Is it a good or bad idea to start a new Youtube channel in 2022

Season 1 | Episode 3
19m | Jan 25, 2022

Today's episode starts at a minute because we are still using clubhouse to record our podcast episodes to create a content funnel. Follow The Can-Do Creators Club on Clubhouse for live recording.

When it comes to Youtube, we decided that it is good to start a YouTube channel in 2022. Youtube has allowed multiple opportunities for me to earn income in my sleep. I haven't made millions off of it yet, but that's not the goal.

The goal for Youtube is to earn additional income that I can use for additional perks in my life. It's the difference between 1 vacation a year and taking 2-vacations in 6 months. It's made a difference when I don't feel well and don't want to go to work.

Starting a Youtube channel does not mean you quit your day job or take out expensive loans. It's about being realistic and using it for long-term financial goals.

You can check out the can-do creators' YouTube channel here for step-by-step on starting a YouTube channel. The Can-do creators channel is our newest channel, it is our 4th YouTube channel, and we are starting from the bottom, so be sure to subscribe.


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