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FinanciaLion Podcast

FinanciaLion Podcast teaches those who grew up with N64s to save, invest, and make more money. We have to finance our video game habits somehow! In these 20-30 minutes, you'll learn why a lot of conventional finance wisdom is outdated and how to relate what's going on in the world today to your money.


8 - I Take a Money Personality Quiz!
Show Details14min 27s
7 - Time to Shine
Show Details12min 36s
Introducing my new Financial Crime Series
Show Details2min 10s
6 - Getting the Full Picture with a Personal Finance Inventory
Show Details13min 28s
5 - Do You Need an Emergency Fund?
Show Details14min 47s
4 - Handling Chaos in the Stock Market
Show Details15min 51s
3 - How to Pay for Your Next Console or PC
Show Details23min 9s
2 - Handling Finances Post-Pandemic
Show Details17min 3s
1 - Simplify the Foundations of Your Finances
Show Details18min 11s