#169 Search And Destroy (1995) September 8th, 2023

Season 4 | Episode 169
1h 2m | Sep 8, 2023

Travis has selected a rare film from 1995 starring Griffin Dunne and produced by the legendary Martin Scorsese: Search And Destroy. We hope you can find a copy of this to watch because it's at least worth watching so you can participate with this episode which actually features all three of the regular hosts! Does this film hold up? Well, if you don't know by now, all you gotta do is press play! We also provide our quarantine viewing picks which now come with a bit more brevity. In addition, please go to our YouTube page and click on Eric Branstrom's profile so you can watch his new short film Instant Life. Please sub our YouTube where you can watch all of our episodes. We don't live stream the show anymore, but we do post the video of each episode. Also, you can give us a 5 star review on your podcast platform of choice. Do it right now! Take 20 seconds. Thank you! If anything from this episode strikes you, email the show

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