Season 1 EP 14 This one's for the Book Bloggers. All about the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

Season 1 | Episode 14
16m | Oct 23, 2020
Warning, I had a sinus infection while recording this episode, so my voice is a lot louder than normal, my S sounds are a lot sharper, and there are moments when you hear me take in air. Please be sure to turn your speakers down before starting this episode.

This episode is going out to my fellow book bloggers out there, but even if you are not a book blogger, you may find this episode helpful if own a wordpress site and deal with books in any way on a constant basis. The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin, aka the UBB, is an amazing tool that saves book bloggers a bunch of time while creating new posts. This powerful plugin makes blogging a lot more fun and creative too.

A big thank you to Ashley over at Nose Graze for allowing me to talk about the Ultimate Book Blogger on the podcast and blog.


Cover Art: The Artsy Reader

The Ultimate Book Blogger is made by Ashley at Nose Graze.

You can find the blog post for this episode with all the links to the UBB here.

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