Songwriter Connection

Looking at the craft of songwriting through the eyes of the songwriters. Originating in Nashville Tennessee, we'll have guest songwriters talking about the stories behind the songs and playing their song too!


Jenn Bostic-Jelous of the Angels S2-E15
Show Details44min 54s
The Nashville PieHoles - Show Me the Pie - S2 Ep14
Show Details47min 9s
Greg Matthews - Old Guys Rule S2-E13
Show Details55min 27s
Robert Spanburgh-Fresh Coat of Paint -S2-E12
Show Details52min 44s
Ben Fuller - God Had Other Plans - S2-Ep11
Show Details54min 19s
Randi Driscoll -Hug A Little Longer S2-E10
Show Details51min 18s
Dave Isaacs - The Nashville Guitar Guru S2-E9
Show Details1hr 18min
Jan Buckingham-Mr. Buffet Are You Listening? S2-E8
Show Details53min 43s
Troy Castellano -Instruments For Education S2-E-7
Show Details53min 39s
Parker & Dallaire - Why the Songwriter Crosses the Road S2 -E6
Show Details36min 14s
Hunter Wolfe-Born Crooked S2-E5
Show Details43min 27s
Crendenda - Relative Harmony S2-E4
Show Details46min 9s
Erik Stucky -The Good Vibrations S2-E3
Show Details43min 39s
Nancy Deckant-Discover Sooner/Nashville Cool S2-E2
Show Details51min 19s
KC Johns- KC off the Island-S2-E1
Show Details41min 18s
Justin Love -From Bible Verse to Verse and Chorus-S1-Ep20
Show Details50min 31s
Morgan Matthews - 3 #1's 3 Different Genres S1 - E19
Show Details49min 16s
Jenni Eddy Jennings-Finding her Own Path S1 Ep18
Show Details54min 31s
Ava Paige - Pickin' and Kickin' Cancer's Butt - S1-Ep17
Show Details54min 7s
Jaimee Harris - Folk and Roll S1-Ep16
Show Details59min 31s
Scott Barrier- A Rare Trifecta - S1 - Ep15
Show Details55min 24s
Wynn Varble - A Wynn - Win- S1-Ep14
Show Details48min 7s
Pamela Hopkins - Beyond Little Rock famous S1 -Ep13
Show Details57min 16s
Trey Ackerman-Growing up Hee Haw - S1-E12
Show Details45min 53s
Olivia Frances- Sunshine Story Pop S1-E11
Show Details44min 36s
Eddie Heinzelman-Cousin Eddie Speaks S1-E10
Show Details1hr 1min
Marc-Allan Barnette/Breanna Faith- Have A Little Faith S1 - E9
Show Details45min 22s
Michael Saleta - All Blessed Up S1 - E8
Show Details46min 10s
Ridge Banks-The Wall of Sound S1-E7
Show Details45min 57s
Jane Bach - Neil told me to come! S1-E6
Show Details46min 46s
Marc-Alan Barnette - Music Chooses You - S1-E5
Show Details55min 8s
Greg Wilson - The Louisville Slugger-S1-Ep4
Show Details35min 54s
Bill Whyte - A Face For Radio - S1-Ep3
Show Details44min 41s
Bill O'Hanlon - The Oprah Guy! - S1-Ep2
Show Details37min 57s
Billy Lee - The One - S1-Ep1
Show Details44min 39s
About Songwriter Connection and your Host
Show Details7min 38s