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Girl Boss Rehab

God did not create you to be duplicatable, so why are you working Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Social Selling, MLM (it does not matter what you call it) like everyone else is?

This industry is distinctly unique and can be extremely fulfilling and profitable for you and your family. We are introduced to the idea of being our own #girlboss and this is the answer to our prayers for our family! Before we know it, we get caught up in the HUSTLE so easily! The excitement of bigger paychecks, the next promotion, earning the incentive trip and luxury car is like a drug that you cannot get enough of... Until you hit rock bottom and become so exhausted with the business and the passion and fire you felt burns out and the guilt, shame, and obligation becomes too much to handle.

But what if I told you God has more for you than following your upline’s footsteps? In this podcast, you will find the freedom to work your direct sales business like God has called you, at whatever capacity that may be. You will release the shame, guilt, and obligation you have placed on your shoulders all while working this business like a #girlboss. You will learn how trust God with the opportunity more than the amount of income producing activities you do on the daily. And best of all, you will exchange the vision of business success for a brand new heart for biblical success.

This is your GirlBoss & Hustle Culture intervention... Welcome to Girl Boss Rehab.