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Does Your Kid Talk This Much?

Get A kids perspective on Movies, News, Food and Current Events.

Kid along with Adult Co-host.


Ep 12 Mooyah Burgers, Arabic word of the week, & Luca
Show Details33min 11s
Ep. 11 Summer Picnic, Hottest Pepper, Arabic Word, Disney Cruella Movie Review.
Show Details29min 48s
EP. 10 End Of School, Costco Samples, Arabic Word, Classic Movie Review AVATAR 2009.
Show Details39min 1s
Ep 7. DYKTTM Crapes, Arabic word of the Day & Marvel Movie review Black Panther
Show Details36min 31s
Ep 6 DYKTTM Safety TALK, Shout outs, ARABIC PHRASE Parent TRAP Classic movie
Show Details47min 4s
Ep 5 DYKTTM The Mitchells VS the Machines & OSHA 30 Fail.
Show Details25min 35s
Ep 4 DYKTTM podcast Raya Last Dragon
Show Details15min 11s
Ep 3 DYKTTM Allergies...!
Show Details20min 19s
Ep. 2 Does Your Kid Talk this Much?
Show Details16min 28s
Ep 01. First Episode (Avocado, Arabic word of the Day, Movie Review)
Show Details40min 27s