Wait to check your analytics

Season 1 | Episode 4
25m | Feb 6, 2022

Here are four things to keep in mind when looking at your podcast analytics.

The audience demographic helps you determine who your podcast is reaching and who has yet to discover your show. Pay attention to your audience's country, location, and gender if that information is essential because of the type of podcast you are hosting.

Episode drop-off Look, your 1-hour podcast episode is incredible, but if people only listen to 20 minutes, you need to change that. You can change it by breaking your 1-hour episode into 4-5 (20-25 minute episodes).

Downloads per week, this is important if you have a goal you are trying to reach, plus it's nice to see the number of downloads per week increase. It means more people are finding your awesome podcast, more people are enjoying your podcast and sharing it with others.

Finally, Traffic source because you need to know where your podcast listeners are coming from, whether it's Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, or Facebook Podcast. 

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