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How To Talk To Girls Podcast

Tripp Kramer ( has been teaching shy men around the world how to date the girls they truly desire by approaching confidently, using openers that really work, starting conversations that are fun and engaging, and closing with her number and planning a date.


Increase Your Testosterone With THESE Foods (with Max Lugavere)
Show Details47min 16s
Men Who Are Incredible At Attracting Women Do THIS
Show Details31min 34s
3 Types of Women To Avoid…NEVER Date These Girls!
Show Details29min 57s
3 Surprising Tips For Drastically Improving Your Lifestyle
Show Details28min 29s
The Pros & Cons Of Having A Wingman (plus Q&A!)
Show Details1hr 2min
How I Approached 27 Girls In 8 Hours
Show Details50min 35s
5 Behaviors Women DESIRE!
Show Details30min 33s
The 4 Areas Every Man Should Focus On In Their Dating Game
Show Details55min 16s
The 5 Biggest Turn Offs To Women
Show Details29min 37s
Do THIS If She Ghosts You
Show Details30min 38s
What Job Salary Amount Is Most Attractive To Women?
Show Details51min 36s
5 Things That I Wish I Knew In My Twenties About Dating & Women
Show Details27min 25s
An Honest Conversation With A Hooters Waitress
Show Details1hr 2min
16 Sexual Touching Moves To Use When With Women
Show Details1hr 19min
Tripp Tells A Woman Her Sexual Market Value
Show Details53min 52s
Do Men Or Women Have It Harder In Dating? (Tripp Is Interviewed)
Show Details1hr 11min
Science Explains What Makes A Man Desirable To Women
Show Details55min 7s
Quick Guide To Approaching Women In Any Situation (Defeat your anxiety!)
Show Details24min 7s
THIS Is Killing Your Confidence & Chances With Women
Show Details48min 18s
How To Tease A Girl (use these examples!)
Show Details30min 34s
The Secrets Behind Female Desire & Attraction
Show Details29min 26s
The Different Archetypes Of Men & Women (Controversial)
Show Details57min 19s
Why You Should Talk To Strangers
Show Details44min 5s
Life is short (Motivational)
Show Details24min 15s
Here’s What To Do If You Think You’re Ugly…
Show Details44min 17s
Sexual Escalation & Kissing On The First Date
Show Details38min 40s
4 Flirting Techniques & How To Use It To Attract Women
Show Details35min 58s
An Honest Conversation With My Girlfriend
Show Details57min 54s
Mastermind Call - Struggling With Approaches
Show Details38min 52s
Why You MUST Consider Matchmaking!
Show Details1hr 17min
#1 Mistake Men Make When Approaching Women
Show Details36min 31s
How To Work Through Your Feelings When Dating
Show Details43min 38s
Giving Her & You A Powerful Sexual Experience
Show Details49min 2s
How To Stay Focused & Not Give Up On The Dating Game
Show Details46min 57s
What’s More Attractive - Looks Or Behavior? (& more questions)
Show Details42min 50s
The Truth About What Makes Men & Women Attracted
Show Details46min 20s
The Three Date Rule: When Sex Happens (Uncensored)
Show Details47min 19s
Is Attraction Biological Or Socially Constructed? (Heated Debate!)
Show Details50min 36s
An Honest Conversation With Ally (1M+ TikTok Followers & OF Girl)
Show Details35min 13s
My 3 Biggest Attraction Secrets Revealed!
Show Details28min 41s
LIVE MASTERMIND CALL- Hard-Hitting Mindsets For Approaching Hot Women
Show Details41min 6s
How To Find A Girl Who Has Similar Political Beliefs
Show Details29min 16s
How To Pick A Girl Who DOESN’T Destroy Your Life
Show Details1hr 10min
Do Men Or Women Have It Easier In Dating?
Show Details37min 33s
Is It Weird To Get Dating Advice & Approach Women?
Show Details36min 58s
It's Time To See The VALUE In Yourself
Show Details38min 2s
The BEST Places To Meet A Lot Of Women
Show Details38min 50s
CONTROVERSIAL- Stop Being “Vulnerable” With Women
Show Details45min
Loser Mentality Vs. Winner Mentality
Show Details45min 7s
3 Dating App Hacks That TRIPLE Your Matches
Show Details21min 24s
How To Master Dirty Talk In The Bedroom
Show Details48min 7s
How To Have The Perfect Smile & Best Breath
Show Details1hr
How To Know If You’re Getting Better With Women
Show Details31min 1s
Your #1 Strategy To Approach Women Without Fear & Anxiety
Show Details30min 2s
Stop Comparing Yourself To Others! (here’s how…)
Show Details39min 17s
Sex Conversations You Can Have On A First Date With Dr. Tara
Show Details52min 5s
Threesome Expert Reveals Best Way To Have A Threesome
Show Details47min 43s
A Female’s Perspective On First Dates & Relationships
Show Details46min 7s
An Honest Conversation With A 20 y.o. Only Fans Girl
Show Details39min 44s
What’s Better - Meeting Women Online Or In Person?
Show Details27min 32s
How To Deal With An Anxious Attachment To A Girl
Show Details37min 2s
An Honest Conversation With A “Perfect 10” Model
Show Details42min 42s
How To Keep Your Mind Sharp, Increase Testosterone & Live A Healthier Life
Show Details42min 36s
Powerful Questions To Help You Connect With Women
Show Details33min 47s
How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You
Show Details34min 3s
Women With High Interest In You Vs. Low Interest
Show Details27min 25s
Why "Failure" Is The Key To Winning With Women
Show Details36min 12s
The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In College
Show Details39min 55s
The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls When You're In High School
Show Details34min 46s
Texting Girls To Build Attraction
Show Details34min 10s
The Ultimate Guide For Dating After A Divorce
Show Details33min 28s
How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day
Show Details31min 45s
Listen To This If You’re Still Struggling To Approach Women
Show Details31min 24s
The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 30’s & Beyond
Show Details36min
The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 20’s
Show Details34min 55s
Interview With ChyBurd On Making $100k a Month On Only Fans
Show Details57min 39s
Why Approaching Women is CRUCIAL!
Show Details27min 3s
Sex Series Part 6 - Threesomes
Show Details11min 15s
Sex Series Part 5 - How To Make Her Squirt
Show Details16min 18s
Sex Series Part 4 - Consent
Show Details14min 5s
How To Win With Women & Life with Brad Lea
Show Details41min 10s
Sex Series Part 3b - Male Pornstar Gives Tips On ED & PE
Show Details41min 58s
Sex Series Part 3a - Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
Show Details16min 19s
Sex Series Part 2 - What She Wants In Bed
Show Details10min 23s
Sex Series Part 1 - Initiating Touch
Show Details17min 53s
Are There Men Who Are Naturally Good With Women?
Show Details32min 6s
Is Seducing & Attracting Women Manipulative?
Show Details30min 10s
The Benefit Of Virtual Dates & How To Do Them
Show Details33min 25s
The TRUTH About Women’s Insecurities [Must Listen!]
Show Details33min 49s
Tips & Tricks For Creating A Killer Bachelor Pad
Show Details37min 20s
What Do Women REALLY Want In The Bedroom?
Show Details41min 17s
When A Girl Wears Makeup Is She Lying To You? (& More)
Show Details29min 55s
An Honest Conversation With An Abstinent Girl
Show Details35min 40s
How Long Does It Take To Get Good With Women?
Show Details20min 55s
Why Do You Keep Attracting The WRONG Woman?
Show Details42min 4s
How To Approach Women (From A Woman's Perspective)
Show Details38min 14s
How To Fix All Types Of Performance Anxiety
Show Details40min 38s
An Honest Conversation With A Successful 30 Year Old Woman
Show Details52min 52s
The Business Of OnlyFans With Special Guest
Show Details44min 32s
Why Do Women Flake On Dates?
Show Details37min 1s
Advanced “Social Circle Game” Techniques
Show Details45min 56s
Magic Tricks, Mentalism & Talking To Girls
Show Details42min 39s
Relationship Attachment Styles & “Hot Girl Summer”
Show Details39min 37s
Tips For Kissing, Sexual Escalation & More!
Show Details33min 16s
A Conversation With A Fellow Dating Coach On Confidence
Show Details32min 58s
Is It Okay To Be Dating Multiple Girls At Once?
Show Details33min 19s
Listen To This If You Want To Meet A COUGAR
Show Details31min 19s
An Honest Conversation With A Popular Female TikTok Influencer
Show Details38min 16s
What Are A Man’s “Inner & Outer” Traits That Attract Women
Show Details30min 38s
Coaching Vs. Therapy For Anxiety With Meeting Women
Show Details49min 58s
Meeting Women Is All Just Common Sense, Isn’t It?
Show Details18min 15s
How To Get The PERFECT Online Dating Photos (Step-By-Step)
Show Details25min 47s
LIVE COACHING CALL - First Date Analysis
Show Details48min 11s
LIVE COACHING CALL - Getting Her Number
Show Details47min 51s
LIVE COACHING CALL - How To Text After A Date
Show Details35min 33s
LIVE COACHING CALL - The Grocery Store Approach
Show Details42min 5s
The “Nice Guy Syndrome” From A Female Perspective
Show Details34min 42s
The DANGER With Texting Girls
Show Details27min 47s
Do Men Still Have A Shot If They’re Ugly?
Show Details26min 43s
Putting Her On A Pedestal Vs. Finding “The One”
Show Details25min
Why Cold Approaching Is Completely Underrated
Show Details33min 5s
NEW Mindset Shifts To Help You Attract 10x More Women
Show Details38min 2s
Why Being Single Is Totally Okay (w/ Case Kenny)
Show Details43min 23s
How To Spot A “Crazy” Woman & Other Relationship Advice
Show Details35min 29s
The Numbers Game Of Dating & Meeting Women
Show Details53min 3s
Daily Routines & Organization For Maximum Life Efficiency
Show Details54min 59s
Instagram Model Tells Us What Goes Down In Her DM’s
Show Details30min 15s
How To Be A More Masculine Man
Show Details52min 25s
5 “Sales” Principles That Help You Find The Right Woman
Show Details49min 48s
Q&A: Being Short & Bad Places To Approach Women
Show Details26min 39s
How To Become More Stoic & Manly
Show Details37min 59s
Chatting With A Dating App Creator
Show Details41min 38s
How To Win A Woman Over
Show Details38min 9s
Breakups, Making Friends & Dating Sex Workers
Show Details34min 24s
Are Her Looks Or Personality More Important?
Show Details43min 5s
How To Succeed On “Seeking Arrangements” (and not pay women!)
Show Details43min 3s
Understanding Female Sexual Desire With Dr. Kristen Mark
Show Details41min 4s
The How To Talk To Girls 500th EPISODE!
Show Details34min 34s
Let’s Talk About Fear (Motivational)
Show Details22min
An Honest Conversation With An Abstinence Expert
Show Details34min 40s
Asking Her Out, Sexually Escalating, & Feeling “Worthy”
Show Details31min 34s
5 Ninja Hacks To Build MORE Attraction With Her
Show Details35min 27s
Can You Date Outside Your Marriage?
Show Details38min 25s
Dr. Michael Pariser Fixes Your “Nice Guy Syndrome”…
Show Details45min 5s
How To Structure A First Date Beginning To End
Show Details35min 4s
The First Date: Your Questions Answered
Show Details32min 44s
How To Answer Boring Questions Girls Ask You
Show Details37min 43s
How To Talk About Yourself
Show Details22min 26s
Q&A: Jealousy, Sex, & Relationships
Show Details26min 15s
How To Become a “High Value Man”
Show Details44min 36s
Q&A: Sex, Neediness & Virtual Social Circles
Show Details30min 11s
Why Being “Comfortable” Is The Enemy To Success With Women
Show Details51min 27s
Story Time: Going From Severe Drug Addiction To Fitness Guru
Show Details44min 9s
Why “No Contact” Works So Well
Show Details47min 53s
Introduction To Creating Deeper Intimacy In A Relationship
Show Details49min 27s
Can You Ever Really Get Over Approach Anxiety?
Show Details52min 35s
6 Things To Say When You Flirt With A Girl
Show Details22min 32s
How To French Kiss A Girl To Make Her Want More
Show Details20min 18s
How To Text A Girl You Like
Show Details28min 29s
The Full Guide To Everything “Swinging”
Show Details49min 34s
How You’re Going To Dominate The Dating Apps!
Show Details8min 39s
3 Giant Mistakes Guys Make With Dating Apps
Show Details30min 6s
How To Get Over “One-itis” (obsession with one girl)
Show Details33min 14s
A Motivational Conversation With A Mount Everest Climber
Show Details44min 46s
How To Get Out Of Your Own Head (with Monk Yun Rou)
Show Details46min 18s
Q&A - Starting And Ending Relationships
Show Details30min 48s
Quick Tips To Dress Sexier To Women
Show Details45min 28s
Healing Emotional Wounds With Breath Work (exercise included!)
Show Details43min 47s
The Scientific Truth About Marriage & Attraction
Show Details46min 11s
The No Bullsh*t Guide To Women
Show Details48min 12s
An Honest Conversation With A Sex Worker
Show Details52min 36s
Ways To Beat Your Crippling Fear Of Women
Show Details1hr 7min
5 Techniques For Making First Dates Turn To Second Dates
Show Details34min 29s
A Unique Way To Find Your PERFECT Match
Show Details54min 13s
Professional Photographer Reveals The Best Online Dating Photo
Show Details33min 53s
How To Handle A Girl Not Liking You Back
Show Details33min 58s
LIVE COACHING: New Mindsets That Help You Attract More Women
Show Details33min 26s
LIVE COACHING: Dating With Kids & Women Who Have Kids
Show Details23min 17s
9 Tests That Reveal Her Interest
Show Details51min 38s
21 Rejection Proof Openers
Show Details58min 52s
LIVE COACHING: Staying “Non-Reactive” In Approaches & Dates
Show Details21min 40s
The Difference Between Men & Women
Show Details53min 38s
James Altucher On Learning How To Meet Women
Show Details1hr 10min
The 6 Pillars Of Becoming Your Most Attractive Self
Show Details46min 12s
The Must-Have Skill For Approaching Women
Show Details17min 33s
Brittany Furlan Lee Reveals Her Dating Life
Show Details47min 51s
LIVE COACHING: Dissecting How To Approach
Show Details28min 20s
Step-By-Step How To Sexually Escalate
Show Details49min 45s
Depressed, Down, & In A Rut? Listen To This.
Show Details48min 40s
How To Master The First 90 Seconds Of The Approach
Show Details1hr 3min
What She’s Thinking When You Approach Her
Show Details47min 49s
Meeting Women At Classes, Online, In Person & Instagram
Show Details33min 37s
How To Talk To Girls About Sex
Show Details31min 47s
Mark Rippetoe Teaches Us Strength Of The Body & Mind (motivational)
Show Details39min 42s
On The Theory Of Practice (Get More Women Faster)
Show Details20min 54s
Ana The “Slutpreneuer” Reveals How Women Make Money Online
Show Details53min 15s
Talking To Jordan Harbinger - The Master Of Networking
Show Details46min 27s
The Full Guide To Wine (Every man needs to know this!)
Show Details48min 52s
How To Touch A Girl When You First Meet Her
Show Details29min 26s
Speaking To An Expert Nutritionist To Live A Healthy Lifestyle
Show Details39min 34s
How To Be Twice As Productive In Your Dating Life
Show Details36min 50s
The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have
Show Details33min 34s
Using Your Personal Strengths To Attract Women
Show Details53min 32s
Doctor Turned PUA Reveals Their Seduction Techniques
Show Details38min 45s
Tapping Into Your Deeper “Self” feat. Sirhud Kalra
Show Details44min 53s
Creating The Best Sexual Experience For You And Her
Show Details46min 29s
Building An Irresistible Online Persona To Women
Show Details56min 45s
Flirting With Different Types Of Women In Various Settings
Show Details25min 54s
The Biggest Benefit Of Being In The Friend Zone
Show Details29min 20s
Destroying Your Poisonous “Limiting Belief System”
Show Details33min 59s
The In’s & Out’s Of Interracial Dating
Show Details40min 38s
What Are The Best Dating Sites & Apps To Use In 2020?
Show Details17min 43s
Naturally Attracting Women Into Your Life Part 2 [The London Seminar]
Show Details40min 38s
Naturally Attracting Women Into Your Life Part 1 [The London Seminar]
Show Details51min 53s
What To Say To A Girl Who’s Not Responding
Show Details28min 7s
Creating A Powerful Impression In The First 7 Seconds
Show Details45min 31s
Send These Text Messages To Get A Response From A Girl
Show Details54min 16s
My Client Shares His Secrets…
Show Details43min 24s
3 Biggest Complaints Women Have About Men
Show Details33min 53s
Stuttering, Shit Tests & The X-Factor
Show Details30min 32s
The 4 Components Of A Successful Conversation With Girls
Show Details46min 15s
Jedi Mind Tricks For Ultimate Sexual Pleasure
Show Details50min 40s
3 Proven Profile Hacks For Tinder To Increase Matches
Show Details43min 11s
The Best Way To Deal With Sexual Frustration
Show Details31min 32s
My Girl Friend Describes Her Best Sexual Experiences…
Show Details23min 52s
Use This Simple Technique RIGHT NOW For Instant Confidence
Show Details41min 49s
Matchmaker’s Advice To Attracting Women In SECRET Places
Show Details31min 21s
The Complete Guide To Losing Your Virginity (even if you’re over 25)
Show Details39min 14s
Improv Techniques To MASTER Conversation With Girls
Show Details32min 41s
Destroy The Nice Guy & Become The “Bad Boy”
Show Details39min 25s
Full Head-To-Toe Guide For Style With Aaron Marino
Show Details39min 28s
Weird (but essential) Skill That Helps When Attracting Women
Show Details51min 32s
Maintaining Attraction In A Long Term Relationship
Show Details26min 31s
Overcoming Neediness With The Women You Desire
Show Details37min 41s
The Hidden Red Flags Women Notice In Men
Show Details35min 30s
What If You Can’t Orgasm With A Girl?
Show Details31min 5s
The Unbeatable Formula For Confidence
Show Details1hr 7min
Dealing With Flaky Girls (exactly what to say)
Show Details27min 6s
Becoming More Fearless Around Women & Socializing
Show Details1hr 38min
Beginner’s Guide To Attracting Women (interview with Tripp)
Show Details43min 58s
She Has A Boyfriend. Now what?
Show Details25min 19s
3 Essential Tips to Learn Pickup 10x Faster
Show Details47min 17s
What Do Women Want & What Are They Thinking About?
Show Details55min 19s
My Thoughts On Attracting Girls You Want (interview with Tripp)
Show Details57min 31s
3 Things Society Is Telling You That’s Killing Your Game
Show Details31min 53s
The Secret To Finding Non-Monogamous Women To Date
Show Details49min 26s
How To Get More Money For Dates
Show Details41min 57s
The Benefits Of Matchmaking With Chicago’s Top Matchmaker
Show Details27min 4s
Q&A: Friend Zone, Rejection, Approaching & More
Show Details30min 35s
Giving A Girl A Sensual Massage 101
Show Details37min 5s
3 Universal Mindsets To Become More Courageous
Show Details35min 21s
Daygame Masterclass: Steps A-Z For Meeting Women In The Day
Show Details50min 56s
Creating Rock-Solid Confidence Right At Home!
Show Details35min 17s
Using Instagram Pictures To Keep Girls Attracted
Show Details30min 23s
From Loser To Millionaire Pick-Up Artist: The Story Of Richard LaRuina (aka Gambler)
Show Details42min 58s
The Complete "Attraction Arsenal Series"
Show Details45min 20s
3 Weird "Online Dating Statistics" To Help You During Quarantine
Show Details44min 7s
Strategies For Dating In The Modern Age With Susan Winter
Show Details1hr 6min
Behind The Scenes Of The Porn Industry With Porn Actress Bridgette B
Show Details40min 42s
Cutting-Edge Technique For Better Sex, More Money & A Better Life
Show Details39min 18s
Safely Approaching Women During A Quarantine (yes it’s possible!)
Show Details33min 29s
Getting The Number, Asking Her Out, & Setting Up The Date (FULL GUIDE)
Show Details51min 44s
In-Depth Guide To Winning In Online Dating
Show Details39min 57s
How To Meet (and attract) Women During A Quarantine
Show Details1hr 7min
BIGGEST First Date Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
Show Details47min 44s
Step-By-Step Touching & Physical Escalation Techniques
Show Details42min 19s
The 4 Principles Of Seducing Beautiful Women
Show Details38min 2s
Managing Risk In Dating With Shawn T. Smith
Show Details41min 44s
Avoid THIS Type Of Girl At All Costs
Show Details18min 22s
Supercharge Your Conversation On A First Date!
Show Details17min 30s
How To Never Get Stuck In Conversation
Show Details33min
Become Irresistible To Women In 12 Months!
Show Details12min 9s
The Ultimate Formula For POWERFUL Conversation
Show Details21min 22s
Top 10 PUA Tips For This Weekend
Show Details27min 35s
A Female's Perspective On Getting Married
Show Details34min 48s
How To Start A Conversation With A Girl In Different Settings
Show Details26min 33s
How Do You Find That One Special Girl?
Show Details17min 39s
Lessons From A Real Life Playboy
Show Details53min 54s
Eliminating Approach Anxiety & Beating Rejection FOREVER
Show Details28min 6s
Why Do We Freeze Up With The Girls We Like?
Show Details29min 41s
How You Show Interest Without Being Creepy
Show Details37min 17s
How To Pick Up Girls From Meet To Sex
Show Details1hr 24min
How To Tap Into Your Inner Masculinity With Destin Gerek
Show Details37min 16s
How To Look For Major RED FLAGS When Talking To Women
Show Details35min 36s
How To Navigate Touch In The “Me Too” Movement Era
Show Details30min 11s
What We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant's Death (trigger warning)
Show Details17min
3 Women To Never Approach
Show Details26min
How To Be The "Badboy" Women Love (w/ Andrew Tate)
Show Details44min 33s
3 Secrets That Makes ANY Man 100x More Valuable
Show Details23min 50s
Step By Step How To Take Her To Orgasmic Bliss (nsfw)
Show Details50min 12s
Key Examples Of How To Flirt Verbally With A Girl
Show Details14min 56s
Proven Mindset Hacks That Install More Confidence In Your Brain
Show Details38min 37s
My Best Tip To 10x Your Results With Women
Show Details21min 16s
3 Signs You’re A MANCHILD
Show Details21min 43s
How To Find & Attract Your “Unicorn” Girlfriend
Show Details21min 29s
4 Reasons Men Don’t Attract Beautiful Women
Show Details26min 52s
How To Use “Sex Magic” To Make More Money
Show Details27min 44s
Should You Stop Being A Nice Guy, Or Not?
Show Details25min 36s
How To Escalate On Dates Like A BAD BOY
Show Details23min 1s
3 Bedroom Moves She Craves! (with Sex Expert Caitlin V)
Show Details50min 7s
What Men Need To Know About Divorce
Show Details58min 59s
This Is The Way She Wants To Be Approached
Show Details25min 7s
Follow This #1 Rule And Your Dating Life Skyrockets
Show Details26min 59s
Why She Doesn’t Text Back When Everything Went Great
Show Details25min 50s
Tricks Pornstars Use To Last Long In Bed
Show Details26min 22s
Orgasm Hacks That Turn ANY Woman On with Amy & April
Show Details51min 14s
3 Foods That Raise Testosterone (ED Cure)
Show Details25min 46s
Debunking "No-Nut November" & No Fap
Show Details23min 40s
How To Get A Girl To Swallow...
Show Details28min 24s
What Women Secretly Think Of Nerds, Engineers and Brainiacs
Show Details28min 25s
This "Food Hack" Will Make Her Secretly HORNY For You
Show Details26min 54s
Flirting Hacks To Get Beautiful Women Attracted To You w/ Adam Lyons
Show Details43min 3s
This Is What Girls Look At Online When They're Alone
Show Details41min 4s
I Only Have 6 Inches...
Show Details22min 25s
Destroying The "Nice Guy Syndrome" With Dr. Robert Glover
Show Details52min 16s
#1 Problem Older Guys Have At Attracting Girls
Show Details21min 22s
Are Tattoos Attractive To Women...?
Show Details24min 50s
How To Eliminate Nerves Around Girls (Without Booze)
Show Details24min 58s
Controversial (But Legal) Brainwashing Tactic Gets Ugly Guys Laid
Show Details15min 11s
3 Women Men Should Avoid Dating (Or Marrying)
Show Details22min 6s
Get A Girlfriend Series 8/8: How To Get Over A Breakup
Show Details23min 35s
Get A Girlfriend Series 7/8: How To End The Relationship
Show Details29min 38s
Get A Girlfriend Series 6/8: Strengthening The Relationship
Show Details23min 24s
Get A Girlfriend Series 5/8: Starting The Relationship
Show Details26min 50s
Get A Girlfriend Series 4/8: After The First Date
Show Details24min 27s
Get A Girlfriend Series 3/8: The First Date
Show Details21min 6s
Get A Girlfriend Series 2/8: Where To Meet A Quality Woman
Show Details21min 42s
Get A Girlfriend Series 1/8: Becoming The Man She Wants
Show Details18min 54s
3 Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting A Girlfriend
Show Details57min 22s
The Lazy Man's Shortcut to Getting Laid
Show Details20min 9s
LIVE COACHING SESSION: Avoiding The Most Common Approaching Mistakes
Show Details22min 7s
TEXT HER This 2-Word Message (Use It Tonight)
Show Details21min 19s
This Unfair Advantage Gets ANY Chick You Want...(USE WITH CAUTION)
Show Details39min 28s
How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone
Show Details22min 28s
How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back
Show Details29min 43s
How To Not Look Desperate For Sex
Show Details21min 24s
She'll Look At You Like A Different Person...
Show Details50min 45s
How To Sexually Escalate With A Woman
Show Details20min 10s
Every Girl You Know Is Keeping THIS Secret From You...
Show Details29min 23s
What Happens When You Have An Ugly Girlfriend?
Show Details22min 31s
How To Date During & After A Divorce
Show Details22min 31s
What To Do When They Don't Respond To Your Text
Show Details23min 19s
How To Make Her Love You FOREVER
Show Details42min 21s
Ways To Make A Girl Chase YOU with Brent Smith
Show Details26min 54s
How To Be Funny & Connect With Beautiful Women 
Show Details36min 52s
7 Things That Make You Look Like A Needy Little Bitch
Show Details42min 4s
3 Techniques To Create A Charismatic Personality with Barron Cruz
Show Details39min 21s
Mastering The Art Of Talking To Girls During The Day with Aaron Alexander
Show Details40min 52s
Healing Your Inner Wounds With Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt 
Show Details37min 59s
Conversation Trick To Get What You Want From Women
Show Details35min 59s
Chatting With A Guy Who Has Slept With Over 1,000 Women
Show Details41min 3s
How Do You Stand Out To Women?
Show Details15min 55s
How To Know If You Are In Love With A Girl
Show Details16min 51s
What To Do When You’re Feeling Alone
Show Details29min 42s
What It Look Like To Be Desperate & How To Stop It Part 2
Show Details16min 17s
What It Looks Like To Be Desperate & How To Stop It
Show Details20min 40s
The Deeper Meaning Behind Sleeping With Hot Girls
Show Details32min 22s
Making Your Life More Interesting & Bold
Show Details27min 36s
Celebrity Stylist's Complete Guide For Looking Sexy To Women
Show Details43min 1s
Top 10 Texting Mistakes Guys Make 95% Of The Time
Show Details28min 26s
The Secret To Meeting Hot Girls At Loud Clubs
Show Details14min 48s
Telling Your Life Story In A Way That Makes Her Like You
Show Details41min 17s
My Favorite Conversation Opener To Use During The Day
Show Details12min 30s
What To Do When You’re Still Obsessed With Your Ex-Girlfriend
Show Details17min 12s
LIVE COACHING SESSION: Finding Your Perfect Girlfriend
Show Details1hr 6min
Why You’re Not Getting A Second Date
Show Details15min 36s
What To Focus On When Meeting & Attracting Women
Show Details19min 42s
Become Magnetic To Beautiful Women
Show Details21min 54s
Hot Girls At The Gym & How To Get Their Attention
Show Details10min 32s
Should You Go For Your Friend’s Older Sister?
Show Details13min 39s
Approaching A Girl When She Has A Boyfriend
Show Details14min 36s
The Female Experience Of Sex
Show Details41min 51s
Why Your Life Is Perfect Yet You Still Have No Women In It
Show Details14min 46s
My Response To A Female Listener
Show Details15min 39s
Psychologist Ellen Hendricksen On Breaking Through The Fear Of Talking To Girls
Show Details40min 21s
Celebrity Journalist Reveals Secret To Asking POWERFUL Questions To Girls
Show Details43min 53s
Should You Date A Woman With Plastic Surgery?
Show Details28min 41s
Attracting The Girl You've Known A Long Time
Show Details14min 38s
Why You Don't Have An Abundance Of Women Around You
Show Details16min 59s
What A Hot Girl Said To Me At A Bar...
Show Details13min 54s
Listen To This If You Feel Lonely
Show Details22min 15s
Defeating Social Anxiety & Shyness Once And For All (Scientifically Proven!)
Show Details31min 37s
Making A Killer First Impression On A 1st & 2nd Date
Show Details16min 49s
My Biggest Lesson From Burning Man 2018
Show Details14min 28s
How To Prevent The Biggest Regret When Meeting Girls
Show Details16min 45s
What To Do When A Girl “Ghosts” You
Show Details47min 17s
Listen To This If You're A "Nice Guy"
Show Details43min 25s
Celebrity Dating Coach Explains How To Flirt With Hot Women
Show Details33min 22s
How To Become Boyfriend Material
Show Details18min 25s
My Girlfriend Was A Slut
Show Details10min 2s
Should I Date The Hot Girl At Work?
Show Details12min 18s
New System Revealed: Build A Social Circle Of Hot Girls In 1 Month
Show Details17min 19s
Ask Her These 3 Questions...
Show Details22min 6s
3 Ways A Woman Tests Your Masculinity
Show Details31min 38s
Is She A Gold Digger? 3 Easy Ways To Find Out…
Show Details37min 9s
The Secret To Seducing 9's and 10's
Show Details24min 10s
How Women View Sex
Show Details15min 32s
Easy Technique To Beat Approach Anxiety
Show Details18min 15s
The Fastest Way To Learn Seduction, Game & Attraction
Show Details16min 50s
Why Online Dating SUCKS (and what to do instead)
Show Details20min 2s
The Secret Reasons Your Ex Cheated On You
Show Details16min 5s
3 Unmistakable Signs She's No Longer In Love
Show Details19min 25s
#1 Sign Women Give Men They Like
Show Details13min 20s
Huge Mistake Guys Make Before Doing The Deed That Kills Attraction
Show Details11min 20s
2 Proven Ways To Get A Woman That Rejected You
Show Details16min 7s
The Perfect Opener For Approaching A Girl In Person
Show Details14min 22s
11-Step Must Have Checklist For Your Online Dating Profile
Show Details30min 39s
EXPLOSIVE Interview With Alpha Male Strategies
Show Details1hr 45min
Will Going To Therapy Help You Get Girls?
Show Details19min 10s
Should You Fight For The Girl Who Doesn’t Like You?
Show Details14min 11s
Should you date girls older? Younger? Or the same age?
Show Details17min 31s
Strategies For Dealing With Loneliness
Show Details20min 27s
Why She Doesn’t Like You Back
Show Details15min 32s
5-Minute Meditation For Approach Anxiety, Fear & Nervousness
Show Details11min 50s
Listen To THIS Episode If You’re In A Rut
Show Details18min 18s
#1 Sign She Wants To Be Kissed
Show Details11min 57s
Attraction Arsenal 10/10: Getting A Girlfriend
Show Details6min 58s
Attraction Arsenal 9/10: Setting Up The Second Date
Show Details5min 6s
Attraction Arsenal 8/10: First Date Attraction
Show Details4min 40s
Attraction Arsenal 7/10: Texting Her To Meet
Show Details5min 16s
Attraction Arsenal 6/10: Asking Her Out
Show Details5min 19s
Attraction Arsenal 5/10: The Flirting Formula
Show Details5min 4s
Attraction Arsenal 4/10: Continuing A Conversation
Show Details5min 31s
Attraction Arsenal 3/10: The First Hello
Show Details5min
Attraction Arsenal 2/10: Where Do You Meet Women?
Show Details6min 18s
Attraction Arsenal 1/10: What Is Attraction?
Show Details7min 20s
Do THIS To Get Her To Respond To Your Texts
Show Details12min 40s
How To Attract The "Perfect Woman"
Show Details15min 43s
Can A Very "Ugly" Man Attract A Woman?
Show Details17min 23s
2 Biggest Mistakes When Flirting With Girls
Show Details15min 2s
Defeat Shyness With These Two Powerful Mindsets
Show Details17min 49s
#1 Reason You Don't Have The Girl You Want
Show Details15min 3s
The Exact 10 Words To Use In Your Dating Profile (study says)
Show Details20min 16s
The Right Way To Compliment A Girl
Show Details22min 36s
Hidden Places To Meet Women
Show Details10min 39s
Step-By-Step How To Talk To "Intimidating Women"
Show Details59min 53s
How To Approach Girls In Unique Situations
Show Details58min 38s
The 6 Pillars Of Self-Esteem
Show Details25min 51s
Getting Over Rejection (Interview With Noah Kagan)
Show Details59min 41s
How To Make Meeting Girls Fun
Show Details40min 14s
Online Dating vs Meeting Girls In Person
Show Details22min 52s
How To Meet Girls If You Live In A Small Town
Show Details17min 57s
How To NOT Creep A Girl Out
Show Details19min 8s
Who Is Harvey Weinstein And Is He Wrong?
Show Details17min 31s
5 Brain Hacks To Conquer Your Negative Emotions
Show Details20min 22s
Women's Deal Breakers For Online Dating
Show Details21min 2s
Nailing The First Impression With A Girl
Show Details18min 1s
The #1 Habit That Makes You Meet More Women
Show Details19min 47s
The Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Girls
Show Details21min 29s
What NOT to Say On A 1st Date
Show Details14min 55s
3 Unknown Benefits Of A Long-Term Relationship
Show Details20min 38s
Do You Get Stuck In Conversation?
Show Details22min 55s
What Killer Clowns Can Teach You About Meeting Girls
Show Details17min 5s
The Paradox of Choice
Show Details21min 38s
Are People Watching You Talk To Girls?
Show Details14min 3s
Do You Know How To Get A Girl Hooked On You?
Show Details20min 58s
The Truth About Romantic Comedies
Show Details16min 20s
Creating Deeper & Meaningful Conversations With Women
Show Details15min 56s
How To “Be Yourself” And Still Attract Quality Women
Show Details34min 38s
The Best Way To Transition Into A Relationship
Show Details20min 49s
Speak To Win: How To Present With Power In Any Situation (BOOK REVIEW)
Show Details28min
How To Get Girls When You’re A Foreigner Or Immigrant
Show Details23min 1s
Jason Capital On How To Get Higher Status
Show Details38min 37s
Should You Move In With A Girl?
Show Details33min 41s
Richard La Ruina On Building Tension
Show Details37min 7s
Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High (BOOK REVIEW)
Show Details55min 7s
Vince Kelvin On 3 Mental Frames That Triple Your Attraction
Show Details43min 59s
When Should You Call Her Your Girlfriend?
Show Details15min 26s
Can You Attract Girls Without A Job, Car, Or Money?
Show Details16min 5s
Scientific Ways To Overcoming Approach Anxiety With Dave Asprey
Show Details33min 12s
5-Step Process To The Perfect First Date
Show Details38min 49s
Do Women From All Cultures Feel Attraction In The Same Way?
Show Details14min 3s
How To Approach Large Groups Of Girls
Show Details10min 59s
The Secret Mind Of "The Hot Girl"
Show Details18min 49s
3-Step Meditation Technique For Overcoming Anxiety Around Girls
Show Details43min 3s
The #1 Superpower In Dating And Relationships
Show Details32min 28s
Cultivating Your Own Inner Dominance
Show Details45min 15s
What Men Should Know About Amazing Sex
Show Details28min 3s
Buddhist Techniques To Overcome Fear
Show Details11min 15s
The Top 5 Regrets Of Dating
Show Details21min 44s
The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back
Show Details34min 12s
Does Hiring A Matchmaker Work?
Show Details34min 41s
How To Keep A Casual Relationship Going
Show Details21min 30s
How To Date Girls When You're Overweight
Show Details23min 32s
Formula For Going From Texting To Sexting
Show Details35min 38s
How To Go From Approach To Girlfriend (step-by-step)
Show Details45min 27s
Should You Hire A Prostitute?
Show Details19min 30s
3 Simple Mantras That Destroy Fear Of Talking To Girls
Show Details23min 12s
Conversation Tricks To Avoid Awkward Silences
Show Details40min 7s
Tips To Conquer Fear, Anxiety, Depression, And Build Confidence
Show Details36min 1s
Ross Jeffries Speaks On Attracting Quality Women
Show Details41min 16s
How To Meet Girls When You Travel
Show Details14min 56s
The 4 Biggest Secrets Of Attraction I Learned In Bali
Show Details21min 36s
How To Tap Into The Sexual Part Of A Woman's Mind
Show Details39min 26s
What Makes A Woman Say Yes To Sex?
Show Details35min 13s
How To Meet Cute Girls In Social Settings
Show Details30min 53s
What Makes A Woman Say No To Sex?
Show Details38min 36s
How To Use Charisma To Attract Girls
Show Details33min 35s
What Happens After You Get Everything You Want?
Show Details36min 29s
Mark Manson On How Not To Give A Fuck
Show Details45min 37s
Women's Dating Fears & Frustrations
Show Details31min 48s
How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
Show Details28min 2s
Debunking Common Sex Myths
Show Details23min 57s
5 Step Process For Creating a Non-Monogamous Relationship
Show Details45min 45s
How To Not Settle With Just Anyone
Show Details34min 52s
Colette Davenport On Creating Intimate Moments With Women
Show Details34min 41s
How To Get A Woman To Fall In Love With You
Show Details41min 28s
David Wygant On How To "Just Be Yourself" & Attract Women
Show Details32min 12s
This Type Of Dating Profile Attracts 75% Of Women
Show Details37min 4s
Adam Gilad On How To Be Bold & Courageous 
Show Details40min 49s
The Girl’s Perspective On Open Relationships
Show Details1hr
Former Pornstar Dave Pounder On Sexually Attracting Girls
Show Details45min 26s
Susan Bratton On Having Safe Sex With Lots Of Women
Show Details42min
How To Get Her Attracted On The Phone
Show Details22min 40s
How To Get Girls To Respond When You Approach
Show Details20min 3s
The 5 Biggest Rules Of Texting Girls
Show Details34min 54s
How To Attract Foreign Women
Show Details20min 34s
How To Not "Creep" Girls Out
Show Details20min 50s
Avoiding The Friend Zone 101
Show Details19min 48s
What If She "Ghosts" On You?
Show Details22min 40s
How To Take Small Talk To Sex Talk
Show Details20min 14s
Use These Openers For Daytime Approaches
Show Details27min
Easy Hacks To Get More Dates
Show Details30min 1s
Solving Deep Inner Game & "Nice Guy" Issues 
Show Details26min 51s
How Do You Make A Girl Trust You?
Show Details20min 3s
The Power Of Calibration & How To Use It
Show Details23min 57s
How To Create A Personality Magnetic To Women
Show Details39min 12s
Carlos Xuma On Becoming A Bad Ass And Getting The Girl
Show Details41min 39s
How To Tell A Girl You Have An STD
Show Details20min 23s
Kimberly Seltzer On Killer First Impressions & Approaches
Show Details47min 10s
Quick Tips On Overcoming Anxiety When Talking To Girls With Kelli Walker
Show Details27min 46s
Heather Havenwood On How To Avoid Psycho Bitches
Show Details48min 17s
Andrea Cairella On How To Make Relationships Last 
Show Details41min 1s
What If You're Too Busy To Meet Women? (story inside)
Show Details27min 51s
Jordan Harbinger On The #1 Characteristic That Attract Girls
Show Details39min 32s
How To Deal With Dating "Crazy" Women
Show Details34min 33s
Inside The Industry Of Porn With Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals
Show Details55min 32s
What If Other Guys Are Trying To Get With Your Girl?
Show Details19min 40s
This Is How YOU Reject A Girl
Show Details22min 53s
How Do You Know Which Girl Is Right For You?
Show Details23min 14s
Ryan Michler On How To Become A Man That Women Desire
Show Details39min 5s
100th Episode Special - My 3 Biggest Attraction Secrets Revealed
Show Details26min 14s
Why “Trying” To Get Girls Is Killing Your Chances
Show Details22min 24s
Sebastiaan van der Schrier On How To Overcome Social Anxiety
Show Details37min 23s
Brian Howie On The Great Love Debate Between Men & Women
Show Details46min 14s
Matt Dobschuetz On Going Porn Free
Show Details43min 9s
Shane Ramer On The #1 Thing That KILLS Your Chances With Girls
Show Details38min 27s
How To Get Over The Girl Who Broke Your Heart
Show Details23min 3s
How To Meet Girls At A Bar When You're Alone
Show Details21min 30s
10 Porn Sites Women Love
Show Details21min 52s
How To Attract Girls After A Breakup Or Divorce
Show Details21min 36s
How To Cure Depression, Increase Energy & Attract More Women
Show Details17min 13s
Say "This Sentence" To Make Her Want You
Show Details16min 3s
How To Make Her Feel Comfortable Around You
Show Details21min 20s
Your Most Important Tool In Dating & Attraction
Show Details18min 21s
Shogo Garcia On The Deepest Question You Can Ask Yourself
Show Details39min 3s
Small Fixes To Increase Your Attraction To Girls By 200%
Show Details22min 52s
Listen To This If You Are Failing With Women
Show Details18min 47s
What If She's Not Interested In What You Do?
Show Details21min 11s
Have I Found The Ultimate Formula For Tripling Your Dating Life?
Show Details24min
Why Tinder & Other Dating Apps Are Hurting You
Show Details16min 40s
Alan Roger Currie On Verbal Sexual Seduction
Show Details55min 15s
Stephan Erdman On Talking To Girls During The Day
Show Details57min 54s
When Will You Know If She's Girlfriend Material?
Show Details23min 45s
5 Unknown Tips For Attracting Girls On Halloween
Show Details16min 29s
7 Ways To Be More Masculine In 24 Hours
Show Details24min 45s
The Secret To A Good Kiss With Francoise Boufhal
Show Details42min 11s
How To Get An Amazing Wingman
Show Details22min 19s
Cool "Brain Tricks" To Become Powerfully Attractive
Show Details27min 29s
Dressing Sexy To Catch A Girl's Eye
Show Details41min 6s
Finding A Girl Who’s Dedicated To You With Lauren Frances
Show Details51min 8s
Dating Advice For Asian Guys With Myke Macapinlac
Show Details38min 2s
Are Quality Girls On Apps? In Person? Or Online?
Show Details18min 30s
Lawrence Lanoff Answers "Can You Have 2 Girlfriends At Once?"
Show Details42min 9s
The Only Motivational Rant You'll Ever Need
Show Details13min 31s
Does Stopping Masturbating Help You Get Girls?
Show Details18min 54s
How To Keep Any Conversation Interesting
Show Details21min 15s
Justin Wayne Reveals "The Super Date"
Show Details41min 19s
How I Defeated Approach Anxiety
Show Details25min
Use THIS To Make A Girl Crave You Sexually
Show Details24min 14s
Laurel House On Escaping Small Talk & Making Strong Connections
Show Details40min 35s
Craig Miller On How To Seduce Her With Touch
Show Details31min 55s
Why You're In The Friend Zone & How To Avoid It
Show Details23min 7s
Angel Donovan On The #1 Way To Learn How To Meet Hot Girls
Show Details43min 15s
2 Qualities That Will Skyrocket Your Success With Women
Show Details22min 11s
What Makes A Girl Want To Sleep With You
Show Details20min 17s
How Burning Man Can Help You Get More Girls
Show Details19min 29s
How To Comfortably Break The Touch Barrier With Women
Show Details17min 57s
Arica Angelo On How To Be A Powerful Man
Show Details36min 44s
Porn And The Effects Of Watching It
Show Details21min 44s
Patrick King On Keeping A Conversation
Show Details37min 5s
7 Weird Things That Attract Women
Show Details22min 12s
Jon Sinn On Your "Personal Attraction" Profile
Show Details44min 37s
How To Pass "Shit Tests"
Show Details19min 44s
What If She Doesn’t Act Interested In You?
Show Details18min 20s
Dr. Cory Honickman On How To Get Into A Relationship That Lasts
Show Details36min 23s
How To Ask Out A Single Mom
Show Details21min 36s
What If She Has A Boyfriend?
Show Details21min 14s
Removing Your Insecurities With Max Nachamkin
Show Details39min 36s
Beastly Gentleman On Meeting Girls At Nightclubs
Show Details53min 14s
Who Is The Right Girl For You?
Show Details17min 19s
Hacking Tinder With Blake Jamieson & Kristi Allain
Show Details1hr 7min
Turning A Woman On With Jonathon Aslay
Show Details40min 39s
How To Attract A Cougar (Hot Older Woman)
Show Details18min 59s
Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile With Erika Ettin
Show Details39min 21s
The "Friend Zone Time Window"
Show Details20min 55s
Getting Over A Break Up With Laura Yates
Show Details45min 18s
36 Questions To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You
Show Details31min 40s
Tripp Lanier On Outcome Independence
Show Details40min 24s
Andrew Ferebee On Getting Started With Cold Approaching
Show Details43min 8s
6 Ways To Become Any Girl's Mr. Right
Show Details25min 15s
3 Ways To Use Your ALPHA and Attract More Women
Show Details24min 41s
Staying Out Of The Friend Zone With Francoise Boufhal
Show Details52min 24s
How To Stop Being Needy
Show Details36min
Can Women Give Dating Advice? (RANT)
Show Details27min 27s
Getting Over Rejection With Ellen Smoak
Show Details40min 47s
The Truth About Approach Anxiety
Show Details37min 34s
The 7 Female Personalities And How To Attract Each One
Show Details34min 27s
Marni Kinrys Teaches Her How To Talk To Girls "OSA" Formula
Show Details36min 46s
Weird Trick To Meet Girls On Facebook
Show Details25min 54s
The 3 Biggest Obstacles In Attracting Women (And How To Overcome Them)
Show Details30min 4s
Meeting Girls At The Supermarket With David Wygant
Show Details30min 12s
How To Meet A Girl At The Gym
Show Details17min 54s
Christian Hudson On How To Get A Quality Girlfriend
Show Details33min 32s
How To Make Your Voice Sound Sexy To Women
Show Details24min 47s
James Swanwick On Being The Most Interesting Person In A Room
Show Details38min 52s
Can You Attract A Girl If You're Not Good Looking?
Show Details19min 26s
Scot McKay On Confidence, Masculinity and Sex
Show Details55min 25s
How To Start A Conversation With A Group Of Girls
Show Details25min 17s
How To Pick Up Bartenders, Waitresses, & Hostesses
Show Details38min 37s
How To Attract A “Perfect 10”
Show Details23min 11s
How To Get Comfortable Talking To Girls Fast
Show Details32min 14s
The "3 Magic Words” To Connect To A Girl Instantly
Show Details12min 52s
The “First Date Formula” That Gets You A Kiss
Show Details49min 4s
The 9 Female Attraction Triggers
Show Details19min 5s
Getting Over The Fear Of Rejection
Show Details39min 52s
How Girls Want To Be Approached
Show Details17min 51s
Types Of Questions To Ask Girls In Conversation
Show Details51min 40s
Effortless Interesting Conversation
Show Details58min 58s
Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work
Show Details59min 41s