CrossPoint Fellowship Messages

A weekly updated podcast for messages given at CrossPoint Fellowship in Republic, MO. Our church meets on Sunday mornings at 10am at 1660 Hwy 60 E (in the Town East Center next to El Charro and Bair's) so grab a friend and come visit us sometime! Check us out on the web -- -- for more information on coming to one of our services, small groups or events!


This is Church, pt. 5 - On Guard
Show Details38min 1s
This is Church, pt. 4 - Watch Your Step
Show Details26min 53s
This is Church, pt. 3 - Co-workers with Christ
Show Details28min 56s
This is Church, pt. 2 - The Minister’s Manual
Show Details33min 16s
This is Church, pt. 1 - A Faith to be Thankful For
Show Details32min 20s
More Than a Coat, pt. 5 - Fool Me Twice
Show Details29min 43s
More Than a Coat, pt. 4 - The Test Before the Blessing
Show Details37min 29s
More Than a Coat, pt. 3 - The Interpreter’s Integrity
Show Details28min 56s
More Than a Coat, pt. 2 - Humility and Trust
Show Details34min 1s
More Than a Coat, pt. 1 - The Fault in Favoritism
Show Details23min 11s
The I in Team, pt. 7 - Encourage Differences in Opinion
Show Details30min 54s
The I in Team, pt. 6 - Common Goals
Show Details26min 23s
The I in Team, pt. 5 - Mutually Accountable
Show Details25min 10s
The I in Team, pt. 4 - Defined Roles
Show Details38min 12s
The I in Team, pt. 3 - Support Risk Taking and Change
Show Details34min 46s
The I in Team, pt. 2 - Open, Honest and Free Communication
Show Details33min 40s
The I in Team, pt. 1 - Clear Direction
Show Details27min
Freedom in Christ
Show Details35min 48s
Son of Nun, pt. 6 - Fidelity of Faith
Show Details26min 42s
Son of Nun, pt. 5 - Aligning our Wants
Show Details30min 19s
Son of Nun, pt. 4 - Do Something!
Show Details24min 43s
Son of Nun, pt. 3 - True to our Word
Show Details25min 13s
Son of Nun, pt. 2 - Prepare for Progress
Show Details32min 20s
Son of Nun, pt. 1 - Strength and Courage
Show Details26min 37s
Alive, pt. 6 - Changed
Show Details32min 22s
Alive, pt. 5 - Commissioned
Show Details25min 40s
Alive, pt. 4 - Empowered
Show Details34min 47s
Alive, pt. 3 - Listen and Learn
Show Details28min 12s
Alive, pt. 2 - Seek and Share
Show Details21min 38s
Alive, pt. 1 - The Resurrection
Show Details27min 12s
Continue the Quest, pt. 4 - NightLight
Show Details37min 1s
Continue the Quest, pt. 3 - Community Kitchen
Show Details30min 56s
Continue the Quest, pt. 2 - Republic Pregnancy Resource Center
Show Details35min 45s
Continue the Quest, pt. 1 - Missouri Baptist Children’s Home
Show Details40min 12s
Affected, pt. 7 - Last But Not Least
Show Details31min 24s
The Absence of Love is Nothing
Show Details28min 13s
Affected, pt. 6 - God's House
Show Details39min 42s
Affected, pt. 5 - Peace, Thanks, and Elbow Grease
Show Details36min 51s
Affected, pt. 4 - Old vs. New
Show Details1hr 12min
Affected, pt. 3 - Substance Over Style
Show Details1hr 4min
Affected, pt. 2 - Alive
Show Details51min 33s
Affected, pt. 1 - Jesus Christ SuperHERO
Show Details47min 10s
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 6 - Jesus
Show Details37min 9s
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 5 - Simeon & Anna
Show Details1hr 9min
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 4 - Shepherds & Wise Men
Show Details51min 30s
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 3 - Joseph
Show Details52min 12s
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 2 - Mary
Show Details50min 26s
The Cast of Christmas, pt. 1 - Zechariah
Show Details1hr 4min
Prayer and Worship Service, 11-15-20
Show Details1hr 4min
Youth Vision
Show Details1hr 8min
Christians and the Political Divide
Show Details55min 11s
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 8 - Turn That Cheek
Show Details1hr 4min
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 7 - Yes Men
Show Details33min 6s
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 6 - Divorce And Adultery
Show Details1hr 8min
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 5 - Peace Seekers
Show Details51min 25s
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 4 - Law and Order
Show Details1hr 2min
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 3 - Season and Shine
Show Details1hr 1min
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 2 - Citizens of the Kingdom
Show Details1hr 13min
Beatitudes and Beyond, pt. 1 - The First Four
Show Details44min 50s
Prayer and Worship Service, 8-30-20
Show Details1hr 14min
Rebuilding Blocks: Lessons from Ezra, pt. 5 - Fasting and Praying
Show Details59min 41s
Rebuilding Blocks: Lessons from Ezra, pt. 4 - That's My Sin
Show Details1hr 1min
Rebuilding Blocks: Lessons from Ezra, pt. 3 - The Importance of Purity
Show Details1hr
Rebuilding Blocks: Lessons from Ezra, pt. 2 - Shame on Me
Show Details49min 41s
Rebuilding Blocks: Lessons from Ezra, pt. 1 - Damaged but Not Destroyed
Show Details57min 36s
Prayer and Worship Service, 7-19-20
Show Details1hr 14min
Why We Worship, pt. 6 - What the Bible Says
Show Details1hr 4min
Why We Worship, pt. 5 - It Is So
Show Details59min 9s
Why We Worship, pt. 4 - Who You Say I Am
Show Details52min 23s
Why We Worship, pt. 3 - Reckless Love
Show Details1hr 2min
Why We Worship, pt. 2 - One Thing
Show Details1hr
Why We Worship, pt. 1 - Jesus I Come
Show Details1hr 5min
Take Up Your Cross, pt. 5 - Brothers and Sisters
Show Details43min 55s
Take Up Your Cross, pt. 4 - Choosing Second
Show Details43min 43s
Take Up Your Cross, pt. 3 - Difference Maker
Show Details48min 44s
Take Up Your Cross, pt. 2 - Gone Fishing
Show Details46min 15s
Take Up Your Cross, pt. 1 - Take Up Your Cross
Show Details40min 44s
Rest: Finding God in Troubled Times, pt. 5 - Rest for the Weary
Show Details53min 24s
Rest: Finding God in Troubled Times, pt. 4 - Hope for the Hopeless
Show Details49min
Rest: Finding God in Troubled Times, pt. 3 - Deliverance from Disaster
Show Details52min 42s
Rest: Finding God in Troubled Times, pt. 2 - Faith Despite the Fear
Show Details45min 21s
Rest: Finding God in Troubled Times, pt. 1 - Peace During the Pandemic
Show Details43min 16s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 7 - What About the Kids?
Show Details40min 4s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 6 - Single and Fine
Show Details32min 9s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 5 - Love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T
Show Details30min 18s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 4 - Let's Talk About Sex
Show Details33min 25s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 3 - Talk And Tussel (cont'd)
Show Details32min 49s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 2 - Talk and Tussel
Show Details30min 19s
To Have and To Hold, pt. 1 - Find Your Why
Show Details29min 5s
Mission Possible, pt. 4 - A Church that Prays
Show Details27min 42s
Mission Possible, pt. 3 - A Church that Grows
Show Details22min 5s
Mission Possible, pt. 2 - A Church That Does
Show Details30min 22s
Mission Possible, pt. 1 - A Church That Loves
Show Details24min 4s
He Has Come, pt. 4 - Love
Show Details22min 44s
He Has Come, pt. 3 - Joy
Show Details25min 21s
He Has Come, pt. 2 - Peace
Show Details6min 23s
Won't You Be My Neighbor, pt. 3 - Foil the Fear
Show Details24min 17s
Won't You Be My Neighbor pt. 2 - Quality over Quantity
Show Details20min 54s
Won't You Be My Neighbor, pt. 1 - Love Thy Neighbor
Show Details22min 58s
Blinded, pt. 5 - The Thorn
Show Details26min 3s
Blinded, pt. 4 - Doing Right In the Face of Wrong
Show Details26min 48s
Blinded, pt. 3 - We All Need Friends
Show Details21min
Blinded, pt. 2 - A Whole New You
Show Details31min 14s
Blinded, pt. 1 - What You Once Were
Show Details24min 20s
Enough, pt. 6 - He Makes All Things New
Show Details24min 10s
Enough, pt. 5 - Grace Multiplies Grace
Show Details26min 53s
Enough, pt. 4 - Love People Back Up
Show Details21min 53s
Enough, pt. 3 - A New Pursuit
Show Details23min 44s
Enough, pt. 2 - Grace for Grace
Show Details18min 34s
Enough, pt. 1 - Call to Freedom
Show Details23min 31s
If You Build It, pt. 6 - Prayer
Show Details24min 34s
If You Build It, pt. 5 - Kingdom Builders
Show Details22min 32s
If You Build It, pt. 4 - Give The Lord His Due
Show Details22min 42s
If You Build It, pt. 3 - God Minded
Show Details24min 19s
If You Build It, pt. 2 - Call to Repentance
Show Details24min 11s
Kingdom Builders, pt. 1 - The Will of God
Show Details25min 40s
Not Alone, pt. 5 - Secured
Show Details21min 37s
Not Alone, pt. 4 - There is Rest
Show Details22min 15s
Not Alone, pt. 3 - One
Show Details20min 39s
Not Alone, pt. 2 - Breakthrough
Show Details22min 15s
Not Alone, pt. 1 - Not Alone
Show Details19min 44s
The Church, pt. 5 - The Church Builds a Foundation in The Word
Show Details23min 10s
The Church, pt. 4 - The Church Takes Pride in the Gospel
Show Details21min 53s
The Church, pt. 3 - The Church Works
Show Details26min 17s
The Church, pt. 2 - The Church Prays
Show Details26min 3s
The Church, pt. 1 - The Church Loves
Show Details26min 16s
The Promised One, Pt. 5 - Guess Who's Back
Show Details23min 16s
The Promised One, Pt. 4 - All Rise
Show Details23min 46s
The Promised One, Pt. 3 - What a Way to Die
Show Details26min 26s
The Promised One, Pt. 2 - On A Donkey?
Show Details23min 20s
The Promised One, Pt. 1 - Born Of A Virgin
Show Details23min 6s
Hear Us Roar, Pt. 5 - Mary, Martha's Sister
Show Details23min 51s
Hear Us Roar, Pt. 3 - Hannah: Integrity
Show Details27min 12s
Hear Us Roar, Pt. 2 - Ruth: Loyalty
Show Details25min 46s
Hear Us Roar, Pt. 1 - Esther: Extreme Courage
Show Details26min 57s
Origins, Pt. 5 - Going About It The Right Way
Show Details25min 26s
Origins, Pt. 4 - Love The One
Show Details23min 3s
Origins, Pt. 3 - Accepting The Call
Show Details27min 8s
Origins, Pt. 2 - Multiplication
Show Details26min 36s
Origins, Pt. 1 - Human Value
Show Details21min 46s
Hope, Peace, Joy, And Love: Seeing Advent In The Story Of Jesus Birth
Show Details24min 19s
Destination Known, Pt. 8 - Inclusive
Show Details21min 51s
Destination Known, Pt. 7 - Love In Earnest
Show Details21min 57s
Destination Known, Pt. 6 - Confidence
Show Details18min 58s
Destination Known, Pt. 5 - Living By The Spirit
Show Details21min 4s
Destination Known, Pt. 4 - Focus
Show Details22min 36s
Destination Known, Pt. 3 - Progress
Show Details23min 55s
Destination Known, Pt. 2 - Faith
Show Details19min 37s
Destination Known, Pt. 1 - Humility
Show Details25min 32s
Upward Focus: A Path To Our Success
Show Details28min 32s
Jesus, Who's He?, Pt. 5 - Conqueror Of Death
Show Details23min 32s
Jesus, Who's He?, Pt. 4 - Savior
Show Details25min 31s
Jesus, Who's He?, Pt. 3 - The Way
Show Details24min 37s
Jesus, Who's He?, Pt. 2 - 100% God
Show Details22min 55s
Jesus, Who's He?, Pt. 1 - 100% Man
Show Details25min 57s
All For One, Pt. 7 - Give
Show Details25min 4s
All For One, Pt. 6 - Recognition
Show Details22min 53s
All For One, Pt. 5 - Communication
Show Details23min 42s
All For One, Pt. 4 - Affirmation
Show Details19min 25s
All For One, Pt. 3 - Trust
Show Details25min 26s
All For One, Pt. 2 - We Are The Body
Show Details24min 19s
All For One, Pt. 1 - Many Gifts, One Source
Show Details22min 21s
Better Together, Pt. 7 - If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say
Show Details22min 57s
Better Together, Pt. 6 - Friendly Rebuke
Show Details20min 36s
Better Together, Pt. 5 - Slow To Anger
Show Details27min 9s
Better Together, Pt. 4 - Constant Love
Show Details24min 37s
Better Together, Pt. 3 - One True Friend
Show Details22min 45s
Better Together, Pt. 2 - Choose Wisely
Show Details19min 39s
Better Together, Pt. 1 - Iron Sharpens Iron
Show Details25min 21s
He Knows, Pt. 6 - Faith
Show Details29min 7s
He Knows, Pt. 5 - 'Til The End
Show Details22min 8s
He Knows, Pt. 4 - The Desired Sacrifice
Show Details24min 59s
He Knows, Pt. 3 - Walk The Walk
Show Details22min 42s
He Knows, Pt. 2 - Rest For The Weary
Show Details25min 17s
He Knows, Pt. 1 - Been There, Done That
Show Details25min 22s
Giver, Pt. 8 - Restoration
Show Details30min 23s
Giver, Pt. 7 - New Life
Show Details22min 26s
Giver, Pt. 6 - Light
Show Details20min 54s
Giver, Pt. 5 - The Good Shepherd
Show Details25min 38s
Giver, Pt. 4 - Bread Of Life
Show Details22min 18s
Giver, Pt. 3 - Resurrection
Show Details25min 42s
Giver, Pt. 2.1 - Rivers Of Life
Show Details3min 38s
Giver, Pt. 2 - Living Water
Show Details32min 36s
Giver, Pt. 1.3 - Depths Of Wisdom
Show Details6min 53s
Giver, Pt. 1.2 - Breadcrumbs
Show Details8min 20s
Giver, Pt. 0 - Giver
Show Details12min 8s
Psalms, Pt. 6 - Pursuit Of Surrender
Show Details29min 24s
Psalms, Pt. 5 - Pursuit Of Grace
Show Details30min 8s
Psalms, Pt. 4 - Pursuit Of Dominion Over Sin
Show Details29min 12s
Psalms, Pt. 3 - Pursuit Of Light
Show Details32min 57s
Psalms, Pt. 2 - Pursuit Of Refuge
Show Details31min 47s
Psalms, Pt. 1 - Pursuit Of Happiness
Show Details28min 7s
Baby God, Pt. 4 - After Birth
Show Details25min 9s
Baby God, Pt. 3 - In Womb
Show Details27min 38s
Baby God, Pt. 2 - Conception
Show Details28min 35s
Baby God, Pt. 1 - Prophecies
Show Details32min 37s
King Of Kings, Pt. 8 - Love
Show Details32min 20s
King Of Kings, Pt. 6 - Salvation
Show Details30min 55s
King Of Kings, Pt. 5 - Jealous
Show Details28min 39s
King Of Kings, Pt. 4 - Greatest
Show Details30min 49s
King Of Kings, Pt. 3 - Impossible
Show Details19min 8s
King Of Kings, Pt. 2 - Position
Show Details27min 9s
King Of Kings, Pt. 1 - Strength
Show Details18min 36s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 7 - Move
Show Details29min 26s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 5 - Discipline
Show Details33min 17s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 4 - Power
Show Details26min 26s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 3 - Leader
Show Details28min 20s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 2 - Reliable
Show Details21min 38s
Good, Good Father, Pt. 1 - Security
Show Details30min 5s
Functional Church, Pt. 7 - Baptism
Show Details27min 21s
Functional Church, Pt. 6 - Communion
Show Details28min 8s
Functional Church, Pt. 5 - Church Leadership
Show Details24min 48s
Functional Church, Pt. 4 - Leadership
Show Details24min 27s
Functional Church, Pt. 3 - Use Gifts To Serve
Show Details30min 51s
Functional Church, Pt. 2 - Here To Serve... All
Show Details23min 18s
Functional Church, Pt. 1 - Find Lost Things
Show Details32min 48s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 9 - Conflict
Show Details25min 13s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 8 - Strengthen
Show Details25min 51s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 7 - Forgive
Show Details25min 12s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 6 - Bear
Show Details26min 41s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 5 - Challenge
Show Details27min 51s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 4 - Comfort
Show Details20min 13s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 3 - Serve
Show Details17min 36s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 2 - Significance
Show Details25min 29s
Un-Civil War, Pt. 1 - Love
Show Details20min 52s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 7 - Leader Over Death
Show Details28min 23s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 6 - Leader Over Sin
Show Details26min 32s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 4 - Leader Over Religion
Show Details22min 53s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 3 - Leader Over Mountains
Show Details32min 55s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 2 - Leader Over Creation
Show Details20min 5s
Supreme Leader, Pt. 1 - Jesus Is Supreme Leader
Show Details29min 10s
Money Money Money, Pt. 4 - Money Practices
Show Details26min 58s
Money Money Money, Pt. 3 - God's Vision For Money
Show Details25min 13s
Money Money Money, Pt. 2 - New Testament Giving
Show Details29min 51s
Money Money Money, Pt. 1 - Old Testament Tithe
Show Details31min 36s
Worship Together, Pt. 5 - God Is...
Show Details25min 49s
Worship Together, Pt. 4 - God's Promises
Show Details36min 36s
Worship Together, Pt. 3 - The Service
Show Details27min 38s
Worship Together, Pt. 2 - Singing Together
Show Details24min 2s
The Gathering, Pt. 4 - Secure In Community
Show Details27min 33s
The Gathering, Pt. 3 - All Different, All Together
Show Details30min 19s
The Gathering, Pt. 2 - Why Rejection?
Show Details20min 44s
The Gathering, Pt. 1 - Rejection To Acceptance
Show Details23min 18s
Building Blocks, Pt. 4 - Pursue Righteousness
Show Details26min 42s
Building Blocks, Pt. 3 - Don't Forget
Show Details21min 27s
Building Blocks, Pt. 2 - Love God
Show Details27min 36s
Building Blocks, Pt. 1 - Follow The Rules
Show Details19min 57s
Braveheart, Pt. 7 - A Contextual Mission
Show Details33min 19s
Braveheart, Pt. 6 - A Mission For All
Show Details19min 35s
Braveheart, Pt. 5 - A Spirit Led Mission
Show Details24min 38s
Braveheart, Pt. 4 - A Serving Mission
Show Details29min 7s
Braveheart, Pt. 3 - A Difficult Mission
Show Details32min 26s
Braveheart, Pt. 2 - Mission Together
Show Details25min 36s
Braveheart, Pt. 1 - The Birth Of A Mission
Show Details28min 14s
The Rock, Pt. 4 - Strengthen The House
Show Details29min 14s
The Rock, Pt. 3 - Living Stones
Show Details25min 36s
The Rock, Pt. 2 - The Rock
Show Details20min 4s
The Rock, Pt. 1 - Rescue & Rebuild
Show Details31min 31s
Satisfaction, Pt. 7 - Vanity Of Righteousness
Show Details26min 28s
Satisfaction, Pt. 6 - Vanity Of Justice & Slow Consequences
Show Details13min 47s
Satisfaction, Pt. 5 - Vanity Of Vows
Show Details19min 17s
Satisfaction, Pt. 4 - Vanity Of Money
Show Details26min 13s
Satisfaction, Pt. 3 - Vanity Of Work
Show Details30min 52s
Satisfaction, Pt. 1 - Vanity Of Wisdom & Foolishness
Show Details28min 6s
Renegades, Pt. 7 - Paul - Over There
Show Details28min 46s
Renegades, Pt. 6 - Peter - Right Here
Show Details30min 32s
Renegades, Pt. 5 - Nehemiah - Vision To Action
Show Details29min 37s
Renegades, Pt. 4 - Ezra - God's Word
Show Details23min 15s
Renegades, Pt. 3 - Daniel & Friends - Prayer
Show Details26min 14s
Renegades, Pt. 2 - Ruth & Boaz - Hear & Follow
Show Details22min 30s
Renegades, Pt. 1 - Courage
Show Details21min 25s
Tainted Love, Pt. 5 - Revive
Show Details23min 6s
Tainted Love, Pt. 4 - Righteousness
Show Details28min 6s
Tainted Love, Pt. 3 - Restoration
Show Details19min 35s
Tainted Love, Pt. 2 - Redemption
Show Details24min 41s
Tainted Love, Pt. 1 - Recognition
Show Details20min 3s
Two Become One, Pt. 7 - Scepter
Show Details23min 41s
Two Become One, Pt. 6 - Crown
Show Details28min 9s
Two Become One, Pt. 5 - Towel
Show Details22min 8s
Two Become One, Pt. 4 - Fan
Show Details26min 18s
Two Become One, Pt. 3 - Make Up
Show Details24min 49s
Two Become One, Pt. 2 - Grace Sandwich
Show Details25min 23s
Two Become One, Pt. 1 - Wall
Show Details28min 12s
I Am Second, Pt. 4 - Butt Prints In The Sand
Show Details23min 12s
I Am Second, Pt. 3 - Living Second To Others
Show Details28min 22s
I Am Second, Pt. 2 - Moving Back To Second
Show Details17min 34s
I Am Second, Pt. 1 - When I'm Not Second
Show Details26min 26s
Projecting Advent, Pt. 4 - Advent For The Powerful
Show Details27min 28s
Projecting Advent, Pt. 3.5 - Shepherd Worship
Show Details13min 53s
Projecting Advent, Pt. 3 - Advent For The Non-Fans
Show Details22min 57s
Projecting Advent, Pt. 2 - Advent For The Lowly
Show Details29min 45s
Projecting Advent, Pt. 1 - Advent For Everyone
Show Details22min 23s
On Display, Pt. 6 - Fully Engaged
Show Details24min 46s
On Display, Pt. 5 - Fully Alive
Show Details27min 12s
On Display, Pt. 4 - Fully Dead
Show Details26min 32s
On Display, Pt. 3 - Fully Identified
Show Details24min 15s
On Display, Pt. 2 - Fullness Of God
Show Details29min 7s
On Display, Pt. 1 - On Display
Show Details25min 55s
The Vine, Pt. 5 - Go
Show Details27min 38s
The Vine, Pt. 4 - Remain In Loving Others
Show Details20min 7s
The Vine, Pt. 3 - Remain In Word, Prayer, & Love
Show Details28min 17s
The Vine, Pt. 2 - Nothing Without
Show Details27min 52s
The Vine, Pt. 1 - Remain
Show Details27min 7s
Old School, Pt. 7 - Kingdom Giving
Show Details17min 35s
Old School, Pt. 6 - Kingdom Leadership
Show Details23min 41s
Old School, Pt. 5 - God's Feast
Show Details24min 58s
Old School, Pt. 4 - Direct Access
Show Details26min 56s
Old School, Pt. 3 - God's Strategic Wisdom
Show Details22min 44s
Old School, Pt. 2 - God Provides
Show Details30min 12s
Old School, Pt. 1 - God Is Close
Show Details27min 18s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 7 - Gaining The Kingdom
Show Details26min 3s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 6 - Losing My Religious Machismo
Show Details22min 51s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 5 - Losing My Religious Actions
Show Details22min 44s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 4 - Losing My Religious Giving
Show Details33min 25s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 3 - Losing My Hollow Words
Show Details18min 16s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 2 - Losing My Fruitless Evangelism
Show Details18min 30s
Losing My Religion, Pt. 1 - Losing My Religious Pride
Show Details21min 13s
Under New Management, Pt. 8 - Satisfaction
Show Details20min 8s
Under New Management, Pt. 7 - Linchpin
Show Details24min 39s
Under New Management, Pt. 6 - Dead Religion
Show Details24min 37s
Under New Management, Pt. 5 - Cool Kids
Show Details24min 21s
Under New Management, Pt. 4 - Provision
Show Details23min 23s
Under New Management, Pt. 3 - Endurance
Show Details22min 59s
Under New Management, Pt. 2 - Passion
Show Details23min 40s
Under New Management, Pt. 1 - The Boss
Show Details23min 37s
Sinner's Party, Pt. 4 - Thief's Party
Show Details21min 29s
Sinner's Party, Pt. 3 - Prodigal Party
Show Details24min 14s
Sinner's Party, Pt. 2 - Sinner's Party
Show Details18min 32s
Sinner's Party, Pt. 1 - Wedding Party
Show Details42min 16s
My Awkward Family, Pt. 5 - My Awkward Discipling
Show Details44min 45s
My Awkward Family, Pt. 4 - My Awkward Kids
Show Details34min 8s
My Awkward Family, Pt. 3 - Awkward Rivals
Show Details45min 2s
My Awkward Family, Pt. 2 - My Awkward Wife
Show Details41min 1s
My Awkward Family, Pt. 1 - My Awkward Husband
Show Details46min 13s
Crosspoint Fit, Pt. 5 - Turning Point
Show Details46min 4s
Crosspoint Fit, Pt. 4 - Shake It Off
Show Details42min 35s
Crosspoint Fit, Pt. 3 - Tactics
Show Details44min 15s
Crosspoint Fit, Pt. 2 - Empowered
Show Details44min 23s
Crosspoint Fit, Pt. 1 - Feel What Jesus Feels
Show Details43min 40s
Kingdom Come, Pt. 4 - Faith
Show Details47min 4s
Kingdom Come, Pt. 3 - Peace
Show Details46min 43s
Kingdom Come, Pt. 2 - Joy
Show Details43min 54s
Kingdom Come, Pt. 1 - Love
Show Details46min 30s
Restored, Extra Message #3 - Restored Authority
Show Details13min 2s
Restored, Pt. 6 - Restored Hope
Show Details39min 37s
Restored, Pt. 5 - Restored Dignity
Show Details42min 54s
Restored, Pt. 4 - Restored Religion
Show Details27min 51s
Restored, Extra Message #2 - Restored Worship
Show Details23min 11s
Restored, Pt. 3 - Restored Credibility
Show Details44min 19s
Restored, Pt. 2 - Restored Soul
Show Details45min 22s
Restored, Pt. 1 - Restored Work
Show Details42min 59s
Restored, Extra Message #1 - Restored Life
Show Details15min 11s
Once Upon A Parable, Pt. 6 - Old & New
Show Details40min 48s
Once Upon A Parable, Pt. 5 - Net
Show Details39min 44s
Once Upon A Parable, Pt. 4 - Mustard Seed & Yeast
Show Details44min 2s
Once Upon A Parable, Pt. 3 - Weeds
Show Details38min 18s
Once Upon A Parable, Pt. 2 - Seed, Sower And Soils
Show Details40min 35s
Moving Day, Pt. 5 - Unreached People Groups
Show Details37min 46s
Moving Day, Pt. 4 - Hear & Follow
Show Details43min 29s
Moving Day, Pt. 3 - Open Forums
Show Details43min 52s
Moving Day, Pt. 2 - Disciple Makers
Show Details43min 22s
Moving Day, Pt. 1 - Moving Day
Show Details35min 50s
Under Construction, Pt. 6 - Rebuilt Strength
Show Details46min 12s
Under Construction, Pt. 5 - Rebuilt Weakness
Show Details33min 43s
Under Construction, Pt. 4 - Rebuilt Heart
Show Details38min 21s
Under Construction, Pt. 3 - Rebuilt Feet
Show Details37min 50s
Under Construction, Pt. 2 - Rebuilt Mind
Show Details46min 37s
Under Construction, Pt. 1 - Rebuilt Lives
Show Details44min 27s
Celebrity, Pt. 8 - Great By Choice
Show Details33min 45s
Celebrity, Pt. 7 - Great By Permanence
Show Details38min 10s
Celebrity, Pt. 6 - Great By Sacrifice
Show Details29min 38s
Celebrity, Pt. 5 - Great By Likeness
Show Details41min 15s
Celebrity, Pt. 4 - Great By Access
Show Details43min 40s
Celebrity, Pt. 3 - Great By Empathy
Show Details42min 23s
Celebrity, Pt. 2 - Great By Status
Show Details38min 47s
Celebrity, Pt. 1 - Great By Name
Show Details40min 52s
Miracles, Pt. 6 - Lazarus: Undead
Show Details41min 19s
Miracles, Pt. 5 - Blind Man: Blindness
Show Details41min 41s
Miracles, Pt. 4 - Feeding Of 5,000, Walking On Water: Hunger
Show Details39min 34s
Miracles, Pt. 3 - Lame Man: Superstition
Show Details42min 18s
Miracles, Pt. 2 - Official's Son: Control
Show Details44min 59s
Miracles, Pt. 1 - Water To Wine: Purity
Show Details44min 53s
Signs, Pt. 4 - The Love Of God
Show Details38min 19s
Revive, Pt. 2 - Jesus Encountered The Religious
Show Details37min 46s
Revive, Pt. 1 - Jesus Encountered The Down And Out
Show Details56min 20s
Signs, Pt. 3 - The Presence Of God
Show Details50min 8s
Signs, Pt. 2 - The Forgiveness Of God
Show Details42min 33s
Signs, Pt. 1 - The Branding Of God
Show Details47min 29s
Super Hero, Pt. 5 - The Triumph Of A Super Hero
Show Details41min 16s
Super Hero, Pt. 4 - The Battle Of A Super Hero
Show Details41min 39s
Super Hero, Pt. 3 - The Death Of A Super Hero
Show Details42min 5s
Super Hero, Pt. 2 - The Call Of A Super Hero
Show Details50min 34s
Super Hero, Pt. 1 - The Making Of A Super Hero
Show Details33min 48s
Foreshadow, Pt. 4 - The Servant
Show Details44min 30s
Foreshadow, Pt. 3 - The Shepherd From Nowhere
Show Details49min 29s
Foreshadow, Pt. 2 - The King Of The Scattered
Show Details48min 5s
Foreshadow, Pt. 1 - The Anointed One
Show Details49min 7s
Sweet Dreams, Pt. 4 - God Completes Sweet Dreams
Show Details43min 27s
Sweet Dreams, Pt. 3 - God Moves On Sweet Dreams
Show Details43min 47s
Sweet Dreams, Pt. 2 - God Prepares Sweet Dreams
Show Details53min 29s
Sweet Dreams, Pt. 1 - God Initiates Sweet Dreams
Show Details40min 57s
Formed, Pt. 8 - A Formed Redemption
Show Details41min 41s
Formed, Pt. 7 - A Formed Truth
Show Details41min 53s
Formed, Pt. 6 - A Formed Courage
Show Details42min 14s
Formed, Pt. 5 - A Formed Righteousness
Show Details42min 39s
Formed, Pt. 4 - A Formed Life
Show Details34min
Formed, Pt. 3 - A Formed Holiness
Show Details39min 16s
Formed, Pt. 2 - A Formed Strength
Show Details37min 47s
Formed, Pt. 1 - A Formed Creation
Show Details47min 40s
Greater Than, Pt. 9 - A Greater Gift
Show Details42min 35s
Greater Than, Pt. 8 - A Greater Economy
Show Details38min 34s
Greater Than, Pt. 7 - A Greater Discipline
Show Details45min 49s
Greater Than, Pt. 6 - A Greater Response
Show Details40min 33s
Greater Than, Pt. 5 - A Greater Vow
Show Details48min 57s
Greater Than, Pt. 4 - A Greater Heart
Show Details43min 11s
Greater Than, Pt. 3 - A Greater Righteousness
Show Details44min 33s
Greater Than, Pt. 2 - A Greater Impact
Show Details41min 53s
Greater Than, Pt. 1 - A Greater Character
Show Details48min 51s
Walk The Line, Pt. 6 - Strength
Show Details45min 24s
Walk The Line, Pt. 5 - Submission
Show Details44min 51s
Walk The Line, Pt. 4 - Purity (2nd Service - Michael Decker)
Show Details33min 15s
Walk The Line, Pt. 4 - Purity (1st Service - Shane Kennard)
Show Details43min 48s
Walk The Line, Pt. 3 - Maturity (2nd Service - Phil Sousa)
Show Details46min 14s
Walk The Line, Pt. 3 - Maturity (1st Service - Shane Kennard)
Show Details41min 3s
Walk The Line, Pt. 2 - Diversity
Show Details46min 18s
Walk The Line, Pt. 1 - Unity
Show Details48min 30s
Identity, Pt. 6 - Inside
Show Details35min 4s
Identity, Pt. 5 - Witness (2nd Service - Clay Miller)
Show Details46min 26s
Identity, Pt. 5 - Witness (1st Service - Shane Kennard)
Show Details47min 43s
Identity, Pt. 4 - Team
Show Details40min 57s
Identity, Pt. 3 - Change
Show Details40min 49s
Identity, Pt. 2 - Prayer
Show Details39min
Identity, Pt. 1 - Blessed
Show Details46min 48s
Wayward Son, Pt. 3 - Death Row
Show Details39min 11s
Wayward Son, Pt. 2 - The Responsible Son
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