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Brother Jack’s Soapbox

This is Brother Jack talking about all things related to what he does. We talk about folk music, songwriting, being a creative, and black coffee.


Can't Shut Up about Oppressive Rhythms
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Bootleg 14
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Woodshed : Bleeding Time
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Bootleg 13
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All About Where I Go
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Bootleg 12
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Bootleg 11
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Bootleg 10
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Bootleg 9
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Bootleg 8
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Bootleg 7
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Bootleg 6
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Bootleg 5
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Bootleg 4
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Bootleg 3
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Bootleg 2
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Bootleg 1
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47 Happy Holidays
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46 All about the Cat in the Christmas Tree
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45 All about Thanksgiving
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44 All about The Hand Song
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43 All about Coffee Music, Vol. 3
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42 My Kids Talk about Halloween
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41 All about The Graveyard Song
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40 All about Shadowlands
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39 All about My Ukulele Strings
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38 All About Autumnal Songs
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37 Grandma's Heart Attack
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36 Introducing Pull Up the Covers
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35 My Kids are Talking Trash
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34 All about Mealtime Melodies
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33 All about Brother Jack's Character
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32 All About Time and Experts
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31 More Pancakes and some Public Urination
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30 All About the Flapjacks
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All about Brother Jack’s Soapbox
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All about the Chicken Skin Shake
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Being Bald
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Dreams
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Kid’s Songs
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Getting Started 2.6 - Limitations
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Leftovers
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Pump Organs, Again
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Mr Malarkey’s Snakes
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All About the Sacrament of Coffee
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Who Is Mr Malarkey?
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Getting Started 2.5 - Just Keep Moving
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Heroic Stupidity
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Valentine’s Day
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Getting Started 2.4 - If You Can’t Be Good, Be Interesting
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Getting Started 2.3 - We are All Running Out of Time
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Getting Started 2.2 - There’s Never Enough Money
Show Details7min 21s
Getting Started 2.1 - An Abundance of Choice
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Picking Songs
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about the Cat in my Lap
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Brother Jack's Holiday Greeting
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Aunt Ruth’s Lamp
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Brother Jack Can't Shut Up about Thanksgiving
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Jack to Jack : Brother Jack interviews his oldest kid
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Lullabies
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Songwriting Session - The Graveyard Song
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Pump Organs
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Brother Jack Can’t Shut Up about Opressive Rhythms
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Getting Started 1.5
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Getting Started 1.1
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