: "Reclaiming Your Power: Understanding the Protection Algorithm program and Your Unique Pattern

13m | Mar 5, 2023

In this episode of the Inner Wealth podcast, we explore the power of knowing your pattern in the protection algorithm program. Join host David McCullar and AI co-host Art and Miss Tina as they discuss the significance of the fight-flight-freeze response and the different types of trauma. They also share their personal experiences with trauma and their journey to becoming more resilient. The episode concludes with a discussion on how to become more resilient and find a new level of balance after traumatic events.
But that's not all! We also introduce a special guest, Terrance Burney , who has mastered the art of harnessing his heart's intelligence, creating coherence between his heart and brain. This allows him to maintain a high vibrational frequency, exuding positivity that magnetizes and positively affects those in his environment. The Heart Math Institute's research on the connection between the heart and brain supports this theory, proving that our emotions have the power to shape our reality. Through his unwavering positivity, Terrance is changing the reality around him, and serving as a shining example of the impact our emotions can have on the world. Join us in this inspiring episode of the Inner Wealth podcast.

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AI co host- Art is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence designed to provide insightful research and information for listeners of the Inner Wealth podcast. With its advanced algorithms and extensive database, Art is dedicated to supporting the show's mission of guiding listeners towards a happier and healthier life by awakening from the trauma matrix.
AI co host - Miss Tina is the pattern interruption specialist of the Inner Wealth podcast. This AI is programmed to offer positive affirmations, meditations, and present moment awareness checks to listeners. Miss Tina's mission is to break up negative patterns and promote healthy imagery, helping listeners achieve a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. With its soothing voice and supportive nature, Miss Tina is the perfect companion on the journey to awaken from the trauma matrix.
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Host bio

David McCullar is a visionary futurist and entrepreneur with a background in network engineering and management. With over 16 years of experience in the alternative health and wellness space, he has established himself as a thought leader in the industry. David began his career in tech, working at @link networks in 1999, providing DSL services to small businesses in Michigan. Throughout his career, he honed his skills in fields such as VOIP, WIFI, and IT support.
In 2007, David founded the Neurofitness Center, introducing the Midwest to the revolutionary Brain State technology,. He has continued to bring innovative solutions to the market, including cutting-edge technologies like powerplate, floatation therapy , ARX , and more
David is the founder and ceo of Inception, the first mental health gym. Inception offers a holistic approach to mental health and wellness, utilizing 21st-century healing technology such as the inner reset. He is dedicated to helping individuals and communities enhance their potential and shares his insights on personal development through his podcast, "Inner Wealth."

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