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Working Conversations

Join Dr. Janel Anderson each week as she shares research and ideas on workplace dynamics and serves up the most interesting and actionable strategies to make you more effective, productive and influential. If you’re looking for proven tools for your leadership toolbox, you’re in the right place.


#60: Words Create Reality
Show Details14min 57s
#59: How to Communicate Strategically
Show Details12min 54s
#58: How to Deal with Angry Customer
Show Details26min 38s
#57: Three Powerful Ways to Influence
Show Details18min 47s
#56: When Leaders Make Mistakes
Show Details16min 35s
#55: Leadership Lessons from a Fifth Grader
Show Details13min 18s
#54: Don’t Leave These Leadership Lessons Behind
Show Details13min 59s
#53: Grieving the Way Things Used to Be
Show Details18min 51s
#52: Return-To-Office Rescue Guide
Show Details20min 59s
#51: Are You an Overthinker or an Underthinker?
Show Details18min 3s
#50: Futurecasting: Predicting Your Amazing Future
Show Details20min 42s
#49: Outsmarting the Human Brain
Show Details15min 9s
#48: Workcation – Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Show Details17min 4s
#47: What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want
Show Details19min 18s
#46: All You Have is Now
Show Details14min 6s
#45: 4 Ideas You Can Steal If You Are Hiring
Show Details11min 38s
#44: 6 Tips for Accepting Negative Feedback
Show Details15min 30s
#43: 5 High Performance Communication Habits for WFH
Show Details17min 45s
#42: 7 Ways to Retain Top Talent
Show Details19min 10s
#41: The 5 Toughest Challenges in Managing Remote Workers
Show Details20min 31s
#40: Predictions for 2022 Work Life
Show Details13min 40s
#39: What We Got Right in the Workplace in 2021
Show Details14min 45s
#38: How to Avoid Burnout During the Holidays (and anytime)
Show Details15min 23s
#37: A Sneak Peek into a Typical Week in My Life + My Morning Routine
Show Details32min 7s
#36: Get a Jump Start on 2022
Show Details22min 7s
#35: One Big Thing You Might Be Doing Wrong on Video
Show Details17min 28s
#34: New Lessons from the Pandemic
Show Details17min 6s
#33: Why the Pandemic Has Accelerated Your Goal Timelines
Show Details33min 25s
#32: A Massive Career Shift that Came About in the Pandemic
Show Details29min 59s
#31: She’s Not Tempted by the Great Resignation
Show Details30min 36s
#30: The Great Resignation - An early adopter and why she changed jobs
Show Details30min 52s
#29: The Great Resignation
Show Details14min 17s
#28: The Dark Side of WFH Part 2 – Employees Who Don’t
Show Details17min 22s
#27: The Dark Side of WFH Part 1 – SOOO Over Being Alone
Show Details19min 5s
#26: How to Talk About Returning to the Office
Show Details40min 21s
#25: The Big Thing that Needs to Change in Job Descriptions
Show Details15min
#24: Your Step-by-step Reentry to the Office
Show Details19min 49s
#23: Where Am I Supposed to Be: Questions about Hybrid Teams from Managers
Show Details28min 49s
#22: Dude, Where’s my Cube: Questions about Hybrid Teams from Employees
Show Details27min 21s
#21: The Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace
Show Details43min 37s
#20: New Solutions for the New Normal: Part 2
Show Details29min 45s
#19: New Solutions for the New Normal: Part 1
Show Details24min 45s
#18: There is More to Distance Than Space and Time
Show Details23min 36s
#17: Why Motivation is Different when Working from Home
Show Details18min 22s
#16: In Search of Motivation
Show Details23min 8s
#15: Managing Up - At a Distance
Show Details18min 24s
#14: Navigating Change
Show Details33min 11s
#13: How to Get Anything You Want
Show Details26min 9s
#12: Why You Need Big Problems
Show Details15min 43s
# 11: The Secret to Fixing Email
Show Details26min 21s
#10: These 20 Minutes Will Make You a Better Listener
Show Details19min 58s
#9: When Little Things Become Big Things
Show Details12min 3s
#8: 7 Steps to Have Difficult Conversations Remotely
Show Details18min 28s
# 7: Top 7 Annoying Behaviors in Virtual Meetings
Show Details24min 56s
# 6: From Workplace TMI to Telling the Boss: Who Should Know Which Information?
Show Details17min 50s
#5: Debunking the Myth that 93% of Communication is Nonverbal
Show Details14min 20s
#4: 10 Work From Home Hacks for Staying Focused
Show Details25min 36s
#3: Why You Need to Commute, Even if You Work From Home
Show Details20min 29s
#2: Find an Extra Hour in Your Day, Every Day
Show Details27min 1s
#1: Telling Your Career Story
Show Details39min 18s
Working Conversations Trailer
Show Details1min 18s