Jesus, Unexpected Encounters: Jesus and the Demons

24m | May 21, 2024

Christians believe in the supernatural. We trust in a God we cannot see and hold on to faith for our future. So, it shouldn't shock us that the demonic world is real and active, despite being mocked by our world. Luke portrays Jesus confronting the powers of darkness to bring healing and serenity to a tortured body and mind. For some, the healing of a possessed man stirred fear and distance from Jesus. For the man, he had cause to proclaim to all the mercy and power of God.

Jesus, Unexpected Encounters: We think we know people. We put them into boxes of our expectations and then treat them accordingly. Jesus is different. He responded not to stereotypes, but to people. He reached out to those who were on the periphery of cultural acceptance. In this series from Luke 7-9, Dr. John will show how Jesus dispensed with cultural walls. He came to save sinners regardless of who they were. That includes us.

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