• Conference Semi-Finals and weird timelines

    Matt and Cory talk the A7FL conference semi-finals as we get closer to crowning a champion in season 10

    57m - Jun 21, 2024
  • The 3CS Begins + Playoff Preview

    We're doing an A7FL Fantasy League!


    Join Matt, Rob, and Cory for the 3CS! Our attempt at Fantasy Football utilizing players from the Eastern Conference playoff bracket!

    The boys also break down what's going down this week in the A7FL as we enter the National Playoffs and the final week of games in Nevada!

    1h 52m - May 31, 2024
  • Lavish Edwards On Sick Beating Insomniacs, BIC Rolling, & More

    Days removed from Sickwidit's win over the defending National Champion Insomniacs, Matt Ryan and Cory Hammond are joined by one of their X-Factors, Lavish Edwards, as we discuss his path to the A7FL, his reaction to the win, and his outlook on the teams that he and SickWidIt

    1h 27m - May 10, 2024
  • Pregame Pod: Sick vs. Insomniacs Preview & BIC-Animals w/ Mason

    This week on the pregame pod, Matt Ryan looks at the BIC vs. the Animals with J. Mason, Zach Morgan and Dub Alvarez prepare you for SickWidIt vs. Insomniacs, Ron Clerc runs through the north east as playoffs loom, and RTU joins the show to give us his thoughts on the DMV

    27m - May 5, 2024
  • Babies, Top Ten, Week Six Preview w/ Matt & Cory

    Babywatch is over as Matt and Cory record a late night pod to bring you this week's top ten!

    45m - May 3, 2024
  • Pregame Pod: Ron Clerc On Animals, Scores And More

    Week five in the A7FL is nearly here and Matt Ryan brings you the scores and info you need ahead of the action

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    24m - Apr 28, 2024
  • Midwest Rising, BIC Rolling, Animals For Real?

    As teams go from playoff hopefuls to playoff teams we look around the A7FL as Matt Ryan, Cory Hammond, and Big Rob Fabien break down week four and preview week five of the 2024 A7FL Season.

    1h 23m - Apr 26, 2024
  • Trey Robinson, Midwest Rising, BIC-U Recap

    The news is back on the 3 on 1 podcast as Trey Robinson joins us fresh off a tremendous performance against the Paterson U this past Sunday.

    The Trenton BIC ATH talks about why he thinks the north east is superior to the Nevada division (following Robinson playing 2023 for the National Champion Insomniacs), why Sterry Codrington is the best QB in the league, and more!

    We also break down the BIC/U showdown, look at the Top 10 list and look back at week three and preview week four of the A7FL Season.

    1h 25m - Apr 19, 2024
  • Pregame Pod Launches This Sunday

    Join Matt Ryan every Sunday morning before throwoff as he curates you an inside look at everything going on across the A7FL.

    From news, to interviews, podcast clips and more, we'll have it for you on the pregame pod, available every Sunday at before throwoff wherever you get podcasts

    0m - Apr 16, 2024
  • Week 3/BIC-U Preview + Karnell Wactor

    Week three of the 2024 season brings us our most anticipated matchup in the ORB BOWL as the Paterson U and the Trenton BIC will battle for the only time in the regular season.

    Matt, Cory, and Live from the hospital is a returning Big Rob, as they're joined by Karnell Wactor of the BIC to break down the game and our top ten following week two!

    1h 31m - Apr 12, 2024
  • Week 2 Preview, Baltimore Outlook, & More W/ Angelo Lewis Jr (Snages Sosa)

    Big Rob is under the weather so we've put up the guest signal!

    Paterson U running back and Baltimore A7 legend Angelo Lewis Jr aka Snages Sosa join Matt and Cory as they discuss his staying with the U, playing with Huff opposed to against him, and we break down the games for week two

    1h 17m - Apr 5, 2024
  • Who is #1, Look Back At Week One

    With Week One over and the Holiday break upon us, Matt Ryan, Rob Fabien, and Cory Hammond breakdown the top 10 teams in the A7FL and what they did in the opening week of the 2024 season.

    1h 21m - Mar 29, 2024
  • 2024 Season Preview/ Top 10 & More

    It's the final pod before opening day and while Rob prepares in the mountains of Stankonia, Matt and Cory are giving you the download on the 2024 season AND counting down the preseason top 10!

    1h 40m - Mar 22, 2024
  • State of the U...nion w/ Ryan Shamar

    The road to season 10 is just DAYS AWAY and we're counting down with multi-time champion exec, Ryan Shamar as we discuss the State of the U..nion as they head into their return to the field on week one with Quatrell Huffin.

    Also the boys talk about the changes in the DMV, what may come in season ten, and looking at the evolution of the A7FL

    1h 36m - Mar 15, 2024
  • Watch This As We Talk Wide Outs And Make Fun Of Things

    Two episodes in a row with all three hosts, if we get to three there is a pizza party!

    This week we kick off with the news as Corey "CP" Price returns to the pod as he updates us on where he will play in 2024 and his mindset heading into the start of the league's 10th season.

    Matt, Rob, and Cory break down the move and also look at the DMV division AND countdown the top seven wide receivers in the A7FL!

    1h 1m - Mar 8, 2024
  • Rob's Back, What is happening in the DMV, and Arguing

    Big Rob is BACK!

    After a speaking tour/not wanting to hear a bunch of the nonsense we had last week, Big Rob joins us as we discuss what's going on in the DMV, whether certain player moves are anything more than players looking for attention, and velvet tracksuits

    1h 3m - Mar 1, 2024
  • 3 on 1 Court: Sin City vs. Sin City

    This week Big Rob is off as he wants nothing to do with the following shenanigans as Cory Hammond and Chris Veira sit before Judge Rev. Matt Ryan to settle the case of S(C)in City

    1h 9m - Feb 23, 2024
  • Sick Shnow Day

    It's a rare Snow day for the boys on the pod, so Matt, Rob, and Cory broke down what's on their mind in a free form edition of the show including!

    More Fall Brawl recap

    A look at the QB situation of some teams heading into the National Season

    The role of a QB as a leader and developing chemistry with an offense

    and more!

    1h 28m - Feb 13, 2024
  • Trey Robinson Brings Chaos, Fall Brawl Final, And Petty Hour

    In an incendiary edition of the 3 on 1, Rob is still on tour as Matt and Cory battle sickness, the time-space continuum to bring you this week's pod!

    Matt and Cory are joined by the former Insomniacs ATH and Outlaws captain Trey Robinson to talk about where he will play in Season 10, his plans for the year, and his now-former division after winning a Fall and National chip.

    Also, Matt and Cory look around the league and Cory gets IN-DEPTH on the Fall Brawl Final!

    59m - Feb 9, 2024
  • Anthony Wilkerson, Top Running Backs, And Worked Shoots

    Rob is out on his tour of Inspirational speeches "How you can not be ass" so Cory and Matt are solo for the news, but get a sitdown with Anthony Wilkerson, as the man FKA RTC talks Fall Brawl, criticisms of the defending champs, and goes through the top seven running backs in the A7FL.

    Also, Matt breaks huge news about a change to the playoff structure off last week's announcement!

    S3E5 - 1h 25m - Feb 2, 2024
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