Season 1 Ep 16 Writers Tips: Blurb Writing

Season 1 | Episode 16
37m | Feb 6, 2021

Today we are going to be looking at the art of writing blurbs and the different methods that I have learned and seen some other authors use over the years. This episode was voted for on social media after I asked if it would be a desired tidbit of information following a slew of posts expressing frustrations over blurb writing. Since anything that has to do with creating or designing anything has very few hard and fast rules, I don't want anyone to start this episode thinking they will come away an expert blurb writing. The hope here is that the information in this episode will bring some new information, methods, ways of looking at blurb writing, or styles that will make writing your next blurb easier and more enjoyable.


Hosted by: Anastasia Nightingale

Cover Art: The Artsy Reader

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