• Finding the Way - Episode 2: Curb Appeal

    Come join us for Episode 2: Curb appeal where Tom and Brian talk the through this important topic

    1h 21m - Aug 9, 2022
  • Finding the Way - Episode 1: Make Ready

    Make Ready

    For Maintenance Appreciation Week the ResProp RMD team thought we’d join in the fun and kick off our Podcast Series, Finding the Way, with our first Episode focusing on Make Readies. Josh Calzadilla and Demetrius Rodriguez lead the discussion on being successful in the Make Ready Process.

    Full disclaimer – this first episode experienced some technical difficulties with bad audio at points (Josh probably has a kit for that) and several hiccups with the internet connection. Save the .mp3 file and listen while you pick up grounds or turn your units. Have some comments or ideas of your own on how be killer at Make Readies comment below and let us know!

    1h 28m - Jun 20, 2022
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Finding the Way