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Make a Life (Life in the New Normal)

Make a Life ( Life in the New Normal) is a podcast about living life in the new normal. Dealing with depression and anxiety, stress management and finding ways to make our life adaptive and responsive during this trying times.


How Can We Heal From Childhood Trauma as an Adult
Show Details8min 16s
Cynicism, Why is it Bad for Us?
Show Details23min 10s
Why We Should Forgive
Show Details16min 8s
Be the Better Version of Yourself Right Now!
Show Details9min 16s
What is Gaslighting? How Does it Work?
Show Details14min 28s
Are You Becoming Toxic? Ways to Change Your Toxic Behavior This Coming New Year
Show Details14min 50s
Toxic People and How to Deal with Them
Show Details26min 42s