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The Fired Up Pro Wrestling Podcast

The Fired Up Pro Wrestling Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to coverage of the WWE, AEW, NJPW, ROH, and more.


Episode 25: Cowboy Shit Day! Roman Reigns Supreme & More!
Show Details43min 24s
Episode 24: King Woods Kingdom, CHAOS, Signed in Blood
Show Details28min 47s
Episode 23: Releases Again?! Miro Redeemed & More!
Show Details26min 53s
Episode 22: Halloween Havoc, Stay Puff & Ladder Matches Galore!
Show Details38min 28s
Bonus Episode: Crown Jewel
Show Details10min 21s
Episode 21: Cowboy Shit! Crown Jewel Go Home & More!
Show Details30min
Episode 20: The King of the Ring and Queen's Crown, Punk Owns Rampage & More!
Show Details21min 25s
Episode 19: WWE Draft, Hangman Back! & more!
Show Details26min 45s
Episode 18: Extreme Rules, Glock Anderson & More!
Show Details30min 58s
Episode 17: American Dragon Unleashed! Big E Celebrates! Bron Breakker Stock Goes up
Show Details28min 59s
Episode 16: BIG E WINS! NXT 2.0! Wedding Bliss!
Show Details25min 33s
Episode 15: ALL OUT Fallout! Roman vs Finn, Tag Team Turmoil
Show Details36min 1s
Episode 14: Road to ALL OUT! NXT Revamp! Roman vs Finn? & More!
Show Details36min 30s
Episode 13: CM Punk Returns! Summerslam, Takeover & more!
Show Details40min 41s
Episode 12: Rampage! Violence Over Workrate! Stinger! And More!
Show Details41min 39s
Episode 11: More Releases! Daniel Garcia Shines! John Cena Missing & More!
Show Details37min 32s
Episode 10: Bray Wyatt Gone? John Cena The Ultimate Opportunist? & More!
Show Details39min 9s
Episode 9: Nick F'N Gage, Roman Reigns Answers John Cena & More!
Show Details31min 7s
Episode 8: The Return of John Cena, CM Punk eyeing a return & more!
Show Details44min 3s
Episode 7: Best and Worst from the week in Pro Wrestling
Show Details40min 8s
Episode 6: What's next for Jimmy Uso? A split venue Smackdown coming up, and a weekly recap of TV programming.
Show Details35min 43s
Episode 5: Latest WWE Releases, Raw and Smackdown Updates, and AEW's Dynamite.
Show Details37min 17s
Episode 4: The Return Of John Cena?, Plus Hell In A Cell, Raw, Smackdown, and AEW
Show Details35min 46s
Episode 3: NXT's In Your House PPV Recap, AEW's Dynamite, and Recapping WWE Raw
Show Details27min 46s
Episode 2: Recapping a jam-packed week in WWE and AEW
Show Details29min 18s
Episode 1: WWE releases and AEW's All Or Nothing PPV
Show Details38min 46s
The Fired Up Pro Wrestling Podcast Trailer
Show Details32s