The SportsEthos Brooklyn Nets Podcast

A show hosted by Cody Mallory, Anthony Dittmar and Joe Ferro, The SportsEthos Brooklyn Nets Podcast takes a journalistic approach to the latest news, trades, signings, city developments, highlights, and box scores for the Brooklyn Nets ... with a little fun, too!


A Plant-Based Future
Show Details53min 14s
Bing Bong!
Show Details35min 27s
Potential Nets Buyout Targets
Show Details59min 22s
THE BRIGADE Show and Wins Over Magic and Cavs
Show Details39min 7s
Keith McPherson on KD/Harden, Nets Outlook
Show Details58min 9s
Brooklyn Nets, a Podcast Renewed!
Show Details31min 39s
Too Early for a Playoff Preview Show?
Show Details39min 56s
The Slim Reaper is Back
Show Details29min 28s
The Brooklyn Monstars?
Show Details40min 2s
The Nets Look Unbeatable
Show Details32min 57s
Is James Harden the Nets' MVP?
Show Details44min 39s
Second Half of the Season Predictions
Show Details21min 40s
Kevin Durant Returns (Again-again)
Show Details20min 46s
Everything Is Going To Be Fine
Show Details52min 55s
Talking About All Things Nets with Will Hanley aka Nets As Depicted by Spongebob
Show Details43min 9s
Going Over All Things Brooklyn Nets w/ Billy Reinhardt
Show Details37min 5s
The Big 3 Drops their Debut in Cleveland
Show Details58min 30s
The Harden One
Show Details1hr 5min
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Show Details46min 33s
Just Here So We Won't Get Fined
Show Details51min 22s
The KD and Kyrie Era Is Approaching
Show Details59min 55s
Should the Nets Trade For James Harden?
Show Details56min 6s
Welcome to Brooklyn, Steve Nash
Show Details48min 11s
It's Playoff Time for Brooklyn
Show Details35min 26s
Greak Freak Who? Nets Scrimmage Games Recap
Show Details43min 26s
Let The Seeding Games Begin
Show Details57min 59s
Jamal Crawford and Mike Beasley, Welcome to Brooklyn
Show Details50min 42s
How Can the Nets Bounce Back?
Show Details28min 34s
Bringing Brooklyn to Disney World
Show Details1hr
The Brooklyn Nets NBA2K20 Simulation
Show Details36min 3s
Should the Nets Trade for Beal
Show Details29min 35s
How Covid Has Impacted Our Lives
Show Details44min
Should Kevin Durant Play In The 2020 Olympics?
Show Details44min 30s
Kyrie is Done, What Now?
Show Details32min 14s
Kobe Tribute
Show Details51min 34s
Now Entering Death Row
Show Details29min 41s
Help Us Kyrie Irving, You're Our Only Hope
Show Details40min 34s
New Year, Same Ol' Nets
Show Details34min 34s
Is Spencer Dinwiddie an All-Star?
Show Details27min 57s
Did the Nets Miss Out on Melo?
Show Details41min 54s
The Dinwiddie and Allen Show
Show Details28min 36s
Just Relax, Everything Will Be Fine
Show Details33min 2s
Down Goes Caris!
Show Details34min 19s
It's Time to Get Back on Track
Show Details26min 43s
First Impressions of the Squad
Show Details26min 2s
Is It Time to Panic on the Brooklyn Nets
Show Details27min 46s
Welcome Home, King Kyrie
Show Details45min 39s
Season Preview for the Nets and the Rest of the NBA
Show Details44min 7s
The Brooklyn Nets Are Very Cool
Show Details35min 10s
The New Era Brooklyn Nets
Show Details27min 6s
Brooklyn is Having a Busy Summer
Show Details38min 11s
Predicting the Nets Record Next Season
Show Details28min 53s
Will Kevin Durant Suit Up For the Nets Next Season?
Show Details40min 42s
Predicting the Nets NBA 2K20 Ratings
Show Details38min 52s
How Good Can the Nets Be Next Season?
Show Details1hr 8min
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are Brooklyn Nets!
Show Details49min 47s
Nets Draft Recap and Free Agency Primer
Show Details39min 47s
Bye Bye Allen Crabbe
Show Details44min 43s
Let the Offseason...Begin!
Show Details37min 54s
All Good Things Must Come To An End
Show Details43min 57s
There's A Rivalry Brewin'
Show Details50min 31s
Show Details39min 3s
One Final Playoff Push
Show Details41min 6s
Jared Dudley, We're Sorry
Show Details42min 45s
Brooklyn Is Built For This
Show Details39min 31s
Is D'Angelo Russell Worth a Max Contract?
Show Details36min 4s
It's Crunch Time NO:W
Show Details35min 29s
All-Star Break Here We Come
Show Details49min 45s
Nets Trade Deadline Extravaganza
Show Details50min 14s
The Nets Run NYC
Show Details33min 27s
The NBA 2k19 Simulation Episode
Show Details30min 51s
The Nets Are Here To Stay....We Hope
Show Details44min 29s
D'Angelo Russell Might Finally Be Done Loading
Show Details40min 48s
Carry on, DeMarre Carroll
Show Details32min 38s
The Nets Haven't Lost Since Last Year
Show Details38min 18s
In Dinwiddie We Trust
Show Details36min 41s
Is It Officially Time For the Nets To Start Tanking?
Show Details38min 19s
The Streak Lives On
Show Details36min 20s
Where Do We Go From Here?
Show Details37min 54s
And It All Comes Tumbling Down
Show Details32min 24s
Has D'Angelo Russell Finally Arrived?
Show Details31min 52s
Get Well Soon Caris LeVert
Show Details32min 7s
This Might Just Be The Start of Something Special
Show Details29min 19s
You Win Some, You Lose Some
Show Details28min 29s
So Close, Yet Still So Far Away
Show Details34min 29s
D'Angelo! D'Angelo! D'Ange......NO!
Show Details32min 53s
Couldn't Keep Up With The Pace
Show Details25min 38s
The Nets are 1-1, Where Do They Go From Here?
Show Details27min 2s
5 Preseason Takeaways, Rookie Report & Lineup Predictions
Show Details26min 43s
Preseason Recap & Player Debates
Show Details26min 41s
Introduction, Jimmy Butler Trade Scenarios and Season Predictions
Show Details27min 15s