off the market, get that clearance and then sell it again.

    Or do they try to sell the product without the designations and, you know, just avoid the FDA clearance. I don't know what could be better, obviously, you know, short-term financials would get hit if they took it off the market. But I think in the long run, getting that clearance could definitely, uh, help, but, uh, I mean, we hit 3 75 this morning on the shares match.

    They did bounce back a little bit, but I I'm following this right. Because of. Parents are willing to spend the money. And parents were willing to spend the money on this product without it saying FDA approved in big flashy letters before. Right. So I think parents will continue to buy these products. Um, so I just want to see this FDA, you know, item, get taken care of an outlet, continue to grow.

    The other thing, you know, when we had them on the show was they were trying to diversify into other segments like tele-health and other areas. Those areas likely will also require FDA approval, right. In order to be a telehealth company. So I think they're going to have to work, you know, hand in hand with the FDA regardless.

    So, uh, they, they might be better off here just, uh, you know, taking this off the market and, uh, getting FDA. Yeah, I, I'm not sure if that's the way they're going to go, Chris, but I mean, definitely FDA clearance makes sense now. I mean, one thing that I will stay, I mean, they do have the data to back it up now.

    I think, uh, it says here they have 4.2, 4 trillion heartbeats monitored to date. And so with that being said, I think that the data is there to take it to the next. And now it's kind of a matter of a process in how long that's going to take. Um, one thing that could happen is like being mentioned also in the chat, I could see something like where they maybe change their wording a little bit, sell the product for the time being, and look for FDA approval.

    Um, I could see that happening over the next, uh, kind of just say maybe two years. It's something like that. So you'd have to think of a long-term outlook, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to start looking at this one and start trying to average into this one. Because one thing I could also see is if this thing goes down to.

    Three, $2. Why wouldn't someone maybe step up? That's like a bigger product owner, like maybe even a bigger company that makes baby products and then just takes this under their belt. Um, I, I could see, uh, acquisitions coming into here coming into play with such a valuation. That's coming down low. Uh, I'm going to look at this one cause I tell you truth.

    I like the. So I'm just wondering when to really start dipping my toes in, but I might start dipping my toes in underneath four, then look to add at two so that if I do get an average down, I'm looking at somewhere between $3 of risk down towards zero bankruptcy. I don't, I don't see this as, as bad look to maybe get a discount plan.

    Yeah. And I mean, I think bankruptcy, you know, obviously long-term potential, you know, negative, worst case scenario. I mean, you said it right when you read from their site, how many heartbeats they they've monitored. I think their data alone and their customer base alone would be worth, you know, a company acquiring right.

    To have that customer base to have, you know, that data. So I, I think as you said, the risk reward could be a real nice here. So I'll be watching this thing. To see if we dip below $4 again. Um, but again, as a parent, I think there's definitely a need for a product like this. And we'll, we'll have to wait out the, the FDA clearance here and see what happens.

    We'll see what happens with this one. Warrants will be at 3 cents. John says, well, Hey, let's just say, there's a reason why I've told you guys be careful with those warrants out there because. All right, let's go ahead. Let's move forward from Al let we'll move out of that. We'll take a look at our watch list.

    See what's moving out in the market. And of course, we'll talk a little bit of some top specs. You guys hit the light and we'll be back with the watch list.

    All right. So I will let you know that guys there isn't so many, I mean, there isn't too much to talk about here, but we'll, we'll talk on the bright side of things and try to give a positive outlook here. But one that I did want to bring up, Chris, that I even got mentioned on money, Mitch. I don't know if they're out there in the chat.

    Let me know if you're there. I told you on Friday. Hey. Ax Chris on Monday, what's going on? Because I didn't know. Let's take a look here. S P I R was huge turnaround in this one. And man, I didn't even understand why I first started moving in the first place, but can you explain me? Do you know what happened, Chris?

    You have, uh, I'm trying to remember what the news was now. Cause it was a partnership with, uh, Okay. So on Tuesday last week, they had a partnership with space. Um, to demonstrate blockchain technology in space. I mean, talk about two trendy topics, right? Space blockchain with space, block chain, and space. I mean, it seems like something you wouldn't have thought of years ago, but Hey.

    I mean, it's something very possible in the future. So I think this was a move based on that news. Um, but again, I do like the space segment. I do like Spire global. They have some good partnerships again, they're trying to do like. Face as a service data play, right? So they're going to provide data to companies match you.

    And I talk a lot of times about data and how important it is. And also these, you know, SAS plays these, you know, uh, recurring revenue. So they're going after that market where they're going to get and gain that data in space, and then they're going to sell it to companies. So I like it. And imagine if they could actually do blockchain in space.

    Right. And if there is something there. It could be a growth driver. You know, long-term probably not necessarily in the short term, but definitely something to watch. All right. I'll be paying attention to this one because I mean, it turned around. I didn't know what the story was. So if you, if you came from money, Mitch, well, there you go.

    You got your story. That's why you come to the specks attack, man. Let's keep going. Let's take a look here. What do we see out there? I see DC RC D. The carve up. Let's take a look here at that chart. See what we're seeing. It looks like we're seeing a pullback from 10 50. A lot of these have been kind of pulling back from the move that we were seeing, which was giving me ideas that we were into another spec wave, but big returns right now, Chris, is this kind of what you're seeing out there in the environment?

    Yeah. The other thing with DCR, see here, metros, this is solid power, which is a battery. Remember a quantum scape, right? We've been talking about quantum scape and how QS is gaining interest and has been running. This is a competitor to quantum scapes. So with quantum scape shares up, I think maybe that's why D CRC is getting some more interest here because essentially they're going public with a much lower valuation than quantum scapes.

    So if they can do better technology or get to market. The CRC is one I've had on my radar as AEB battery play explains why we've gotten some pop recently. And also I think it just followed QS. Now QS also kind of doing the lead here, um, and we'll pay attention to see what happens with QRS, but QS is also breaking down that big leap that it did up and went all the way up to almost 30.

    Now coming back down through the. Probably my tests back down towards 21. We'll see what happens with QS and some of these movers let's keep going into another one here. It looks like I'm seeing Bridgetown Bridgetown two holdings up, not too bad. I mean, there's some volume in here. Uh, is there any news on this one, Chris?

    I haven't seen any news. rumor before. With a property guru, which is a property company over in Southeast Asia, but that deal has not been formally announced. So maybe it's getting close to. Um, but yeah, I, I don't know why that one's moving today. You know, it's one thing I can commonly see here, Chris, is that a lot of the ones that we do have slightly up, what are they there at that nine 90 at that, that 9 96, 9 70 mark, just hanging out underneath Tet.

    Then when we look here down towards the losers, what are we going to see? We're going to see some that are up above. 10 looking to keep moving. If not, what do you see? You see huge Lee below 10, like let's say $3, $4. And so this gives you the idea that there are some that are turning back down on the downside, and there's some that are hanging out near that $10 level where you can actually take some risks to return here.

    Um, I'll point out here, one that did turn around significantly that I was looking to see if they were going to put out any NFT news. That's what's going to happen here, Chris. And it looks like there was even a buy rating. Somebody got caught here. Luke capital was like, yeah, I see the stock going up $29.

    Let's go for it. Gotta be quicker than that. That's what they said today. Down 7.8% coming back down towards 20 twos, it looks like you head towards the $20. This is one that's actually held pretty well. I think Chris, cause I think we would've thought it would be back down by 10 because I haven't heard any news come out of Playboy in a long time.

    Have you heard anything, Chris? No. I haven't heard anything since they announced that a acquisition, right? Didn't they, they acquired. E-commerce lingerie company, I think. Um, yeah, I think they'll have earnings. Uh, it looks like the Benzinga pro calendar is estimating earnings in November from Playboy. So we're getting closer, right.

    To getting some news from them. And I mean, yeah, Mitch, I I'd love to see some NFT news out of Playboy, but I mean, really since they launched that first one, they haven't really updated their NFT play, uh, plans. And remember, this was a. That kind of got that cherry on the top, right? Where the shares increased as it became an NFT play and the NFT place kind of gone away from it now.

    I mean, look at that chart. So, uh, without NFT news, I mean, I dunno here. I did see the Playboy calendars are out. Chris could be a revenue driver. That's the catalyst could be a revenue driver. I'm sure. I'm not sure this, uh, maybe someone in the chat has. No, let's keep going. Let's get it to the next one. TMC there, the metals, Chris, the metals looks like it's going down to the sea floor here, but, but what about those fin twit people that told me that TMC was going to $35 a share what happened to that Mitch?

    Because I thought we were hit at 35. Does it guys jumping in right now? Just dig up the sea floor because they don't see the company there right now. So they thought themselves jumping in and might save the company. You can't blame them. They might as well jump in with the Titanic because this is, this is.

    This is a negative look here from $13, Chris. That's where we really started this downturn all the way back down towards $4. Bouncing there then had in fact down a little bit closer towards the four 20 eights. We'll see what happens here, Chris. It doesn't look good for TMC. Yeah, and I mean, we, we talked about this, right?

    We warned people, Mitch. I mean, this is one. You know, shares got hot, right? Because it got heavy redemption. It became a low flow play. But how long does the low float play? Last? It doesn't last forever. And you will see more shares, get, get into the float of this company. As the pipe gets unlocked, as warrants get called, as they do share offerings, I would not be surprised at all.

    If TMC doesn't share offering soon, I mean, this is a company that needs. To complete their plan, right? They want to mind metals off the sea floor. That's not going to be cheap. Right? You can't just, you know, dive down with your scuba gear on to get these metals, right. You need a whole business, a whole platform.

    So TMC. Uh, you know, I'm staying away right now. We'll, we'll see in a couple of years, uh, what's going on with this Mitch, I got one for you to pull up. Um, we talked about space. How about our K L B Raso rocket lab. This was a high flyer over the past month, but we're falling today, but it looks like we're holding pretty well.

    Um, that $14 line. What can you tell me about support on our KLB? Cause this is one that's been on my radar for a while. And I'm liking it. And I'm wondering where could be a good stab at RKL B? Well, one thing is we've had a kind of one cut through the lows to cut through the lows. Look for another cut down here, somewhere between underneath 14, going towards 13, and then coming back around through 16 on the bull's side.

    But one thing that I would point out on rocket is I'll call it the. Space indicator or S P C E indicator. I say, look for that one to turn back around, because I think when you heard about the news that, Hey, all right, well, they're not going to hit anymore by the, by the FAA. Um, now we'll see what happens with them from here, right?

    Because this was, this was looking like it wanted to become a rocket it's. And then came back down to earth, right? So we'll, we'll see what happens with SPC. And I think this is the one you got to watch for, to turn back around to the positive side. Then you'll start seeing rocket start making that move back up and they could move hand in hand.

    I say, you pay attention to both of them. Uh, it looks like we're getting a shout out in the chat for a little bit of a tip light. It looks like somebody wants us getting, at least our little tip. We'll take the little tip and I don't know, we should really jump into this, but let's take a look. What have we got here?

    We've got S H C R. Yeah. So as C R is share care, this is one match that's gotten hammered, right? So. I I'm. Yeah. So we're at 7 30, 6, we're down 8% today. I mean, you look at the last month and this thing has traded even the last three months. This thing is traded under nine 50 consistently. Right? It's been a while since we've seen $10.

    I do like the story, right? Because this is a company helping people with mental health disorders. Right. It's the tele-health play for mental health. They also have that brand aware. Uh, I don't know if you've seen the commercials match, but Michael Phelps, uh, I think Demi Lovato. Right? So some big names. I mean, if you read anything about sports and celebrities, right?

    Yeah. You're seeing a lot of them speak out about mental health. So, you know, when does a company like this really gain that footing from being a peer play, mental health play. And also, are they an acquisition target from like a Teladoc or another tele-health company, or can those companies launch their own mental health platforms?

    Right. That's the thing to share care, have anything proprietary or do they just have, you know, the first entry to the market and those celebrities involved? Uh, something to watch with Sharecare. But again, I like the story and the fact that they're helping people, but as far as fundamentals and financials go, I think they are a little ways out here from really turning right.

    Yeah, this is one that I'd try to look at the weekly to show a little bit more of what you see here and you see what guys you see kind of more of a flag pattern on the downside. This is a fair flag. Uh, you could say that it tried to break out of the flag there. Um, if you drew it like that early on, and then it broke out, came back into the flag, play.

    I would be looking for another move back down to six fifties. Uh, you want to see kind of sideways period with this one and then get it back above $9. It looks like it really rejected when they got up there. Big thing on the monthly, as you see it coming back down towards these wicks. Um, that's why I wouldn't want to play with it right now, unless it really holds really quickly back above seven 50 for right now.

    I think it's still heading back down towards the low. Uh, we'll see when this one turns around now, not the best looking chart right now for me on a monthly chart. All right. Let's keep going. Let's go into the chart into the, uh, into the chat here. Let's see what we got out there. Sorry. We'll wait for positive earnings.

    Yeah, I think that's something that you definitely got to play. Their wordplay game is on fire today. Hey, I tried there with the little space play. Uh we'll we'll see what happens there. Smashed the light. Like Sue says, let's keep it going. Everything is down. Don't worry, mark. I won't catch you with your pants down either.

    Let's keep going. Let's get into it. I bought more hut. Look at car, looking into some blockchain. Hey, that's what you gotta do. Sometimes you gotta take some other plays out there. I know I got stopped out in some of my real opening plays today, Chris, with that being said, I'll bring up a reopening trade that I thought possibly could get hot, but I'm thinking right now it's probably a.

    Let's take a look here. B F I, when that you and I have talked about in the past that we looked for an upside look, you know, sometimes Chris and I are going to be wrong and we admit when we're wrong. And we also admit. Probably right to, you know, Hey, you got to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes.

    Right? So let's take a look here. What do we see? BFI coming back down. We did get a little pop when we talked about it last time. That was, that was the writeup that we got Chris, but guess what? We're actually below those price point. When we called that little move up, where are we going to with BFI? What are you thinking about restaurants?

    Okay. Yeah. I mean, the, the reopening restaurants, I think is still, it's a tough to call market, right? I mean, Mitch, I know even going to like fast food restaurants, a lot of them are still closed inside. Right. You're counting heavily on drive-through traffic delivery traffic. And that was part of my thesis here with burger Phi, right?

    Was they are catering to delivery. They're building their stores. They have drive through. Catering to delivery those third party, you know, uh, um, services that bring food to your house. I still like the story. They have earnings, hopefully in November, I'll be following to see what we get out of the company.

    Right? How are the new stores performing? How are their old stores performing? And are they still going to continue their expansion? Oh, the opening new stores this year, or has the pandemic set them back? The other a restaurant reopening one, I saw someone mentioned in the chat, Mitch F S T um, I don't remember who it was.

    So FST, um, Martin Martin asking for FST multiple times here. So FST is the Fertitta entertainment restaurants, right? So this is your Bubba Gump. You're more in steakhouse. Um, you know, a couple of different chains. I like it. They're a little bit higher end price point, which, and they're there, as I just said with burger fi right, this is the opposite.

    These are restaurants that rely what heavily on dying in gas. So, I don't know if I love this one yet. They do own a sizable stake of golden nugget gaming online, right? Sizable stake. Yes. Sizable stake. No pun intended, but Mitch good. Call-out that was pretty good. If I would have play on that, I mean, they're a steakhouse brand, but the question for me is they're going to, they're going to own, they're either going to get cash or draft king shares, right.

    When that draft king steak goes through, I said steak again. So what, what are they going to do? Are they going to hold those draft king shares or are they going to sell them? And if they sell them, what are they going to do with all that money? Right. Are they going to acquire another restaurant business?

    Are they going to build out their own restaurants? Or is this a restaurant company that maybe could pay dividends in the future? So FST has been on my watch. It's a little bit pricey for me here at 1252. I would've liked to grab this one at $10, but the reopening of restaurants, I just don't know Mitch, if we're fully there yet until a fast food places, open indoors and B there's a worker shortage still, right.

    Restaurants. Can't hire people. There it is. Yeah. A labor issue. And so if you're a restaurant and you can't hire people, it hurts your customer satisfaction. It hurts your timeliness, right. And that affects your top line and your bottom line. So keep an eye out on this trade, Mitch, you said reopening. What about, um, there is a merger vote this month for a vivid seats.

    H the C a C. Um, are we fully to that level yet where people are going to college? Um, so H Z a C horizon horizon. So are we to the point where people are going to concerts or concerts selling out, that's a trend to watch, right? We saw live nation shares. Start to run earlier this year on the reopening vivid seats.

    They rely more on sports tickets than concerts and Mitch. If you're following college football, I think you've seen. That peep and pro football, right. That people are going to games. Those sets are full. So this is one that I'm watching this month with that merger vote. I wonder if we dip below $10 after the merger.

    Um, and that's where I'll be looking as to maybe get shares under $10. Post-merger on H, Z. Yeah, definitely one that we start going back towards the trend that we're looking for. I would look for myself, Chris and I mean, I, myself already have looked up some tickets on vivid seats. Uh, further coming up. I got the nuggets versus Miami heat come into November.

    And I'm trying to get front row seats, man. So the best way to do that is usually to scalp it off of a season ticket holder, right? I mean, you're not going to probably go straight towards the. Uh, let's say ticket master to try to kit, unless you go in through there, their season ticket kind of resale. And so we'll see what happens with this one, Chris.

    I'll see if I get that dip down, I'll be looking for the same thing. All right, Chris, let's go ahead and let's talk a little bit more about some top specs that are out there. What are we expecting towards? So I'm going to go first and I'm going to call out maybe one or two, and then I'll let you kind of call out one or two.

    Uh, first one, I'm going to take a look at is one that I expect in the long run, just one that hasn't ever turned away. And so sometimes we got to find those that, I mean, I can clearly say, I just don't expect it back down below $10 anytime soon. And if it ever did, I think we'd all go crazy at the opportunity.

    So let's take a look. Um, P materials. Let's go, let's go to MP here. Alright. MP materials here. We are pulling back. So I will let you know. So it is on a big pool back right now, but I do like the chart and that's why I'm starting to call it out here. So if we take a look here at the weeklies, I think we're heading back down closest towards this support here of 29, but anywhere between 30 and about 27 50, I do like this stock has made multiple approaches to breakthrough.

    40 has gone to a hundred. Of 51 77 and I'm going to be looking for it to come back down to support here all eight for my Benzinga pro users. And we'll look to see if it finds support somewhere there at 27 50, 28 fifteens. And then we'll look for that move right back up through forties and continuing to move through 15.

    For 2022 is when I will say that would happen, but I'll be looking for this to kind of transitions into a support and then make its way back up towards the resistance. This is my, one of my calls, MP materials. And, uh, I'll let you go with one one here, Chris, what are you thinking? And then I'll jump in with one of my.

    Yeah. You know, it's so tough to, to pick one. I continue to like, um, TDAC so lottery.com and sports.com. Mitch. I don't know if you've paid attention. I mean, I used to buy lottery tickets, right? For Powerball and mega millions Howard ball. Is that a record? Right? What happens when these jackpots hit record?

    People buy a crap ton of tickets, right? So a company like lottery.com, I think that could really help their financials. Right? Because as more people are buying tickets online, a major jackpot, like that is a big catalyst for them, right? It's a positive people are going to buy lottery tickets. Maybe I even, you know, take a dab at these lottery tickets, uh, with Powerball at home.

    But this is a company, you know, again, online lottery and they own sports.com. We saw what FUBU, what just happened with FUBU, right? Fumo sheriffs had gotten slammed, but they launched that sports book. And finally started that sports book integration and share started going up again. That's what happens when companies that say they're going to do sports betting, start to do sports betting, right?

    It's a major catalyst, a major. So once a lottery.com actually announces their sports betting plans and starts them. I think that's a win and a catalyst here. So TDAC, I continue. Yeah, keep it on and watch, we'll see what happens if it gets out of this 13 to 11 range, it's just stuck in that range. I would like to see a break out of that range and see it, get that upside.

    Look, we'll see what happens with that one. The next one to mention. And I mean, man, it's, it's a hard one to mention here, because one thing that you're starting to see is. You have a lot of these EVs and these LIDAR ones that look good and all of a sudden turn back around, like for awhile there, I was starting to think, oh, well, I lay ZR.

    Right. And then. What happens. We're still getting that red, monthly candles, right? I've been waiting for these to turn around. These are definitely on my radar for the next year. I can tell you that right now. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to look further out in time and I'll come back to them at that moment.

    But for me right now, one of the things that you gotta look at is what can happen going into the end of the year. And so would that be. Uh, I'm just going to stay on what some sports plays. So I actually just went after S E H a. This is going to be one that I'm going to take a shot on why? Because I've been seeing the volume come in it.

    And if I see the. You guys know, sometimes I try to follow the volume here. Uh, so this is what I'm seeing here. Sideways action, trendline coming back down and you guys know how I like to draw out here. So this is what we're seeing right now. We've seen multiple pops trying to get above and even a pop that went above never closed above.

    So that's the next thing we could see pullbacks that even let's say 9 87. That's kind of the line in the sand. If it breaks that it could go down towards nine 70, but we want to see a nice lift above 10 thirties and a big push through 11th. I think that you need to see some news come out for this to happen.

    But for some reason, uh, last week we started really getting a lift. If you can see right here, it just trades two hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand. Then all of a sudden we start going to 900,001 million. 1.5 million, 3 million shares traded. That's when I started getting interested in this one and I took my shot and H we'll see what happens from here.

    If it does break the nine 80 sevens, I'll probably be stopping out. I actually have a stop place right now at nine eighties. Why? Because if it does go down there and guess what, guys, I don't want to be caught with the bag. That's not what the idea is here. The idea is for the stock to make a rip, if it doesn't make.

    You got to go ahead and know where you're going to sell it and get out of the trade. Mitch. I hope the chat's ready for this cause uh, I can say that I also went long. S E a H last, whoa. I was able to grab shares at $10. I love that price point, right? $10 floor. Uh, sports betting. I mean, this is super group.

    This is bat way. They have not completed the merger yet. There is not a date. So this is in my IRA because I think we're going to take a little bit of time here. Right? We need to get through the merger. We need to get changed over to the new ticker, the new name. So I'm holding for the long. Because I think once they are a peer play sports betting company, there is huge upside, right.

    Look at other sports betting peer plays. Look at rush street, look at genius. Look at draft Kings. None of these come down below that $10 price point, right? They all trade higher golden nugget right there. People want peer play sports betting companies. It is a high growth area. Once sea age completes that merger.

    I think those shares are going to be very attractive to people. Um, they, they have strong relationship with the NFL that we know very well from having Eric on our show. So Mitch, I like SCA H um, I also like the other sports betting ones. Right. I don't know if you saw this Mitch. I mean, I know I was hoping the Buccaneers would cover the spread last.

    But 90, some percent of people that on the bucks to win by seven or more points. Right. They didn't. So what happens? Sports betting companies cleaned up, right? They made so much money this weekend because some of the favorites that were heavily. Lost or didn't cover the spread. That's a win for sports betting companies that already have these razor thin margins, right?

    Because of your customer acquisition costs. If they can put together some big weekends, like they had this past weekend, I think earnings could be. This is what you always got to look out for guys. So we're going to be watching draft Kings to see if it holds its support. Always draw some lines, draw for yourself, see what you expect stocks to hold and go back to seeing what happened at that point.

    Last time we got towards this point was right around here around the 43. We recovered up towards a 51 50 twos. If you guys remember, this is where I traded it at was 50 ones. And eventually went towards the price point that I was looking at, which was a $60 price point. Uh, then turned around from that 64 high, what we're going to look to see.

    This one can find that weekly support. So it's coming right into that. Gonna run right into that around 47 or 46, I'd be looking for this to turn back around on the upside. If not, it could head down towards a major support going down towards 40, but I don't see much lower than that. RSI is one that I do see can pull back right now.

    Chris, now be careful with this one because we've had seen a massive run up. So what I'm looking for RSI is either they get the new. And the stock goes slightly above, maybe to 22. I could see them getting that news acquisition. Um, let's see what happens if news comes out that there isn't going to be a deal.

    This one could also come back down, I think closer towards 17 and 15. If it does get to 15, I'd be interested again to get in this one. As you guys know, I sold this one at 14, still to this day, like. Should he got back in at 11. So I was looking for 11, it went two to 12 and went right back through those levels.

    We'll see what happens now that we've gotten it to do kind of these three pushes. Um, I always look for like the drives. Look how, look, how this one is. Uh, it drove up here. It drove up here and then it drove up right here. I think maybe you get one more drive towards 22, but after that you should see a little bit of a pullback.

    We'll see if it gets back towards somewhere in this $15 area. That's a great call-out RSI match. Cause when you look at that, A lot of that valuation in the recent run-up is baked in from an acquisition. Right? What happens if they don't get acquired or, I mean, again, I think they get acquired, but the question is how quickly we're in the middle of the NFL and college football season.

    To me, I think an acquisition would have happened before that. Right? You want to close that deal before these major sports betting events, because you want that extra, you know, If a deal gets announced. Now, I just think that it kind of takes attention away from whatever company acquires rush street.

    Right. So unless if it's a company not already in the sports betting space, so maybe if. Remember how like ESPN wants to get into sports betting. Um, what's, uh, the new, uh, fanatics, right? If it's a company like that, I could see the playwright now, but for like a draft Kings or a pen or someone like that to acquire rush street, I just don't think it's going to happen right now in the middle of the football season.

    Again, that's just my opinion, but I think as much said we could see a pullback on RSI because a lot of that is baked in all. And I just don't know if we're going to get an acquisition this quarter. All right. When the call out that I might take a shot on Chris, just because I could get my $10 back is B H S E Y.

    Why? Because, I mean, we're starting to reach that year point, right? Yeah, B H S E. I actually own a warrants in this one, I think match because they were super cheap a while back. Yeah. I mean, this is a company looking at the sports industry and it's, you know, sports franchises, sports, entertainment, media, sports, betting.

    It could be any of those, but yeah, the deadline, I'm not sure. I'll have to do some digging to see. But it has been around for a while, so good call out there. And again, it's the 17th of December. I mean, we'll have to verify that, but I believe it would be the 17th of December. And so you're talking about what they got to, uh, two months, a quick two months to get this done.

    We'll see what happens here. Uh, but I mean, I just always look at these as if there are other 10 and they haven't taught. I mean, why not take a shot? Right. All right. Let's go ahead. We'll be wrapping up here guys. Like always you guys look it up. We'll see what happens with the maps. Maps is interesting because it's been holding the 14th support.

    We'll see what happens in the cannabis industry. I know there was talks last week. Um, and the week prior, I think, uh, about, of course the banking and kind of how they could be thrown in with another bill. Um, look for. News for that to come out and guess what? Maps will start moving. I'll tell you that much, uh, we'll pay attention towards this one.

    Looks like it's created a really good bottom at 14. We could see it rip through 16 with good catalyst. Let's pay attention to this because of. I mean, Hey, next thing he knows that 18 I'll keep watching maps too. It's actually getting interesting for me. I like that chart like this bottoming action multiple times to break down big volume coming in.

    We now got slightly above that, holding it sideways. It looks like someone is in here and looking for upside move in maps. All right, that's going to do it for us. Chris, did you know, nearly all stock price changes of 10% or more result from a single news headline? That's right. News headlines have a unique ability to drive stock prices up or down.

    These news catalysts create trading opportunities every day. All you need is a little help to reach out and take them. And if you're looking to grow your portfolio, it doesn't matter if your investment budget is small or big, an easy to read stream of news headlines will increase your opportunities to profit from price changes in the stock.

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    58m - Oct 4, 2021
  • A Look Into Aerospace

    Episode Summary:

    On today's SPACs Attack Chris & Money Mitch go into Vertical Aerospace.


    Vertical Aerospace CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick EVTL

    Vertical Aerospace CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick going public via SPAC merger Broadstone Acquisition (BSN).

    SPACs September Calendar:

    • 9/28 DMYI merger vote with IonQ
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    Unedited Transcript

    How are we doing traders? Welcome to the specs attack. Yes, we're going to be getting into aerospace. We talked about these companies we've talked to Joby, we've taken a look at these companies. So get ready. We're going to talk to another one, one that has impressed me. And I know Chris is going to be super excited to get into the interview.

    Let's go ahead and jump right into the. We're going to get into headlines and hit that interview as fast as we can. Let's go ahead. You guys start us up with a thumbs up.

    what's going, what's going on, traders. How are we doing out there? Let's go ahead and bring in the brains of this show. Chris catchy was going on. Hey, what's up Mitch? Yeah. Happy Friday to everyone out there. Starting to show up a little late, but. We got the headlines. We, we got an interview and we'll also try to hit ticker time at the end of the show.

    So stay tuned to everyone. It's going to be a great episode here. Yeah, you guys, like it says at the bottom up next, we'll be getting into BSN, which is a company that's going to be merging into an aerospace plate. You guys, you know, one thing that we've talked about is how we've. Taking a step into these kinds of plays that have come to the market.

    We're going to bring you another one today. But first thing, we got a couple of headlines. I know Chris wants to get right through that. Let's go ahead and knock those out.

    All right guys. Yeah. Quiet Friday out there. No new deals. I'm not seeing any rumors. Um, but let's get to some headlines. We do have some analysts notes out there. So up first SMF, our SEMA for holding. Jeffrey's initiating coverage with a buy rating and a price target of $13. So a SEMA four S M F R. This is one that's under $10 right now.

    Uh, got a nice little uptick this morning, but about 2% right now. And we have PEO near pay P a Y O city group initiating coverage with a buy rating and a price target of $12 and 50 cents. I'm one of those FinTech plays. This one is starting to creep back up to the $10 level. Uh, we'll see if PEO near can get back up there.

    And then Protera Barclays initiating coverage on pro Terra PTR a with a price target of $10, a Proterra. Remember electric, uh, buses and vehicles, the $10 call here. Um, this is an equal weight rating. Not great. Considering the stock is trading right around 10 times. Um, this continues to be one of my favorites going forward.

    As I think we get some new electric bus deals. And then speaking of electric buses, we also have lion electric, L E V Barclays initiating coverage with an overweight rating and a price target of $17. So there you have your pair trade Barclays, essentially coming out and picking Lyon electric as the one that it favors more.

    Over pro Terra. So interesting. I like both of them. I think the sector's got room for many players. Um, but Barclays here taking the lion electric side, then fiscal. How fast, sorry, we've got to talk about this one. Uh, you know, I own shares of Fisker. I liked the story going forward, Mitch and I both highlighted this one this week and we said, what's the next event to watch for?

    Right November the LA auto show. And here you have a tweet from Henrik Fisker. Last night saying, uh, the global debut electric Fisker ocean production intent vehicle at 2021 LA auto show, November 19th delivery. Start Q4 2020. Come check out the oceans, never before seen technological innovations, we will have several vehicles on display.

    Look at that chart on Fisker, the volume kicking in there. Um, you know, Henrik, Fisker. He's no stranger to Twitter. Um, but, uh, again, LA auto show, November 19th. I think that is going to be a major event for them with all eyes on the ocean. And then we have help as eight lbs. Uh, they're a global leader in micro mobility shares have been running recently on that media arm, you know, selling the rights to soccer games, but they announced their official arrival in California.

    Today. They're going to deploy those east suitors, uh, Santa Barbara county. They have a one-year permit. Initial fleet will roll out and expand throughout the county. Um, help us now, uh, obviously a leader overseas, but they are expanding into more and more cities here in the U S you see that chart?

    Coincidentally help us has micro mobility news out today in shares are down. But again, High flyer over the past couple of trading sessions based on, you know, the other, uh, media arm news. So not surprised to see profit taking, but again, micro mobility is the big story here to watch. I think the media, you know, is not going to be as big of a revenue driver for them.

    And then we do have redemption deadlines today. Uh, several tickers, M a S. D M Y I G L E O S T P C C a H C S P F R and P. T K I will know DM. Why I already starting to run up a, I Q quantum computing. Of course the T the company there and CHC is a biotech deal and a smaller float. So that would also be one to put on the watch list, um, for next week's merger votes.

    Uh, that's what I've got for headlines match again, not, not a ton out there today for Friday, and also looking at the chart. It doesn't look like we are the watch list. It doesn't look like we're getting a ton of big moves out there. All right. So w we want to get right into our interview today. But one thing I wanted to mention before we get to that interview is how cool of a website they have.

    You know, we get to see a lot of these websites. Um, and a lot of times I look at the websites and I'm like, oh, just a simple website, you know, but I really enjoyed how you, when you come to the web. You get the feeling of exactly what you're looking at. So definitely I think it's a pretty good website. So whoever designed this, give them a good thumbs up.

    You guys give us a good thumbs up. We're going to get right into our interview. Chris, do what we do best where we unlock specs. So let's go ahead and nail this out. You guys give us a thumbs up. Got another great interview for you guys today. Right now coming up.

    All right guys, another exclusive interview here on SPACs attack. Joining us on the show. We have Steven Fitzpatrick, the CEO and founder of vertical aerospace company going public Vyas with Broadstone acquisition, ticker B S N. And also I will note the company's new ticker will be Evie T L Stephen.

    Welcome to the. Thank you so much for having me guys. Awesome. Well, let's dive right into questions. You know, where we expect expects attack. We talk all things, specs and beast backed companies. One of the first questions we like to start out with here is, you know, why the decision for vertical aerospace to go public via a spec and was a traditional IPO also considered by your.

    Yeah. So it's a question that everybody asks, um, uh, but it's still, it really deserves a great answer. So one of the things that we really loved about what we saw in the SPAC opportunity was the ability not just to talk to our investors and to, to talk about all the prospects and the, the, the, the work that we're doing, that the really exciting future technology that we're bringing in.

    So on. Um, when you think about the bagels that we're building, uh, these are really novel aircraft. They're going to transform how we think about traveling around cities and in-between cities and so on, but they're pretty new aircraft. So I think it's, we, we did a really great job in engaging with passengers all over the world.

    Um, about getting, giving them confidence to riding these vehicles. So do you think, first of all, going public really helps with that credibility and I think we've seen there's big momentum in the ed toll space, uh, around going public and especially through respects. Um, but then also, um, you know, working with really established industry partners.

    So, uh, world-class, world's leading airlines like American, like Virgin Atlantic, like golden in Brazil. And, and taking the company public was a great way to bring those guys into our ecosystem as well. So there was a lot of advantages. It, it happened, uh, you know, a lot faster than it normally would on a normal IPO process.

    And so we were able to speak to investors, um, go through the spec process and then we hope get right back to really focusing on designing and building these amazing aircraft and not spend the next 12, 18 months, uh, going through an IPO. Perfect. So you mentioned, you know, the EVT O L space. Can you just give, you know, viewers out there who aren't familiar with either the EBTL market or vertical aerospace, a little bit more about your company and how you play into that?

    Sure. So, uh, E V T O L stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing. Um, these are vehicles that, uh, I think we've probably used to call flying cars. Uh, now we're calling them all that air, taxis or totals. Um, these are vehicles that will take off and land vertically. The name would suggest electrical.

    Um, we're flying about 200 miles an hour when we cruise, but we don't need a runway. So we take off from either a sky port or a heli pad. If you want to think about traditional infrastructure terms, you can take off from any heli pad, the beauty of these aircraft, because they're electrically powered.

    They're really, really quiet. They're about a hundred times less noisy than a helicopter. When they're in crews. They're also about a hundred times safer. We're certifying. This aircraft to, uh, the, uh, Yasser, uh, UV tall standard. That's the same safety rating as it would be a Boeing or an Airbus, uh, that you would fly in trans Atlantic.

    So these are about a hundred times safer than a helicopter. And because they are electrically powered, they prepare a few moving parts to compare it to traditional helicopter. So the operating costs, the maintenance and so on super, super low. We actually think when, when we bring these, uh, planes to market and just three years time, it's going to be about a fifth of the cost of flying in a helicopter.

    So an 80% cost reduction, meaning that these vehicles are going to be available for an affordable for just what, anybody that lives in a city in north America or Europe. So it's really going to transform it. It's like, you know, helicopters are amazing, but the really, for wealthy people with a very high risk appetite.

    And so these vehicles are going to be, you know, for everybody that live in cities, Perfect. So, you know, you mentioned, uh, a couple of names, um, at the top of some partners and companies you work with, uh, another item we always talk about, you know, on specs attack here is some of the investors, right? So, you know, immediately jumps off the page from the investor presentation and the PR that some big investors in vertical aerospace, Microsoft American airlines, Honeywell roles.

    Um, can you talk a little bit, just, you know, to start with some of these, uh, investors in the company and what that may mean for, you know, validation to potential new retail investors out there? Yeah, Chris, I think that's a great question and something we really focused on when we were doing a race, um, and going through this back process, uh, we have been working hard for five years.

    Um, it's been a relatively. Stealthy or behind the scenes existence. We haven't gone for a lot of PR. We haven't had a big retail following, um, some of our competitors, but we, we really, really focused on the quality of the engineering. We've hired hundreds of engineers from these enormous aerospace companies and really gone experience over youthful vigor and confidence, let's say so we've got 1700 years of experience on the engineering team that certified 30 different aircraft or jet propulsion systems between them.

    And the focusing on the engineering has meant that when we go and speak to airlines, when we go and speak to our technology partners, you know, we're speaking their language and we're really working within a, a world-class aerospace engineering ecosystem. And so when it gets to the investment, when it, when it came to our go-to market strategy, I think we've been able to demonstrate just how sophisticated the design, the credibility of the team.

    And so we've really gotten the backing of the experts in the sector. And I think it's really important for investors coming in. Uh, , it's new to everybody. You know, there, there's never been an opportunity to invest in an Evie talk company in a public market up until a few, few weeks ago, a few months ago.

    Um, so we really think the validation that's coming from being backed by these industry leaders that, you know, they're, world-class experts in their, in their own technologies. It's a real validation of the team, the strategy and the, uh, and the. And then along with those big investments, you know, that we just talked about, you also have some strategic partners.

    So, you know, you mentioned American airlines, Virgin, uh, goal, and some others. Can you talk a little bit about what these partnerships look like, uh, in terms of pre-orders commitments and how these companies will help push vertical aerospace going from. Yeah, sure. So one of the, um, the big opportunities we see in the early years, and as I said, we're, we're on track to certify these vehicles in 2024.

    So. Uh, we think one of the very first opportunities is going to be working with airlines to help build, uh, extension routes, uh, from, from their airport hubs and, and giving, uh, a wonderful pre and post flight experience to their passengers. So we wanted to work with the world's leading airlines and most innovative airlines.

    Um, before we, uh, nine star SPAC merger, we had a partnership that we announced with Virgin Atlantic and the UK. American airlines in the U S so some really big names. Um, but then also on really critically Avalon, um, which is the world's second largest aircraft finance and leasing company. And why that's important is that we are looking at the global opportunity, uh, for Evie tolls.

    Um, some of the world's largest cities are in emerging markets where they stand to benefit the most from, uh, the, the, the, the, the, the ability to fly over. Don Don traffic. And so in those markets, the lease financing of aircraft is the airlines run their business. And so working with Avalon, they've got nearly a thousand aircraft, $30 billion of assets that they manage and having them stand beside us and validate our design, validate safety, validate the, the, the, the strategy, the company.

    It means that we were able to walk into so many discussions of airlines all over the world. So whether it's goal in Brazil or, you know, we're working with non-metro Benny in Japan, these are going to be enormous markets for Avalon. I've got 150 different airline customers that they're pushing this through their distribution channels.

    I want to talk a little bit about the timeline, um, you know, a commercial operation set for 2024. Can you walk us through, you know, what happens, you know, from now until 2024 to kind of get the company set up for, you know, that huge, uh, catalyst. Yeah. So we've like I said, we started in 2016, we built two full scale prototypes.

    Um, I single Cedar, then we, we developed a pasture with two, uh, sorry, pilot, two passenger, uh, vehicle. And then we've now moved on to the, the X four, four passengers. Um, and a pilot, obviously. So that's the one that we're taking the certification and we're already in production now for the production prototype.

    Um, there's a series of a lot of test flying hours. There's a lot of different programs that we've got to go through. Been working with the regulators in Europe for three years, doing things that certification of battery systems and specifying motor requirements and so on. So we're three years into the journey of certification.

    A lot of work still ahead of us. Um, 20, 24 is when, um, we're, we're expecting to bring the product to market. One of the things that makes us different from a lot of our competitors is that we don't want to be the operator of these vehicles. So we want to be an always. Um, and not run the passenger operations, all the route planning, uh, the, the passenger booking.

    Uh, training and, and so on. We want to design manufacturing and service these vehicles. And so when it comes to, I think part 1 35, uh, operator licensing, uh, which you need to, to operate passengers, this isn't something that we need to go through. And so we start off relatively small. I think we've got 50.

    Production in our first year, 200 to two 50 or two, and then ramping up at year three. So, um, there's a, there's a, a lot of work to do, but we're, we're working with the world's leading, uh, suppliers. We've got the world's most experienced design team. So we look like. You mentioned, you know, uh, the production ramp up.

    I want to get into that a little bit, you know, once you hit the commercial operations in 2024, you know, we talk about scaling up and your company is targeting profitability and cashflow break even, uh, once hitting a hundred aircraft. I mean, that seems like a pretty small number here. Talk about how you're able to, you know, achieve profitability at that level.

    And also how production scale. Will really increase, you know, margins and the financial outlook. Yeah. So, great question. When I find that this business, I looked at aerospace and you know, it's really capital intensive. If you do it the wrong way, you can sink a lot of money into design you're sort of on your aircraft.

    So what we wanted to do is de-risk that path to certification and then also direct. The path to scale. So one of the reasons we don't want to be an operator is that we don't want to have to carry all the aircraft on our balance sheet and then start to ramp up passenger demand. And so on once when we sell the aircraft, we're booking the revenue.

    Then the second thing we wanted to work with a great supply chain. So rather than reinventing the wheel or reinventing the wing, let's say. Uh, we are working with rolls Royce and electrical propulsion, Honeywell, and avionics, uh, GKN on, on a lot of our structures, Salvi on high-temperature composites. So we've got this great supply chain.

    A lot of the cost of the production units are already really locked on. Um, and then when you think about the performance of the aircraft, the, um, the operating cost for the operators, the aircraft, a fraction of what the equivalent performance payload of a helicopter would be. And also the production costs a fraction because when you think about helicopters, they are really complex machines.

    They're powered by jet turbines, super expensive to manufacture tens of thousands of moving parts. And you really can't bring down the cost of the unit cost of a helicopter. Whereas we will be selling these aircraft at $4 million. It's about half the cost of an equivalent performance helicopter. And we've already got orders that take us through, you know, three and a half years of production.

    And so we think we're going to be demand constrained circuit for the rest of this decade. And with our supply chain partners, uh, you know, a lot of the components for the aircraft, a lot of the subsystem technologies will be arriving to our factory. And then our assembly is relatively straightforward. I mean, I'm not going to, I don't want to, you know, under underplay the complexity of the aircraft or, or, or building up that interest relative to building every single subsystem ourselves.

    Um, I think this is a really disciplined and much lower risk approach to scaling the manufacturing. So we're leveraging not just the R and D capability of, uh, Honeywell and rolls Royce since you came on, but also their manufacturing capabilities as well. And so that that's going to help us achieve scale scale that.

    Perfect. Thanks for, you know, that, that great explanation. Uh, you know, the, the big question I think, from the chat, and of course, with one of my questions, you mentioned, you know, that up until, you know, this year we didn't have, you know, an EBTL publicly traded company. And now, you know, thanks to SPACs and the, you know, increased interest in the market.

    We are seeing, you know, more players out there. Uh, so the big question is, you know, what separates vertical aerospace from some of your competitors? What are some key, you know, differentiating factors, how are you different and how can vertical be. Yeah. So again, great questions and the questions that investors should be asking.

    Um, there's a few things that I think make us different and obviously, therefore I think they make us better. Um, um, we have a really enormous opportunity in front of us. Uh, the, the electrification of flight is really going to disrupt the whole index. Um, on Evie tolls are completely new modes of transport that, you know, we, we didn't have didn't even dream of, you know, 10, 15 years ago, but.

    We are approaching this in a really disciplined way. So, you know, we've said already, we don't want to reinvent the wheel. We don't want to have to redesign and rebuild all of these subsistent technologies ourselves. We're working with great partners and it's really massively reducing our CapEx needs. Um, we don't want to operate these vehicles ourselves, so it really simplifies our business model.

    We focus on. Um, designing, certifying building, and then servicing these vehicles. I'm working in really close partnership with local market experts and mobility service providers. So I think just there, you've got something that's really different from some of the other competitors in this space that have described themselves as wanting to become, you know, the Uber and the Tesla of the skies.

    It's a great ambition. We're very, very focused on a much simpler business model. So that's the, that's the first. Secondly, um, the, the, the, the partnerships that we've already developed, the, um, pre-order, uh, uh, sorry, the pre-orders that we've got totally Nye, five, five, and a half billion dollars, um, with a multitude of customers all over the world.

    It really helps us to validate that route tomorrow. Um, it helps validate the technology choices that we've made. And then lastly, of course, as has said that the engineering team that we've developed, we've been very, very focused on being an engineering led organization. Um, I think the challenge in. He's not about selling the vision is not about, you know, the idea that you can fly over downtown traffic at 200 miles an hour and arrive at your destination, you know, at the same price as taking a cab, that idea sells itself.

    The challenge that we face. It's actually designing and certifying the aircraft. And it's an engineering challenge and it's not one where you can take shortcuts. And I would say even the building of prototypes and so on is not the thing that you want to look at. You need to understand, can these companies bring this product to market and certify it.

    And the number one thing in aerospace that, you know, I learned very early on the challenge is not proving that it works. The challenge to certify is proven that it will never fail. And it's a completely different type of engineering. It's a completely different type of organization. And so, you know, when I look at our, our, our business strategy, when I look at our partnerships, both industrial partnerships and commercial partnerships, when I look at the quality of the engineering team that we've been able to build.

    Um, you know, I really like our strategy is very simple. Uh, and it's certainly for us, we want the very fastest route to scale in what is going to be an enormous global. I think one, a differentiating factor for, for vertical aerospace here is you've got that sweet ticker, right? EVP L I mean, how did none of these competitors jumped the line and get that one from you?

    I, I think that's a, a great poll there for some brand awareness and the EBTL space to secure that, that great ticker. So. Nice. And nice and easy to remember that one. Yeah, exactly. Talk about, I mean, who's going to be the leader in EBT. O L I don't know, I'll search for the ticker and look what I found. So, um, you know, with that being said, and you know, the talk about competition, I, I'm just curious, you know, if you can give us, you know, uh, look at the total addressable market size.

    For the EBT AOL. And you know, is there room for, you know, multiple players here? Uh, do you, do we think there'll be some consolidation in the future? How do you see kind of playing out over the next five to 10 years? No, I think 10 years is a long way. I'd for anybody to think of what, I mean, imagine making a ten-year prediction in January last year, you would have been wrong after two months.

    Um, so. When I look at this market, I would say. The barriers to success are reasonably high, um, that the quality of the organization that you need to build in order to bring a bagel to cert three certification to market. I mean the path to certification it's really, it's really hard to design and build a new aircraft from scratch.

    So really high, a big challenge there. And an enormous addressable market. I think a lot of people have talked about, if you think you can travel at 200 miles an hour, almost silently over cities, you can fly from even with today's technology. You can fly from New York to Philadelphia, for example. Uh, in about 40, 45 minutes.

    So that's rooftop to rooftop. That's going to be an awesome service flying from JFK to downtown Manhattan in like nine minutes for 50 $60. That's something that there's going to be a huge demand for that. When we look at the future, we also see that we're going to be, uh, pretty quickly getting to hybrid variants.

    So. Combustion engines running sustainable aviation fuel or hydrogen fuel cell hybrids that are going to greatly increase the range. Um, and so the even, you know, enlarging the, the addressable market, one of the things that we look to, um, with some of the constraints that we might face, um, as the market grows, and certainly one of the things that we see being a big constraint in the early days, it's going to be infantry.

    So it's going to take time to build more and more sky ports to take off from. So what we wanted to do was make sure our vehicle was going to be great for those short missions at JFK to Manhattan that 10, 15 minute missions, but also the longer range missions where you're, you know, you're in the air for a hundred, 120 miles, because I think that's going to be a bigger address.

    When we bring these products, uh, you know, to, to service in 2024 and 2025. So the slightly longer range missions are going to be more valuable at a bigger address for market in the early days. So there's there's room for competition. It's at massive global opportunity. Um, I don't think it's going to be dozens and dozens of Evie told manufacturers.

    It's going to be smaller companies that are more agile and are able to keep up to pace with the developments of technology that are going to win in this space, ultimately. Um, but so I there'll be new companies like vertical, um, that are, uh, attracting really great talent and bringing this technology to bear.

    Um, but you know, whether it's five or six, I think there's lots of room in the market for different types of vehicles, servicing different markets and different missions. Perfect. So, you know, now that you will become a publicly traded company, you know, investors always want to know, you know, what's next?

    What, what events should we be looking forward to? So we talked a little bit about the timeline. I know that you recently held an analyst day. Um, earlier this week, do you expect, you know, analyst coverage, uh, from some of these people that were there. And can you talk a little bit about. When will we see prototypes, um, you know, flying in the future?

    Yep. So the milestones, mostly that you're going to want to look for are on the path to certification. Um, so we've already, as I said, we've got orders that we could fulfill them today. It would take us three years to fulfill them today already. And you know, we're really just getting started. The, uh, The path to certifications of all its flying prototypes.

    It's about going to unmanned flight programs, then manned test flight programs. Then, you know, you need to go through, uh, just years of testing and validation with the air safety authority. So, uh, yes, uh, the CAA. FAA for north American EBTL companies. Um, so there's, there's always lots of milestones that come on, um, you know, proof points and validation points that come out that de-risk or show that the progress towards certification.

    So those are gonna be the main, uh, data points you're going to look for. Perfect. Uh, we do have a couple of questions, um, from the chat. I want to highlight just a couple here. Uh, we do have a question from John and this one's interesting cause I, I know part of the answer to this. So, uh, he said, well, we need to produce more advanced batteries before Eby tools can fly.

    Um, I saw your presentation. I know you guys have some battery technology. So can you just talk a little bit about that and how maybe that different. Yeah. So we have partnered with, um, great aerospace tier one suppliers for a lot of the subsistent technologies. One of the, the, the, the, the things we wanted to do ourselves and keep close was the design of the battery and the battery management system.

    So that the way we put the cells together and then the software we use to operate them. At the moment we are, uh, we're using commercially available sales. I think it's super important in aerospace. You need to, you need to have demonstrated the industrialization process. You need to get, you know, really high levels of consistency.

    You need to have traceability. Um, and so you can't be using cells that are just in the lab right now, because it's going to be a long, long time before they get certified to fly on an airplane. So. We use an industrially commercially available sells about 271 hours per kilo. Um, so at the higher end of the automotive range, um, At a pack level, it's more like two 20.

    And that gives us about 110, 120 miles of useful range. And then beyond that, of course, we've got reserves for diversions and so on that you would need per safety, um, but 110 hundred 20 mile range. And the, the higher, the energy density that we get in the battery, the bigger that range gets. And of course we would expect over time, um, that the energy density of the satellite.

    Continues to increase. There are some limits, you know, you get to with lithium ion, but certainly 1 50, 1 61 70 miles, uh, will be possible beyond that. We're going to need to see some new chemistry that, you know, doesn't really exist commercially, or we're going to need a hybrid system. Like I said, hydrogen or combustion engine.

    Um, we've already tested a twin jet turbine. Battery hybrid powertrain in Bristol. So we're kind of already, you know, looking at that, um, hybridization that will give us a range of like 500 miles plus. Um, so that's, you know, New York, Washington, LA San Francisco, London, Paris, really great, useful. Um, and so that's more, more where we think we're going, um, any new battery chemistry that comes out, whether it's sodium alley, mini manner, all of this new novel stuff, it's gonna be a long, long time before it gets tested enough to be put in an aircraft.

    So we're not banking on any, uh, new breakthrough technologies anytime soon. But right now with, you know, 2 71 hours per kilo, that that's already enough to give us these really useful. Perfect. Well, it looks like the chat, you know, is loving this. Uh, we've talked so much about the toll market, so always happy to have on, you know, another company in this space.

    So again, for viewers out there, Steven Fitzpatrick, the CEO of vertical aerospace company going public with Broadstone acquisition, ticker B S N. And when that merger is completed, of course, that new ticker will be EVT L one, that you guys should be able to remember. Steven. Thanks so much for joining us on the show and we look forward to, you know, following along with your company's progress.

    Thanks so much, Chris. Thank you. All right. Well, you guys heard it here. You know, another exclusive interview here, uh, vertical aerospace, you know, this EBTL market, you know, so exciting. Um, you know, I, I love the partnerships. I love the investments, uh, Mitch, you know, uh, Microsoft, Honeywell, American airlines.

    Uh, you know, all these companies just jump off the page, right. That their investors, their partners, and that battery talk at the end. I mean, it sounds like they have the battery stuff figured out and they're ready to roll. They're just waiting on, you know, the certifications to get to this. Yeah, something that we'll definitely keep an eye out.

    I did like this slide in here that showed, um, pretty much an average flight here. That would be about 16 minutes in journey, time on, on it. And about $65 in costs there when. Taxi or Uber would take you 83 minutes and forty-five dollars costs. So I think, I think he has something right there that I think, you know, as long as you're looking in that price point, like let's say, I think even 50 to a hundred dollars, if it can get us there faster and it can get us there.

    I think we're going to really consider it, you know, let's say, uh, and this, this map really shows really well. I think it's going to be in those bigger cities. We're not talking about, you know, the Midwest here, we're talking about, you know, places like New York, Philadelphia, Washington. Um, I could even see this working well in Miami.

    Um, sometimes, you know, you can't get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale that quickly because of traffic. This could very much do it for you. Um, and, and I think you're going to continue to see it. I mean, this think about Los Angeles to San Francisco. You know what I mean? Those are flights that I think could really could do better than a plane, especially if you can get the costs down and it's pretty safe.

    So I'm going to be watching for this. I ha I know, I know that we're, we're still early, early in. Chris, but it's going to be fun. Cause I don't know about you, but once this does become a prototype and they're taking flights, I know you and I are going to be calling like I'm going to be in the sky. Right. I mean, next time we meet up in Detroit, we might just be flying these around the city to get from point a to point B.

    Uh, so, you know, I think it's exciting times for the whole EBT oil market. Again, you know, I have the belief that, you know, more than one of these companies can succeed. Right. I think there's. For multiple ones. I mean, look at the fact we have multiple airlines, right? We're going to have multiple companies.

    Um, but I, I like this company. And as you said, Mitch, I mean, very nice laid out website, very nice presentation. I love the new ticker. And again, those aren't like, you know, huge things, right. That drive a stock price. But I think it shows that, you know, key to detail, right. To set the company up and. You know, that's something that could, you know, help them go that extra mile.

    So just, you know, my two sons. We'll keep an eye on these companies. I do think this is one that we've got to put in the right basket, right? We're talking pre-revenue we're not talking something that's making money right now. So let's put it in that basket. Um, you know, we always talk about what baskets these are going in.

    That's going to be one of the ones that we'll be watching for the long run and see if we can match the expectations. We'll see if we can. All right. Uh, coming up, you guys got the power hour. We got about nine minutes left here. I'm going to go ahead and get this ready for us now let's go ahead and take a look here, baby.

    At our watch. Let's see what we got moving out there. Um, let's go ahead and take a look here. All right. So. Going to pull up my Watts's here. See what we got moving. It looks like ZN, G O E V. Still topping the list. They're up double digits. Uh, this is an interesting one, right? Because this one fell out of favor.

    It's traded under 10 for a long time. Um, you know, as I said on the show yesterday, Mitch, I think some of these former specs that are under 10 people are starting to find them again and, you know, look at them in terms of, you know, valuation based on the former $10 floor. So. I haven't seen any new news on a canoe, but, uh, it looks like people are getting into.

    One thing we'll watch is to see if this one can continue. I did see the volume that was building up in the past 15 million now, 12 million then today, 10 million. So definitely somebody straight in this G O E V bouncing back up there. Uh, it looks like a T I P finally potentially finding a bottom. That one.

    Yeah. I mean, you just heard me say it, right. People are finding these specs under $10. Look, no further. This is one that dropped way down. And this, again, this is a company that does physical therapy, right? Uh, it, it, again, not, not a sexy industry, not a, you know, uh, one of those places, retail investors usually look, but, uh, based on valuation and this thing falling, I think people are just starting to, you know, think, Hey, is the bottom end?

    Like you said, Yep. Multiple bottoms near that 3 35. So that's really the level that you'd be seeing. Now you can draw some extremes at the B 30, um, but pretty much that's the level we're going to look for. We're going to look for it to come back through four 50. If it could get through four 50, maybe we can get into this WIC and start looking to make up some of the shadow.

    Um, I mean, Hey, if it can get all the way back to seven 50, you're talking about a hundred percent gainer from here, just clearing the shadow. Right. So, uh, is there a risk and return there? Yeah, of course both sides. There's, there's some risks there, but there's definitely the return outlook there let's look at, uh, no, not, not at the top.

    There let's look at AMH. See a minute. So this was the high flyer yesterday, right? So shares are down today, but I want to point out this chart. Because what happened yesterday with AMHC right? Was it was up huge and pre-market, and then it dropped. And then what happened after our show aired? It did get a second leg going into the market close, which this is something I pointed out.

    Right. I said, remember, this is one that is a, a low, low flood. And it could end up having another leg. So, you know, maybe if you were patient enough, you were able to, you know, take some profits there as well. So again, I don't expect this move to last forever, but this is a low float biotechs back when it changes over to the new ticker next week, I think it's going to get a mansion.

    And then after that, I mean, we may see the smooth fade, but this was a move that I kind of called out yesterday on the show. Yeah. It's going to be one that we'll keep an eye out. H C their amplitude healthcare. Let's keep going. Let's look at MP. If you guys don't know, I was actually given out this stock as one of the stocks that was on my radar, P L L also was on my radar.

    Um, reason why is I really did like the chart and now that we're starting to get this reversal really starting to get me interested. Why? Because you guys know how I look and I try to say this, not, not every show, but more along the show. You guys. I constantly look for the same kind of things. Right. So bottoming.

    Yeah. Bottoming action. Bottoming action. What do we get a test of that again? And what did you get a clear hold of definition there of support. That's what you want to see. And then what do you want to see from that level is a quick reversal, right? Look how it's getting strong. Now I do like this stock to start pushing, um, if I could get it at 33, that'd be kind of the level that I would look at because of course, downside to the support is 31.

    I want to get a little bit closer. I don't want to be extending my. But, Hey, I think this one could make its way back up to, I don't know, maybe $40 in a week or so. Um, so you mentioned that that $40 where you circled there, if you scroll September 13th on the chart is one of those peaks I believe. Right?

    So that was when they announced a share offering. And then we saw shares fall. Right? Cause share offerings are typically, you know, negatively received by the market. So we saw sheriffs fall and now, you know, as Mitch showed, we saw that support and now it's starting to come back up. So that's the story for me here is, you know, share offering, cause they need to raise money.

    I mean, this is a growth industry, but the long-term story stays intact. So, um, you know, pay attention to the chart because you know, you can, you can play those moves right there. Yeah. You know, uh, this is pretty much in sideways consolidation since about June. So, you know, you did get some little peaks, but it is pretty much in sideways consolidation.

    You want to see a breakout completely through that around let's say 37 is an important price point. If you're going to get towards that 40 definitely going to be on my radar. And with this being said, look at the other lithium plays to give you a signal that they are going into the green. This was the other one I gave P L.

    Bottoming actions. Right? Same thing we want to see now, let's see this one go into the green. You want to see multiple of these go towards a big bar, an ETF that you guys can keep on watches lit lit. You want to see that one start pushing towards the high, maybe getting back towards, let's say the high.

    The all-time highs over here towards that area. 87 50. That's what you want us to be seeing. Let's see if we get it in the lithium plays. Um, moving on towards one that you gave earlier in the week to keep an eye out. I N D I in the semiconductor and we saw this big pop right on the 21st. Now we're seeing the volume come back in it and starting to push towards that high.

    Let's see if we can get back up through that high. The high on that day was 1208, which was the 21st September. What are you thinking, Chris? Yeah, I mean, I, MTI is looking real good, right? This is one that I. Since the deal was announced, it's a semiconductor play. It's connected cars. It's autonomous vehicles.

    I mean, Mitch, I hear you talk about autonomous. We just had our EBV, uh, econ, right for Benzinga. And there was a ton of talk about electric vehicles and micro mobility, but what was the other big topic? Autonomous? Right. And to get vehicles to that full autonomous driving, you know, semi trucks, cars, indie, semi-conductors one of the companies that can help take them there.

    So I like this as a play on connected cars going forward. All right, let's go ahead. Let's go towards, uh, let's see how fair days doing fair days. Not too bad today. Yeah. Trying to get in hold above 10. You know, we always talk about that. Trying to close a week above 10. And, and, and that's what we want to see guys, once we clear back above that 10, can we hold above that sideways action and then look for the breakout from that moment, DNA also not doing too bad today.

    One that man I'm telling you, Chris, when this one. Through the $10 price point. I had a feeling that you have got a lot of retail to wash out, you know, the paper hands coming out there, you know, and, and, and folding over there and DNA, because there was so many people that were bullish to stock. Um, and, and that, and that's why I don't, I don't like falling in love with these.

    You gotta be careful because when you do fall, Um, you guys know how you get emotional. Uh, but definitely when we crack this crack, that was a great, great sign. And then one thing that happened here that I like is that on this day, the 14th, you got a high of 10 82, but what happened the day after that? You actually got a test of 9 75 on that.

    That that was the time to attack right there. Perfect sign. You get back up of 10. Maybe you didn't want to buy this whole dip down here because I mean, you were scared of about, you know, buying into a bag. Completely understand that, but once you get back above 10, look for those opportunities to get slightly underneath 10 and then see it really quickly back above 10.

    And then from that point on it never cracks 10. That's where you would be right now in DNA. And you could just pretty much sit tight as long as it keeps this trend. You see how it's just trending? Yeah, it goes up, but it comes back down and it goes up, comes back down. It comes up, it comes back down. As long as it keeps that trend, you can hold on to it.

    Which last one, it's one of our big votes next week. D M Y I, right. You look at this thing, it traded at $10 for the longest time. And we've been calling it out. We've said quantum computing, quantum computing, and now it's starting to get that run going into the merger vote. So, uh, uh, we're over 10 50. Uh, I don't know.

    This one, uh, is definitely on watch for that. Definitely going to be on watch. I look for an opportunity to get back at 10, but who knows, maybe it's already made its move and I won't get that opportunity coming up next. You guys got the power hour. I heard they're going to talk a little bit about what happened in between.

    Yeah. I said, you guys, something happened with Bitcoin today. What you might just have to find out on the power hour, stay tuned, guys. You got hot stocks, Luke, you got air bribe. Please let them know what's going on. A, B I S I saw a video about NFTs on the street. Yeah, Amy, I think, I think AB is the next street reporter out there.

    He's the, he's the one to watch. He's going to be on talk show. Uh, you guys know how we do it here on the specks attack. We'll keep coming at it. You guys let us know in the chat who you want to see next, as you can see, we've been unlocking specs left and right. We're going to continue doing it and like always give us a thumbs up up next.

    You got the power hour. Get right over. We'll take you out. Stay right here. We direct you. .

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    Unedited Transcript

    What's going on traders. Yes. We made it to a. Specs attack. We got some top specs to talk about. We're going to be looking what's on the radar. What's the watch out for yes, the market is going down right now, but we have been seeing the specs, get another lift. We'll see how they continue to move and like always welcome to the specs attack.

    We've got a great interview for you for you today. Of course, we're going to go ahead and get into hotel planner with the CEO, just stay tuned and hit the light button. Let's get started. Specks attack. Get access to actionable news and market research with all the information you need to invest smarter and profit faster.

    Start your free trial today@prodotbenzinga.com. What's going on my family out there. Don't worry. Sue, you enjoy the beach. It's a red day. I understand if you're sitting back relaxing, enjoying the day to day and just going to listen in on the interview. I got no problem with that. Let's go ahead and bring on my friend and you guys.

    Christo pedia, what's going on? What's going on, brother? Yeah. Happy to be here. It's Monday the start of another week. I mean, I wish I was sitting on the beach too, because I mean, it's a red day out there, Mitch. So time to probably sit on them, hands don't look at your portfolio. Or if you had stocks on your watch list today could be a buying opportunity.

    But again, please use caution as we are seeing a lot of red out there for everyone. Yeah. It's just one of those days where, um, this is what I always say. This is one of those days where you really got to know your risk levels. You know, it's okay to cut positions if you're finding yourself below that risk amount, because yes, I know stocks can come back and a lot of times we have seen these big.

    Eventually just get bought back up and you'll see a stock go through your price point. But what I always say is remember to the systematic trade, because at the end of the day, if you stay systematic, you keep yourself in the mathematical advantage. Once you lose, you go outside of your system, let's say, um, you're supposed to cut 5% losers and you wake up today and it's at six or seven and you're like, you know what?

    I'm going to hold. And see if it comes back. Next thing you know, that position is going down that minus 10%. And what you're really doing is you're killing yourself on the next two to three traits. What you do is you put the pressure on, on the next trade because that one trade just cost you more than one trade.

    It costs you pretty much two trades there. And so with that being said, it puts the pressure for you to get back in your accurate ways. So what I always say is just try to find what system you want to stay to and stay to that system. I understand that there's some tough days and that's always going to happen.

    But one thing I always say is find what works best for you, and then look at your data to see if you can stick to that system. Definitely. I mean, always know your risk reward and you know, as much as just sad, you know, have a plan. Right. Uh, you should be prepared for red days, ma Metro, the market. Doesn't just go up every day.

    I mean, a common, common misbelief out there, but, uh, it, it doesn't so, uh, be prepared for a day like today and yeah, I mean, know your risk reward. If, if you're looking at your portfolio today and you're down big and you're worried, that might mean that maybe you were in some riskier names and maybe you should diversify into, you know, a little bit more conservative approach here.

    All right. I do want to let everybody know about a little secret them. Some people might not know today. Um, we're going to go ahead and do a little promo action here. If you use the code happy fall, you're going to be able to save dirty 5%. I know that you guys are probably out there wanting to keep in the game and the Benzinga pro game.

    Hey there, you guys go happy, happy fall there. A pro subscription. 35%. I'd definitely check it out. All right, Chris, let's go ahead and let's get to our headlines. I know you got a couple of them before we get to our interview today, which we'll be getting into a little bit later today with hotel planners.

    Let's go ahead and take us back to those headlines. Chris, let us know what happened on the weekend. What should we be paying attention to this week? And of course, if there's any analyst ratings or something that we might've missed.

    All right guys. Yeah. It's Monday always a decent amount of stuff to talk about to start the week up first, you know, as much side let's talk about some analyst ratings. We do have a factor therapeutics. So E F T R, this has been one of the hottest names out there, right? A biotech spec deal that really rocketed higher.

    So it's actually getting an analyst note today, stifle initiating coverage with a hold rating and a price target of $20 shares are down 9% today to 1760. Um, you know, this thing has been a rocket, right at hit all the way up to 70, um, on that candle, it's also been over $30 recently. Um, but a nice to see the analyst note today.

    So keep an eye out E F T. And then we have DNA, right? Ginkgo, Bioworks, uh, now publicly traded as D and a love that ticker HSBC, initiating coverage with a buy rating and a price target of $14. I talked last week, right? In my big things about DNA. We're going to be, is it going to get that mainstream media attention?

    And it had a CNBC interview on Friday and also will people understand the story of it, right? All the different segments that operates in all the different business lines that it owns. And here you have an analyst initiating coverage. So I love the long-term story of DNI. I actually thought we were going to see a bit of a dip last week, but that dip may not happen now as this analyst note coming in and that attention to what this company does, um, just to keep an eye out on DNA, uh, going forward.

    And then we have draft Kings D K N G. So loop capital reiterating by rating. Um, they said that draft Kings is gaining market share and recently overtook fan duel in the rankings of the top us sports book app on Apple's app store. Not a huge surprise here. Right. We know by now that fan duel and draft Kings are really the top two players in sports betting.

    Um, gaining market share though is a nice, uh, color addition here from the analysts. We are in the start of the NFL and college football season. Draft Kings has been one that I have called out as a winner going into this season. So keep an eye out. Um, DK, N G and then we have L I C Y a lifecycle holdings.

    So we had them on the show earlier this year Wedbush is starting coverage with an outperformed. And has a $14 price target, uh, analyst, Dan Ives calls it a attractive, pure play on recycling. So remember they recycle lithium ion batteries. Um, they have some deals out there with some companies there they're working on, you know, a great future.

    This is a sustainability play, a recycling play. L I C Y a. I'm starting to like this one more and more, you know, I think as we get into the EBV space, we do need to recycle those batteries. And here you have a company that could be the, the pure play leader there. Um, and Wedbush, you know, I am a fan of this analyst in the ed space.

    So definitely going to take a deeper dive into L I C Y F F I E. So Faraday future Metro. We haven't talked about this one a ton recently, but they actually had a event yesterday. So it was their 9 1 9 futurist day, um, where they announced some new business initiatives and the positive progress on the FF 91 production and vehicle delivery, which is why they did the 9 11 9 day yesterday, um, to, you know, hit on that 91 vehicle name that they have.

    They talked about their relationship with Palentier. Um, you know, they, they also talked about, you know, how everything is going as planned with their supply chain and production. So FFI E her get some more attention after that day yesterday. And we have Velodyne LIDAR, V L D R announcing that AGM systems deployed their alpha prime center.

    Um, again, as we talk these LIDAR stocks, right? It's important to get, you know, those new deals, those new partnerships. So Velodyne announcing one today and then offer pad OPA D it's been a high riser. Um, you know, since completing that SPAC deal, um, 1266 today down 7%, but this was one that was over $20 last week, they announced, uh, Kansas city and St.

    Louis as their two newest markets. So as we shift to the digital, a home buying platform, you know, a lot of these companies still need to expand on a national scale. Um, you know, Zillow, Opendoor, and now offer pad and offer pad adding two big markets here with Kansas city and St. Louis in Missouri. Then we have human site, H U M a, they announced the issuance of three patents covering their implantable bio engineered human tissue platform.

    Their patents are now over 23 in international markets and 119 patents covering their proprietary platform in the U S a human site. Again, this is one that has a nice term approach in my eyes here. Um, but H U M a on watch after grabbing these additional patents and we have Archer AC H R ringing the bell, this.

    Um, so they tweeted out the future of electric. Aviation is spelled a C H R today as a historic milestone for Archer. As we joined the New York stock exchange and ring the opening bell. It's a moment of celebration for those who have helped us get to where we are today. Teammates, partners, investors, and fans.

    So Archer ACHR now publicly traded after completing that deal. Keep an eye out on this one and the EVT O L space, um, going forward. And then I want to highlight Jonathan Rothberg, right? Dr. Jonathan Rothberg. We had him on the show, not too long ago. He's got three companies that are going public via SBACK or have gone public via speck.

    He had a big week last week, right. And he put out a tweet. That was awesome to recap this. So I don't know if anyone watched the apple of that, right. Apple iPhone 13. During that event, they actually show. On the iPad, um, uh, beef fly, right butterfly networks with their, um, portable ultrasound. So that was shown on the iPad screen during Apple's.

    Also space acts, just put the inspiration for in the space over the weekend. And they showed off butterfly during a live video chat with those four astronauts and doing the, all the portable ultrasound in space. And also hyperfine another company going public, H C H Q um, is working with Madonna on saving children's lives in international hospitals.

    So definitely a big week for Jonathan Rothberg specs out there. No, we do have one deal announced this morning. Ticker is G L B L. This is a deal for a Tita men group and Elvaria investments. It will create a leading independent global investment firm. Um, the combined company will oversee $54 billion in assets under management, uh, four continents, 11 countries, 25 cities.

    They use a globally scaled multifamily office strategy. Um, they also have a huge presence in the ESG. Uh, governance global real estate and private market groups, revenue expected to hit $215 million this year up 24%, $247 million in fiscal 2022 up 15%. And the deal values of the company at $1.09 billion, G L B L, and Mitch.

    Interesting note on the spec deal, they will actually keep the same ticker going forward. So it will go from ticker, G L B L to ticker, G L B L. So no ticker change on this spec deal that was announced today. So one deal announced today to start the week and we had four deals last week met. So time will tell how many deals we get for the week.

    All right. So, Hey, there's a couple of exciting things there to know. Um, first things I want to mention is, yeah, don't worry. Sue Madonna's we're family too, you know, that's my sister, you know? No, but I just wanted to stay here. Uh, I've been looking at a couple of these in DNA clear one that we saw that would probably come back with the interest that it had.

    Um, definitely making a big move on up. I'm going to keep that one in my radar and OPAC is still the one that. We'll kick myself a little bit. Definitely should have been able to been a part of that move and sell into the twenties would have been easy, a hundred percent winner, and I'll keep an eye on OPAC to see if he gets another run, but as he's, as he saw also getting mentions there, uh, we'll we'll pay attention to see, of course be flight is on my radar.

    Um, a lot of these products have actually done really great and we'll see, I mean, it gets, keeps getting mentioned and it gets mentioned with bigger brands, which is, I think is important. Like you're seeing here with apple. I think that's definitely going to get a lift in the long run, but we'll keep an eye on it.

    All right. So up next guys, we're going to be getting into our interview with hotels, planners, CEO, but before then I want to take a quick look at the watch list. See what we're seeing out there and see if there's any movers to talk about.

    All right, let's go ahead and take a look. And it wouldn't, you know, it top leader here. It was one that I wanted to point out because we have been seeing products like this started coming back is outlet. I'll let getting a nice lift today up about almost 7%. Um, from about those five twenties up there to the five nineties, I was actually interested this morning to see if we would get towards $5 because I was going to take a shot, but it looks like I wasn't the only one thinking this morning near that $5, we've got towards a low of five, 10, and maybe it should have taken that shot.

    But now we're already up there towards five nineties. I'll look for a pull back towards five fifties, but this one's an interesting one. Of course we did. Uh, the product well, as we did an interview on the product, but we'll see how this one continues. Nice volume here at the bottom 4 million shares traded good bullish engulfing candle.

    Now those lows, as long as those can hold, we should be looking good, which is five 18 an outlet making a good move on up. And the other one you want to mention Chris from the movies list? Um, I would say the other one that caught my eye was S N a X strive foods. Um, ticker snacks, all snack, also up 5% today.

    Um, you know, I, you, you said at metrics, some of these D specs that have gone down to the $5 level are starting to come back, starting to gain interest, uh, strive foods remember has investment from chanting. And also, um, the, the quarterback Justin Hiebert. Right? So we could see this as a play on getting more marketing and brand awareness.

    So, uh, I I'm interested in SNA X here and also outlet as you pointed out, we will keep, it was on a watch of course, lucid continuing into the green is another one that watched. They get a pullback with the overall market, but trying to recover that high that we had on Friday. Just keep your eyes on that.

    That's 2351. We need to get it above that and closing and see if it can continue to make a move towards 26 and 30. And that's of course, lucid motors. And we'll see if it gets that lucid dreams moving there. We'll definitely see after of course the EPA rating last week was so important for the stock.

    We'll see if the stock continues to get lifts and maybe some ratings start changing with that EPA being released last week. All right, Chris, that's going to probably do it for our watch list. Now it's time to do what we do best, which is unlock some specs and like always Chris I'll let you take lead here.

    Awesome guys. Yeah. Another exclusive interview here on specks attack. So joining us on the show today, we have the CEO of hotel planner, Timothy Henshaw. That company is going public with a stream acquisition Corp, ticker, a S a X a after the merger we'll trade as hotel planner, ticker, H O T P. Uh, Tim, welcome to specs attack.

    Hey Chris, thanks for having me. Um, it's going to be a spectacular, uh, interview right back in tech. Spectacular. Of course we love it, Tim. Thanks for joining us on the show. Taking time out of your busy schedule, we talk all things, spec and D specs. So one of the first questions we always like to start with is, you know, why the decision to take hotel planner public via SPAC and was a traditional IPO also considered by your.

    A traditional IPO was considered a SPAC was better, better because we're doing it three way merger. Um, we also, you know, need to be in the public space. We're growing so rapidly. Uh, we're putting up great numbers and we're an innovator we've been around for quite a while, but we're constantly pushing out new technology out there.

    So it's important that we be able to raise money, to take our technology to the next. Awesome. So, yeah, as you said, a three-way merger, so after this merger is completed, the, this company is going to own hotel planner.com, meeting Satcom and reservations.com. Um, so together those websites offer access to book over 1 million global properties.

    Um, so I know there's a lot to unpack here, Tim. So I'm just wondering if you can break down, you know, all three of these websites and kind of company units, um, and explain to us what exactly hotel planner.com meetings that com and reservations.com or. Sure. So hotel planners specializes in small, large groups, closed user group rates for individual.

    Those are special discounted, um, opaque rates. Then meetings.com specializes in hotel and off-site venues for corporate, uh, groups as well as leisure groups. So think, um, finding that special venue and meetings.com and then, uh, for reservations.com specialize in making reservations, add hotels and over the phone, uh, desktop tablet, mobile device, uh, mainly leisure, individual reservations.

    Awesome. So, you know, one of the things I saw in the presentation that caught my eye. Hotel planner offers closed user group rates to customers. Um, and that was listed as a differentiating factor to some of your competitors out there. Can you talk a little bit about this and how it keeps your company, you know, ahead of some of the competition?

    Sure. These closed user group rates are heavily discounted, usually 50, 60% below. What, uh, the rate that is available to the public is we, uh, have access to these rates because we have direct connections for group inventory to over 50,000 hotels. We've, uh, signed up these hotels on an extranet that's proprietary.

    Over the last, uh, 17 years. So it's been a close relationship with, on property, uh, hoteliers and they load up these special rates and then we share them through our network and, uh, uh, specifically through, uh, what we're also rebels revolutionizing, which is our gig economy, travel agent, uh, call center platform.

    Perfect. So, you know, you mentioned relationships with over 50,000 hotels. You also have, you know, affiliate deals and OTA clients. So, you know, the big question here is, you know, customer acquisition, we talk a lot about right. For companies. So can you talk about how hotel planner, you know, acquires those customers and why those key partnerships are so important in the success of your business?

    Sure. I mean, we acquire customers in the traditional way. Um, search engine marketing. So spending money with Google and Facebook and being in different sites like that. Um, we also have a very robust search engine optimization strategy because we have a lot of proprietary content, obviously being dominant in the group space.

    It gives us, uh, content on meeting space and banquet space and all kinds of other information that a, your typical site wouldn't have. And on top of that, we have lots of affiliates, uh, you know, on the screen right now, you're talking about the knot and the wedding wire. They send us their, uh, For us to help them find the perfect hotel for their destination wedding or the, uh, hotel for their, uh, out-of-town wedding guests.

    Or if you go on to nine plus rooms on, uh, nine plus rooms, search on Expedia or nine plus rooms, search on Priceline or kayak or any of those kinds of sites. Um, you know, that is where we, uh, help with our proprietary, uh, technology that does, uh, large and small groups. So it's a big moat that we built over the last 17 years.

    Um, we basically dominate that, uh, group hotel booking space, and now we're taking that to the next level, by taking these special closed user group rates that we can share with individual travelers and getting them out there, and not only through our website and the apps, but also through the gig economy, travel agents.

    So that helps with people that want, you know, high touch and customers. Perfect. Yeah, I know, you know, there's always a lot of interest in finding stocks related to weddings, right. Obviously with a wedding market is huge. Um, you know, post COVID, we're going to see a surgeon wedding. So, I mean, if you're out there watching hotel planner, it looks like, you know, has a big relationship here to wedding.

    So a wedding stock to, to possibly watch. Um, I, I want to talk a little bit about growth. So, you know, as you mentioned a three-way merger, you're going to bring in reservations.com and you're going to shift their offline bookings to that closed user group platform. Can you just talk a little bit about the synergies and why the decision to, you know, also acquire this company along with the spec merger?

    So reservations.com does have their reservations over. So we saw that as a huge opportunity because we have a proprietary gig economy, travel agent call center. Um, these, what makes it different is these are people located all around the world, um, and they can be working, um, in your local city or in the city that you're looking to go to.

    Um, so right now reservations.com uses a traditional, uh, call center that that's be based overseas. And we're going to take that to the next level by helping their customers get local, um, help through the gig economy, travel agent. So that's one, um, big synergy and the other synergies with closed user group rates, their customers will start getting a special proprietary deals in special close user group, uh, environments.

    So there's two big synergies there and we're very excited about it. I think to go back to what we were saying, we need. Doing this back was the best way to do this because not only are we going to have extra cash for, uh, growth for our use of proceeds, but we're going to have a lot of organic growth from just the synergies between the mergers.

    So if you're looking at us first and other spec, uh, you know, w I believe, and, you know, the numbers will prove this out. We just put out a proxy last week and you can see all the growth we had in just the first half of this year that we have, you know, twice the growth that you're out of spec we'll have.

    Cause we've got the synergies between the merger and we've got the use of proceeds. Perfect Tim, you know, that segues into my next question. Right? You talk a little bit about growth there. We, we did have, you know, the pandemic, right. And it did hurt, you know, the overall travel market, but one of the big highlights from your presentation was that, you know, yeah, there was a downtrend in travel, but hotel planner, you know, outperformed peers in terms of, you know, during pandemic that drop-off, can you explain, you know, how hotel planner was able to, you know, not see as big of a decline as some of your competition?

    Yes, Chris. Very informative. You read that debt closely. Yeah, that's good. Uh, yeah, so we had, uh, only a 23% drop in revenue over 2020. And we, uh, all, a lot of that to the gig economy, travel agents. What we found right away over COVID is that people had questions. And when people have questions, they wanted to pick up the phone and ask, uh, an expert.

    And so then when immediately we said, let's, let's get the best people we can. We used our AI and our platform, uh, to recruit the best people and, um, then give people local advice. So then it grew from there and we're actually, you know, Proud to say that Delta has not affected us. Um, in fact, any kind of disruption, like we just had hurricane Ida, our booking skyrocketed over hurricane Ida.

    Uh, people will typically want to pick up the phone and we have over 30,001, 800 numbers out there, uh, that are helping, you know, get the right information to the right customers. And they're picking up the phone and the AI is immediately, uh, pushing them to the correct travel agent that can help them with their question.

    I love that, you know, we talk, you know, a lot about shifting to, you know, an online model and here you're talking about, you know, call center, actually providing some growth as people wanted that human interaction, uh, not something have, I don't push it like that. It's not call center. It look, it's very technical because it's a voiceover IP system.

    What we have is people who are at home, have a headset they're connected to a high-speed internet connection with a laptop. When you, when we connect the call to them, they have. Information in front of them on their desktop that helps them answer questions quicker. So we're high breading, uh, the latest technology with human touch.

    We've always set out to do that because our name hotel planner is like wedding planner or event planner, but for hotels, hotel planner. So if you look at a long history of the company, it's always about the hybrid approach of high customer service. You would expect from a wedding planner or event planner, but the automation that you would get through technology and the internet.

    And so we basically just did that in the gig economy, travel agent model, and it's taking off. I mean, every people love it right now. If you go into the homepage of hotel planner, it talks about our Alexa app. And as you talk to a less Alexa and ask, uh, Alexa to connect you with a hotel. Uh, and Alexa will then ask you a couple of questions, but then connects you, uh, to a gig economy, travel agents for that local advice.

    So it's that perfect hybrid between, you know, robotics and an automation and human touch. Think of it like a Robocop, you know, as opposed to a Terminator, what would you rather do you want to book travel with Robocop, not with Terminator. We give you the Robocop. So you, you know, you mentioned technology here in two big growth items, artificial intelligence and machine learning are mentioned in the presentation as areas, you know, where you're going to spend money from the proceeds of this merger.

    Can you talk a little bit about the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how those will play into the hotel planner ecosystem? Yeah, exactly. So we're proud that we're a. Founded by one of the most brilliant engineers out there. Uh, John Prince, my co-founder, um, was top of his class in computer science.

    So he has picked a great team around that. And part of the use of proceeds is we want to continue to grow that team and get the very best talent, uh, so we can continue to grow our AI because we see all of these ways that AI can help in what we do. So not only as I described connecting the right in real time, the right customer to the right gig economy, travel agent, but also searching out the right customer because, you know, there's all this information out there and people are traffic is constantly moving around.

    So what makes our, you know, uh, platform better than the next platform is finding that person out of all that massive amount of data. And that's where the AI comes into. And I have to say that we're very effective in that and our numbers show it if, uh, people want to go and take a look at that proxy we just filed last week.

    They'll see it in the number. So part of the spec merger, you know, as I said, was to acquire, you know, reservations.com via the three-way merger. One of the big questions, you know, with public companies is always, you know, M and a. So my question for you, and I'm not sure if you can answer it, Tim is, you know, is there a plan here to continue, you know, looking at acquiring additional companies that can, you know, evolve hotel planner in the travel ecosystem?

    No, absolutely. That is definitely what we have done and what we plan to do more of, one of the nice things about being a very niche and having the best engineers we can possibly find is that we can then take our superior technology and plug it in to other companies that we acquire that don't know or can't do what we do so we can instantly make them grow faster and more profitable.

    That's the. Perfect. So I want to go ahead. Go ahead. Oh, I was just going to say yes, we plan to start acquiring as soon as next year. Okay, perfect. So I want to dive into finances a little bit. So, uh, you know, fiscal 2022 revenue estimate at $170 million and ahead of the record, 2019 total, uh, compounded annual growth rate of 42% from fiscal 20, 20 to 2023 expected.

    So you mentioned M and a happening, you know, next year, my, my question would be as M and a priced into these projections at all. And also, how do you forecast this model with, you know, the pandemic kinda, you know, still going on a little bit, how hard is it to forecast a couple of years? So, uh, first question M and a is not priced into those numbers.

    We're going to hit those revenues easily without any M and a, um, so M and a will all be bonus. And the reason we did that is because obviously, you know, we're not the only party making the decision to buy that company. Right. We have to find a willing seller so we can. But, you know, put the M and a into those numbers.

    Cause we can't guarantee that we'll do it. We can guarantee that we're going to look and, uh, you know, go out strong to, to look for something and then make some good offers. But, uh, basically we guarantee you hitting those numbers without any M and a, as far as Delta, um, or, or COVID, um, you know, from what we've just seen with Delta, as I mentioned, it actually is helping us because more people are seeking out that phone number, uh, to get more local advice.

    So, um, we're very comfortable with where we are, uh, right now over that, um, where you have a very competitive niche, the way we built the company and it shows in the numbers. So, yeah. Um, right now couldn't be more, um, confident. Okay. Perfect. And then the last question here with finances is, you know, the, the big P question, right?

    Profitability. So, you know, in the presentation talking about scaling profitability, can you just get into, you know, some of the, the metrics here in terms of profits for hotel planner, glad you asked about profits. I like profits being a bootstrapped entrepreneur. That's what I lived on. And so I've when I go public, our big plan is to keep it profitable and grow profits.

    And it's in our forecast. And we're happy to say that, you know, this year, our estimates were that we were going to have 6 million EBITDA. Well, in the first half, you look at proxy, we had 5 million EBITDA. So, you know, it looks like we're pretty good at profits already for this year. And you know, next year we're forecasting 20 million EBITDA.

    And the year after that, we'll be at 30 million EBITDA. And if 2021 is in any indication, I think we can blow those numbers out of the water. Perfect Tim, anything else that, you know, investors and potential investors should be, you know, looking forward to, in terms of, you know, catalyst or upcoming events from your.

    Yeah. So we're planning to do a big fundraiser for St Jude's and south beach over art Basel. On December 5th, it'll be at the Nobu hotel and we're going to give the world hospitality award to John. Is there the tennis player? Uh, Dylan Radigan, who is on our board is going to be our hosts. We're going to be giving awards to all the best suppliers in our industry too.

    So that's going to be a big event and we plan to do more charity events like that. We're big into raising money for charity, just like Elon Musk just did with, um, going around the world and outer space. Obviously Elon Musk does it bigger and better than everybody else, but that's all right. He sets the bar here.

    We're going to get there too. You know, I'm a bit younger, so I've got some time. Uh, but yeah, we both love St Jude's and we've been a long time supporter of St. Jude's for the last five years. So we've got that coming up. And then, you know, I'm based in Singapore, I'm planning to move back to London, where is where I left from.

    Uh, and then I'll be closer to the states where our headquarters is in Florida. So we'll be doing a lot of events in Europe, Asia, uh, where our Singapore is our Asia headquarters and in the U S so we would love to have you, um, on December 5th, if you, if you like south beach and season over art Basel.

    Awesome. Yeah, we'll have to, we'll have to keep that in mind. I would definitely love to come, Tim. Uh, I, I just thought of a question, you know, since you talked about all these international locations, um, can you talk a little bit about hotel planner, uh, revenue in terms of, you know, us versus international and how that breaks down and maybe some international growth plan.

    Yeah. So we, uh, have an office in London, an office in Amsterdam. Our, uh, president of a Mia is actually Baz lemons, who was one of the early co-founders of booking.com. So he's got big plans for, for Europe. Um, I'm out here for the last two years with big plans in, uh, Asia. And then I'm happy to say of all the big, uh, online travel agency partners out here in Asia.

    We're partnered up on the group or on C U G rates with almost all of them. So, uh, we expect, expect as the industry bounces back, our international business will continue to grow, grow, grow, but north America is where we were born and it's, you know, where the corporate global corporate headquarters there is still the majority of our revenue.

    And I'm sure we will continue to be. Because people love the planner in, uh, in the states they just always have. And, uh, you know, being an innovator in the group space, we have, uh, quite a cult, like niche, niche following. And, uh, it's hard to compete with that. I know I've tried, I've lived over Latin net internationally for the last 11 years, but it's hard to keep up with the north America growth because we have so many great people there and people love us so much.

    Awesome. Well, Tim, I think that's going to do it for our questions here. So again, everyone out there, you know, watching. Tim Henshall the CEO of hotel planner company is going public with a stra acquisition Corp, ticker a S a X. And after that merger will trade as ticker, H O T P hotel pipe, hot piping, hot pink.

    That's that's going to be easy to remember it, Tim hot P the, the new meme ticker. You heard it here first. So, Tim, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule and joining us on specs attack today. Uh, you know, we look forward to following, you know, your company's progress and maybe seeing you, uh, in south.

    Sounds great. Thanks Chris. Thanks Tim. Awesome guys. Well, you heard it, you know, another exclusive interview here on specs tech, hotel planner, um, you know, uh, post COVID travel recovery play, but they actually had decent numbers during COVID. You just heard Tim say, um, I really liked that. And Mitch, uh, uh, wheat, we talked about wedding stocks on some different shows before, you know, there aren't a ton of wedding plays out there other than your retail stocks.

    Here's a company that helps book, you know, big blocks of rooms for a wedding. So if we see a surgeon weddings over the next couple of years, could hotel planner be a possible wedding? Hey, it definitely could be. I mean, at the end of the day, um, when you do a wedding, you're going to need a lot of rooms, right.

    And everybody knows how stressful that can be. So I think this is definitely a wedding play and also reopening play. Um, as we continue to see, uh, travel, come back, we haven't seen the business, the business travel, but we've seen more leisure travel. I think that's what you're going to continue to see in this company.

    And as, as a, you know, put in their presence, um, right here, you guys can see it. You know, uh, Chris was talking about this too, is how they had really shown some growth compared to let's say the other kind of companies you would think about booking Expedia, Trivago. You can see right there it's the numbers are pretty different, especially compared to the industry consensus of the 2019 revenue.

    Yeah. I mean, look at that compared to, you know, some of the other big names out there. I like that resilience of holding up. I mean, Mitch, it, it's hard for these travel companies, right? To talk about some of their 20, 20 and 2021 numbers. But here you have hotel planner, you know, saying no like w w we're good.

    Right? Our numbers were okay, we're beating our record numbers this year and, you know, going forward, it's going to grow even more. So I like that. Um, who wants to get married these days is the comment in the chat. There are some people out there that want to get married, believe it or not. Right. That's not a style yet.

    Not yet. Not yet. Right. All right. I haven't seen it go out of style either, man. Uh let's let's go ahead and we'll take a look here at some movers. Now, of course, this is a time when you guys can put some movers in the chat. We'll definitely talk about them. If you guys got one that you guys want to take a look at, this is your chance.

    Go ahead and drop it in right now, but don't forget, you got to hit that. Like, if you want to touch on those tickets,

    all right guys, smash that, like, let's get this started. You guys throw some tickers up in there. Chris, I'll go to you first. What is on your radar this week? What are you looking out for? Possibly get a little bit of a. Yeah. So before we get into tickers, let's hit on this week's calendar real quick. I want us to save this for the end of the show.

    We got through that interview. Hopefully everyone has smashed the, like already guys. We have four votes this week. So up first, tomorrow we have fuse F U S E with money lion. So we had the money lion interview, you know, a couple of weeks ago. And then they got some crypto exposure. It's a FinTech play. How are we holding up there on the chart?

    So this thing hit redemption on Friday. Um, but I have seen some decent interest in this name amongst, you know, social media and retail traders. So I'm wondering once we get the redemption number, you know, later tonight or tomorrow I have USC could definitely be on watch with some heavy redemption. Um, so one to keep an eye on.

    The other three this week, Mitch, I think are the bigger names to watch. Um, so on the 22nd, we have L a T N merging with pro group. And this is a spec that has 13 and a half million shares out. And then we have AMHC voting on their merger with Jasper therapeutics, which is less than 10 million shares right now.

    And then we have CTAC voting on their merger with core, which they actually postpone the merger from last week. If you guys remember, and they had 90% of shares redeemed last week of their 26 million shares out. So they're going to have another redemption number with the delayed vote this week. So CTAC, uh, is actually the one that, I mean, we could see this thing have a huge redemption number, right?

    Because it already had 90%. Plus there's the chance to redeem more shares today. So the redemption deadline on all three of these is today. So lat, N AMHC and CTAC, anything stand out for you match on those three. Last I looked, they were all decently trading today. Um, you know, as I think people are starting to, uh, you know, kind of circle on the possibility of a post redemption play here.

    All right, let me go ahead and come back here towards lat N as you can see, this is the only one that I saw was kind of already making a move up towards 10 75. So you could take a look here and look at the daily chart. It's starting to push past some daily highs. That's what you want to see, uh, that one's definitely gotten.

    The lift looks like there was some volume that came in, uh, prob. Right there on the 15th car. So it looks like someone tried to get in here a little bit early. There was 2 million shares that were traded down there. Uh, so definitely somebody in here on this move V careful as it could be selling into the move there.

    Uh, CTAC of course, all my watch would that redemption. Anytime you see that redemption, it's going to get on your radar. The big thing for me is trying to get closest towards the bottom. Right now we have a bottom close towards 9 51. I would love to get it towards nine eighties and nine seventies. And then look for that.

    Pop above 10 with a risk down towards that low of 9 51. Uh, that's kind of the way I would attack CTAC. And it's definitely going to be on my radar. Who knows? Maybe if we see this one pop, who knows, maybe we bring them on Chris, what? Rural reach out to them. We've had them on before. Maybe we can bring them on.

    What do you guys think? Do you guys like the CTAC, let us know in the chat and who knows? Maybe we reach out and bring them on as they go ahead. Ring the bell. Soon as we get through this merger. All right, there you go. 50 likes in a chat. Come on, guys. Let's get it on up there. Um, what a high redemption number, put the company at risk of being booted from the exchange, not enough money to meet minimum criteria.

    Chris is the question here. So solar, a couple points to that question is, you know, a lot of times there is a pipe attached to the spec deal, right? So that pipe brings money into the company post-merger but the pipe shares don't unlock right away. So as the DCE backing process happens, right? So say with core, you know, 90% of the shares are reading.

    So it's going to have a lower flow, less money, but once the pipe is on lock, then those shares become publicly traded. They get the money, plus they have more shares. So then they're going to meet all those requirements. So short-term, yes, there is some concern, but as long as there is a pipe, it shouldn't be a problem to meet the minimum.

    Also remember some of these companies, we haven't seen it too much yet Mitch, but when they have this high redemption, that leads me to think what's going to happen down the road in a couple months, a share offer rig. Right? So there is always the potential as a publicly traded company to raise money via share offering.

    So I don't see any risk of, you know, meeting the, the minimums there. All right. We'll keep it on radar. We'll watch to see what happens. And we got a big time question here in the chat. Uh, this is gonna take all Chris and I's expertise here. Should we get into the ocean or should we get into the pool today?

    Carl asking he wants to jump into the ocean or the pool? What are you going to say, Chris? I'm going to say both here, both option for three. I'll say I'm a big fan of looking at the ocean and a big fan of swimming in a pool or something about swimming and something about swimming in a pool where you can see the bottom and you can see exactly what you're swimming with as opposed to the ocean and all the possible, uh, creatures and items.

    I stick to pools, but I love an ocean view. So I'll say, look at the ocean, swim in the pool. Hey, I think he can, he can make that happen. We'll definitely see the kiddie pool. David says, Hey, can't go wrong. Dip your toes in there and throw the dog. And. Hey, lay back in the kiddie pool. Let's get it going. All right, guys.

    Let's look at the chat. What tickers were mentioned there? I did see a couple of have mentioned. Of course, Carl, we are watching the RSI rumor. We'll see if that rumor actually fulfills or if anything happens there. Um, another one being mentioned here, Sue's mentioning FSR. We haven't seen that one come down.

    I don't think it's found the bottom just yet, but let's take a look here at how we're trading on the day. We did come down towards, around. Let's see the low here, the low was 1214 on the 16th. We're holding pretty well today. So that's a good sign. The question is, do we come back down and test towards $10 or do we come back and start trending upwards?

    We'll see what happens with Fisker. I think you have to watch into November, November. That's what I was just going to say with Fiskars November. I know you have the brains brains, but I'm listening. I got you in my ear. Yeah. So, I mean, that's the story for me, right. Is where to have shared land between now and November.

    If you are looking to maybe go long Fisker long-term I think November is kind of the line in the sand, right? When they unveil this car. And with that being said, that's also the risks too. Right? What happens if they come out and change their timeline or say that the car's not going to meet those expectations, that would be a big risk, but assuming that they have this car and they show it off at that auto show in November, I think Fisker gets some more love, uh, you know, in a couple of months here.

    Well, uh, like always, you can either shake it off, go for FSR now, or you can do the ocean and then, you know, shake it off and go and hop into the pool. Whichever one, I want to go swimming all this. Talk about oceans and pools and here I am working. Uh, so shout out to our chat that gets to swim today. Super spectrum.

    It says no pain in the pool though. There's little hot P ticker hotel planner, hot P I don't know much. I don't know about that one. Hey, there's no pain in the pool, man. I already said it. Let's keep going. All right, let's go ahead. Let's get into the next one here. Um, I did see P S F E mentioned in the chat, so let's go ahead and go to it.

    Pay safe. Dsfe let's take a look. This one has been trying to find a bottom. The question is where do we find it, Chris? Uh, it's now down towards $8 and I'm sure a lot of people that pay safe, never thought it would get underneath $10. So now we're testing the bottom of this scale. Well, we came through on the 19th and the 20th.

    What are you thinking, Chris? Today? We got below that. Do we close below that? What are you thinking here? Yeah, I mean, we hit a 52 week low today on a day, you know, in the market is really red. That that's not great. Um, for me with Paysafe right. They're making those big international acquisitions, which I think are going to help with growth, but we're going to need to see in their next earnings report.

    Right? What kind of growth we can expect from those acquisitions? I'll be looking to see if Paysafe bottoms out here, Mitch. Um, you know, cause it's definitely been one that I have had on watch for a long time. Never pulled the trigger. Um, but at $8, I don't know, uh, might have to circle this name on it.

    That's without a doubt. When we see a stock get into a price point where it starts getting to the point where you're like, man, I mean, I just grabbed this company and sit back. I think I see it more valuable than where it is now. Um, and that's when you start getting into more the investor mindset where you're not even worried about where the story is today, you just know that it's going to get towards a better tomorrow.

    Um, I think that's a long-term approach where you look at a company and you're just like, I just don't see this company not doing well in the long run. One of those to me was like outlet outlet. I do see it coming down, but at the end of the day, I would probably want to just hold it and just sit back, relax and wait towards the day where it actually makes the move because in the end I do think the company is going to be in a positive sense over years to come.

    But that's of course a longterm approach. I think that's how you have to take a look also at Paysafe. I think it could come back. And the question is when. All right. Uh, what's uh, another one in the chat. Of course we got the lucid motors talk. Um, you know, you could talk a little bit more about this, Chris.

    We kind of weren't. I, I think we were alive the day that we got the EPA rating, uh, the EPA rating of course, of five 20, um, on the miles. And that was course from the dream. What are you thinking, Chris? Do you think we come back towards this trend line? Do we think we finally got clear open space in lucid?

    What are you thinking here? I mean, to me, I think that was a great story, right? But also now what's the next story for them that this was kind of one of those anticipated events, right? To get the mileage out there, but what's next now, between now and deliveries, you know, this is a company that has all eyes on it.

    They have to perform, they have to meet those deadlines for, you know, production for deliveries. I do like the higher EPA, you know, mileage ratings, Meg. Let let's face it. Lucid ran by a former, you know, Tesla employee there. They're all, all in, right. And making this kind of a war between the two companies.

    I think you're going to see that in the marketing plan, you saw lucid air commercials during Elan Musk appearance on Saturday night live, right? When Tesla, Tesla doesn't do commercials. So there was no Tesla commercial during that SNL appearance, but instead you had lucid showing off their vehicle. Um, but for me match, I mean, it's all about production and deliveries.

    They have to meet those numbers, or we're going to see that sharp sell off again. So positive news, but still more to go with this name and I am long. So that's coming from someone who believes in the longterm story, but also a show me approach. All right. So what I pay attention to, of course, we've been talking about it, the monthly candles.

    Can we get a green clothes on here? Can we get past this high? The high here is 25. 24. So that's kind of the level where I'd start seeing, Hey, can we run into that? And once we run into that, are we going to get above that? So 25, 24, we're talking somewhere around here. Uh, so let's see if we can get into that level, this line before we get to the trend line, close above that for the month.

    And if we can do that, I would definitely be looking for a breakout through that trendline, uh, happy talking about if loose to strengths today. Shows a strength on a green day. Yes, I do think that that is true today. I mean, if you look on the hourly chart, we did get a nice open, you know, you get right here.

    8:00 AM you get 9:00 AM and by 10:00 AM, it's already back towards the highs, which is a good sign. The question is, do we keep on this route? We've been going up about, um, gapping. Three days now, an inside candle would actually be good here or a close above. Yes. A Friday's high. Let's see if we can get above that and close above the high, or do we just kind of hang out in this area and do we test back down towards the 2117?

    I'll keep a lookout on lucid. As I know, a lot of people are, are watching. I remember that lucid commercial. There you go. There's definitely going to be the battle there in lucid. I think a lot of people are going to be keeping this one on watch. And with that being said, there's one that is moving today.

    I don't know what's going to happen to it because at least from my understanding, they did not go through with what was going to happen, which is slam right Chris. So they backed out of the deal. Backed out of the panini deal. You have a slam up. It's a slightly, I think I saw, I think I saw mud muds up today too.

    Yeah. Muds is up slightly today to 9 92. I mean, remember muds and slam Mitch. Good call out. These were two that fell to like the 9 69 70 level, right after they called off those talks. I mean, your floor is still net asset value, right? If they don't reach a deal, you know, you're still going to get your net asset value back.

    That's why it's important to pay attention to some of these specs, you know, trading at that 9 59 75 level. Cause there's more upside right. To get to the $10 level. So slam again. They've got Alex Rodriguez, they've got some other big names. They're not going to get panini, but maybe they go after a different, you know, sports company here.

    So, uh, interesting. Uh, uh, Definitely without a doubt. You definitely have to keep your eyes on. Especially when, when I think they do these, I mean, a good thing is a sentiment very down, actually, you know, uh, this is the Alex Rodriguez one, right? Chris? Yep, exactly. So it does have to tie still towards some sports.

    I mean, I, as I'm certain, you guys are, are, are definitely aware of, uh, I think a rod has some connections in sports, so I think he's definitely trying to leverage those connections. What the question is, what's next? I don't exactly know. I don't think anybody does, but keep it on radar. Who knows? Maybe you get your $10 and you just get your money back or you see this one, get a good name and start moving.

    And that slam that's the last one I'll mention for today. But until then, Chris, I have something that you and everybody out there should keep your eyes out for. What is that? That is of course the EBV con powered by Ben Zynga. You guys don't miss out. This is going to be virtually on September 22nd. Yes. I said it this Wednesday.

    Don't miss out guys. You can join virtually for free, um, us. We got about one day 13 hours remaining. Uh, I'm going to definitely keep watching this. We'll see what happens. We're going to have epic, epic lineup guys. We got, uh, FUV we're going to have, uh, general motors here at the event. You got works for it.

    That just recently made a massive move on up. You guys don't miss out on this event and check it out, guys. All you gotta do is go to, uh, benzinga.com/events, and you will find this. I'll also throw it up in the chat here. I'll throw out the link and like always, yeah. Can you a chance to win one year of Benzinga pro all you got to do is just register for free.

    You have a chance to win one. I mean, even if you don't show up, why not register to get that chance? Like always guys smash the, like, appreciate you Sue in the chat. Like always, definitely supporting us as we support you guys out there and we'll keep going. Chris, anything else you want to leave off? No, that's it, you know, tomorrow we're back to a normal show and then on Wednesday, a no show, as you said, mentioned electric vehicle conference for Benzinga.

    I mean, we do conferences all year, right? We do some big cannabis ones, some FinTech ones, some small cap ones. And now we have a electric vehicle conference, right? We talk all the time about EBV companies. You're going to get to hear about some CEOs from these companies. You know, you named a couple there, Mitch, that I'm excited to hear from.

    Um, also I think there's a couple that went public via spec that we'll be presenting. So guys don't miss out and again, your chance to win a free year of Benzinga pro. And if you don't win the year free. I, what was that code again that you gave for, for 35% off? I mean, normally we give 20% off to our viewers, but we have a special going on right now where you can get, you know, 35% off.

    So, uh, you know, Benzinga pro don't miss out. Yeah, definitely. Guys, don't miss out on that. If you guys haven't yet found out, Chris just gave you the secret again, because I was just going to keep it to the people at the beginning of the show, but I got you. There's like 30 or 40 people that probably missed.

    Happy fall is that discount code for 35% off your Benzinga pro subscription. Check it out, guys. You don't even need to use a credit card if this is your first time and you just want to get a free two weeks. I'd definitely recommend you checking it out. We'll see you guys next time up next, you got the power hour coming on.

    Um, I'm going to go ahead and throw the link here in the chat so that you guys could get on over to the power. I do not miss it. This is where the hype meets the stocks. Yes. Hot stocks. Luke just might be there. And I mean, can you get any better than that? Uh, I did see story. Trading's going to be on there.

    Hey, I'm not the only one that looks at story. Go check it out, guys. It's going to be on starting up. And I think literally just right now, guys, I threw the link in the chat there for you. If you didn't see it, just head on over to the cheque, click that link and get towards the power hour. We'll see you next time guys.

    Like always smash the like, and the specs attack, baby.

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    • 9/22 LATN merger vote with Procaps Group
    • 9/22 AMHC merger vote with Jasper Therapeutics
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    • 9/28 MAAC merger vote with Roivant Sciences


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    • 9/15 DEH merger vote with Viacarious Surgical
    • 9/16 CTAC merger vote with KORE
    • 9/22 LATN merger vote with Procaps Group
    • 9/22 AMHC merger vote with Jasper Therapeutics
    • 9/28 DMYI merger vote with IonQ
    • 9/28 MAAC merger vote with Roivant Sciences


    Dee Choubey, CEO of MoneyLion $ML Company going public via SPAC merger with Fusion Acqusition $FUSE Sept 21st


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    • 9/9 RICE merger vote with Aria Energy, Archaea Energy
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    • 9/14 PACE merger vote with Nerdy
    • 9/14 ACIC merger vote with Archer
    • 9/14 SRNG merger vote with Ginkgo Bioworks
    • 9/15 ROT merger vote with Sarcos Robotics
    • 9/15 DEH merger vote with Viacarious Surgical
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    • 9/22 LATN merger vote with Procaps Group
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    • 9/28 DMYI merger vote with IonQ
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    • 9/10 QELL merger vote with Lilium
    • 9/14 PACE merger vote with Nerdy
    • 9/14 ACIC merger vote with Archer
    • 9/14 SRNG merger vote with Ginkgo Bioworks
    • 9/15 ROT merger vote with Sarcos Robotics
    • 9/15 DEH merger vote with Viacarious Surgical
    • 9/16 CTAC merger vote with KORE
    • 9/22 LATN merger vote with Procaps Group
    • 9/22 AMHC merger vote with Jasper Therapeutics
    • 9/28 DMYI merger vote with IonQ
    • 9/28 MAAC merger vote with Roivant Sciences


    • 9/1 CHPT Chargepoint
    • 9/8 GENI Genius Sports



    Interview with Jeff Ransdell, CEO & Maggie Vo, CIO of Maquia Capital (MAQC) 16:00



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