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The Book Stack

Book reviews, recommendations, and commentary on a variety of book genres that we've "stacked" into a theme for the episode.


Summer Snack Stack: Vol. 1
Show Details19min 16s
Chapter 10: The J. Scott Savage Stack
Show Details56min 42s
Chapter 9: Space
Show Details45min 27s
Chapter 8: Dystopian
Show Details49min 13s
Chapter 7: The Untouched Stack
Show Details43min 49s
Chapter 6: Interesting Magic Systems
Show Details59min 27s
Chapter 5: Beautifully Written Books
Show Details31min 40s
Chapter 4: True Crime
Show Details42min 35s
Chapter 3: Twists on Lore
Show Details44min 40s
Chapter 2: Banned Books
Show Details45min 15s
Chapter 1: Origins
Show Details32min 6s
Prologue: Welcome to the Book Stack
Show Details1min 3s