Attack of the Kemper (with Montgomery Sutton)

Season 1 | Episode 17
57m | May 5, 2020

This week, in true Shakespearean fashion, Daniel stages a coup and takes over the podcast as a solo host! His first guest in his new and glorious podcast empire is actor/director/writer and Master of the Revels for Rude Grooms, Montgomery Sutton ( Topics include:

  • Daniel’s boundless capacity for benevolence as a resplendent podcast dictator
  • How Monty was (maybe?) dropped as a baby.
  • Where Monty gets his drive to constantly create
  • Using accountability to others as a means to spur productivity
  • Using art to engage with the world around you.
  • Toddler Monty’s 3 hour, living room Batman plays
  • The religious experience of live theatre
  • What makes a good actor?
  • Figuring out your own artistry through exposure to other artists and forms of theatre
  • The importance of a degree of “messiness” in live theatre
  • The difference between emotionally honest and performative acting
  • When do you impose structure on the sense of play when managing a show
  • The essential relationship between an actor and the audience
  • How much rehearsal is too much?
  • The importance of a small amount of challenge or fear on opening night
  • Which TV show would Monty put himself in if given the opportunity?

Shoutouts, recommendations, and further reading include:

  • The Drawer Boy
  • Shakespeare Dallas
  • Rene Moreno
  • The Dallas Children’s Theater
  • Dallas Junior Players 
  • Shakespeare Happy Hours
  • Michelle Tarry
  • Colin Hurley
  • Toni Morrisson
  • “Different Every Night” by Mark Alfreds
  • Ed Dixon
  • David Baynes
  • New York Shakespeare Company

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