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Demented Cast

Need another nerdy podcast about video games, movies, and more? No, well that's fine how about interviews, we got those too! Check us out and if you enjoy you can always check out the other podcasts we have and are coming soon, including ReWatchCast. Follow us on social media @DementedMedia, @TheNomadGamr, and @RWatchCast. Hope to see you there and continue the conversation!


The Loud & Quiet Show
Show Details2hr 37min
Spider-Man Roundtable
Show Details2hr 45min
Aaron Perry Interview
Show Details1hr 4min
Rift Apart Review
Show Details47min
World War Nintendo
Show Details1hr 30min
PlayStation + Discord
Show Details54min 26s
GameStonk Rises
Show Details1hr 7min
Do the Game Awards Suck?
Show Details1hr 53min
Was Last of Us 2 Worth the Wait?
Show Details57min
Fallen for Fallen Order
Show Details47min 54s
Demented Cast - Mental Health
Show Details1hr 46min
Demented Cast - Samurai Zero
Show Details57min 58s
Ethos Interview - Preview
Show Details1min 1s
A Far From Home Review
Show Details36min 39s
Demented Cast - Post E3 Show
Show Details1hr 31min
Demented Cast - Google Stadia?
Show Details1hr 28min
Demented Cast - We Hate RDR 2?
Show Details2hr 30min
Demented Cast - Bungie Breaks up with Activision?
Show Details48min 26s
Demented Cast - Solo Odyssey
Show Details53min 20s
Demented Cast - Top 10 Albums of 2018
Show Details1hr 9min