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The Brent Webb Show

Acclaimed speaker and motivational entertainer Brent Webb has spent the last two decades touring the World, and appearing live for over TWO MILLION people! Brent has spent that time researching the human mind, it's almost unlimited potential, hacks for happiness, success, and fulfillment, and EXACTLY the steps you need to take to turn your life into the one you have been DREAMING about for years! Brent has appeared onstage with Joan Rivers, Chaka Khan, Jessica Simpson, Whitney Cummings, Gladys Knight, and Kenny Rogers, and has performed at events for major corporations, professional sports teams, resorts, and ultra private functions for clients like Shania Twain, Sia, Don Rickles, and Dolly Parton. Don't spend one more day living a life that is just ordinary. Now is YOUR time, and there is GREATNESS inside you! Let Brent show you how to access it, understand it, and unleash it!



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