Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is a podcast dedicated to helping you feel your best. Tune in for approachable health, self-care, personal development, and well-being advice from Black women wellness experts.


117 | Unapologetically Dreaming Big + The Dreams I Dream
Show Details27min 18s
116 | Going After Your Dreams + Gaining Body Liberation with Chrissy King
Show Details1hr 4min
115 | Taking Our Power Back from Oppressive Systems with the Crunk Feminist Collective
Show Details31min 51s
114 | Creating Supportive Boundaries Around Screen Time with Taylor Morrison
Show Details49min 57s
113 | Being Multi-Passionate + Betting on Yourself is Self-Love with Asha Bromfield
Show Details54min 54s
112 | Taking Your Power Back
Show Details19min 35s
BONUS | Guided Meditation to Help You Feel More Present
Show Details8min 2s
111 | Let People Show Up for You
Show Details30min 12s
110 | How to Let Go of People-Pleasing Behaviors with Tiffany Hall
Show Details59min 13s
109 | You Don't Have to Do It All + Watering Your Professional Relationships with Tiffany Dufu
Show Details1hr
108 | Connecting with Your Inner Child and Intuition to Strengthen Your Relationships with Mari Roberts
Show Details1hr 9min
107 | CROSSOVER: Friendship Goals – How to Have Healthy, Lasting Friendships with Brittany Lackey and Germani Manning of The Black Girl Bravado
Show Details1hr 5min
106 | Having A Healthy Relationship with Yourself + Breaking Through the Self-Development Trap
Show Details38min 42s
BONUS: Self-Love Meditation
Show Details9min 53s
105 | Manifesting Love + Owning Your Magic with Alea Lovely
Show Details1hr 21min
104 | Christianity and Human Design with Christa Keyes
Show Details53min 40s
103 | Overcoming Toxic Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing
Show Details20min 47s
REWIND: Releasing Self-Judgment and Perfectionism with Shirin Eskandani
Show Details1hr
102 | The Power of Walking: How to Raise Your Vibration Through Movement
Show Details33min
101 | What's Your Energy Saying Sis? Raising Your Vibration
Show Details33min 7s
100 | Ask Me Anything: Building Confidence, Post-Pandemic Dating, Money Mindset
Show Details53min 49s
99 | Having A Healthy Hot Girl Summer, Taking Care of Your Eye Health, and Navigating Busy Seasons with Dr. Danielle Richardson of Fierce Clarity
Show Details1hr 26min
98 | Good Girl Gone Bad: Releasing Shame and Living On Your Own Terms
Show Details19min 27s
97 | Creating Space + Keeping Promises to Yourself
Show Details24min 19s
96 | Benefits of Journaling, Tips and Tricks for Establishing a Journaling Practice, and How to Journal Consistently
Show Details22min 28s
95 | Embracing Your Single Season [Solo Episode]
Show Details47min 30s
94 | Taking Care of Your Natural Hair with Keziah Dhamma
Show Details1hr 10min
93 | The Power of Discipline
Show Details35min 55s
92 | Make Mindfulness Work for You + How to Prepare for Your Level-Up with Dora Kamau
Show Details53min 13s
91 | Overcoming and Preventing Burnout with Erayna Sargent of Hooky Wellness
Show Details58min 49s
90 | Small Daily Habits That Make a Big Difference For Your Well-Being
Show Details30min 59s
89 | Building A Foundation for Self-Healing with Yasmine Cheyenne
Show Details58min 59s
88 | Three Ways to Hold Space for Rest
Show Details31min 15s
87 | How to Have Laser Focus and Cultivate Ancestral Healing with Juliet C. Obodo
Show Details58min 12s
86 | How to Set Boundaries for Inner Peace and Healthier Relationships with Nedra Glover Tawwab
Show Details55min 5s
85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo
Show Details48min 43s
84 | Reflection: Discernment, Lessons Learned + Feelings of Hope
Show Details16min 50s
REWIND: Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy
Show Details32min 10s
REWIND: Creating Holistic Wellness Habits That Stick with Alina Brown
Show Details45min 58s
REWIND: Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles with Shena Tubbs of Black Girls Heal
Show Details46min 24s
REWIND: Black History – Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman of That Wasn’t In My Textbook
Show Details38min 37s
83 | Go with the Flow: How to Optimize Your Menstrual Cycle with Berrion Berry
Show Details1hr 1min
82 | Genuine Self-Love, Authentic Sisterhood, and Healing from Toxic Relationships with Laticia Rolle
Show Details1hr 5min
Year End Reflection + Guided Journaling
Show Details41min 52s
81 | How to Navigate Online Dating Without Compromising Yourself with Damona Hoffman
Show Details1hr 15min
80 | Healthy Coping Mechanisms for 2020 and Beyond with Tiffany Wright
Show Details1hr 8min
Unpacking My Wellness Journey: Body Image, Mindfulness, and Inner Work
Show Details54min 51s
79 | How to Build Body Awareness + Remote Work Wellness Practices with Tarin Calmeyer
Show Details55min 49s
78 | You’re Worthy – Honoring Your Spiritual Evolution with Lyvonne Proverbs Briggs
Show Details1hr 5min
77 | Intentional Friendships, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Life-Changing Healthy Habits with Zuri Adele
Show Details1hr 19min
76 | Dismantling Colorism with Dr. Sarah L. Webb of Colorism Healing
Show Details1hr 3min
Bonus: 5-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief
Show Details5min
75 | Wellness Beyond the Physical: Creating Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Change with Maryam Ajayi
Show Details1hr 10min
74 | Nourishing Our Bodies and Making Healthy Eating Equitable with Dr. Akua Woolbright
Show Details1hr 12min
73 | CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 2]
Show Details47min 43s
73 | CBD, Sisterhood, and Living with Purpose with Brown Girl Jane [Part 1]
Show Details1hr
72 | Coping Strategies for Racial Trauma with Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah
Show Details57min 49s
Bonus: How to Reclaim Your Worthiness [Guided Meditation + Journaling Exercise]
Show Details20min 25s
71 | Sex Ed, Consent and Intimate Relationships During a Pandemic with Dr. Sara Flowers
Show Details59min 19s
70 | Overcoming Workplace Imposter Syndrome and Navigating Career Transitions with Adunola Adeshola
Show Details1hr 8min
69 | Navigating Healthcare As A Black Woman with Dr. Kristamarie Collman
Show Details50min 30s
68 | Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy
Show Details32min 2s
67 | How to Manage Your Energy Using Human Design with Jasmine Offor-Verville
Show Details1hr 8min
66 | Creating Holistic Wellness Habits That Stick with Alina Brown
Show Details55min 45s
Bonus: Breaking Generational Cycles with Les's Mom Trina
Show Details1hr 22min
65 | How to Heal Through Breathwork with Kathleen Booker
Show Details1hr 5min
64 | Black Maternal Health: Protecting Black Mothers with Adriana Jean Louis
Show Details54min 13s
63 | Making Pilates Accessible with Patty Dean
Show Details41min 37s
62 | Creating Change Through Storytelling with Bridget Todd
Show Details42min 13s
61 | Stress Management + Everything You Need to Know About Adaptogens
Show Details44min 47s
60 | Black History: Preserving Our Legacy with Toya Coleman
Show Details41min 47s
59 | Listener’s Choice: Manifestation, Making Moves, Handling Life Transitions, and What’s Next for Balanced Black Girl
Show Details43min 44s
58 | Democratizing Wellness with Sinikiwe Dhliwayo
Show Details35min 11s
57 | Bodyful Healing with Jennifer Sterling
Show Details45min 6s
56 | Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Cycles and Healing Within with Shena Tubbs of Black Girls Heal
Show Details50min 47s
55 | Choose Your Own Adventure: Traveling As A Black Woman with Sojourner White
Show Details55min 24s
54 | Wholehearted Living with Shirin Eskandani
Show Details56min 24s
53 | Building Financial Wellness Tonya Rapley of My Fab Finance, Presented by BECU
Show Details45min 7s
52 | Black Girls Wine with Shayla Varnado
Show Details45min 24s
51 | What does being a Balanced Black Girl mean to you?
Show Details22min 32s
50 | Finding Your Soulful Flow with Jasmine RaShae
Show Details58min 40s
49 | Decolonizing Education with Adrienne Thomas
Show Details1hr 10min
48 | Self-Care Through Skincare with Kimjoy Long
Show Details1hr 3min
47 | Healing from Burnout with Davia Roberts
Show Details58min 20s
45 | Queens Have No Size with Klarke Foreman
Show Details54min 44s
44 | Securing a Seat at the Table with Minda Harts
Show Details48min 19s
Summer Rewind: Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson
Show Details46min 28s
Summer Rewind: Taking Up Space with Chrissy King
Show Details56min 55s
43 | Taking Control of Your Dating Experience with Shan Boodram
Show Details54min 44s
42 | Practicing Self-Care While Dismantling Everyday Racism with Monique Melton
Show Details52min 8s
41 | Unpacking The Oreo Complex with Kristin Iris
Show Details1hr 10min
40 | Sexual Health from the Womb to the Tomb with Michelle Hope
Show Details1hr 1min
39 | Low-Waste Living and Creating Your Own Path with Moji Igun
Show Details39min 41s
38| Creating A Community of Black Girl Magic - Balanced Black Girl Podcast LIVE
Show Details1hr 19min
37 | Listener Q&A: Fitness, Self-Care, Entrepreneurship, and More
Show Details35min 50s
36 | Let Your Fears Make You Fierce with Koya Webb
Show Details1hr 6min
Feel Good Friday #21: The Importance of Rest and Recovery
Show Details12min 17s
35 | Eloquent Rage (Solo Episode)
Show Details37min 9s
Feel Good Friday #20: Working Out After Taking Time Off
Show Details7min 24s
34 | Good Hair with Kayla Greaves
Show Details46min 32s
Feel Good Friday #19: Making Friends As An Adult
Show Details12min 25s
33 | The Power of Black Literature with Harmony Tamaalevea
Show Details38min 59s
Feel Good Friday #18: Finding Balance For Side Hustlers
Show Details16min 45s
32 | Healthy Living in the City with Mary Vin Rose
Show Details49min 20s
Feel Good Friday #17: 5 Limiting Beliefs to Let Go Of
Show Details17min 8s
31 | Getting In Tune With Your Mental Health with Alicia Tetteh
Show Details40min 48s
Feel Good Friday 16: The Importance of Alone Time
Show Details8min 33s
30 | Nutrition Made Simple with Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy
Show Details52min 53s
Feel Good Friday #15: Inspiration From Homecoming
Show Details14min 56s
29 | Unleashing Your Brilliance with Clarissa Rodriguez of She Rocks at College
Show Details41min 34s
Feel Good Friday #14: How to Avoid Burnout
Show Details15min 26s
28 | Career Advancement for Us with Sage Quiamno
Show Details54min 4s
Feel Good Friday #13 - Advice for Your Younger Self
Show Details11min 28s
27 | Starting Over: How to Thrive When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan with Irie Love
Show Details1hr 3min
Feel Good Friday #12 - You Are Enough
Show Details7min 18s
26 | Making Boutique Fitness More Inclusive with Briana Owens of Spiked Spin
Show Details41min 5s
Feel Good Friday #11 - How to engage in positive self-talk
Show Details13min 6s
25 | Creating a Foundation of Mindfulness with Nkenji Clarke, M.Ed, N.C.C.
Show Details49min 59s
Feel Good Friday #10 - Is therapy right for you? How to find a therapist
Show Details15min 7s
24 | Elevating Marginalized Voices Through Strength Training with Maria Rodriguez
Show Details1hr 9min
Feel Good Friday #9 - Rethinking Body Image
Show Details10min 42s
23 | Kombucha for the Culture with Milan Durham of Cultured Kombucha
Show Details40min 9s
Feel Good Friday #8: How to deal with imposter syndrome
Show Details10min 27s
22 | Mind, Body, and Soul Care with Shanna Tyler
Show Details47min 42s
Feel Good Friday #7 - What are you carrying?
Show Details9min 11s
21 | Activism Through Fitness with Sonja Herbert of Black Girl Pilates
Show Details52min 17s
Feel Good Friday #6 - What’s self-love got to do with it?
Show Details14min 56s
20 | Protecting Our Melanin with Shontay Lundy of Black Girl Sunscreen
Show Details1hr 8min
Feel Good Friday #5 - Creating a Relaxing Night Routine
Show Details11min 21s
19 | Making Self-Care Accessible with Michelle White
Show Details49min 35s
Feel Good Friday #4 - How to Stay Healthy at Work
Show Details13min 58s
18 | Let's Talk About It with Taylor Nolan
Show Details1hr 24min
Feel Good Friday #3 - How to Create a Morning Self-Care Routine
Show Details15min 41s
17 | Creating Safe Spaces for Fitness with Luca Page of Radically Fit Oakland
Show Details46min 56s
Feel Good Friday #2 - Getting Financially Fit
Show Details10min 55s
16 | Buying Black and Living Green with Dr. Kristian Henderson of BLK+GRN
Show Details48min 21s
Feel Good Friday #1 - Creating Space for Healthy Habits
Show Details10min 5s
15 | Diversifying the Nutrition Field with Deanna Belleny, MPH, RDN of Diversify Dietetics
Show Details44min 7s
14 | Years that Ask Questions, and Years that Answer - 2018 Recap
Show Details53min 9s
13 | Listener Q&A with Les
Show Details36min 39s
12 | Staying Happy and Well with Dr. Pragati Gusmano
Show Details37min 49s
11 | Reframing Fertility with Bri Braggs of Fertile Alchemy
Show Details1hr 1min
10 | Creating Your Own Lane with Falesha Johnson
Show Details51min 50s
9 | Liberation and Healing Through Yoga with Abiola Akanni
Show Details1hr 9min
8 | Taking Care of Our Mental Health with Ashley McGirt, MSW
Show Details50min 23s
7 | Igniting Intersectional Feminism with Allison Tenney
Show Details48min 58s
6 | Cultivating Self-Love Through Strength Training with Brittany Love
Show Details54min 15s
5 | Pretty, for A Black Girl
Show Details27min 43s
4 | Taking Up Space with Chrissy King
Show Details51min 41s
3 | How to Feel Confident At The Gym
Show Details22min 46s
2 | #WellnessSoWhite
Show Details27min 59s
1 | Welcome to the Balanced Black Girl Podcast!
Show Details18min 27s