Gettin Jiggy With It (with Bridget Bose)

Season 1 | Episode 14
46m | Mar 23, 2020

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This week Daniel (@thedanielkemper) and Monty (@montgomerysutto) sit down with Rude Grooms' Master of Movement Bridget Bose (@bridgetbose on Instagram). Bridget has choreographed dances, jigs, and creepy death movement pieces for all Rude Grooms productions. Listen to her talk about her journey from Colorado to New York, starting and running Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, and much more.

Topics include:

  • Rude Grooms’ Secret Shakespeare Hunt (possibly returning in 2020)
  • Performing at Lincoln Center with Bridget’s cabaret troupe, Guilty Pleasures
  • Dancing in a circus in the Middle East
  • Touring the world in a Bollywood dance company, and becoming a tourist attraction by rehearsing in Central Park
  • The happenstance creation of Guilty Pleasures in a tiny UWS bar
  • Defying expectations at The Duplex by making dance that functions in a non-traditional space
  • The power of appealing to the 11pm timeslot niche
  • How Guilty Pleasures alters shows from late-night to mainstage, from smaller venues to larger venues, and from 1.0 to 11.0 versions
  • Repurposing successful material to fit in different shows
  • Parallels between creating frequent cabaret content and the incredibly prolific rate of new plays in Shakespeare’s London
  • Keeping all of her creative work in notebooks and having an archive dating back to high school
  • The importance of overplanning and yet being able to throw it all out in the moment when none of it works for the bodies in the room
  • Cue Scripts and the power of muscle memory from writing down, going back to the beginning until you make no mistakes, or just repeating things over and over
  • The difficulty of dancing someone else’s choreography vs. what comes naturally to your own body
  • The importance of letting dancers write choreography down in the performer’s own vocabulary because there’s no standardized form of notation
  • How to navigate the balance choreographing for character and for an individual actor
  • Is there a point at which a piece is “done” for Guilty Pleasures?

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This week’s shoutouts, recommendations, & further reading include:

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