Season 1 EP 3- The Highland Outlaw Bookish Book Hype

Season 1 | Episode 3
23m | Oct 16, 2019
We have more teaser readers, and our first historical romance Bookish Book Hype on the podcast! I am so excited to share all the juicy goodness of The Highland Outlaw by Heather McCollum with all of you and to talk about our excitement for this amazing new book coming out on October 21st 2019! You can find all the buy links for this new book on the Episode Webpage. A huge thank you to Heather McCollum for sending in all these amazingly beautiful teasers to read on the podcast. I really appreciate you sending them in and allowing us to read them in this episode.


Hosted by: AM Nightingale
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Teasers by: Heather McCollum
Teasers read by: AM Nightingale with permission by Heather McCollum

Author's Facebook Page: Heather McCollum

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