Hat on a hat (with Laura Piccoli)

Season 1 | Episode 16
41m | Apr 28, 2020

Daniel & Monty are back with our first episode recorded during Corona. In a Facebook livestream (using Skype), they virtually sit down with Rude Grooms Associate Artist Laura Piccoli (check out her website Topics include:

  • Shifting to a virtual Wooden O
  • How Laura’s super-high work ethic developed and has influenced her life from undergrad, through freelance acting, producing with Rude Grooms, and into a Masters program
  • The benefits for an actor of wearing other theatrical hats and feeling more power in the process of creating opportunities
  • How the feeling of empowerment from getting more involved on the producing side of theater inspired Laura to start writing her own short films
  • Pursuing a Masters degree in Energy and Environment Policy to learn more about subjects so that she should start writing projects, like a recent short film she wrote inspired by studying in Bolivia
  • Shifting as a writer from writing for herself as an actor to writing with a hope towards other actors flourishing
  • Finding your Artistic Family
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • How a Process-oriented approach can benefit even Product-oriented environments.
  • COVID brain

This week, Daniel & Monty both recommend Shakespeare Happy Hours, co-produced with Seven Stages Shakespeare Company - 90 minute virtual performances of all of Shakespeare’s plays, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Other shoutouts, recommendations, and further reading include:

  • Pachamama
  • Cloud Forests of Bolivia

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