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Happy Hour - 93.7 The Ticket KNTK

Nick Sehnert and Enrique Alvarez-Clary provide their youthful energy and takes on the happenings within Nebraska and National athletics.


Sexy Picks and Crossover w/ Nate: November 23rd, 1:45pm
Show Details22min 27s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): November 23rd, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 6s
Pseudo Tip Jar and some Iowa talk: November 23rd, 1pm
Show Details20min 41s
Final Segment: November 22nd, 1:45pm
Show Details8min 35s
Nick Sehnert joins and we talk about the coaching search: November 22nd, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 13s
How did Zane Flores not get an offer: November 22nd, 1pm
Show Details20min 37s
The Crossover w/ Nate and Bock: November 21st, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 59s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): November 21st, 1:25pm
Show Details21min 33s
Recapping the Huskers loss against Wisconsin: November 21st, 1pm
Show Details20min 3s
The Crossover w/ Nate and Strick: November 17th, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 3s
Kansas City Royals new stadium: November 17th, 1:25pm
Show Details13min 52s
Coaching Search and some of the candidates: November 17th, 1pm
Show Details22min 38s
The Crossover w/ Nate and Strick: November 16th, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 41s
Anthony Grant not being a 1000 yard rusher is a crime: November 16th, 1:25pm
Show Details21min 33s
Creighton WBB takes down Nebraska in Omaha: November 16th, 1pm
Show Details16min 18s
Sweet Things by Marcy: November 15th, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 46s
Mickeys recruiting prowess: November 15th, 1:25pm
Show Details14min 20s
Coaching search and what Mickey brings: November 15th, 1pm
Show Details21min 33s
The Crossover w/ Nate and Strick: November 14th, 1:45pm
Show Details21min 38s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): November 14th, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 54s
Fan Accounts and AP Top 25: November 14th, 1pm
Show Details23min 24s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: November 10th, 1:45pm
Show Details14min 20s
Jimmy Watkins (Omaha World Herald): November 10th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 43s
Bounce Around segment and football: November 10th, 1pm
Show Details26min 36s
The Crossover w/ Nathan and Strick: November 9th, 1:45pm
Show Details18min 21s
Lincoln Arneal (Huskers Illustrated): November 9th, 1:25pm
Show Details12min 41s
Mark Whipple spoke today: November 9th, 1pm
Show Details27min 41s
The Crossover with Strick and Nate: November 8th, 1:45pm
Show Details14min 9s
John Cook spoke about the history behind his volleyball program: November 8th, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 19s
Marcy Haas (Sweet Things by Marcy) joins the show: November 8th, 1pm
Show Details16min 32s
The Crossover w/ Nater and Strick: November 7th, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 17s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): November 7th, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 5s
Husker Women's Hoops preview and reaction to Nebraska/Minnesota: November 7th, 1pm
Show Details22min 6s
Rico and Team Jack: November 4th, 1:45pm
Show Details7min 9s
Zach Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): November 4th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 39s
Live from Muchachos: November 4th, 1pm
Show Details22min 14s
Crossover with Nathan and Strick: November 3rd, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 14s
Confidence in the offense to score without Casey: November 3rd, 1:25pm
Show Details19min
Fan Accounts are dumb: November 3rd, 1pm
Show Details14min 55s
The Crossover with Nate and Strick: November 2nd, 1:45pm
Show Details18min 41s
Quarterback situation for the Huskers: November 2nd, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 52s
Big Ten trophy games: November 2nd, 1pm
Show Details19min 12s
The Crossover with Nathan: November 1st, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 8s
Sweet Things by Marcy: November 1st, 1:25pm
Show Details12min 1s
Jump Around and NBA News: November 1st, 1pm
Show Details28min 50s
The Crossover w/ Nathan Brennan: October 31st, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 4s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): October 31st, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 29s
Harsin out at Auburn and Mickey article in Sports Illustrated: October 31st, 1pm
Show Details23min 3s
Sexy Picks: October 28th, 1:45pm
Show Details18min 46s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): October 28th, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 16s
Ricos Parenting advice: October 28th, 1pm
Show Details22min 44s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: October 27th, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 15s
Going through the numbers for Illinois: October 27th, 1:30pm
Show Details16min 16s
Omar Manning alert: October 27th, 1:15pm
Show Details9min 33s
Recap Husker Volleyball loss: October 27th, 1pm
Show Details11min 59s
The Crossover with Nathan: October 26th, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 55s
Video Game Corner: October 26th, 1:25pm
Show Details11min 43s
Nebraska Volleyball takes on Wisconsin tonight: October 26th, 1pm
Show Details23min 3s
The Crossover with Nathan: October 25th, 1:45pm
Show Details11min 41s
Sweet Things by Marcy: October 25th, 1:25pm
Show Details10min 31s
Press Conference Reaction: October 25th, 1pm
Show Details22min 56s
The Crossover w/ Nate and Strick: October 24th, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 13s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): October 24th, 1:25pm
Show Details18min 19s
Recap Picks and Baseball Corner: October 24th, 1pm
Show Details21min 1s
The Crossover w/ Nathan and Strick: October 21st, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 38s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): October 21st, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 58s
Sexy Picks: October 21st, 1pm
Show Details23min 14s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: October 20th, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 1s
Russell Wilson, who would you take over him: October 20th, 1:25pm
Show Details10min 57s
Recruiting within state lines: October 20th, 1pm
Show Details25min 29s
Giveaway winners: October 19th, 1:45pm
Show Details6min 18s
Husker Athletics run around: October 19th, 1:25pm
Show Details12min 2s
Bounce Around segment: October 19th, 1pm
Show Details28min 13s
Sweet Things by Marcy: October 18th, 1:25pm
Show Details25min 12s
What does Vegas know that they aren't sharing: October 18th, 1pm
Show Details18min 6s
The Crossover with Nate and Strick: October 18th, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 58s
The Crossover with Strick: October 17th, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 2s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): October 17th, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 12s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats to Rats): October 17th, 1pm
Show Details22min 53s
The Crossover with Erick Strickland: October 14th, 1:45pm
Show Details25min 44s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): October 14th, 1:30pm
Show Details15min 46s
Sexy Picks: October 14th, 1:15pm
Show Details12min 36s
Nick Recaps the High School Football game from last night: October 14th, 1pm
Show Details13min 49s
Ricos Volleyball talk: October 13th, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 11s
Tip Jar: October 13th, 1:25pm
Show Details12min 18s
The importance of this matchup and the possible loss of two defendersd: October 13th, 1pm
Show Details21min 20s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: October 12th, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 25s
The B1G West is a weird division: October 12th, 1:25pm
Show Details19min 41s
Past Purdue game, 2015 flashback: October 12th, 1pm
Show Details18min 29s
Crossover with Nathan Brennan: October 11th, 1:45pm
Show Details12min 1s
Dishonor on Nathan: October 11th, 1:25pm
Show Details8min 32s
Sweet Things by Marcy and Transfer Portal: October 11th, 1pm
Show Details22min 28s
Crossover with Nathan Brennan: October 10th, 1:45pm
Show Details12min 21s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): October 10th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 56s
Pest of the Weekend (brought to you by Bats 2 Rats): October 10th, 1pm
Show Details15min 45s
The Crossover with Strick and Nate: October 7th, 1:45pm
Show Details15min 17s
Rutgers Offense and Defense ratings: October 7th, 1:25pm
Show Details22min 12s
Sexy Picks: October 7th, 1pm
Show Details21min 18s
Strick joins Rico for the Crossover: October 6th, 1:45pm
Show Details7min 39s
Mickey Joseph opportunity at the job: October 6th, 1:25pm
Show Details14min 6s
Joel Klatt on Wisconsin firing Paul Chryst: October 6th, 1pm
Show Details25min 14s
Brain from The Shoppes at Piedmont: October 5th, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 8s
Candy Talk and B1G Stadiums: October 5th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 25s
The Huskers defense was impressive: October 5th, 1pm
Show Details20min 37s
Sweet Things by Marcy with Nathan: October 4th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 5s
The offense struggled in a few instances agsainst Indiana: October 4th, 1:25pm
Show Details12min 25s
Baseball Corner and Whipple bites: October 4th, 1pm
Show Details22min 5s
Crossover with Nate: October 3rd, 1:45pm
Show Details4min 7s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): October 3rd, 1:25pm
Show Details21min 3s
Cubs are the Hottest Team in Baseball/Thoughts from the Weekend: October 3rd, 1pm
Show Details18min 49s
Carpenter Part 2 and the Crossover with Nathan: September 30th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 31s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska): September 30th, 1:30pm
Show Details14min 44s
Happy picks: September 30th, 1:15pm
Show Details13min 27s
Lots of Huskers Athletics events this weekend: September 30th, 1pm
Show Details7min 59s
Nathan in for Nick: September 29th, 1:45pm
Show Details8min 31s
Is the Indiana game a Must-Win: September 29th, 1:25pm
Show Details8min 38s
Lets not get off the rails: September 29th, 1pm
Show Details24min 54s
The Crossover with Nathan Brennan: September 28th, 1:45pm
Show Details14min 50s
Defense is the word of the week: September 28th, 1:25pm
Show Details25min 54s
BREAKING NEWS - Waka Flocka Flame performing after the Nebraska Basketball event: September 28th, 1pm
Show Details21min
Nathan in for Nick: September 27th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 44s
Sweet Things by Marcy: September 27th, 1:25pm
Show Details10min 38s
NFL Buy or Sell: September 27th, 1pm
Show Details23min 7s
Crossover with Nathan Brennan: September 26th, 1:45pm
Show Details20min 39s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): September 26th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 59s
Pest of the Weekend (brought to you by Bats 2 Rats): September 26th, 1pm
Show Details24min 48s
The Crossover with Nathan Brennan: September 23rd, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 59s
How was Nicks concert: September 23rd, 1:25pm
Show Details22min 41s
Volleyball plays tonight and tomorrow: September 23rd, 1pm
Show Details14min 33s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: September 22nd, 1:45pm
Show Details9min 46s
Nebraska getting a new media deal: September 22nd, 1:25pm
Show Details21min 13s
Alexis Lipson (Lincoln Northeast): September 22nd, 1pm
Show Details10min 30s
Crossover with Nathan Brennan: September 21st, 1:45pm
Show Details19min 11s
Proposal to sell alcohol inside PBA will be voted on later this week: September 21st, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 16s
Baseball Corner: September 21st, 1pm
Show Details21min 19s
Sweet Things by Marcy: September 20th, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 10s
Coaching Candidates after Mickey: September 20th, 1:25pm
Show Details7min 2s
Mickey has a hard road to "prove" himself: September 20th, 1pm
Show Details24min 59s
Crossover with Nathan and Strick: September 19th, 1:45pm
Show Details7min 44s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): September 19th, 1:25pm
Show Details20min 41s
Pest of the Weekend: September 19th, 1pm
Show Details21min 48s
Crossover with Nathan Brennan: September 16th, 1:45pm
Show Details14min 11s
Zack Carpenter (Huskers Illustrated): September 16th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 11s
Oklahoma game open and Weekend Picks: September 16th, 1pm
Show Details24min 14s
More from Chris Plank: September 15th, 1:45pm
Show Details5min 58s
Chris Plank (Sooner Radio Network): September 15th, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 25s
What have we learned about Brent Venables at OU through two games: September 15th, 1pm
Show Details24min 3s
Crossover with Nathan and Strick: September 14th, 1:45pm
Show Details21min 50s
Reading texts on why Mickey is a great fit: September 14th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 12s
Recapping Husker Volleyball vs Stanford and how attractive is the Nebraska Football job: September 14th, 1pm
Show Details20min 58s
Sweet Things by Marcy w/ Strick and Nate: September 13th, 1:45pm
Show Details11min 7s
Steve Marik (Huskers Illustrated): September 13th, 1:25pm
Show Details18min 57s
Reaction to the Mickey Joseph presser: September 13th, 1pm
Show Details13min 55s
The Crossover with Strick and Nate: September 12th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 36s
Trev Alberts answering questions that he wasn't asked: September 12th, 1:30pm
Show Details13min 48s
Should Nebraska look at Kyle Wittingham: September 12th, 1:15pm
Show Details7min 53s
Scott Frost let go, is Nebraskaa good job? : September 12th, 1pm
Show Details21min 2s
Crossover with Strick: September 9th, 1:45pm
Show Details16min 42s
Nick is headed to Barry's to han gout with Strick: September 9th, 1:25pm
Show Details11min 46s
Rico and Nick make Picks: September 9th, 1pm
Show Details19min 54s
Crossover with Nate and Strick: September 8th, 1:45pm
Show Details15min 15s
Player jerseys now available for certain schools: September 8th, 1:25pm
Show Details8min 27s
A lot of things are happening at once: September 8th, 1pm
Show Details21min 53s
The Crossover with Nate and Strick: September 7th, 1:45pm
Show Details14min 55s
Michael Dixon (PxP for the Lincoln Saltdogs): September 7th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 56s
Bowl Games and Playoff Expansion: September 7th, 1pm
Show Details25min 51s
Crossover w/ Nathan Brennan: September 6th, 1:45pm
Show Details6min 46s
Lincoln Arenal (Huskers Illustrated): September 6th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 17s
Sweet Things by Marcy and Playoff expansion: September 6th, 1pm
Show Details21min 2s
The Crossover w/ Nathan and Strick: September 2nd, 1:45pm
Show Details19min 12s
Zack Carpenter (Huskers Illustrated): September 2nd, 1:25pm
Show Details19min 50s
Conservative Play calling and finding an identity: September 2nd, 1pm
Show Details21min 36s
The Cross over with Nate and Strick: September 1st, 1:45pm
Show Details12min 21s
Traditions in College Football: September 1st, 1:25pm
Show Details10min 4s
Lets not talk about hiring a coach when we have a coach: September 1st, 1pm
Show Details17min 35s
The Crossover with Nathan: August 31st, 1:45pm
Show Details22min 51s
Mark Whipple and Erik Chinander spoke with the media today: August 31st, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 45s
Nebraska has had an over 80% chance to win multiple games in the Scott Frost tenure: August 31st, 1pm
Show Details20min
Nick Leaves, Nate and Strick join for the Crossover: August 30th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 22s
Erick Strickland joins us from Florida: August 30th, 1:25pm
Show Details16min 37s
Sweet Things by Marcy day: August 30th, 1pm
Show Details13min 26s
Crossover with Nathan: August 29th, 1:45pm
Show Details23min 52s
Steve Marek (Huskers Illustrated): August 29th, 1:25pm
Show Details15min 44s
Nebraska comes back from Ireland 0-1: August 29th, 1pm
Show Details23min 22s
Predictions and Breakout Players - August 26th, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 49s
What are we Concerned About with Husker Football? - August 26th, 1:25pm
Show Details9min 46s
Volleyball Sweeps, Husker Football Keys to Victory - August 26th, 1pm
Show Details31min 58s
Nick to Class, Bock in: August 25th, 1:45pm
Show Details7min 26s
Record Predictions for 3 of the Big Ten West teams: August 25th, 1:25pm
Show Details18min 45s
Frost Audio: August 25th, 1pm
Show Details14min 48s
The Crossover with Nathan and Strick: August 24th, 1:45pm
Show Details12min 5s
Scottsbluff HS is traveling far East 3 times this year: August 24th, 1:25pm
Show Details24min 55s
Blackshirts handed out, reactions: August 24th, 1pm
Show Details18min 38s
Crossover w/ Nathan: August 23rd, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 9s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska): August 23rd, 1:25pm
Show Details13min 30s
Sweet Things by Marcy taste test: August 23rd, 1pm
Show Details21min
The Crossover with Nate and Strick: August 22nd, 1:45pm
Show Details13min 34s
Parallels between this year and last year: August 22nd, 1:25pm
Show Details22min 20s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats 2 Rats): August 22nd, 1pm
Show Details25min 20s
Crossover w/ Strick and Nate: August 19th, 1:45pm
Show Details15min 48s
Zack Carpenter (Nebraska Rivals): August 19th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 54s
Scott Frost talking about puke: August 19th, 1pm
Show Details14min 45s
Crossover with Erick Strickland: August 18th, 1:45pm
Show Details17min 41s
What did Nick hear from todays Football presser: August 18th, 1:25pm
Show Details17min 24s
Lincoln Arneal (Huskers Illustrated): August 18th, 1pm
Show Details26min 20s
Crossover with Nate and Strick: August 17th, 1:45pm
Show Details6min 11s
We have a listener heading to the casino, what bets should we take? August 17th, 1:25pm
Show Details18min 46s
Husker Basketball is hosting an official visitor tonight: August 17th, 1pm
Show Details20min 55s
Are there any cons to releasing a depth chart before the season? August 16th, 1:45pm
Show Details6min 55s
Sweet Things by Marcy: August 16th, 1:25pm
Show Details9min 36s
What is a serviceable QB: August 16th, 1pm
Show Details32min 34s
Crossover with Erick Strickland and Nathan Brennan: August 15th, 1:45pm
Show Details10min 14s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska) August 15th, 1:25pm
Show Details22min 31s
How do we feel about Nebraska's alternate uniforms? August 15th, 1pm
Show Details26min 11s
Antonio Brown is full of himself and comparing his play to Jesus at Red Rocks: August 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details3min 30s
Jerry Kill at Minnesota & coaches who look like their mascots: August 11th, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 14s
Looking back on Mark Whipple's career, Sam Bradford at Oklahoma, and more: August 11, 2pm
Show Details23min 53s
How concerned are we with the Devin Drew situation? August 9th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 4s
More on the BIG Media Rights deal: August 9th, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 36s
Reports say ESPN has backed out of the new TV Deal for the BIG, what does this mean? August 9th, 2pm
Show Details18min 54s
Nebraska Basketball still hasn't hired a 3rd assistant: August 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details3min 39s
Steve Marik (Inside Nebraska - Rivals) August 8th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 17s
Cale Gundy resigns at OU: August 8th, 2pm
Show Details24min 34s
Final Thoughts - Rico going on vacation! August 5th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 14s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska - Rivals) August 5th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 47s
Scott Frost talked to the media on Friday, what is our reaction? August 5th, 2pm
Show Details24min 49s
Thoughts on Bill Busch's comments, RB by committee: August 4th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 41s
Bill Busch spoke on Thursday, what were the takeaways? August 4th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 26s
The NFL is looking to appeal Deshaun Watson's suspension...what does this mean? August 4th, 2pm
Show Details16min 4s
Brent Venables at Oklahoma/Saints OL starts a fight for the 3rd straight day: August 3rd, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 49s
Cubs decide not to move Willson/Remembering Vin Scully: August 3rd, 2pm
Show Details17min 5s
The Cubs problems in recent years: August 2nd, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 32s
MLB trade deadline: August 2nd, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 33s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats to Rats) August 2nd, 2pm
Show Details17min 58s
Segment 3 - August 1st, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 51s
Segment 2 - August 1st, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 19s
Segment 1 - August 1st, 2:00pm
Show Details21min 35s
How do we feel about the Choco Taco dying? July 28th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 52s
Nebraska's QB conversation: July 28th, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 30s
Twitter Verification process: July 28th, 2pm
Show Details24min 44s
To the track! Nick is running a 400m: July 25th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 55s
Nick is pretty confident that he can run under 90 seconds: July 25th, 2:25pm
Show Details11min 53s
Could Nick run a 400m in under 90 seconds? July 25th, 2pm
Show Details22min 33s
Trev Alberts from 2021 BIG Media Days: July 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 15s
Zack Carpenter (Inside Nebraska - Rivals) July 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 14s
Nathan is out of control! July 22nd, 2pm
Show Details20min 33s
What do the position coaches give us in press conferences? July 20th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 44s
Reacting to position coaches not speaking to the media: July 20th, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 59s
Rob Manfred is unplugged from MLB/Derek Jeter documentary: July 20th, 2pm
Show Details29min 9s
The Oakland Athletics tried to fly their all-star commercially, but the Astros saved the day: July 19th, 2:45pm
Show Details10min 27s
Huskers aren't letting position coaches speak to the media during the season: July 19th, 2:25pm
Show Details10min 23s
Rico is mad because a twitter account stole his picture: July 19th, 2:15pm
Show Details4min 44s
Recap of last night's event/Nick and Rico change their predictions: July 19th, 2pm
Show Details11min 37s
Why is Notre Dame so Stubborn? - July 18th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 47s
Steve Marik (Rivals) - July 18th, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 52s
Pest of the Weekend (Sponsored by Bats to Rats) - July 18th, 2:00pm
Show Details24min 34s
Hokies and Huskers
Show Details14min 34s
Reading your texts
Show Details7min 50s
Returning players who could improve
Show Details22min 16s
Nate's Thoughts on a 1000 Yards Rusher/Receiver - July 14th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 14s
Tip Jar - July 14th, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 33s
NBA News and 1000 Yard Rusher/Receiver - July 14th, 2:00pm
Show Details26min 21s
Is it a problem if Nebraska has another Devine Ozigbo...a guy that starts low on the depth chart and rises to the top? July 13th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 6s
Revisting last year's running back room and are we asking the same questions two years in a row? July 13th, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 56s
Blue Jays have fired their manager...but why? July 13th, 2pm
Show Details21min 4s
Listener reaction to the running back room: July 12th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 34s
Markese Stepp has entered the portal...what does Nebraska do now? July 12th, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 16s
Armon Gates has moved on from Nebraska...What now? July 12th, 2pm
Show Details18min 5s
Final Segment: July 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 16s
How do Nate and Bock feel about the Chubba Purdy comments? July 11th, 2:25pm
Show Details21min 25s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats to Rats): July 11th, 2pm
Show Details13min 56s
Final Segment on a Friday: July 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 58s
Rico is a fan of Charlie Strong??? July 8th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 59s
Tip Jar with Sipple: July 8th, 2pm
Show Details18min 59s
2018 Browns vs 2018 Raiders...who we got? July 6th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 44s
Comparing Baker and Derek Carr: July 6th, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 43s
Baker Mayfield has been traded/Is OBJ a top-25 WR? July 6th, 2pm
Show Details29min 33s
Who should join the BIG now? July 5th, 2:45pm
Show Details10min
6 schools may be going to the Big 12, what should the ACC do now? July 5th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 54s
Pest of the Weekend/Omarion Miller commits to Nebraska: July 5th, 2pm
Show Details22min 38s
What are the chances Notre Dame's TV deal is restructured and they join the BIG? July 1st, 2:45pm
Show Details10min 53s
Cowherd said USC and UCLA will have no problem adjusting to the BIG, but Nebraska fans have a special perspective on this topic... July 1st, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 3s
Nate is in for Rico. What are the plans and drinks of choice for the 4th of July? July 1st, 2pm
Show Details17min 28s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 3: June 30th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 24s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 2: June 30th, 2:25pm
Show Details9min 5s
USC and UCLA to the B1G Part 1: June 30th, 2pm
Show Details29min 51s
Emoni Bates is transfering to where???? EASTERN MICHIGAN??? June 29th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 33s
Who is the Ameer Abdullah of this football team? June 29th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 14s
Nick got his laptop back, so let's update the spreadsheets of the 2017 coaching carousel: June 29th, 2pm
Show Details23min 17s
Backyard Baseball Characters, Denard Span, and NCAA Football 14: June 28th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 52s
Let's talk PAC-12 Football compared to the BIG: June 28th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 8s
Nate stops by the Happy Hour to talk Nebraska to the Playoff: June 28th, 2pm
Show Details13min 20s
Segment 3 - June 27th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 44s
Segment 2 - June 27th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 5s
Segment 1 - June 27th, 2:00pm
Show Details18min 28s
Thoughts on Bryce Mcgowens to Charlotte: June 24th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 26s
Joined by Mark and Bock Live from Haymarket Park: June 24th, 2:25pm
Show Details10min 33s
People still have questions about why Rico has his record the way it is: June 24th, 2pm
Show Details25min 10s
NBA Draft Preview - June 23rd, 2:45pm
Show Details10min 11s
TipJar - June 23rd, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 6s
Nick Gets 700 Followers - June 23rd, 2:00pm
Show Details15min 53s
Final Thoughts: June 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 13s
VJ and Jake crash the party! June 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 7s
Ohio St. Football Recruiting: June 22nd, 2pm
Show Details18min 32s
What does Omaha Look Like Without the College World Series? - June 21st, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 39s
Tome Fornelli of CBS Sports says Purdue and Michigan St will Take a Step Back this Season - June 21st, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 27s
Jell-O Shot Tracker at the CWS - June 21st, 2:00pm
Show Details19min 10s
Segment 3 - June 20th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 22s
Segment 2 - June 20th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 26s
Segment 1 - June 20th, 2:00pm
Show Details22min 48s
Segment 3 - June 17th, 12:45pm
Show Details3min 10s
Segment 2 - June 17th, 12:25pm
Show Details16min 1s
Segment 1 - June 17th, 12:00pm
Show Details30min 19s
Big Ten Baseball - June 16th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 49s
Tye Richardson (ESPN Arkansas) - June 16th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 31s
Tip Jar - June 16th, 2:00pm
Show Details18min 18s
Segment 3 - June 15th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 32s
Segment 2 - June 15th, 2:45pm
Show Details16min
Segment 1 - June 15th, 2:00pm
Show Details21min 26s
Javin Wright and Chancellor Brewington: June 10th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 43s
Nebraska Baseball Upgrades? June 10th, 2:25pm
Show Details9min 26s
Big 12 Conference lookin' different: June 10th, 2pm
Show Details22min 32s
Airplane Bathroom or a Porta-John: June 9th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 46s
Tip Jar: June 9th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 8s
New Girl/MLB Managers: June 9th, 2pm
Show Details25min 25s
Final Segment: June 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details3min 32s
Nouri and Brant are in studio! June 8th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 26s
Fred Hoiberg on the Radio: June 8th, 2pm
Show Details26min 1s
We can't expect Casey Thompson to be Kenny Pickett: June 7th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 23s
Scott Frost's role in 2022: June 7th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 19s
Taste Test Tuesday: June 7th, 2pm
Show Details19min 30s
Finishing up on a Friday: June 3rd, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 1s
Athlon Sports Preseason All-Conference Teams: June 3rd, 2:25pm
Show Details22min 25s
Deshaun Watson's Lawyer is out of control: June 3rd, 2pm
Show Details16min 29s
Rico finally watched Hockey: June 1st, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 20s
Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity) June 1st, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 2s
Trey McGowens pursues Pro Basketball: June 1st, 2pm
Show Details21min 51s
Final Segment: May 31st, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 13s
Do Husker fans hold a grudge? May 31st, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 51s
Pest of the Weekend (sponsored by Bats to Rats): May 31st, 2pm
Show Details15min 22s
Big Ten Baseball Tournament: May 25th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 24s
Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star): May 25th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 32s
Sad day in Texas/Husker Baseball Attrition: May 25th, 2pm
Show Details21min 53s
Nebraska Scholarship Updates: May 24th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 12s
Are we really mad about the balloons? May 24th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 19s
Taste Test Tuesday: May 24th, 2pm
Show Details20min 30s
MLB Prospects of 2013: May 23rd, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 44s
Husker Baseball Outlook: May 23rd, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 14s
Nick is BACK! May 23rd, 2pm
Show Details22min 35s
Where is Nathan going to eat down in Oklahoma: May 20th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 3s
Nathan Brennan joins us from Stillwater: May 20th, 2:25pm
Show Details11min 56s
Jimbo vs Saban and Jordan Addison: May 20th, 2pm
Show Details25min 42s
Jimbo vs Saban cont: May 19th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 40s
Jimbo vs Saban: May 19th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 10s
Tip Jar: May 19th, 2pm
Show Details22min 27s
Husker Baseball scenarios: May 18th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 45s
Nate Rohr (Voice of Husker Softball): May 18th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 1s
Nebraska Recruiting in 2017: May 18th, 2pm
Show Details20min 31s
King of Queens (Yes, the TV Show): May 17th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 59s
Getting carded, shaving beards, and weather apps: May 17th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 54s
Mount Rushmore of 93.7 the Ticket: May 17th, 2pm
Show Details19min 55s
Nebraska vs Oklahoma Recap: May 16th, 2pm
Show Details15min 41s
Patrick Beverly is out of control: May 16th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 39s
Pest of the Weekend (Bats to Rats): May 16th, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 1s
Softball Game Distractions: May 13th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 47s
Michael Dixon (Voice of the Lincoln Saltdogs): May 13th, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 22s
Opening Segment: May 13th, 2pm
Show Details22min 42s
Anniversary of LeRoy Jenkins: May 12th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 47s
Nate Rohr (Husker Softball PxP): May 12th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 35s
Abrupt Tip Jar: May 12th, 2pm
Show Details27min 6s
Husker Softball faces Penn St. tomorrow: May 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 55s
Husker Softball Postseason Awards: May 11th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 3s
Emergency Brakes and Breaking your Back: May 11th, 2pm
Show Details26min 26s
Fantasy Football losers: May 10th, 2:45pm
Show Details3min 28s
Wan'Dale leaving is an idictment on the coaches, not him: May 10th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 53s
Dylan Raiola commits to Ohio State: May 10th, 2pm
Show Details19min 41s
Will Bolt is the Head Coach: May 9th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 3s
Evan Bland (Omaha World-Herald): May 9th, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 24s
Pest of the Weekend: May 9th, 2pm
Show Details19min 25s
Nebraska Baseball: May 5th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 24s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity): May 5th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 35s
Nobody here knows Bock: May 5th, 2pm
Show Details21min 22s
Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star): May 4th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 51s
Huskers in the NFL Draft: May 4th, 2pm
Show Details24min 53s
Young CFB Coaches: May 3rd, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 49s
Jimmy Watkins (Omaha World-Herald): May 3rd, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 58s
Update on Jordan Addison: May 3rd, 2pm
Show Details19min 31s
Jordan Addison discussion with Nate and Bock: May 2nd, 2:45pm
Show Details17min 39s
Pest of the Weekend (sponsored by Bats to Rats): May 2nd, 2pm
Show Details25min 1s
Lincoln Riley/USC trying to lure away Jordan Addison: May 2nd, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 1s
Athletes asking for NIL "Packages": April 29th, 2:45pm
Show Details17min 37s
Steve Sipple on Husker Football: April 29th, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 25s
2022 NFL Draft thoughts: April 29th, 2pm
Show Details26min 24s
2021 NFL Draft Recap: April 28th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 5s
How is CFB changing with NIL?: April 28th, 2:25pm
Show Details11min 22s
Leaders in the Nebraska Program: April 28th, 2pm
Show Details22min 39s
2020 NFL Draft Recap: April 27th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 8s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity): April 27th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 18s
Nick is anti-microwave: April 27th, 2pm
Show Details21min 24s
2019 NFL Draft: April 26th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 42s
CBB transfer market: April 26th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 24s
Nebraska Football and the Transfer Portal: April 26th, 2pm
Show Details20min 1s
Husker football recruits pt. 2-April 25th 2:45pm
Show Details13min 9s
Pest of the Weekend (sponsored by Bats to Rats)-April 25th 2pm
Show Details28min 21s
Husker Football recruits not staying on campus- April 25th 2:30pm
Show Details5min 44s
2017 NFL Draft Recap: April 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 17s
Drury Inn & Suites in Lincoln: April 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details7min 22s
MLB Baseball Celebrations: April 22nd, 2pm
Show Details24min 59s
2016 NFL Draft: April 21st, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 36s
Nick doesn't like Goff, Nathan & Rico do: April 21st, 2022
Show Details6min 38s
Casey Rogers leaving Nebraska: April 21st, 2pm
Show Details28min 15s
This is a pretty weak NFL Draft: April 20th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 53s
Deebo Samuel requested a trade: April 20th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 38s
Nick has survived Da Bomb: April 20th, 2pm
Show Details24min 9s
Beni Ngoyi gets an offer: April 19th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 23s
Big Ten TV media rights: April 19th, 2:25pm
Show Details18min 14s
New Stadium Names/Freddie Freeman: April 19th, 2pm
Show Details18min 3s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 3
Show Details11min 36s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 2
Show Details7min 58s
April 28th, 2022-Segment 1
Show Details23min 31s
Husker Baseball vs BYU: April 14th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 24s
Nate Rohr (Husker Softball PxP): April 14th, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 59s
ESPN FPI is ridiculous: April 14th, 2pm
Show Details23min 19s
Cubs Talk: April 11th, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 50s
Spring Game Part 2: April 11th, 2:30pm
Show Details15min 32s
Husker Spring Game: April 11th, 2pm
Show Details19min 13s
RED KINGDOMMMMMM (Husker Style): April 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 25s
Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star): April 8th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 39s
Husker Baseball loses a pitcher: April 8th, 2pm
Show Details17min 36s
Nick caved in and bought MLB TV: April 7th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 54s
Baseball Talk: April 7th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 27s
Animal Talk: April 7th, 2pm
Show Details20min 15s
Mickey Joseph Sound Bytes: April 6th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 10s
Travis Fisher Sound Bytes: April 6th, 2:25pm
Show Details12min 15s
Bounce Around Segment: April 6th, 2pm
Show Details26min 3s
Nick Trivia/Come to Barry's on Friday: April 5th, 2022
Show Details5min 55s
Spring Game Tickets and Expectations: April 5th, 2022
Show Details16min 1s
Spring Game Ticket Sales: April 5th, 2022
Show Details18min 58s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 3
Show Details7min 19s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 2
Show Details10min 8s
April 4th, 2022-Segment 1
Show Details25min 58s
Nick Triva/RB discussion continues: April 1st, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 54s
Nick's a little concerned with the RBs: April 1st, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 39s
NBA G-League in Omaha?: April 1st, 2pm
Show Details23min 40s
Nick Trivia: March 31st, 2:45pm
Show Details7min 28s
Nate Rohr (Voice of Husker Softball): March 31st, 2:25pm
Show Details14min 7s
MLB over/unders: March 31st, 2pm
Show Details24min 26s
Transfer Portal: March 30th, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 11s
Derrick Walker returns: March 30th, 2:25pm
Show Details20min 37s
Should we make a new open?: March 30th, 2pm
Show Details22min 11s
March 28, 2022-Husker Softball
Show Details5min 24s
March 28, 2022- Husker Baseball
Show Details19min 4s
March 28, 2022-Pest of the Weekend
Show Details17min 30s
iTunes and Oregon Trail: March 25th, 2:45pm
Show Details10min 35s
Trev Alberts Changes: March 25th, 3pm
Show Details20min 22s
Memorial Stadium is NOT Kid Friendly: March 25th, 2pm
Show Details19min 54s
Running Backs: March 24th, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 37s
No loyalty in pro sports: March 24th, 2:25pm
Show Details15min 41s
Zavier Betts no longer with the program: March 24th, 2pm
Show Details22min 31s
Nick's Trivia: March 23rd, 2:45pm
Show Details5min 52s
What does Eduardo Andre transferring mean for Nebraska?: March 23rd, 2:25pm
Show Details16min 10s
Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins: March 23rd, 2pm
Show Details21min 46s
Final Thoughts: March 22nd, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 12s
Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity): March 22nd, 2:25pm
Show Details13min 16s
Pest of the Weekend: March 22nd, 2pm
Show Details21min 26s
Final Thoughts: March 16th, 2:45pm
Show Details4min 54s
Husker Baseball: March 16th, 2:25pm
Show Details10min 31s
Slow Pitch Softball Discussion: March 16th, 2pm
Show Details18min 33s
March 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 43s
March 15th, 2:25pm - Nebraska Basketball
Show Details16min 31s
March 15th, 2pm - NCAA Bracket talk
Show Details20min 16s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 3
Show Details5min
March 14th, 2022- Segment 2
Show Details15min 40s
March 14th, 2022- Segment 1
Show Details22min 14s
Dumb Science Talk: March 4th, 2:45pm
Show Details8min 58s
Husker Women in B1G Tournament: March 4th, 2:25pm
Show Details17min 57s
Husker Baseball: March 4th, 2pm
Show Details59min 50s
March 3rd, 2:45pm - Nick said something stupid and instantly regrets it
Show Details4min 32s
March 3rd, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details14min 42s
March 3rd, 2pm - High School Basketball/Husker WBB
Show Details22min 19s
March 2nd, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details6min 7s
March 2nd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details18min 47s
March 2nd, 2pm - IUPUI is dead/Teddy Allen is good
Show Details22min 41s
February 28th - Segment 3
Show Details24s
February 28th - Segment 2
Show Details17min 28s
February 28th-Segment 1
Show Details25min 10s
February 25th-Segment 3
Show Details5min 55s
February 25th-Segment 2
Show Details14min 51s
February 25th-Segment 1
Show Details27min 45s
February 24th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 41s
February 24th, 2:25pm - Thirsty Thursday
Show Details16min 25s
February 24th, 2pm - Tip Jar
Show Details19min 58s
Nick is Alive 02-23
Show Details6min 40s
Where does Nebraska go from here? 02-23
Show Details19min 41s
Husker Basketball Woes Continue 02-23
Show Details20min 49s
February 22nd, 2:45pm - Final Segment, Nick isn't here tomorrow
Show Details7min 12s
February 22nd, 2:25pm - Nebrasketball
Show Details17min 29s
February 22nd, 2pm - It's Nick's 21st Birthday!
Show Details24min 8s
Nick Trivia - February 21st, 2:45pm
Show Details6min 9s
Steve Marik (Hail Varsity) - February 21st, 2:30pm
Show Details17min 9s
Hot Take Monday - February 21st, 2pm
Show Details20min 41s
February 18th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details5min 1s
February 18th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details21min 23s
February 18th, 2pm - Husker Baseball Opening Day
Show Details19min 31s
February 17th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details3min 34s
February 17th, 2:25pm - Evan Bland (Omaha World-Herald)
Show Details17min 11s
February 17th, 2pm - Opening Segment
Show Details25min 40s
February 16th, 2:45pm - Random MLB Players (Part 2)
Show Details7min 7s
February 16th, 2:25pm - Random MLB Players
Show Details13min 24s
February 16th, 2pm - MLB Contracts
Show Details26min 57s
February 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 31s
February 15th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 20s
February 15th, 2pm - Adrian Martinez on his podcast
Show Details20min 32s
February 14th, 2:45pm-Nick Trivia
Show Details3min 59s
February 14th, 2:30pm-Big Picture Nebrasketball
Show Details19min 57s
February 14th, 2:00pm-Super Bowl Thoughts
Show Details19min 34s
February 10th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia and Super Bowl Squares
Show Details7min 33s
February 10th, 2:25pm - Abbie Squier (Husker Softball)
Show Details11min 50s
February 10th, 2pm - Opening Segment
Show Details27min 27s
February 9th, 2:45pm - Offensive Line is not good
Show Details8min 3s
February 9th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 35s
February 9th, 2pm - Husker Baseball & Softball Season are coming!!
Show Details24min 2s
Nebrasketball - February 8th, 2:45pm
Show Details9min 48s
Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity) - February 8th, 2:30pm
Show Details16min 2s
Alcohol at Stadiums - February 8th, 2pm
Show Details18min 3s
February 7th-Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 27s
February 7th- At least Nebraska isn't IUPUI
Show Details14min 40s
February 7th- Husker Hoops Struggles
Show Details23min 43s
February 4th- Nick Trivia and Tip Jar continued
Show Details7min 46s
February 4th-Tip Jar (response to text line questions)
Show Details14min 43s
Februrary 4th- MLB and MLBPA are still far apart in negotiations
Show Details24min 18s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details8min 8s
2:25pm - Alcohol conversations (cont.)
Show Details12min 57s
2pm - Alcohol at Nebraska Events
Show Details24min 5s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia/New Frontier League Extra Innings rules
Show Details6min 19s
2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 58s
2pm - Scott Frost audio on Nebraska's signing day
Show Details26min 21s
2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details2min 22s
2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 10s
2pm - Caleb Williams to USC/The Old Bob Devaney
Show Details21min 28s
January 31st, 2:45pm-Nick Trivia & Husker Volleyball picks up Penn St. transfer
Show Details6min 4s
January 31st, 2:30pm-Husker game in Ireland
Show Details13min 3s
January 31st, 2pm-Cooper Kupp for MVP
Show Details21min 26s
January 28th, 2:45pm - Have a good weekend
Show Details7min 26s
January 28th, 2:25pm - Random Thoughts
Show Details12min 41s
January 28th, 2pm - Husker Women's Basketball!
Show Details20min 9s
January 27th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia/Beatrice Bakery Giveaway
Show Details7min 43s
January 27th, 2:25pm - Former High School Stars
Show Details14min 40s
January 27th, 2pm - In-state Recruiting
Show Details17min 31s
January 26th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details4min 15s
January 26th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 27s
January 26th, 2pm - New Rivals?
Show Details19min 41s
January 25th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 38s
January 25th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 17s
January 25th, 2pm - Who takes a final shot for Nebraska?
Show Details19min 19s
January 24th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details5min 8s
January 24th, 2:25pm - Nebraska added a defensive back over the weekend, where are they at with scholarships?
Show Details13min 52s
January 24th, 2pm - Clarification on Gretna/Westside, Grayson Allen, and NFL Playoffs
Show Details21min 38s
January 21st, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details5min 6s
January 21st, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details18min 36s
January 21st, 2pm - Gretna no longer state champs/Mickey Joseph recruiting Omaha
Show Details21min 59s
January 20th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia
Show Details5min 39s
January 20th, 2:25pm - QB discussion continues/Erick Chinander has a task in front of him
Show Details13min 20s
January 20th, 2pm - What if Logan Smothers is the starter?
Show Details18min 13s
January 19th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia/QB Transfer Portal
Show Details6min 38s
January 19th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 25s
January 19th, 2pm - Minor League Baseball/Husker RB Recruiting
Show Details22min 58s
January 18th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Finishing up the scholarship distribution chart
Show Details8min 26s
January 18th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 50s
January 18th, 2pm - Husker Football Scholarship Distribution Numbers
Show Details19min 36s
January 17th, 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details7min 22s
January 17th, 2:25pm - Continuation of Big Picture Nebrasketball
Show Details11min 48s
January 17th, 2pm - Husker Men's Basketball is struggling...let's have a big picture conversation
Show Details20min 12s
January 14th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia, Beatrice Bakery, Have a good Weekend!
Show Details3min 52s
January 14th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details17min 5s
January 14th, 2pm - Husker Hoops: Both Men's and Women's!
Show Details22min 29s
January 13th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Wordle
Show Details8min 39s
January 13th, 2:25pm - NFL Jobs
Show Details15min 6s
January 13th, 2pm - Huskers have their RB Coach
Show Details18min 57s
January 12th: 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details4min 44s
January 12th: 2:25pm - Husker Football's Schedule is Finalized
Show Details15min 27s
January 12th: 2pm - Husker Hoops Thoughts
Show Details22min 29s
January 11th: 2:45pm - Nick Trivia
Show Details7min 21s
January 11th: 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 34s
January 11th: 2pm - Deep dive into Nebraska's OL
Show Details21min 26s
January 10th, 2:45pm - Nick's Trivia/Huskers WBB
Show Details7min 59s
January 10th, 2:25pm - NIL Thoughts
Show Details15min 34s
January 10th, 2pm - Weekend Recap/Huskers QB situation
Show Details20min 20s
January 7th, 2:25pm - Casey Thompson is N
Show Details5min 58s
January 7th, 2:45pm - Antonio Brown almost mooned everyone!!
Show Details11min 5s
January 7th, 2pm - NBA corner
Show Details27min 26s
January 6th, 2:45pm - Wan'Dale Robinson is heading to the draft!
Show Details9min
January 6th, 2:25pm - Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 19s
January 6th, 2pm - Nick is solo today. We talk QBs, RBs, and Excuses!
Show Details25min 52s
January 5th, 2:45pm - Bulls are #1
Show Details7min 55s
January 5th, 2:25pm - Matt Coatney (Huskers WBB Play-by-Play)
Show Details12min 22s
January 5th, 2pm - What a great atmosphere last night
Show Details22min 1s
January 4th, 2:45pm - Go to the Huskers WBB game.
Show Details6min 29s
January 4th, 2:25pm - Jeff Essink (Farrell's)
Show Details16min 7s
January 4th, 2pm - Caleb Williams to Nebraska!!!
Show Details22min 56s
January 3rd, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details3min 56s
January 3rd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 17s
January 3rd, 2pm - Husker Hoops lose to Ohio State
Show Details24min 32s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2:45pm - Happy New Year
Show Details7min 37s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2:25pm - Tip Jar
Show Details10min 43s
Happy Hour: December 30th, 2pm - It's been an emotional day, but let's talk Husker Hoops!
Show Details21min 2s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 58s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2:25pm - It's time for the athletes to buy-in
Show Details9min 24s
Happy Hour: December 29th, 2pm - We are back talking about QBs
Show Details26min 52s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 12s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3:25pm - Husker Football Expectations
Show Details13min 51s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 3pm - Husker Quarterbacks
Show Details25min 19s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2:45pm - Crazy Bowl Names
Show Details9min 29s
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2:25pm - Bowl Games Sponsorships
Show Details17min
Happy Hour: December 28th, 2pm - This is the final day of 2-hour shows
Show Details20min 33s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3:45pm - The excuses have to be done next year
Show Details5min 30s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3:25pm - Husker QB problems continue
Show Details16min 31s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 3pm - Husker Football Decommits
Show Details22min 4s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2:45pm - Nebraska is not playing in a bowl game!
Show Details13min 3s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 29s
Happy Hour: December 27th, 2pm - Christmas Recap!
Show Details19min 50s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3:45pm - Merry Christmas!
Show Details4min 20s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3:25pm - Level of confidence for next season
Show Details22min
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 3pm - Husker Special Teams/Coaches
Show Details20min 42s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2:45pm - Special Teams Numbers
Show Details10min 10s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2:25pm - Christmas Movies; part 2
Show Details11min 7s
Happy Hour: December 23rd, 2pm - Christmas Movies
Show Details23min 49s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 11s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3:25pm - Husker Women's Hoops
Show Details18min 4s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 3pm - Troughs at Memorial Stadium
Show Details20min 55s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2:45pm - Upgrades @ Memorial Stadium
Show Details7min 31s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 10s
Happy Hour: December 22nd, 2pm - Husker Womens Basketball is 12-0
Show Details21min 19s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3:45pm - What have we learned?
Show Details7min 36s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3:25pm - Unintentional Big Foot Discussion
Show Details10min 17s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 3pm - The Tip Jar
Show Details26min 39s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2:45pm - Happy Lexi Rodriguez Day!
Show Details4min 51s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details20min 43s
Happy Hour: December 21st, 2pm - Steve & Jacob from Nutrizzio's
Show Details21min 27s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3:45pm - Let's Wrap this up
Show Details4min 4s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3:25pm - It's alarming because where does Nebraska turn?
Show Details12min 11s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 3pm - Husker hoops
Show Details26min 20s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2:45pm - Fantasy football is stupid
Show Details6min 11s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2pm - Husker Hoops is so disapointing
Show Details26min 7s
Happy Hour: December 20th, 2:25pm - Woah, we have so much more time than normal
Show Details13min 41s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2:45pm - NFL is moving a lot of games
Show Details4min 58s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2:25pm - Emily Ehman (Big Ten Network)
Show Details14min 27s
Happy Hour: December 17th, 2pm - Husker Volleyball
Show Details20min 34s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 5s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2:25pm - The New Staff is Encouraging
Show Details16min 41s
Happy Hour: December 16th, 2pm - Husker Volleyball in the Final Four
Show Details20min 8s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details2min 43s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 2s
Happy Hour: December 15th, 2pm - Husker's Signing Day/Trev Alberts has been here for 5 months
Show Details23min 29s
Happy Hour: December 14th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts
Show Details4min 2s
Happy Hour: December 14th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details17min 50s
Happy Hour: Decembre 14th, 2pm - The Magnitude of finding a Husker QB
Show Details22min 19s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2:45pm - Brian Kelly needs to never dance again
Show Details4min 21s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2:25pm - Thank goodness we have Women's Athletics
Show Details16min 29s
Happy Hour: December 13th, 2pm - Husker Basketball woes
Show Details22min 39s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2:45pm - We are OUT! Have a good weekend!
Show Details5min 45s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2:25pm - Brent Wagner (Lincoln Journal Star)
Show Details13min 6s
Happy Hour: December 10th, 2pm - Looking ahead for Huskers Basketball
Show Details21min 45s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2:45pm - Alright, everyone needs to take a breath
Show Details5min 42s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2:25pm - What is Nebraska Football's Goal?
Show Details18min 3s
Happy Hour: December 9th, 2pm - Let's talk bigger picture when it comes to Husker Hoops
Show Details22min 11s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2:45pm - New coaches are officially at Nebraska
Show Details6min 24s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details12min 23s
Happy Hour: December 8th, 2pm - Just a disheartening performance last night by Nebraska vs Michigan
Show Details22min 54s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2:45pm - Dude, the Bulls are 17-8
Show Details5min 22s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 42s
Happy Hour: December 7th, 2pm - Would you take Kirk Ferentz at Nebraska?
Show Details23min 8s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2:45pm - Nebraska receives a new commit
Show Details4min 4s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2:25pm - What kind of role could Nebraska have played in the coaching carousel?
Show Details14min 55s
Happy Hour: December 6th, 2pm - CFP Reaction...Should Alabama have jumped Michigan?
Show Details26min 10s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2:45pm - Big Husker Weekend ahead
Show Details5min 55s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2:25pm - Nebraska needs to hire a ST Coach.
Show Details16min 9s
Happy Hour: December 3rd, 2pm - Get ready for a wild CFP playoff
Show Details23min 3s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2:45pm - Would you take Kirk Ferentz?
Show Details5min 35s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2:25pm - How encouraged are folks for next season?
Show Details17min 36s
Happy Hour: December 2nd, 2pm - Adrian Martinez has entered the portal
Show Details21min 27s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2:45pm - Big night ahead for Huskers WBB and MBB
Show Details4min 49s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 23s
Happy Hour: December 1st, 2pm - At some point, Nebraska's football program needs stability
Show Details29min 44s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts/MLB Corner
Show Details8min 23s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details14min 49s
Happy Hour: November 30th, 2pm - Coaching Carousel/Huskers Offense
Show Details19min 21s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details5min 1s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2:25pm - Logan Smothers performance
Show Details16min 23s
Happy Hour: November 29th, 2pm - Chris Plank (Sooners Radio Network)
Show Details20min 41s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2:45pm - Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Talk to you on Monday!
Show Details4min 30s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 55s
Happy Hour: November 24th, 2pm - Is this Nebraska's best chance to beat Iowa under Scott Frost?
Show Details25min 48s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2:45pm - Final Segment
Show Details7min 56s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 22s
Happy Hour: November 23rd, 2pm - The whole narrative around Adrian Martinez has changed
Show Details21min 2s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2:45pm - Taysom Hill got paid...for doing nothing
Show Details3min 27s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2:25pm - Justine Wong-Orantes (Team USA Volleyball, Former Husker)
Show Details16min 3s
Happy Hour: November 22nd, 2pm - No Adrian Martinez/Coaching Carousel Update
Show Details26min 51s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2:45pm - Giving away smiles
Show Details3min 24s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2:25pm - Mike Hogan (Badger247)
Show Details17min 14s
Happy Hour: November 19th, 2pm - What are the concerns heading into Saturday
Show Details25min 41s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2:45pm - Nebraska Baseball Schedule
Show Details3min 5s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2:25pm - Hidden Yardage continues to kill Nebraska.
Show Details21min 12s
Happy Hour: November 18th, 2pm - It's time to start paying attention to Husker WBB.
Show Details25min 41s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2:45pm - Mel Tucker is about to get paid
Show Details7min 26s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details15min 35s
Happy Hour: November 17th, 2pm - Thoughts from Nebraska's loss to Creighton
Show Details25min 20s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2:45pm - Wrapping things up
Show Details9min 7s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2:25pm - Jacob Padilla (Hail Varsity)
Show Details13min 30s
Happy Hour: November 16th, 2pm - What are the metrics? Nobody knows.
Show Details22min 10s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2:45pm - NBA Corner
Show Details3min 37s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2:25pm - Sevion Morrison enters the Transfer Portal
Show Details9min 44s
Happy Hour: November 15th, 2pm - Nebraska Red Zone/Total Offense Statistics
Show Details27min 18s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2:45pm - NBA Corner
Show Details5min 27s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2:25pm - Luke Mullin (LJS Prep Extra)
Show Details13min 53s
Happy Hour: November 12th, 2pm - Nick made a crucial mistake...
Show Details20min 4s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2:45pm - OBJ to the Rams
Show Details5min 48s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2:30pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details18min 1s
Happy Hour: November 11th, 2pm - JoJo Domann is done at Nebraska
Show Details23min 20s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2:45pm - Final Thoughts on Nebraska Football
Show Details7min 13s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2:25pm - Jacob Bigelow (Prep Hoops Nebraska)
Show Details10min 35s
Happy Hour: November 10th, 2pm - Husker Basketball Reaction/Thoughts from Scott Frost's presser
Show Details27min 48s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2:45pm - Stop using excuses regarding the previous coaches
Show Details6min 28s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2:25pm - Scott Frost has an chance to improve the people around him
Show Details16min 42s
Happy Hour: November 9th, 2pm - The final two games are still important
Show Details21min 35s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2:45pm - There are things this staff can control
Show Details7min 55s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2:25pm - Scott Frost is retained
Show Details16min 5s
Happy Hour: November 8th, 2pm - BREAKING NEWS! Scott Frost is returning for 2022.
Show Details22min 55s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2:45pm - 2017-2018 Coaching Carousel Update
Show Details3min 47s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2:25pm - Nebraska Football gets ready for Ohio State. Will the conversation change after Saturday?
Show Details20min 29s
Happy Hour: November 5th, 2pm - Anime Discussion
Show Details20min 39s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2:45pm - Wrapping up Thursday's Show
Show Details5min 7s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2:25pm - Steve Helwagen (Bucknuts.com - Ohio State 247Sports)
Show Details16min 36s
Happy Hour: November 4th, 2pm -Stickers and Standards at Ohio State
Show Details25min 34s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2:45pm - Talent Gap between Nebraska/Ohio State
Show Details4min 19s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2:25pm - Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 13s
Happy Hour: November 3rd, 2pm - What happens if the stadium clears out by halftime?
Show Details27min 14s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2:45pm - Husker Quarterback Discussion
Show Details6min 18s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2:25pm - Nick Maestas (Muchachos)
Show Details14min 12s
Happy Hour: November 2nd, 2pm - Nebraska hasn't been able to beat the mediocre teams
Show Details21min 31s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2:45pm – Text Line Reaction
Show Details3min 54s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2:25pm – Husker fans need to stop settling
Show Details18min 17s
Happy Hour: November 1st, 2pm – Recap of Nebraska's loss to Purdue
Show Details24min 28s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2:45pm - Prediction Time
Show Details6min 5s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2:25pm - Husker fans can't keep looking at the next schedule and say "8-wins."
Show Details19min 18s
Happy Hour: October 29th, 2pm - We've avoided it, but it's finally time that we dive into some hot seat talk
Show Details22min 34s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2:45pm – World Series Game 1
Show Details5min 30s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2:25pm – Bob Ludwig (Peru State Men’s Basketball Head Coach)
Show Details11min 47s
Happy Hour: October 26th, 2pm – Husker Baseball Expectations
Show Details22min 43s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2:45pm – Wrapping up Monday’s Show
Show Details4min 29s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2:25pm – Husker Sound Bites from Monday’s Press Conference
Show Details11min 46s
Happy Hour: October 25th, 2pm – The Bulls are 3-0/Texas Tech fires their head coach
Show Details23min 57s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2:45pm – Wrapping up the week
Show Details3min 47s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2:25pm – Hoiberg understands that he doesn’t have all the answers…and that’s okay!
Show Details14min 23s
Happy Hour: October 22nd, 2pm – Time to get excited about Nebraska Basketball
Show Details25min 11s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2:45pm – Thursday Night Football Preview
Show Details4min 36s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2:25pm – Nebraska Volleyball is on fire/2009 Blackshirts
Show Details17min 11s
Happy Hour: October 21st, 2pm – NBA started last night & the Dodgers could be eliminated tonight
Show Details23min 54s
Happy Hour: October 20th, 2:45pm – NBA Opening Day and MLB Umpires
Show Details4min 57s
Happy Hour: October 20th, 2:25pm – Erin Sorensen (Hail Varsity)
Show Details16min 47s