Seven days into life as a podcaster - tips and tricks

Season 1 | Episode 2
19m | Jan 18, 2022

02: Seven days into life as a podcaster - tips and tricks 

We did it! 

We made it to day seven of being a podcaster. 

How many episodes did you upload?

If you've been actively following this podcast journey and have at least one episode up, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. 

It takes seven days to spark a habit.

Twenty-one days to form that spark of habit. 

Sixty-six days to develop a habit into a regular part of your life. 

So, we are working our way to day 66 by staying consistent, using the content funnel, and not stressing over the numbers. 

You can read more about building solid habits in The Creative Entrepreneur: 21 Ways to Manifest The Life You Want by Casthra Demosthene; visit the website for your copy today.

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