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Beauty Queen with Lana Ivanov

Join Lana Ivanov each episode as she breaks down down her tips & tricks to become a beauty queen. Tune in to listen to her journey in esthetics, as she reveals her personal tips & secrets that she uses at her own spa and with her skincare line. Do you have what it takes to become the next beauty queen?


Episode #22: Vonavi Pro & My Story
Show Details41min 16s
Episode #20: The Magic of Venus Epileve
Show Details9min 47s
Ep.#20: The Beauty Queen Needs Sunscreen
Show Details7min 42s
Ep.#19: The Magic Device That Helps Combat Spots That Come with Age
Show Details8min 21s
Episode #18: A Day at the Sexiest Med Spa Ever
Show Details11min 55s
Episode #17: The Magic of Microblading with Lana Ivanov
Show Details39min 24s
Episode #16: How to Run a "One-Stop-Shop" Dr. Allcroft of Vallon MediSpa
Show Details24min 25s
Episode #15: How to Grow Your Business with Lana Ivanov
Show Details35min 21s
Episode #13: Falling in Love with an Industry to Help Others Feel Beautiful with Maddie Rose
Show Details16min 26s
Episode #14: Being Healthy Has No Room for Excuses with Ashley Cunningham
Show Details18min 41s
Episode #12: The Secret to Creating a New Look with Diana Ivanov
Show Details8min 33s
Episode #11: The Power of Taking the Time to Understand People with Amanda Sakach
Show Details17min 40s
Episode #10: Exceptional Care Leads to Exceptional Customer Loyalty with Kyymara Rose Scott
Show Details14min 15s
Episode #9: The Beauty of Hard Work with Marz Cos
Show Details7min 26s
Episode #8: The Magic of the Massage with Ana Mena
Show Details14min 12s
Episode #7: How She Stands Out From The Crowd with Rachelle Alumbaugh
Show Details23min 52s
Episode #6: The Importance of the Massage with Carly Gallagher
Show Details13min 16s
Episode #5: Must Learn Expertise & Secrets from Zen Miller of Zen Miller Lounge
Show Details14min 19s
Episode #4: The Joys of Finding Your Strengths with Oluwabukola Alebiosu
Show Details31s
Episode #3: Some of The Products I Use in My Spa with DermAfirm USA
Show Details20min 21s
Episode #2: Robin Butwan: What Does It Take to Start Your Business?
Show Details14min 42s
Episode #1: Welcome to Beauty Queen with Lana Invanov
Show Details14min 28s