Jessica Zairo and Kelly McElligott--The Library is Open Ep. 34

15m | Aug 10, 2023

Chances are, if you are a ByWater partner, have attended a library conference, or are part of the Koha Community, you have seen Jessie and Kelly. For those who may not know this dynamic duo, Kelly is the Library Accounts Coordinator at ByWater Solutions and Jessie is the Director of Library Sales and Outreach at ByWater Solutions. For four years, Jessie and Kelly have hosted a weekly web series called Monday Minutes where they give short tutorials on various Koha topics.

In this episode of The Library is Open Podcast, we learn some facts about Jessie and Kelly that we didn't know, talk about the value of the Open Source Community, and about two exciting upcoming Koha conferences!

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The Library is Open