2m | Feb 3, 2022

How we look at possibilities will reveal to us how we look at life. We are either looking at life as a glass half full or a glass half empty. Naturally it is hoped that we are always looking at life like a glass half full. But when we think of possibilities it is 'possible' that we do it with a negative view. Thinking only of what could go wrong rather than what could go right! And when that view is co-signed by other people who are looking at life as a glass half empty we get comfortable with our lack of exploring the new, the never tried and justifying it to ourselves and others because we have company in our 'misery'.

Ellen Langer encourages us in her quote to not only look at the positive things exploring possibilities could add to our lives but to embrace them. Here is my quick motivational break down of this quote in my understanding which I am sharing with you to hopefully inspire you to embrace the possibilities and opportunities you have been neglecting in your life!

Riah Creisson

Coach & Consultant

Empower Thru Consulting

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