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the truth behind that vlog - Episode 20
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the time Anncy kicked a boy out of her bed (FML) - Episode 19
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Lailli talks about emma chamberlain, going vegan and pretty little liars - Episode 18
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khloe kardashian leaked photo drama & beauty standards - Episode 17
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my unpopular take on Frenemies, David dobrik & Cancel culture - Episode 16
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No one talks about celebrities' mental health #Freebritney - Episode 15
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Anncy talks about how she got verified on Instagram -Episode 14
Show Details31min 47s
Being fully nude on a table for hair laser - Episode 13
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Sharing our Dubai Scam stories - Episode 12 ft. Farva, Lubaba
Show Details46min 2s
Anncy talks about her sexuality - Episode 11
Show Details34min 37s
Anncy's ex enters her DMs in 2021 - Episode 10
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Anncy got super wasted & puked on Lubaba's friend - Episode 9
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what its really like moving out when you have brown parents - Episode 8
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Anncy got scammed $200 in LA by an astrologer... - Episode 7
Show Details27min 43s
Anncy got caught in bed with a boy - Episode 6
Show Details35min 47s
Anncy talks about filing a police case - Episode 5
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Anncy & Lailli Mirza discuss their biggest paycheck - Episode 4
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Anncy's friend hacked her youtube channel - Episode 3
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Anncy discusses their feud & barking at catcallers - EP 2
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Welcome to my podcast! Trailer
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