Open Floor

Welcome to the Open Floor Podcast. Our mission is to create a platform for everyone to voice their unique perspectives on issues in current events. Especially in today’s tumultuous times, it is important to get a bigger picture of the issues we face on a day-to-day basis as a society. Hosted by Ali Mosallaei and Aryan Narayan.


Ep. 17 - COVID-19 and College Admissions w/ Admissions Officer Jetaun Davis
Show Details56min 11s
Ep. 16 - Reflections on Student Life During the Pandemic with Annika Johnson
Show Details27min 38s
Ep. 15 - A Perspective on Local Politics with Select Board Member Joe Pato
Show Details55min 51s
Ep. 14 - A Reflection Upon Education During COVID-19 ft. Ryan Casey
Show Details35min 42s
Ep. 13 - A Mock Presidential Debate ft. Rohan Balachander and Akshay Jha
Show Details41min 8s
Ep. 12 - Remembering the Life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ft. Sara Mei
Show Details16min 40s
Ep. 11 - A Look at Returning to School ft. Superintendent Dr. Julie Hackett
Show Details32min 3s
Season 2 - Pilot
Show Details2min 39s
Ep. 10 - Managing Mental Health ft. Sophrosyne
Show Details18min
Ep. 9 - Discussing Dementia with YMAA Lexington
Show Details23min 3s
Ep. 8 - Action Against Climate Change (ft. Sunrise Lexington)
Show Details26min 36s
Ep. 7 - The Causes and Effects of Climate Change (ft. Sunrise Lexington)
Show Details26min 47s
Ep. 6 - A Summer Affected by COVID-19
Show Details21min
Ep. 5 - Living Clean During COVID-19 (ft. Dr. Zareen Farukhi)
Show Details27min
Ep. 4 - Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System
Show Details19min 13s
Ep. 3 - An Update on Police Brutality and BLM (Part 2)
Show Details10min 52s
Ep. 2 - Covid-19 and Schools
Show Details27min 20s
Ep. 1 - Police Brutality (Part 1)
Show Details42min 38s
Season 1 - Pilot
Show Details2min 44s