Jesus, Unexpected Encounters: Jesus and His Followers

24m | May 17, 2024

Jesus never travelled alone. He was accompanied by the 12 men He appointed as Apostles, but also by many women. That was rare for the culture of His day. When Jesus spoke publicly of the parable of the Sower, Seed and Soil, those who followed Him were privately let in on the mystery and secrets of His teaching. Dr. John reminds us that it is the committed followers of Jesus who understand the truths of the Kingdom. 

Jesus, Unexpected Encounters: We think we know people. We put them into boxes of our expectations and then treat them accordingly. Jesus is different. He responded not to stereotypes, but to people. He reached out to those who were on the periphery of cultural acceptance. In this series from Luke 7-9, Dr. John will show how Jesus dispensed with cultural walls. He came to save sinners regardless of who they were. That includes us.

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