(Don’t) Spill the Tea (with Michael Ortiz)

Season 1 | Episode 15
1h 2m | Mar 30, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains mentions of sex, and references of drug use. 

This week, Daniel and Monty reconnect with a former acting classmate turned entrepreneur and International Tea Master, Mike Ortiz (@sipjojo on Instagram) to discuss his journey from theatre school to brewing tea on the world stage. Topics include:

  • The return of “Danny” Kemper
  • Finding your weirdos in action!
  • The parallels between auditioning and building a business.
  • The importance of unapologetically taking up space.
  • Being comfortable with not having answers, and being willing to constantly ask questions in life and theatre.
  • The proper way to drink tea
  • How Mike went from actor to tea salesman and entrepreneur
  • Brewing tea as a practice of meditation
  • The importance of persistence in developing relationships
  • Learning under pressure
  • The influence of slave labor on modern tea consumption and sales.
  • How an actor with no business training starts a company
  • Resilience as a necessity in the pursuit of your goals
  • What makes a master?
  • Understanding a structure well enough to break it.
  • The origin of the name Jojo Tea

This week’s shoutouts, recommendations, and further reading include:

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