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Toilet Times

Hello and welcome to Toilet Times: something to occupy yourself while you pop a squat. Listen to Jack and Nova talk about anything and everything that drifts through their mind. Prepare for anecdotes, trivia, and jokes.


Episode 17: Strokes, Fish and Kittens
Show Details39min 29s
Episode sixteen: ACs, Corpses, and The Haunted Shower
Show Details47min 58s
Episode fifteen: Mother's Day Mario Party
Show Details45min 46s
Episode fourteen: Terrorists, Ghosts, and Domino's
Show Details32min 2s
Episode thirteen: Birthdays, Bongs, and Farts
Show Details59min 22s
Episode twelve: Caticide, Mr. Clean, and Comics
Show Details52min 57s
Episode eleven: Worms, Holes, and Apartments
Show Details31min 18s
Episode ten: Weed, Sex, and Video Games
Show Details46min 16s
Episode nine: Fuck Boys, Mystery Men, and Rat Dogs
Show Details42min 22s
Episode eight: Drugs, Mountains and Pranks
Show Details45min 16s
Episode seven: Retail, Cheaters and UPS
Show Details40min 50s
Episode six: Tantrums, Drunks, and Spaghetti
Show Details43min 36s
Episode five: Cults, Dances, and the Midwest Climax
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode four: The Snoring Valentines
Show Details52min 55s
(Recommended to Start Here!!) Episode three: Trash, Witches and Rollercoasters
Show Details30min 26s
(Recommended to Skip!!) Episode two: The Mystery of Maura Murray
Show Details55min 40s
(Recommended to Skip!!) Episode one: Creeps, Cryptids and Conspiracy Theories
Show Details50min 9s