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Hello, My name is Helmut Reutter, I want welcome you to my Channel, I am minister, a teacher of the word of God. I love simplicity, but pure doctrine. So if you are looking for biblical answers for todays questions without diluting the word of God; then this is your place. Join me every Sunday 10:45 CAT and Wednesdays 18:15hrs CAT for live broadcast on and Facebook . For more spiritual Nourishment visit my website where I post my sermon outlines every Sunday Morning.


The Generation that seek the Lord
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God keeps His Word
Show Details57min 31s
Show Details54min 54s
You have come to Mount Zion
Show Details53min 42s
The Son is the radiance of God’s glory
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The righteous will flourish
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Fruit is the mark of discipleship
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Trust His reliable Word!
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Family Under Attack-The Perfect Place To Learn Submission
Show Details58min 23s
What has death to do with Grace?
Show Details58min 45s
Family Under Attack-When The Family Experiences Death
Show Details57min 56s
STAND FIRM! Let Nothing Move you in the Season of Trials
Show Details58min 42s
Family Under Attack-God's Mandate For Parents
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The excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus
Show Details50min 18s
Family Under Attack-Increase Your Bandwidth
Show Details59min 44s
The crown of creation
Show Details59min 30s
Family Under Attack-Prepare a Good Inheritance
Show Details58min 20s
The prophetic word reveals God’s plan
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The fulfillment of God's plan
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Family Under Attack-The Feminine Blessing
Show Details58min 23s
Family Under Attack-Living Together in Harmony
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Grand Expectations
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God’s unique plan for the nations
Show Details1hr 4min
The work of the master craftsman
Show Details1hr 3min
Building a life of greatness
Show Details1hr 3min
Rebuilding God’s people to perfection
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Show Details1hr 1min
In the hour of crisis God steps in
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Maintaining clarity of our mission
Show Details53min 48s
When Jesus comes His plans will lay bare
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The Father of lights penetrates darkness
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Family Under Attack | Don't Get Tired Doing Good
Show Details58min 34s
No reason to fear - God is in control
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FAMILY UNDER ATTACK | Building a Successful Family
Show Details57min 52s
Family Under Attack-Building a Successful Family
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A clear vision will make you thankful
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FAMILY UNDER ATTACK | Be Faithful, Bear With Each other
Show Details58min 8s
The outcome is determined: We win!
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FAMILY UNDER ATTACK | Be Faithful, Conquer Temptationnnn
Show Details58min 25s
The choreographed celestial multitude
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Show Details53min 3s
The Truth denominator
Show Details1hr 6min
Benefits of alignment
Show Details50min 18s
God’s intelligent design
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How God Reveals the nature of the Holy Spirit | Part II
Show Details1hr 3min
How God reveals the nature of the Holy Spirit
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